WWL>Topics>>2-5-14 10:10am Garland: on juicing

2-5-14 10:10am Garland: on juicing

Feb 5, 2014|

Garland discusses juicing with Sheena Maninna of Raw Republic and Stephanie Kern of the Green Fork.

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Have a good big debate with the Sierra Club then. You should too foreign energy search. The us State Department coma so that conquerors who excel he's going pipeline. Really has no significant. Of that owned green house gases or in the environment. So my feeling is that the president may be forced rupees in a -- review soon Oakland. To approve it through we're here from the environmentalists wonder at some bad idea of from the end of fruitless. As for why that's a good idea. On the clock and our own room looking forward to about a stack of papers seniors that probably. One. Of this -- papers and all I'm fascinated by technology. And the things that recurring. To me you are just beyond belief I have a scientist on. Two months ago. Who's written bookings were in the top businesses in the country. He things the by 20/20 four will have computers that make another computers slightly better than itself. It liberally won't make itself. But a little bit better and then -- within actually 2481632. And owner and the computers. Will be improved exponentially. That that. And what happened. There were involved in the technological XP we're evolving and evolutionary. And we could get -- -- -- and supports them controlling. Us just not understanding. What they're doing the word their goal and and I think we're seeing some evidence today that the or rodeo crew completing computers. That war manufacturing. Their own imagination. So it should be pretty good pretty introducing futurist hour. This -- open near rendered them hearted view -- -- the sure at all. You know that I am a juicy fanatic I guess you would call me and I'm lucky enough about to reprint them here. Battery in the business we have Stephanie curve with green -- Stephanie welcomed the show. -- of film we appreciate you given up that time to get it and almost bush Fuhrman -- you know in evident particularly brutal brawl republic. They book on the net of cry at any time. Are receptive so for the people. That haven't heard that -- -- years go by batteries and if you would everybody speak roof closed do you like. I get -- And my wife and we're looking for help option she discovered -- -- vegetable she came concoction. -- in York attendance policy it for years. And -- older and cajun I don't need that enlisted some Gumbel accused of boiled. And she's -- you can drink anywhere from a given two weeks. And the first week you just -- a little. Bit actually put straw -- -- -- Greek Hebrew. For the forums. And without going and all the particulars I was the drone who keen. Three chips three hours three -- three hours of the show them more after that. We're about to twenty to thirty. Start taking this had no intention -- losing no intentions of getting such energy that sided exercise. And certainly didn't think it would help my major health problem. Major health problem virtually. In a way you went so many -- when he I've been on -- -- Introduced through the route through better than -- -- line so bored doing though that show just to talk about what you're seeing business. And Stephanie of a -- -- with reimport the. Two stores and the. Right we have one on pertaining and the lower Garden District and then we have want on Metairie read it told you wouldn't work. Goes away you get into the business you you were totally. You had a -- and Oprah yeah that's -- I start having a few health issues has some inflammation in my fingers. And some. Just as I was getting older and just. Decided to start with reducing the -- like -- ward off any blood pressure issues. Things that work. Part of my family's history. And as soon as -- started us on the amazing benefits. And start having my children who are now young adults drinking that juice every day. And their cravings for junk food went away and it became. More friendly with a warning things like vegetables and that things were in the geez that's which their bodies are craving. So us on amazing benefits from it and started to make a delivery service. Yuck too long it would take another break. Welcome back -- -- -- we got congress to -- talk about everything so stay with the person. You have questions or comments Gibbs called -- 0170. Told -- anywhere in the country -- 66 it and and zero pizza. Are welcome back we're thinking about using it in there and we'll get much more into the gas. She and limited and of entrant into with -- republic. A few of what you guys -- and what your your young people view. Could go out into something like hedge fund. It. -- on my part Carla and it was a lot of personal and chest IA. I think that I I had been through a journey firms starting at a young age where. I was very attuned to not feeling a 100% I didn't have the energy than their children had. I have always had skin issues I had hormonal issues at a young age and so from the beginning I was always questioning why why why. And most people know that's my parents had oppose my shop and and time NC address China. So my upbringing in terms of food is generally not very -- I had what was available as convene again. And I have a lot of by an an hour a lot but. I knew that there is something wrong with the way that I was treating my body because I wasn't. And and feel like everyone house. And the same is true for many people in my family. -- knew we had a history of -- -- -- history of cancer and says that constant questioning. You know. -- internally is going on what it internally. Can I fix. And the only thing that I had control over was my food and my information and -- I started changing those things and threw out. Third discoveries after discoveries -- -- I recognize. They answer for me. As fruits and vegetables. As peaceful state of mind at dedication to always learning and dedication to reflecting internally of how am I don't is there something many it's changed always being. Available for myself sit -- asked that question instead of being UK lift. Whatever analysis on -- with the world is telling me. -- ended -- shoot regularly through. Or -- I usually a wounded troops at. For so -- a little bit ever dragging me and I went kicking and screaming because by Q I was a -- guy knows. Big junk food guy big dessert guy but. What really got me was just. Did information that she was receiving I was kind of receiving it second hand through her. And it's kind of you know. Hair raising here perking -- information you you can on here some of these things that you learn about. -- thing and -- plant based diet. So I kind of just you know followed her because I really believed in everything that we had been line. -- -- We were just talking appeared in Fort -- the most amazing thing about it is. It -- I'm convinced it changed my glory. I did more to lose that term problems that. I didn't know what I felt so. And not having energy to exercise and weight and exercise that you saw what no longer expect. Who -- my wife forced me to do it. All of sudden I didn't want the things on Warner before all of a sudden I felt better than I've ever felt. Do you do you see people that that use this concoction in didn't determine that Emma do totally different. Right on it is definitely when you drink the fresh juice. You'd feel like your body's getting this -- of nutrients is just absolutely amazing. How you feel specially featuring get on an empty stomach. And I do think if you start drinking it day in and day out. That your body starts craving that things that are and manages it will once that I mean if you give your body sugar is going to crave sugar. He give everybody that could nutrients it's going to -- the good nutrients. And thank you your computer and -- votes to you via. Hollywood crowd coming into your computer store. Do a lot of the other states already into this right. Right thank -- -- is catching on that you think we really are I think is the LA and New York crowd that are here for the movie industry. Are huge part of the green -- business. But I also think in New Orleans are are really catching on him wanting to feel batter and it's in the it's amazing there's you know and we're using local pro days. So broad -- still using stuff that we can make them now out of Humphrey just make an amazing news out. -- If you don't win. People look at it and most from my prints say ten dollars. You're going to be kid and and having a personal history of -- eight dollars and thirteen incidents were McDonald's. Part of a busy or yours -- -- cocktail now. You know you can -- EM IE you can start to trade off that the costs and so many ways in my opinion but the ten dollars is reflective of a 100%. Organic. Purges. Infused to use some Jimenez called -- takes a lot of time to produce. And something that is alive which most of the food they buy -- house where is not living. So in your -- really receiving like he's saying -- of nutrients. We're fiscal three of you this but we're probably only have time wandered through and start with the by driving right now. I've never Jews. There was -- it. It would changes should portray him as a chicken you'd give him Greek. It -- -- give is jewelry you would go exercise. Can change your brilliant reborn don't want junk food. Do you do you find it hard to convince people that ramble was right eat your vegetables. In life it's better. I think so I mean you know some people are set in their ways and are going to be a little bit harder to influence and others but. And for our public we've found it's a lot of success with teaching the public teaching new war alliance that. All of this stuff behind juice and and this is that is on all fatter it's not hearing now it's it's been around forever just. We need to wake up and star paying more attention to it and really it's it it's all -- information is out there are free -- again you know it's not something that. You have to go and search for arm. The both coasts east and West Coast there you know. Juice bars everywhere every corner you you can't miss it and for some reason the south just having caught up yet because. Or a -- you -- there are those accurate. I -- -- on the -- against couple years ago Erica Hollis and those who is recruiters. From New York. And -- sort of thing called -- pro and I discovered it and -- are the Jews and they sold it to you they started. To it and 2000. Seven. Irons -- -- kitchen. 2013. She's -- port 22. And today. The Jews business as we did report product that somebody thinks that works. Stephanie board would you say the people that server nothing but a bunch of trees. Yeah -- about the latest. There mom I think that you definitely need to. Come in has some -- and you know that the health benefits are amazing we have juices they're. Completely designed to help lower blood pressure and we had clients that have come in. They have had skyrocketing blood pressure that have drank this choose particular. Mix of vegetables every day. And have seen amazing results from there is there there are some like you said stabilizing of weight that. On benefits from reducing. There are tons of people that have major inflammation. That seem made seeing benefits from the choosing. I can't think of one negative thing about choosing there's nothing negative about it and I think once people. That are skeptical. Give it a shot. I think that they'll be on board as well. Are relentless comeback you got questions you got comments -- they're Gibbs called regret period experts with the worth thinking about choosing and the benefits thereof. 2601. -- seventy toll free 86 fixated dungy -- pizza. Or ignored minority that director -- several get a lot of called single woman who were these people alone were there -- to parliament my apologies -- not stay in -- she Inman news -- brawl republic -- room magazine where. -- 45 to when he ain't magazine street and had its right past Napoleon headed toward Jefferson. And Stefan you've got to. Right we have one in the lower Garden District at 14100 retain and yeah. And that we have another location at 200 Metairie road in all Metairie and and both of you work done. They both have web sites and we also that we deliver we have a few -- her on the cities can get are accused Stella and merchant cafe. And also that well in Metairie closer savers. Still we had you know and I'm sure we all still Americans we just gonna get our stuff. There's -- -- proves it -- Yes we have a an organic catering. On the as well where we do a lot of -- and gluten free. A lot of specialty -- it's and we specialize in -- as well OK let me bring -- one of our callers -- You're go go go appreciated the call. Trying Colin. -- about. IG's diet that you mentioned awhile back that had ingredients for a salary ginger green and -- can you. Help me with that injury it would miles. You can -- Of the morning from talking about OK -- what. Do you advise and that means some. Right people to look at this ago. Vegetable Jews brought armed. It's the league junk food just knock it out because I'm wrong. Who's the -- of this. This is what Glaus due to better with -- All of those disciplines. That we knew what what's your sources close to. Com an -- our basic ones that we sell limits and the name that is com and and it's got cocktail yes I can get current -- and it's got tales and it's salary. Wrote me. Granny Smith apple parsley. -- and and and we can -- -- to angst and something. You can usually count on it yeah -- We have a couple of green -- one that is and a similar to yours Garland would be our basic greens and that would include K now parsley. I'm Stan grants meant lemon cap on and we do -- the greens -- depending on what season not. And we have another green juices -- -- a couple of other green juices in the important thing to keep in mind is that you really -- rotate your greens. He don't have the same green every day you might get the full spectrum of what's available. Out there and also what's freshman season now which we we keep in mind as well. And -- -- virtually the same it's unreal to me -- and that in the bright bright I've studied this stuff up and down and read about oh. Why would not eating uses it to that. Or killed there gray area pulled the ginger does celery cucumber. You come here. Think of things on. I think that basically you. And him we would talk and hear. -- one of the things that I'm convinced. What what's your -- senior bombs seventeen and sent -- and stuff. Sixteen ounces and -- -- 24. Every day and I've had this argument with an octave range who what happened me. That if you take the vegetables that we Jews and you put your own regularly do play. It accidents three to four inches over the -- and it took -- six to eight inches high. Up you boil that -- what do -- do with the sit down and eat it you can lose weight why. Because you're not hungry. On him maybe it's that simple. Thing right. However our republic we we cold pressed the Jesus so -- -- tell people what that mean so cold pressing. As opposed to year out home -- -- -- just put the Jews. Pro produce and then juice comes out cold pressing the two step process. It exposes. Jews to a lot less oxygen and off less heat it's more time consuming but. What we've found is that the Kohl pressed uses. They hold onto their -- whole lot longer than don't do and a separating things that you sometimes see in other users. They hold on to allow more of their vitamins and nutrients. For a longer period of time grants allows so that's why we can bottler cases start to 72 hours. Because they're -- pressed. Lipstick break here will come right back more callers to win this. Where they get about using WWR. We're talking juicy. Let's go back to the -- Sharon past screw Sheehan junior and governor of BO appreciated. Just happens to hear gratefully there was a picture for anti inflammatory. Yes most of the juices with. The greens and then we'll help with the anti and it went and inflammation. And pineapple we can incorporate any of that but. Anytime you start doing -- like I said before it's like an idea of nutrients -- giving your body what it once and sometimes inflammation mall subside. -- -- and I've got an entire night and I've been for inflammation disease that's exactly what I was fighting. And there are there was just no way in its report has sort of disputes including and they can barely detect any more -- certainly don't know but he. Outward or inward songs that I even have that anymore. So I'm I'm a pretty good example of you drink this and on the old ball game and hasn't looked at it. Well -- -- 300 milligrams you know rotten and now you medications -- on the story. As a literally on. And I feel like literally in the morning I cannot get -- -- it actually -- It's and Sharon -- the greatest suggestion that I can give you and decreasing your inflammation is so looking your diet and to incorporate. Anti inflammatory foods which basically will be all of your plants if you can rotate your plant foods in the form -- -- saying in the morning and then potentially. Cook at lately cooking your lightly steaming in the afternoon. That is an anti inflammatory diet and that is that's it increases your immunities that your body can heal itself. And you ending just researching and anti inflammatory diet you'll see that and James. Will T Kris very inflammation because your body will but we'll come back into balance. Healthy eating pollen and threatened to look at that you would. Is isn't is don't think you can. Probably added that is when I I need more her grand. We're. We're dead that's one of the questions -- of people Jews seeing approved in the and that's good for you want to cover. But that's high in sugar and that's high in calories and -- -- so. At that and not at. If you compare it that John if you. Don't know I don't get me wrong all all I'm saying is no there's nothing wrong with that at all. But is it I mean it's okay do it but didn't. For health purposes the green stuff does this stuff for a just a lot higher and yeah in the central nutrients but it but when you're looking at center and even senator reducing Garland -- attacks -- name an apple as a -- at this micro nutrients that it's regularly available. Then it's done it's regularly went in nature it's your body recognizes that entire. -- compass of nutrients along with the sugar and can absorb -- properly as opposed to eating a process under which. Your body says I don't know at this says I'm in storage has a toxin away from my organs either my frat house or. On you know and once fat cells are filed an imminent attack power and so. So really it's okay to choose sent her an engine and to use fruit. And and it -- long you kind of you eliminate the processed sugars in your diet you'll also see the same benefits. Then there's this -- as Carol this question. Almost all of my doctoral prince who says didn't lose weight and give you dream that disease didn't receive almost site. Because of -- 01 look on the Internet. Policy experts say be careful of -- yielding. And we need to move eventually because of the buoyancy. -- looked up to they have do why do you need to eat vegetables every day. This is the US the you this doctors users to -- your hospital bill would say. Cause it's the best thing you can possibly lose where you get your stuff and or -- people that listening to what we're saying and think were. All of the dependant on helps it just the -- about eating healthy what do you say to people that that just say this in Peru. I think first off from -- south I know the benefits that I have seen from -- -- and the fact that our we'd been in business I guess that the cream for for our. Over five years and we've done no publicity it's all been repeat customers that are illusion and I've experimented and we've expanded we're getting benefits. From people are getting benefits from the -- saying. And there's. There are so many scientific studies if you really want to go out there look for them that show and prove that eating a whole food diet. Can. Get rid of a lot of elements that a lot of people are happening including inflammation including high blood pressure diabetes. All of these things have been shown we've proven. That we can reduce the -- side effects and all of those things and those with a good whole foods diet. And Jews saying. Like I said before is just an amazing amount of nutrients. That you couldn't eat that many vegetables at one sitting the key. And shoot. I made gray you know and I didn't everyone listening to stop by a rock republic and and really experience that. The in the spectrum of house so much information is need it's they can make your own -- personal decisions. However it. You know going back centuries and centuries there's -- it's there are so many controversies regarding meet regarding processed foods are -- Terry. I don't think anyone has challenged. That effects of fruits and vegetables and going back to our grandparents. And that torture or maize and reduce this rotations from doctors saying well abusing him that don't really see the benefits. I mean the other thing I was gonna say to end to the caller that was -- I'm having trouble in the morning calm under our republic we have it's not just. Greens -- -- we have every color of the rainbow and we really like to use. All sorts of produce and these different recipes. And the different different juices will treat different things. One and they really good. Anti inflammatory uses are lemon tarmac which is great in the morning catcher. Digest this system going and it boosts their immune system it's ginger car and lemon juice and our. Our living -- alkaline water. Aren't a lot of people go to -- -- where you or how to get paired and you delivered -- ignorant senator. Seven wounded -- was both locations. Web site poll numbers of what. Right where am I cassette at fourteen -- pretty Pena for one location and then we also offer -- you seeing at 200 Metairie read it on an -- battery. And do you do catering mainly due organic catering is. A couple prudent. And that saw the changes and millions these these are tough guys you love using guys saw the changes and it's important. Hell you do and told him about it it's. Lower case. And they ended up stopping by your place and compliment thing. Have you deliberate on a daily basis and now there disciple so schedules on corporate tree and -- location in the business so. Rock republic has let -- located at 45 to one mean magazine street much like -- is right past Napoleon headed towards -- on magazine street. We to deliver we we -- choose Clinton says and we have a lot of information and sorts them -- eats you. Visit our website at W Debbie Debbie -- rock republic accused dot com are stopped and well perhaps he. From Nome in the non believers can be abusive and impose them lineage Hindus and element that point you've got -- and didn't take care of UK and -- you aren't. Double BO will come right -- -- -- -- an -- think you will be truly embodies we're gonna talk to futurists. About all we have amazing technology. That's here now we don't know about it and technology. On governor bill brigades governing. -- --