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WWL>Topics>>2-5-14 11:35am Garland: on technological advancements

2-5-14 11:35am Garland: on technological advancements

Feb 5, 2014|

Garland talks with Garry Golden of Forward Elements, Inc., about what technological advances we can expect in the future.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

One of our leading businesses in the world written book and basically it says what he claims. It's somewhere in the 2020s I think you said 20/20 four. Eight computer will make a computer. That is slightly better than itself. And then exponentially. It will grow will be two and four and six. And so forth and so on. And his. Whole -- uses one as we may be approaching. That time. Where because of excluded to have technological. -- we may have technology. It's Robertson takes over but it's more -- than week. Technology evolving your worst -- speed. And we're evolving at a evolutionary speed and he. Spells a couple of ideas about what that would read but he got these so interest and a started. Collecting articles. And -- -- the last half -- -- I'm gonna several articles -- the set with me. That probably eight inches but it -- office. It's a put this in it seemed like every day stumble on something that -- hard to -- Struggled Soderbergh and -- regularly doing shown. Interest. Reckon ball in the -- -- better create -- credentials and Gary golden. Although we don't look cold enough to McDonald's founder of foreign elements incorporated. Lead futurist facilitator of future think. Call third designing your future of past futures and teachers and all -- course on the future of energy environment. Through university Houston future studies program. So apparently Gary golden does not sleeper and and young children alone. Administration and two and we've talked to just about time management thank you so much with -- samba come in and year. Both -- -- of it before -- get in all the questions. About god always forget as the basic question. What do you see that surprises you most excited to boost scares you most about the future. Are -- that it's at the very question I think I tend to look at 22 main areas. Demographic transition so what that the -- to these around people in and I think what really excites me. Use the opportunity for a still reaching. Aging and that notion of getting older as a very positive our speed -- human rights to that idea. Creative and active teaching. I think it pumping on but people site of the hatred excites me and then I'm on the technologies. I looked things should goalies technology and for me -- these steps breakthrough which you refer to -- in software. And machines that learn. Is an area that whole. A lot of potential for the future. Do you agree it would do you have businesses said it was talking about in his concerns. Not specific but his concerns. That we may reach reported work computers just think faster and better than we. Yeah so I think you'll computers due to BA's stated they compute. After the humans that can do credit the mathematics in ways that they are human mind can now. And what we want to. RI BM firstly it's. Department -- computing in the physical world in which computers and software programs. Think like human be so they. They're looking for patterns are and then sinking in -- kind of paralleled bore hole processes that are pretty similar human beings so I. -- could be the notion of computing. Moving beyond just. Number crunching the news is the real story. An -- for -- concerns. In terms of human beings being able to work with computers rather than on computers. Are and and and making sure that we continue to understand. What date and so there are building and creating a girl. -- what you're talking about sounded like in the future. But I'm looking at the show website -- Victoria's of peace the scene in San Francisco. Visio or and developing have developed. Of -- Porter and it's secretive was as secretive sort of backed by FaceBook. And it's -- cream machine that thinks like a human yeah and they even have visual work. They've vetted information on cults and sat back and watched. The machine learn how to draw a cow and given permission about it that they did not put into. Mean that's that's bizarre. Futures stuff. It's fascinating so who -- that this world com. That the pocket of artificial intelligence and and the world today it goes through periods of major breakthroughs where things happened very quickly and it had to go quiet for awhile. -- and what we've seen over the past few years it was do you. Absolutely. You know that -- conditions are now different we have a tremendous amount gap yet. You images on on the Internet they can be searched taxed. And indeed now that data coupled with -- computers and and new software programs says. And as we've built up is -- to -- the machine learning deep learning to these are aspects of artificial intelligence. Decree that opportunity to force software programs to essentially teach and so how well the problem. Burgers they were the Clinton's pick of first rate will come about we're talking about the future of question -- element. It was called two's exit row -- he. Are told for anywhere in the country at 66 aided and and zero aids. A good thing good about the future of we have viewed through its with the Gary golden and -- in the called poor run time. -- can agree Euro Gary appreciated ago. Academic and Michael. I'm just not -- usually about Wednesday against an exciting but one thing -- always thought would be directors -- would be. To get adopted go to -- -- not space Colin. I don't know what you -- think about possible alone should be don't tell me that you will be fully and. Gary doing in this sense of the plans for Mars. And there's a long range vision to get to mark they -- the most interesting activities around these are. He had the private sector which is trying to get in the world or orbit right to Richard Branson and think that British Art Torres that. Company out of Mexico Mexico called virgin galactic which is gonna start bringing people up and speak -- Into lower or orbit starting later this year. And that would be kind of did that the beginning -- the first private sector. African states and then their companies. There's a resource company that is starting to look at. Mining precious minerals. -- have been such trump actually. EC. -- desire to. Extend light. You know beyond theory into -- states. These were strong. And I think be the way to get here is by having a strong economic hate. And that I would bet on two and didn't like that for I think it would -- if it towards an experience that and then. Actually. Minding your ideas. -- the hot line that would probably say no. Eighteen to thirty yours is probably your your window when we see real. Activities. -- When Ramallah android two eggs taken reminder by about eleven pippin and a good read the code word that would give you the chance when -- thousand dollars stay -- Of -- Gary golden with the flu appeared truce and we're talking about a dark blue that. -- Like torched him dot com ago a lot of analysts saw a doctor by the name of Anthony Tolle. And I had him on the show little -- -- -- and basically what he did both Ford he went on Ted dot com and overworked -- words. But for a one on. He started these 3-D printing and we're human kidneys transplant doctor. And at the end of his speeches assistant brought -- the -- it was a real kidney. And it was printed and he said. That he thought you'd be transplanting these organs in people. In the relatively near future. Now isn't that true and we're gonna population of somewhere around seven billion if we start being able to replace defective organs. We're gonna live a whole lot longer what what's the future look like in our ability to sustain. The population. Sure so that. Printing of color printing these. A body parts all under the notion of regenerate it met -- Urgent urgent that I think you and obsolete you know great objects this individual others working on. You know growing body parts can be used in surgery. -- -- also. People that are looking to use -- printed. The -- into it means to speed up the testing of pharmaceuticals. Right slightly. We're looking at. A more radical extension of -- living longer. You know it's not to put in part to put her body but it also. Being able to robot parts to test that syndicate. You know if we do -- long and and help your line. Not all of our body parts will Egypt at the same quality right so I think it in the transition period they're gonna be a lot of near term challenges. EG healthy you know more interest expense. And obviously people are living longer. They need to be able to support them L if there -- able to the net increase social ability. Their friends and them. While -- wanted to shoot around Egypt. Final question I'm fascinated by via Google self driving cars almost need to separate -- -- at California. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Sure so that there are people the automobile industry to believe that the that the models from ownership access. Are you eat you're what it -- CNET in the marketplace I think it will happen in treaties. So more on demand. You subscriptions. To all part comes to -- drops off you were about parking. I think -- will be the place where you'll you'll find. Helped by the court. Will be coming these on and Butler and -- need to announcement stupor and vehicle production in 20/20. On how quickly they get it did you know a lot of uncertainty around that. -- Disturbed that the human trust factor I think -- transition. Is more significant this is a world of active that should work hard. That are connected in chanting crowd explodes. -- -- the driver and basically tell the driver eight go 32 miles an hour stay in the lately. And you won't cut it torture brakes on the way to work. So I felt like and cars are -- but at the transition of connected caller. -- -- be human driver. What to do how did BP while they're driving. That's probably the real big story of the next can you. Gary we barely touch my stack of stuff can have happened later date. I would I would not a Garland that he is so much really enjoyed it we will be calling. You know written that we are still the bill brigades 78 and moral part of three --

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