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2-5-14 12:10pm Garland: on the Keystone XL pipeline

Feb 5, 2014|

Garland discusses the Keystone XL pipeline with Dan Kish of the Institute for Energy Research.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Regarding drove national news counts -- conflict about -- -- -- keystone XL review is over. It's -- breeding some details do mix recoverable under the true repeal of the keystone XL pipeline is. It's being proposed be -- Carol oil from the Canadian oral sentence. Into the US -- all we don't arts and Texas where it will be repellent. Here and and taxes. And it's a big environmental -- because a lot of the -- -- most severe in its quality arm strength of ours and which is yeah. Committed you'll -- contributes to global warming contributes to pollution and should not be doing it. In the first place more to a transported. By pipeline. We're gonna talk to Sierra Club and via second how far over the -- right now we have been seeing vice president for policy. For the institute for energy researcher dent -- and I appreciate each calling in welcome mr. He -- this thing and virtually decided because booksellers are reading into this. This thing is like. You need three volumes. Of stuff -- separate agencies are still live out to weigh in on this eight separate agencies have. But the kids three months to. Give their decision around -- -- port that's them. Well. Do what -- question foremost there's no. Real time frame these -- premise and that was by market order of the and then follow. -- previous president sinister and it is acting that so Tuesday. Ninety day comment period for other agencies. Of the federal government there was a public comment period. That began yesterday of thirty days ago but he went to woody please campaign put. Opponent. Altered quarter well wired in with. Experience -- the letters so that. Instantaneous responses. And then. Is theoretically a decision by the secretary. Day. John Kerry Wood and a presidential finding that there is that -- be exceeded -- but like as a we. We're finding that the pipeline that. -- this to be out of there. And there is though. Legal. Requirement that these issues such a certain that you make it considered there are so. It's in a state. Sort of so we -- -- -- Inputs -- other currencies from the secretary. And be public still the site make this sort. He visited the president obviously is connected to the battle against. Climate change. And Cynthia -- Leader in Canada it is under pressure to get this thing approved. Do move do you see the wings blowing in the the direction presidential approval lower or denial. In the SP. An outlet the -- and I don't quite see exactly what they. Very. This is the -- Relations they report in some former catcher. Over the old sixers. And the relentless -- Each -- pretty much concluded that there's nothing what should preclude. The construction by. And you know decision and that that day so it will it is pretty -- -- -- Updated the citizens and hard to others. From -- perspective. Whether it will make a decision that -- so. The report which we're all about. This salute the last step or that the -- And it -- through honestly look four that are there for. And that those. That was my thought too and Obama's always urgency is sort of the way you and and carries a -- easily having actually so broad. Barack Obama really is so so like we're got a week ago. Let let's come back and take a look at somebody no argument from the environmental solid then kisses with the senior vice president for policy. At the institute for energy were search were coming right. -- boots and department has. Come out with a bitter -- results of their study of keystone XL pipeline. By Blanchett to carry Canadian oil sands into the midwest all the way to the -- -- -- Texas or refining. Endure the way the movement that do media's been playing in itself like it's done deal as -- proved when you. Take a look at it -- the the report itself -- voluminous. And we've got to eight different agencies it's -- -- where you and then John Kerry has to give his opinions and the president. Have to make good decisions so it doesn't seem like it's his decision that's imminent. Talk -- -- about it dent -- with the year institute for energy research. Analysts look at some abort the environmentalists are saying. -- one publication says the report says oil industry can reach higher prices in overseas markets. Overseas markets. Which is where the majority of this process oil war in -- Dirty energy product all risk no reward for the American people. You're you're respond. Well. And let me put. 41000. Feet or two years building as part and that's what the environmental -- Investing billions of dollars. Economy. Treating our farmers -- Gold Coast. -- oil at a well. Folks who you know likeness -- other parts of the world this vehicle. That by itself. Is an important consideration. And ultimately the be. Company that is building keystone. There's already receive. Or capture commitment from suppliers of oil purchasers oil. -- that he serve this well right cheers Eric Cole. The fact is with -- huge amounts of new energy coming from. You know orders in Israel Hydro fracturing or so early. We're beginning to cease that activity -- in both Mexico adapters. And number of yours. Declining output. And it weaker Canadian system alerts are well world. Border. Pushed the same thing which to. Our largest trading partners it and just truly simple practical. SharePoint in between those weaker -- in with so little regard to whether. Oh look at this position alternately at the oil is going to be but make no mistake. Which is still a major oil -- Even though we reduced our -- are still important 40% you know and so. About a -- in the panels through the Canadian government says. If you rug because the United States slowed down here XL pipeline will simply ship due West Coast and shifted to Asia. In their bread several stores its no you get the number of Indian and and eskimo reservations insurers have to go across and they're gone by ended. This should be tied up in litigation for years. And then I've read other reports. Where there are already depots on the West Coast I think it was Oregon Washington. That's already shipping some of the sends overseas -- that correct. Yeah. Kind of all of there have been. Objections from this same. I think the most important purposes this is not an or as. Yesterday secretary -- sector energy Steven -- Was reported church says that this is these scientific. And never has -- scientific issue Richard political action and -- The opponents of this largely opposed their consumption or the production. Carbon based fuel which is to say that fuels which -- Rory. For the vast majority of our protection and other energy consumption general. So it. There are going to be an older woman or by one stroke but it important finger provoked Canadian -- acute where they're climbing. They're not going to sit there 10101. Potential buyers as -- it's indeed be. All of that decision they're going well or email or. Look for places to. So this in the world market it and that'll overcome those hurdles. Become more expensive. In the interest in. Basically this is going on its way to market. And the largest. The largest increases in consumption around the world and I think here where there have been in the growing economies of the world. Which sadly doesn't include the United States. In places like China and India -- wrestle you already have the largest refinery get the world. Over twice the size orchestra trying to greatly it to market than that it ready for all the oil country. All right here's another argument for an environmental loosely quote. But there is a glut in the current tar sands market industry. Says if they don't get at a pipeline capacity from keystone XL now they will scale back plans. That means the carbon emissions would be skill back to and so for the first time. They've acknowledged that the proposed project could accelerate climate change. Is there in the tar sands market. Well basically what happened because there hasn't been adequate take away at -- the Wilson and -- and Canada. What happened is April -- -- The amount would -- -- by rail road or character has just exploded because of -- safer option that the court switcher that. So it took the strange sort of -- to happen a circus. This. Report streaker. I think differently though that. And so as a consequence. -- there has been an election investment climate in because. You. -- ability to hit the climate becomes. A little bit more acute -- for. They probably most other opportunities in those opportunities -- postpone its production. But that'll work its way out in Canadian. Canadian -- they have access to the Atlantic and Pacific. They cancers such enormous structured bigger than other states. And there or choose. Some temporary. Which is in the system all their ability to view is there two -- Border actually it's true there largest export. When you say this through a would be to your project would bring on 21000. Receive and they. Democratic. Unions in this country or -- this. But one other benefits when when you say toward 1000 jobs in two years. Here's a little reason for an example. Of we benefit from that I'm sure we get some. -- used for the world funding but what else loses brings us. Yeah well -- -- you've got any district in order to collect weather system. The majority Uga the batteries -- If -- There there's a direct relationship between consumption of energy. Grow. And therefore -- couple that are going to be. Louisiana is actually more and it should stay there and it's a coincidence because. There's another equally. Or. Is. Whoever -- in the technical side of petroleum -- -- sanctuary in the in the planning side -- -- all of those are going to there's going to be more than that it quote. Additional oil being used. As it's transported to -- United States. No doubt their main actors in Louisiana will make things. -- -- the will it and natural gas transportation. System that the United States and North America that it will be called -- -- provide. Both -- cancer since. Because. You do a lot of so ultimately there's going to be -- not to mention that. Reduce cost. Oil which of course helps every. Didn't. We're bringing more aboard calling for a illusion pigs gonna very introducing pushing keep them was bank. -- -- dent fish are preacher Inco. I didn't know if that Goldman is on the states where that I'd want got a raw and can can use eminent domain for the state. In just bypass the federal called. Well actually because this is an oil pipeline and that subject to. -- Federal laws that we've required. Domain. That is actually belongs. Nick Campbell that the voters. That they're real issues -- crosses the border. Area and that has been able to be a bad rule. Obligation. Or responsibility and there are four. One at the com. I think the constitution is pretty clear that we're here talking about international curry. Article -- constitutions just typically doesn't partisan -- That Mitch is all that we shouldn't the presidential position anyway because it. Constitution specifically allocate. The power and responsibility. For things. That matters. With the international trade. Should the congress and the states and as I mentioned. Earlier there structure. It's only by executive order first. Put in the -- When -- Johnson and vote Wednesday. And updated urgent by George W. Bush. That the president and say in the matter whatsoever to beat you so. The somewhat in question what the president the -- to its. They'll have to. Congress. Has attempted to. Abortion and yet that -- on where they're. We don't know the answer that question and her ouster orchard. Look we're run out of time I appreciate your time very much challenged in -- -- little bit better and -- have a great. Come on -- actually with a we'll continue the conversation. He's soon. XL pipeline and coming down to watch -- are -- and reached. You are against it was called to -- 0187. -- told three point six it's -- ones -- grow --