WWL>Topics>>2-5-14 12:35pm Garland: on the Keystone XL pipeline

2-5-14 12:35pm Garland: on the Keystone XL pipeline

Feb 5, 2014|

Garland discusses the Keystone XL pipeline with Darryl Malek-Wiley of the Sierra Club.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- -- continued good debater would -- stone XL pipeline and its the pipeline that if built would carry oil from Canada oiled sentenced. Would do environmentalists claimed and a very bed type oh boy -- will lead to more global warming and pollution. If it's to build its gonna come down here to scope -- down through the midwest. And throughout Texas and Louisiana for finding. Of the State Department issued its report yesterday. It's eleven volumes. Were. And where -- the media play added it is bill won't send that out of the eleven volumes as says. It is unlikely men pipeline through significantly. Impact of rate of extraction. In the oil sand it's. The finding that oil would be extracted and deliberate and who -- possibly by -- that pipeline and seems to be the reason to. Approved it lose -- State Department report. We'll bring you bring down to the gut says some of the -- to find out that their aid agencies. That have to sign off Poland and then John Kerry. As a make his decision and did and they get President Obama. And then President Obama based on all of that and make his decision. So it's like something that -- has quite a political and for the area. Rob. The perched platform to get this done. If they do. We're looking at the other side of it now we have -- Mel -- is Sierra Club and bar mill justice's organized or walk from the show appreciated stock and to me -- -- -- -- What are your thoughts is this an approval by the State Department. Now it's not an approval and the like you said it had multiple by him document. There is concern about. The program. Manager that helped pull -- together used to work for the oil industry and some. So there's not the questions about what how the doctor won't put together who dated but I think the bottom line it is. While reloading this pipeline come down punitive. To the Gulf of Mexico. -- -- technically going to be oil going to China it's not going to be below for the US. It's gonna all be exported so why were taken -- About how we know that I just I don't represented a loosely Hugo or industry and he denies that the majority of it's going to -- ensures that we knew. Well you know. We've seen that drop in demand for oil and you -- So why do we need to you know multi billion dollar pipeline to bring it more. Oil when our. Demand is dropping. So that means that to me it would look genetic sport that's what happened is happening with the liquid natural gas. We're seeing you know prices go down -- know what to adapt companies what do they wanna exported to think -- departed though. Help the just say department's argument that this stuff is gonna have minded that ship and we're using these. Reports I think it would talk autumn in the past friend -- says build of -- -- Asia you know. Created to ports on the West Coast I did patterns and that Asia that is -- mean pour it in China and the -- -- it's on. Yeah I know it it. YouTube is power got to move forward with our future. And the future part children. And taking this -- and that they are extremely. Highway and carbon and will definitely impact. Future generations. It's something we shouldn't think about then. They had you know they've been having different pipeline stranded ship the oil apart and different locations. They had a pipeline in Michigan which which broke. They let you know a year ago it has been cleaned up yet because it's very hard to deal with at. -- over a billion dollars. And the impact the environment still there why are we got a -- Communities all along the US for this. Very dirty at the start and oil. Or -- -- take a break your girl on the review would do or -- equality in Europe club representative. And we're talking about the Mexico keystone pipeline and the major pipeline and seventeen. Hundred or 11100. Miles and the outcome right down the middle of the country and end up in Texas and Louisiana. -- dog -- Oregon skip is called 260170. Told 300 were in the country's 66. Added 90 it's ebony Garland Robin -- you would call of the week. The media player latest report on the yet so Keystone Pipeline contractors who 1107. And I'll pipeline. Coming from Canada whether tar sands that they make an oil. Shivered all the way down the middle of the country bio -- to Texas and we've via. And please say department report which is eleven ball team. The -- you pulled up once and it's it's bill. By no significant effect on greenhouse. Gas emissions. But when you look at it's got a long hours ago. It more agencies have take a look. Probably get more lawsuits John Kerry. Secretary of state has some improvement he does and gives the president -- -- his approval. Lot of politics involved from which probably. Still acquired along by it had to. We've heard -- oil side over the the -- stepped over this or have forward talk and darom eloquently. Sierra Club environmental -- disorganized. -- one of the exits transmitting. Via progressive or democratic. Labor union. Seemed to be in favor of this pipeline they're saying we got. Two years of board one of 1000 jobs and 3.4. Billion dollars pumped into the economy. Does that surprise -- I think that the labor unions and fortunately it taken the short norm you and if we kept all the money that they're talking about spending on the pipeline. And that unit target chip it from their visit keep them money but we put that in the Windmills installing solar power. We would have thousands more job. -- this pipeline is talking about it is zero. Type thing where. The pipeline and construction workers and then they're gone with. So wind and solar in rector pretty now as an inflation. We're gonna have a job with that for ten years ago. I think you midterm move forward took our break general why should we will we're doing too much better with energy production. -- -- -- -- -- good -- and where along the way there could be some major polluting. The State Department also pointed out -- that voluminous reports. That project that they project in an increase of six more deaths annually. If they extracted oil is shipped by rail instead of pipeline -- as you well know. We've had a couple of major tragedies would. Real -- portion of the as a -- the funerals and with the Sierra Club jostled. Like deceive the oil -- chipped -- by trade by a train. Yeah I think it once again Garland. And doing media. -- aren't stopped the Louisiana where there's we got oil we've got natural gas. We have. The sun every day in so why do we need to. -- to come down and train -- are real problem. And what began -- because the -- companies have not put enough money into maintenance. And so. Why should we put. People in America. -- Or some corporation. To make money but it the damage you've got to come to use me for people living next to pipeline. Well -- -- the questions I'll always Canada and looked to have his number last night in the best figures I can -- 2010. 72 million registered Democrats and in this country and in has this not combative and -- a road curious. You'd it would seem that that 72 million got to go and -- and he. We're out of favor for acting and brave. Favour of Canadian oil. If we stop buying the stocks of the major oil companies if we stop as much as we can combine petroleum product which. News is in almost every part of daily life. The -- it's drilling. Hold the you know if the body is not there the products not there why hasn't that movement hamburger. Now and it has been different locations in use -- every -- I think. Right now you're seeing them movement in the Louisiana with the creation of the green army. Around the hole. Series. If you related to oil impacts Louisiana. But. When you're dealing with a company like -- How many billions and make this year. And that money it. Donated in some cases get from politicians and we didn't study in -- community in this study want to Louisiana. Lobbyists. This hair club as a part time lobbyists. We get to Daytona 540. Obvious related to petrochemical industry or oil company. That almost one for every statement Specter senator. That means that policies -- passed down -- came in. Also marching and that. Aren't necessarily in the best interest of the people. There'll always a pleasure to have you on the show and -- busier accurate at times we have great day. -- -- dar Mel acquire at least Sierra Club a local New York.