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2-5 6:10pm Les Miles, One on One with Deke Bellavia

Feb 5, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

With me very happy and elated LSU coach in less miles coach miles so recruiting that any say in college the -- -- big -- national championship signing date. He got a great -- this year. No we did we we can be key pieces to. Answer the -- you have for him and we did and in duel with elite players that we did as well. You know we had. I wanna say fifteen of our. Mubarak signing class -- you know all American took part in the all American game should come. We had the number one player in the country than number one -- linebacker in the country's number one now wide receiver in the country. And probably be number. Three. Because -- tackle in the number one free safety. And it's you know a number of you know top 300 in the country so. By any stretch -- relook at it you know for us we do the evaluation we pick the guys. This just happens to be very very talented class and frankly the kind of class we need -- Coach you look like you culpable anywhere when you talk about -- geographically Illinois Mississippi Florida take to -- go all over. That's a power that's a -- a statement of LSU football across the country and well they they recognize this uniform now they the probably already always always have what they they they they recognize that this is a place where you're going to. But -- you replace the national tile in the future creek and Tyson plays for us. -- last nine years -- I've had 51 -- had 121 rounder. Well last year we had eleven junior's move draft early this year we had seventeen years in the draft or both led college football. We had. Now 41. The ocean Tigers on. The -- rosters to start of the season. So people are start and understanding you mutually agreed that great life and a great long term future. You want to be trained to play at a very high level -- great conference. In heaven are two info III just want -- -- Our players. Enjoy. Going to school at LSU I mean it's. I was I was with the rain and Harris and it -- on mark our campus. And here's what they said coach for doing great school you know I like my teammates I love this is their first semester. I mean. You know obviously you know the new ways to go but that's what your -- with the experience of guys who have. One and now coach who has not coached a lot of people talk about how important to establish a relationship long term because it isn't a one -- -- you could handle these kids and their families. Over the course of a handful -- you win middle school. How important is it to have that strong social relations with these fair if you don't. You're you're not gonna get that from recruiters on because they are. They require the ability to communicate with the coach to acquire -- ability to call him anytime. Day or night. That that this is a personal. Choice not only an education situation football choice but. Will that person take care of myself and I think -- I think we've done a great job to this point. Coach you -- look on your hand and I know you got some jury is not the jury type of clients and -- it's injury and things like that have a client accurate this is the kind of class. There will compete for national title in May well. Compete for some. He got good quarterback could come home. That area Nikkei two co Q talk about so does this is -- for you you get your own both sides of the as a parent as a -- there's -- question in the the quarterback this coming out this year is. We have -- we -- we have over the significant edge there for one he's really enjoyed the Tigers his whole life. And hey you know other real way so I -- I know we're very well and I have who would wanna talk out of school with. We had an inside track. Coach thank you so much personal -- be nice to see them take care LSU coach less amount than number two recruiting class in the country for the bye you big.