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2-5 5:30pm Coach Les Miles, Nat'l Signing day recruits

Feb 5, 2014|

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Yeah. It is bringing. It was a real interesting her room anyways. Trey. Hell -- because it is the longest. More solid syllables than there are in the world so. I'll put that can't right near my Jews Bob. Great networks he's a very fast inside guys that portion. Tackle and has great speed. So while. And we lose to safety -- a year ago we lost Eric -- really never really got him replaced and we lost. Creek Austin this year. In this year we take in now. Jamal Adams who Jamar Adams is probably the finest safety prospect five star prospect may be in the country one of two. And now. Out of Texas and then not -- battle who is a four point student who is a six foot 200. -- -- downhill hitting safety with ball skills they the coach's kid in and that's a good thing for -- for us. And Devin Moore he's just -- national player of the year in in Mississippi so I'm in terms of media. I -- I call I call it needs met now if you look at the class here's what you got we got twelve from the state Louisiana. Considering you know -- I have three letter format and that group let me tell you what. That's what you gotta do you must make a living in this state certainly we will. In Texas we took six. In Florida we killed three Illinois we took one Mississippi and we took one -- there's one yet to make that decision. In Oklahoma and we think. That he may welcome -- okay so. Home. Now the up. So here's what you got in case we're up. We have fourteen -- participate in three major All Star Games. Army all Americans seven. The the under armour all American game six. And now we had one another we had fifteen recruits in the top 300. We had three -- east of that we're USA all Americans and foreign that Quinn for -- For an that was namely the today. USA today player of the year. The class is made up of eleven offensive players in eleven defense of players who won specialist. The job the LSU class certainly is ranked nationally. In I have to be honest with him the job other than. Maybe one. Or two other guys that we went after -- We've been the best we had the finest recruiting class when we ever had so. I am going to go through this. Arm with don't. Somebody got this. There is that were. We're looking at these things right here now let me just say -- we got us -- you have this thing works. Okay now. Now there's there's letter -- net com takes something here's what economic stay about the guy that the picture speaks to. Want to stoop to these humble young man. I'm three for very -- very talented and ambitious. He is going to be a better person. That he is a great tailback. Have a look at. Why won't -- this -- -- seeing here is balance. And speed. With the first piece. You're going to see get a bounce to the outside. Breaks tackles. And speed yet again. He asked. Motivation then the job. A big day what if he can catch the ball out of the backfield as well. You gotta sell them -- Hey yeah I understand this we knew that can't them all law it and take it the distance. That you have called play. He scored. Ellis you couldn't see you got a guy who earlier this last year I think. Like I agree here pretty quick. He's kind of back who wanna play with the promise him. Brandon Harris. Cam Cameron comes in the -- they have this guy may -- is talented forward. As sweet and just for instance. I'm Matt Flynn is was tremendous example of a great -- passer. You'd say jamarcus -- well I'd I'd certainly like to compare. But murder favorably you know with with within -- most. This guy this guy right here this guy right here has the ability. Isn't he really. Very confident passer very strong passer and he's very very accuracy you'll enjoy NBC 45 and a forty. -- a guy that legitimately. Will. Draw for 3000. And run it for about so there's. Given you some of the things he does. Jennings is going to be in competition with a -- in the spring. And and would best man play the -- way it is so. Overall I like Jennings Jennings shoes is going to be. He's will be poised schooler he'll continue to get better you know snap after snap so I'm I'm not. I'm not ready to make any quick. Decisions. 4:6 -- -- morning is how fast manages. LSU coach less miles here that tiger basher green basher and a B to B well. Now what I do freestyle. Play. LSU breaking Dallas coach -- miles breaking down. Of the his recruiting class with film for the fans upstairs here so he's got some speed to boot. This guy here is up. Yeah -- -- field from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He took care of about a quarterback at that school that I was very partial to them. I've -- -- them early on ice that you take care of my son mortgages scholarship -- that Don. So. He was eight the first guard in America he was an under armour all American. Two time all state selection we know him better. Give me an example. My son welcome home say you know what this field he what he wants to do every time is riding on his back. Numbers like for instance that he's like challenges. He gets on a guy in the he's not happy as he drives him on his back. -- that's a good guy and I heard you complain and any snow. It's kind of one of the things. Now this guy here relieved they're there they're very similar in style players. Really two time all state selection very very talented athletic guy. Here is the son of -- Tommy Platt who yeah. Lawyer now they don't listen me. It's awfully important. There's certain families to play for the Tigers and those guys they always play better and this guy right here and within the first time I met him I doubt. Moved in this town for about three months I took the job in December. In recruited and then in. There early February. We were done recruiting I took. Some time off and went across the Rivers to a wrestling tournament or my sons were going to wrestle my son at that time was eight. In the other 16. So integrated economy. In his son. William clap right and he looked like he was gonna get there even even then I -- he was one of those little chubby guys but they have a lot of muscle to -- so that was the first time I saw him I did not offer him on the spot. I got. After EC play. You have offered him to. LSU coach less miles here on the -- -- -- -- recruiting that breakdown is. 24040 -- with the fans. You mentioned letter -- behind them blocking. Yeah. -- -- It's -- who could move well said. K okay what. I gotta be honest with you. The two finest meals. That I've had in. Maybe in the you know my history in recruiting. The anger both of work this man's house. I ate lunch in there. Pretty nice I've got just try to stay throat like go to. Kick me off the couch figured that he had to go to gently that week and I said -- But god. Rewritten or with the staff we are up our receivers coach who did. Yeah frank Wilson who was the finest recruiting coordinator in the country. And -- And can't Cameron and head coach -- we staff meeting at this is just a little bit -- will drop some place and not. But done that are right there's got a great family is -- media wonderful New Orleans family. And frankly. He couldn't go on a lot of places but he chose to stay home and we're a national championship yet again. And -- -- -- I was here on WWL. Affairs to see you know breaking down the trap is he either recruiting class of 4014. You elect wins in shouldn't worry about -- was these players on. Really good ball skills. Great speed good -- great range adjust well so all about that one. I was just can't see that the screen you just miss the -- catch. Course he's talked about -- Quinn the wide receiver out of Lake Charles reform high school. 434511190. Pound receiver with far excellent pick up where they -- Tigers. -- our loved to have him and -- whispering about this judgment. About how about the way he handles this is even if they what. We coached differently than this guy we would never ever possible all that are pretty reverse back it gets. Look at how huge is a hands to catch the ball. Oh my goodness. Yeah here in less miles very excited about Trent went also talk about now I'd be real well. This -- here again I want you know something we use -- valuations all across the board we we take people in this room come up to. Me and say -- I saw Scott played my son Manny kind of key to evaluating you know -- field and this guy I said. I said he said dad you remember him going -- action what me. He should hit two home runs in the game he played for the pivotal player he's the best baseball player in this state Louisiana. And I should I should Manny are you kidding -- -- I remember that game but I think that's him BC Tim. And now he is now the league leading receiver in state history is nationally. Say yeah he stopped Wes Welker and stuff. Great short area he's -- Jarvis Landry style of player and he's run after catch so we'll we'll let him. -- coach less miles with film in the fans upstairs in the bears' signal breaking down that we fourteen recruiting class here to talk about tree Quinn and wide receiver. And a former high school parents who Wes Welker. A smile showing more film of his recruiting class to the fans here on DeVito do well Bears this. Second ranked recruiting class by many services. Across the country right behind the Alabama Crimson Tide fifteen of the bad rounds. More film on display for. The fans here though the Bears casino. He's strong. He's is fast and he's strong. Not I DJ sharp. In a six foot two. I'm 44 receiver Eddie tremendous ball skills. Was at school relief that the quarterback could not getting the ball. In and this guy here is going to be he's gonna come -- quietly. He's going to be a great player and he's gonna grow just unbelievable. So. LSU coach less miles. Special -- is a little four point student. I'm telling you right now it's being what we knew we knew well. When you put up those placed in those guys four point students. You don't have to leave it up very very long. Four receivers in this recruiting class when you sit and I that's. I do Iran watchers thing. -- -- PGA -- -- -- the Alexandria housing your senior housing your senior I think Tony up church. Six foot two and have changed 225. Pounds. 225. Pound. Dwayne Bowe graduated from the school and you -- in 25 pounds. LSU coach less miles. Once again showing film here at the -- casino to the fans. Showing off his new toys that when he fourteen recruiting class in the books wants one more still remaining out Oklahoma you'll run out -- catches real. This is -- with the ball. You know obviously you're the fans' excitement and -- -- I was watching these players and this man here. Rushed for 2200 yards. Darrell Williams. We heard you talk about Daryl Williams earlier overshadow violence we're definitely a great running back coming to the LSU Tigers less miles breakdown. The talented running back finally -- here no issue between fourteen class. The ability compared him to what Marshawn Lynch earlier Bobby. And talking about that this players. It GM reluctance from John -- These guys beat himself. -- Christian when you look. That they'll what he -- 2201. Yards on twelve to 32 carries thirty touchdowns and yet his headphones -- laugh and Marchand. Now what you dose of room we make it Leonard tired neck got after a couple of balls you know. -- will be more important Washington won the skills. -- challenge at the under our under armour all American game so he's got all the opposite of the ability to run. Corey Washington that tied in six foot 5250 pounds out of Westlake high school perennial power here's the Louisiana but the question is -- they -- hiding in the field yet. Might take a couple of bucks result. The -- that's the thing -- we Cam Cameron I think. When you look at LSU fans I think your goat milk does a play this year to the tight -- was -- more involved. Yes and think going forward. I may cause I know Cam Cameron utilize the tight and you look at the Baltimore Ravens. So it depends. You know who truly can excel. And I think that's always a weapon kind of a security blanket we've got to get rid of the ball quick if not the back of the back field. That tied it worked in the middle of the field so that we Aniston and see going forward. Amateur tied it is involved in the passing game for the tiger. I was jealous you coach less miles he's upstairs -- Bears casino here in Baton Rouge breaking down his second ranked. Recruiting class of 4014 and you heard of say earlier that -- -- -- just a couple more might have been the finest recruiting class. In LSU program history of course Ellis coach less miles we'll sit down our. Very -- Deke Bellavia after he speaks to the fans and it shows off the 2014 class. The big chief -- they'll be upstairs. Always speak with LSU coach less miles here about seven or eight minutes we expect to have. Coach miles and around 6 o'clock and he's upstairs right now breaking down his -- fourteen recruiting class of 43 players. With the fans some video he's shown -- No he showed Brandon Harris Bobby and have you thought about the quarterback there. And our way at any he'll be a 3000 yard passer and a thousand yard rusher he says isn't going to be steep competition and is -- T and -- center right. In an area all the competition up and let all that should bring out the best that everyone made the best man win you know that's what you want. You know to be given anything. You wanna earn it. You know this evening. When you look at come officially ended -- and and Darrell Williams. Go from John -- mean. Any chop liver owning -- but 125. Pounds a power back as coach Byrd. Kind of describe him as march on the excellent Barnett being -- agent at Peterson like that. You know this is quote directly from the railway and sees that and daughter that of the great. And an art to be a great player you have to compete against the best. And and that's why he welcomes the competition he said in. In other words on the statement an art to be the best you've got to compete with the best and he knows well and it Hornets and since they could win number to replace yet quietly committed to Arizona State. Right in the end up you know going to give -- direction but that Georgia Bulldogs Auburn Tigers. Tulane at some interest at Vanderbilt Kansas State. Tennessee Texas seen them Florida. UCLA. So he'd be committed America -- is -- close to home. That's obviously LSU game that opportunity. But he -- Christian and that he's silica and like that's that been an art to be the best you've got to compete with the best on the I can run away from competition. -- love to compete and that's that you want. From all the players. That no matter what the position. And that being even. You know all but the line -- it off line it just wasn't about Trey quit your day yet -- miles talking about frequent a wide receiver out of bar high school I had a chance to watch him play. They played Condo in the playoffs knocked them out of the playoffs. And I. On those right around the corner from my house and watch them and he heard these. I went out about was in -- -- of the Wes Welker. He -- 511190 pounds but and actually my -- yes -- 43 speed accorded an rivals dot com or point 38 that that's unbelievable that that's. I don't know how he -- better than it right. Good he's already NFL fast. Yeah what you think of that. -- what would it just didn't know he got that kind of speed and their reputation with him. There isn't a better route runner. And then it's on Wes Welker at all by production arm more productive receiver in this state that's well. That's a radius I mean. Two sport athlete -- -- with -- football this his senior year. An obvious these big dividends -- recognition in the record that he has the four point 38. That was an -- football camp at the prospect camp. And that that it's unbelievable with them today that beyond NFL. Tigers beat the Saints. That you say that -- one at -- Angela eternal bargain he's healthy or maybe yet that that something that is flat out fast. Christian this -- itself you look at the yards after the catch. Yet three to 49 -- receive him and he is in a single game develop into a school you heard of the bench. You know -- out of here it's 80 about that double at the quarterback overthrew parred nine I was him one player received the report is your -- Miles talk about his body control that was one of the things that I saw it's -- I'll forestall his versatility is his ability to go out there play in the slot planting outside. As a return guy and he even he had one return. Where. It's time though he I think he ran. You need about eight guys missed all be there wasn't a long return but it was one of those where it was the it was the most entertaining eight yard returns you might see in high school football. It's so well straight points early an excellent wide receiver that -- if. You run a fourth street forty. That extracts. It was nice to oldies yeah. A track guy -- -- play football here -- a football player and -- On the track the yeah and that is the difference. Oh it might be the lights because that means a lot taller. But the golf that's an elegy and depreciated in Holland. Yeah I mean it was like that you got the wrong angle Ewing and catch him. Now the Seahawks didn't take their -- -- in. Got him before he got going into the -- that yeah I think he got -- before breaking get -- you know we -- he gig on those returns but. Yeah well it's ugly -- Quinn they Hugo the contribute. From the get go in you know that -- IQ three. I got to get a court let him. Vault Ellis Myles and talk a whole lot about -- now I do -- I guess speakers at the proof's in the putting the offensive line and also in his class. Garrett -- that you high protecting me eighty miles yet is less miles some but also William -- from brother Marc Savard who played. -- -- played well issues as well. Yet at and you look at their size Christian in my notes that have -- export that's went that way -- now. I mean now you know -- we might wanna be 6566. With six born in here you want to beat you to be at least six. And that's reasonable level cauliflower and again I'll probably Brewers seventy pound note they'll they'll put on weight muscle and in that being 300 like we did.