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5-5 6:35pm Jeff Palermo, LSU recruits

Feb 5, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Breaking down the 2014. Signing class for the LSU Tigers who welcoming now the -- -- you all dot com columnist Jeff Palermo and Jeff. Lots of reasons to be excited. About this point fourteen class a few and LSU Tigers but. Leonard -- ballot guy Dupree and number of play makers obviously added to this team. Are I think they'll put it to guys that -- They would they were guys that they -- yet. Obviously. The number one prospect not only statement. Number one prospect in the country. In the letter Cornett who I think it will -- a difference maker at the college level. You know -- plus miles talked about it today that when you know someone asked them about the B I think some of the comments that Leonard Fernandez made as far as. Possibly -- and -- been its freshman season but those are cocky and. You know what miles doesn't seem too bothered by the date night is -- fairly say that -- that I was gonna win. The Heisman its freshman season but when you look at that the last two Heisman winners is Johnny Mandela played in its first. Season of college football Mangini went into war with that prospect who won at this past year. Sure -- for Florida has that type of ability that he could be in the morning or as they Heisman candidate -- he had the big being. And -- have a guy like ballots I Dupree who I think is. Coming out of high school a better level and they got like Reuben Randle who. Ended up having a great career and I'll let you know I think he can beat. Another big play maker for Iowa do -- wide receiver considering that it just locked in. Like tailback Kevin -- 100 they needed. To really shore up that position and and -- an impact player and I think now kind of create based on the sides in what I've seen fumbled. Jerry is how I played it John Curtis that they keep it got it can contribute right away so. Hobbs you know to me bill put it in Dover that you guys that they had to -- it ended up getting. I'll should have liked to back segment -- could play well or a year and a good Alabama. Obviously. Looking at the triggerman the quarterback position so what is your take now. Heading into this spring that you can have all these great players and -- building yet to win in the trick is obviously. You know you want them maybe a little more depth obviously -- -- -- to be that the line for the Tigers but look at it. You know the quarterback position is equally up for grabs may the best plan mentally when you look at that he Jennings and and obviously parkway quarterback Brendan Harris I read. Where he's steady he's coming here to win the job and in my and the thing that he's in school early so -- you have that opportunity. Yeah he's gonna have a great opportunity because you're right he's gonna participate spring football here in the next few weeks. Have a chance due up -- to -- Anthony Jennings. I guess if you add the depth chart out right now it will be Jennings would be number one despite. Not putting up a great performance. In the in the bowl game but. Brandon Harris is a guy you've got a lot to kids I you gotta love his -- anybody I'll play in that class five a championship game. Even though. Parkway it was -- losing out of that game that the kid could throw it fifty yards with ease no doubt about it. Six foot 3180. Pounds put up huge numbers. Like that the nation's number three dual threat quarterback that I think he's got a chance. You know. Did that they get true freshman could start against Wisconsin I don't know about that but. As the season unfolds I don't think Brandon air speed guy. That could be years there that could be your starter so. I think it's going to be -- or just being at the how that dog in the -- now -- where it. Not like what we've done 2008 when -- you have a couple of inexperienced quarterback that it it'll let you a lot of problems out. Visiting with WWL dot com columnist Jeff Palermo here on a sports talk from the Bears casino breaking down national signing day for the LSU Tigers. Now Jeff what is your take on this because you know the times players are selfish and they'll necessarily have the team concept and especially a skilled player you know they want the football. What is your take on Darrell Williams though it looked at running back. John Eric rampant over 2200. Yards. Thirty touchdowns and that is blacks that because it would be obviously everyone knows that -- our net than being the top back in the nation's top player. So you think eating competition for carries him playing time and and then -- look at the likes had an opportunity he committed from Arizona State. Georgia Armon. Kansas State Tennessee takes him in Florida UCLA all it is -- in him well why do you think he decided. They've become that a tiger just because he grew up like an LSU football what did you take on that. Well I think the reason why he committed to Arizona State early -- because the team so -- really what the committee Zito or interest there and remember. But shot there at two seasons ago they -- want -- I -- Williams played quarterback for. For both the net he's. On the -- they moved them from running back and he puts up 2200 yards. So Arizona State was initially the first school interest in him and he said sure lineup and it you. And then now what Ellis cute show interest in -- remember Ellis you previously. And it the kid from -- dissension the other politely and beat. Verbal commitment it made it -- -- take more than two running back in this class bigger sport that was one and it. Whoever else that was -- -- politely unbeaten and it went somewhere else did LSU opened up a spot for -- -- -- -- I don't anticipate they're only making much of an impact that he. You got format you got Terrence McGee got Kenny -- and I think those are the three guys that -- he's gonna ride. Well he has put up phenomenal numbers against job there. One of the greatest turnaround under coach Cory Lambert that we see quite a while I go oh well the fact that they. Went one and nine in 2000. Twelve and and 2013. Made it into the stuck out of the lineup support -- game that I saw blade and with that problem out game against Vanderbilt. And and the skipper shut up now maybe they shut him down he -- have -- -- game. And in the district that he plays you know spent they'll be -- but -- the number but he put up but. Yeah it wasn't like he would you know running up against car John Curtis and you know they were playing against fairly light schedule so. I think he's the guy that that definitely has the potential no no doubt about that you rushed for 2200 yards and 32 touchdown. Both are numbered that you really it's hard to argue against but I don't think you'll have much of an impact it's brought these. Now Jeff vote what did you take you know then and now look at -- and but I agree get because you know -- fans. They were little disappointed obviously with the linebacker Napoleon that haven't a -- There look at -- think Garrett a lot of kids here at the top overall prospect. On and a state of Illinois what are your take on that then you know DJ -- -- mean over achiever. Playing hard but I think from the get go clipping -- gonna contribute. Well yeah I think it be you know he you know don't let the you know 45 guys that can. Probably play right away in 2014. I think quit -- Garrett is one of those guys. Because who we saw from DJ well they're inconsistent play. They do a lot of people and not really sold on Lamar -- it -- -- would be a middle linebacker. Or LSU in the future former. Standout -- rope bridge to. Well equipped to Garrett might be that guy let's -- today you know that kid from Illinois. Obviously what can play in the Southeastern Conference. He's an opportunity where. You know he could play right away so yeah I think he's definitely a kid that that I had the chance to come in your corner right away a lot of guys stick with great. 220 -- can't wait to see regarded person because that imagine. -- but he is. -- he definitely looks the part so excited to see yeah I mean you know as much as. -- a lot of people complain about other guys firm Louisiana that this accounts Youkilis yeah pick up -- take a look at some of these kids that are. Coming from outside of Louisiana that concept. To LSU and circuit your relatives here than LSU's got a good prospect will be available I left here with he'd been called the group. So some time on the offensive line this past season. And I just before you run and I talk about out of state recruits another -- from a Texas at San Antonio can you helped -- pronounces guys MITRE is it. -- -- so you might topple. I have no idea how it feels sorry for -- -- -- -- that I hit it left smiles as he had more syllables that he did. But you're right Jeff public event it's like that knowledge decent -- this fight -- university you to all our Internet. I mean we've got. But I will say that about it a lot of smiles today compared him to try to -- it still if you can have that type of career that's great devastated that now. -- figure out how to -- his last -- sooner than later. -- sure you will Jeff Palermo RWB well. Dot com -- thanks much -- the -- -- appreciate it I got revenue or Roger.