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2-5 7:10pm Coach Curtis CJ Johnson, Tulane recuits

Feb 5, 2014|

Tulane has an impressive recruiting class. What’s your hope for the Green Wave? Our guest: Tulane Football Head Coach, CURTIS JOHNSON

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

That haven't dot com alongside the cajun cannon Bobby down Kristian garic LSU 23 commitments in the books we all want more too -- football next 44 newcomers. On point fourteen national signing day after joining eight point thirteenth season which saw. Agree with both seven victories and earning a bowl bid for the first time in over a decade Tulane. At Tulane and university. At its firepower with local flavor today on national signing day coach Curtis Johnson joining us now. A coach of the Tulane green -- coach I know you're stoked I was watching you on Twitter. Just lay it all it does -- at all we all about it as the outback has started coming you got a heck of a glass. We're very pleased with -- and we started out this time last year would begin to get these guys evaluate evaluate him. And I think we got a really really class. You know we address somebody's. We've just we've got a couple. So you started press and watch you know you're you're doing pretty good. Now a coach CJ obviously I'm calling it -- in the quarterback position and a couple of questions along those lines. Look at men the bills that -- -- yet I mean right there and yards his backyard I'll I'll look at -- -- really part -- -- -- of -- That had to be a big hit that to -- -- land that local quarterback talk about Hammond and also -- direction you might be going now that might you. All of a sudden now my understanding the quarterback coach of but the thing that you know how that goes in the -- paternity. But just breakdown that young quarterback and also what you gonna do -- regarding might you know leaving to go with the thing. By a fantastic job for us I mean he was just grateful that don't -- as additional and no doubt. You know decide to go with him a lot of people would love to coach who brings it closer and -- you know when it's in -- chills might get might -- that Jets Japanese don't -- -- -- -- Everybody now we just went and got some guys yet but maybe potentially. That's called god we have the -- welcome he would are often not like you know we got to build some quarterbacks know that one position that. We just got to get better at cannot think -- the guy who who who who would do that. Great deal that could -- Girardi if it -- well. They're every bit in jail what he does he got there accurately describe the passing game there's nobody you got to be accurate that would have been really really attract as. You know instead he can give trouble to -- you to do this place also. So electric outlet at the oh I love how important -- -- -- -- Coach Curtis Johnson too angry with -- football coach they locked down 44. Newcomers on -- point fourteen national signing day coach. If you could just talk about recruiting and Alex. It's drastically changed and he did it and a city or state you got Marshall Faulk there and of course you were in Miami -- but. How just how different it is it today's climate with social media and all these things always recruiting services. And does -- yellow those lines though. Like go -- what you think the answer is that all of a sudden. Boy and I guess you gotta keep taken. Do that -- the same approach him and that's all part of the process but. You get a kid that's committed in any -- the -- he -- all around the country. Is that there's that maybe could address that early signing -- what did you take on that. It I didn't think when when you rely on 171819. Year old are your job -- come out hard because they're there pickle ya man control out there and probably not appeared it would definitely. -- kind of spiritual but I think it would stop committing and here it's. And just pushing it had been right. Commit to you -- at that kind of that kind of thing -- and I think -- -- -- -- problem -- it is -- social -- got so much. Know everybody's out the personal obstacle. It's. Also been. On it. So at the break up the big picture is a -- really had done nothing at the college level canal was a bit bigger ball girl you don't just look at the game I think. Now our coach Johnson. What does that take as far as the balance in your approach when you get used to happen. And they'll start recruiting different classes and obviously you're ready lineup which you can potentially do next year. We'll look at it that commitment is say from Louisiana vs going out of the state. Global what are the approach you take there. It's as good as Bobby -- -- -- been more pleasure to have built for jobs that than anywhere else you -- -- -- a bunch of small -- what we do as we well we played in a while they're very well and you look -- and a lot of guys from all over everywhere you know recruit this straight -- got great players -- -- -- all the -- I'll bet Reid and went away and will be also seemed to gel well in Louisiana what we've got to do it ain't we don't want to keep the mistakes. We got to get them people being injured and oh yeah -- -- -- Good football. Those guys -- spring practice started what Saturday down. Couldn't -- I think you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know we want -- -- -- Introduce these semesters are so topic too late the Bible reading the Bible papers ought to give them a lot a lot of time to get there I think it was -- -- the -- is going to work out well for -- And our coach he -- when the action along the lines and it speaks for itself that you look at the running backs in the in the production that you put. Oh boy which players that at Tulane then also at the next level. Matt Forte kind of speaks for itself put. Oh what is your take on Scotland bill are running back dontrelle Hilliard. Don't wanted to that he reminds me they're. You know what we we have a couple of those step back from -- split last year that you equipment label. -- -- -- being critical guy because you -- post -- they had it in those guys got to protect you -- wanna go out to protect the -- to -- some tackles got -- -- -- up. I think he's been acting it's Peppers one -- I think I execute -- you -- you can't be one dimensional player you've -- -- you gotta you gotta protect. Read the questions about the is -- to do I'm excited about that for a. Winding down our conversation with Tulane head football coach Curtis CJ Johnson here on a WWL point fourteen national signing day point four commitments -- -- two idea. Tulane football program and -- you gonna have a spring practice on Friday so coach with which are going to be your message coming off this bowl season for the way. It's just there's there's a blank slate we we and I'm not in 2014. We deal with -- with New Year's Day in a couple of workouts not comfortable back to work and so are the foundation that we do right now is the tendency to go back to basics. We gotta we gotta play what we propel ourselves into the semester and into next year so respect to basically go back they would like we never played football people. Now coach Johnson look at it value Seton around the country. You have kids graduating early mid semester. Obviously and rolling at the school early and -- reading it out a couple of prospects heavily west Jefferson wide receiver in the well BO in Miami central. Senator Ronald deanza. Did you expect this to come and -- compete in and a big good enough and obviously play right away with it take on that. You know not think that you are huge advantage there and like rookie mini camp you know now because it is it's like he I don't know what you and you know you get the respect all of the almost like regular batting -- -- rookie mini camp all want I think that's a huge advantage -- -- -- -- not regret later. I think if excellence through. In you know -- think physically well those guys out there and compete so if you don't like that that's which local. To come in and play I think it gives your biggest advantage. Tulane head football coach Curtis Johnson. A solid another solid class for the two lane freeway 44 sign he's in all when he from the state of Louisiana it's well. From the New Orleans area thinks -- much for the time best luck to you when you guys start spring ball on Friday and they were excited about what you're doing over there. Everyone. -- coach Kurt Johnson here on WW LA and -- having -- up.