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2-5 7:35pm T-Bob Hebert, Tulane recruits

Feb 5, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Think the SEC's dominant well. Here's one for him. And there have obviously play outfield and their national title run snap this year but. In recruiting wars well the SEC west signed a city in the SEC west. Just the division. In the Southeastern Conference they signed with more five star recruit the rest of the power conferences. Combined. It's good showing you how kids one play in the Southeastern Conference -- Bob Hebert Michael host. Double coverage on three WL thirteen 50 weekday morning six -- 9 AM and the -- how are you made -- -- in the last couple days. Yeah man. Like my old man so he broke me I know I picked up. Spotlight from the airport she's been and I California for a week we're -- one side but he built a just slammed reader should be get it. Yeah I know you went through this process. What 78 years ago seven years -- who these kids the guy's gonna wanna get a bump and I don't I don't I don't do that. But you with this process will Wear these kids. -- -- -- kicking around the idea where I'm going to school and I know. You you were pretty it was pretty much a foregone conclusion that you're going to LSU but. You talk about both of an eighteen year old perspective the decision of of deciding where you're going. Well it is one you know you repeat I think it is about family. Try to slide it was gonna -- bad for you. At the end of day. Make that decision or anybody else is it going to be used in the next fortify -- -- out these three years. In the -- spot and it's your career say you -- there is a lot of Theres. A lot of playing time. You like the coaches you like I have a better better Alley Q are you guys. Once you you know go to school weight from where I grew up. You've got one school in toned -- is why. They got a weight in that or maybe it was someone. Like you mean you just grew up -- Japan. Of the school that you played them was really. On all of you and I guess like you wanted to do it and that tree come true moment. We've got the chance to resign there I mean I was. -- pretty much. I think it and depth goes you regardless of the circumstances. At the time does from growing up but tiger then there was a little bit of -- -- Maybe restore record -- what. What your friends going to Orton. Also reinstated excellent job record nobody worked harder now. Well. What he wants it. Can't -- tiger. Yeah that the above they went out that I look at it if -- and had a Graham auto and of brainwashed you -- a -- -- at pitching coach Rick 170 miles away. That you bring have a coach -- -- Ole miss and you know it's all about relationships and even. Coached Coverville offer -- scholarship but are we have that experience as a sixth grader. You know the iron bowl of being in the locker room are running with the team to tunnels all of those things definitely. Come into play. Yet those words. The recruiting process was want one out bottom line and you mentioned like -- -- -- on. -- on official visit to Jordan -- and it basically awards. A free ticket to the game in party which in my older teammates said it. Graduated and gone on to Georgia might bolster our current spot experience as they're -- Better you eat. It's it's hard to be recreated in a different type of situation I guess so he'll. And -- so many people pumping your. Oh I remember couple times. Each almost nobody there -- just Iowa this seventeen year old Q you'll. You know cute guys done anything I didn't deserve any insecurities accomplished adult who worked. You know career coaches who were -- respected their profession they're basically like. Having nick rob a lecture Pete area and I don't really. Minutes earlier who like -- although there were stuff too much. Needing to go do that experience was definitely a positive one count -- I mean I remember signing day. All top players Georgia got dirty ESPN zone we go. Thirty dollar player card go play games. It was there were a lot of on along the way richer. He got reroute it. He about it doing today does that mean they added some more talent and oh yeah -- classed you have four newcomers yet and it failure by even though we know that at least -- the time with CJ. I know your big fan of his work. Yeah our coach Christian on -- he's got going on over there. I bet you one thing that I didn't hear Mike Grant park and I'll shoot you -- got the big test of this sport. Are gonna maybe get back there at this point ordered the way you appear not because it's Kurt Johnson which is perhaps the best -- going dead pets. It seniors maybe ever and when you look at that combine the clutch hit last year he he's he's starting to consistently. Now work -- talent. And I think that'll consistently. Turn them season like we saw last year they get the -- and make okay. Of winning that bowl game at him for Europe now that he's only going to improve with more time bartered Kurt Johnson wore those young guys. She that steal think that a lot of guys. Two and one of -- in the past. They got a couple guys do it turned down so with the more traditional. -- one hours when they can call into me all credit. Coach Curtis Johnson and what he's going on there and I mean he himself into other social. Very charismatic individual. He. Kennedy may see a -- outside looking and I get the spot as a player you wanna play. Now the about what is your take on this. When obviously you always going to be a man of your word and you commit to where you want to honor that commitment. -- brought up earlier. Like -- it's Tracy Porter. From the Baton Rouge area. But Indiana showed the most interest in him from the Diego. If you committed the Indiana so -- don't -- have offers you -- change his mind. Hockey memory you getting letters in the mail often -- them from the get go from the Indiana Hoosiers -- -- look at. Like human running back hit the -- junior. All of a sudden he had committed to Tulane we've backed his late June. And and then all the city he commits now he's gone and Nebraska. And that you look. And he's a human running back like I said that you -- east Saint John Davidson -- Deron Williams he had committed to Tulane now he's gonna Kansas State what did you. No actually -- thought well it was like they did back in -- back in short skirts on why it. It would that may repeat leader -- one of the guys. I was taught you about as far as China in the -- as well yeah actually turned out. Aybar to. All that that that's a great -- yeah yeah what you're looking at a six foot 42 -- policy that have been because I -- you know the third out the best pass if it does get that pass rush. And you -- lulled -- disruptive. What about. Sports guys honor their commitment I mean I think but it that they get -- you'd be -- now I think sometimes writes but the bigger schools. And -- these situations on it it -- -- were borderline. They probably worn and tired need at that position group anyway. And that's about that he got -- -- I could -- At different levels how many times you see guys like streets in order -- -- -- boat you know most of your time and that's the bottom. They're legal department -- look but I think somebody like Tracy Porter choose to go to Indiana one of their guys. So the Cubs aren't going to be pretty bad to me it's not like you and me and -- you gotta play they've that skill whoever is that. It didn't -- careers awards bode well you did. Draw sort of line -- to -- Ryder law -- just -- everything recruiting wise goes to our individual case by case Speights. Yeah and Palestinian about Tyreke is the menacing all it was a three star recruit in the yeah Melamine Ella and not I workers check out. -- -- -- -- -- -- T Bob thanks much man a great job covering a Tulane today and you be back on the air tomorrow morning with such Dunlap that we up Villanova and you guys have a lot of fun doing great stuff meant. Lower -- morning. And George here for vacation for about eleven for. Yeah -- and I think there are later that we have you wealthy about it there here on national signing day.