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WWL>Topics>>2-5 8:10pm Night Shift: LSU Recruiting

2-5 8:10pm Night Shift: LSU Recruiting

Feb 5, 2014|

Bob Mitchell, in for Scoot, talks to his friend and LSU fan Greg Rich about the results from National Signing Day.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And tiger plans what do you think of this year as -- issue recruiting class. Do you think that tiger filled its greatest needs and how long do you give L issue before they win another championship. Now I could not talk LSU football. If didn't run away talked to mind a good buddy doctor Gregory rich who. I don't know how to describe what kind of bit he is like yes. Greg wood and exotic. Pet. Bet be the best way to describe you. Depends which day -- -- time ideal would exotic sometimes -- deal with neurotic. -- expect that we'll know every time. But TV station needs to talk to someone about taking care bird like you did after the gulf oil bill and I saw you want to -- DO one day during the week. Pushing money -- its. Correct we were on. On TV talking about this is February is. Adoption rabbit. Rescue month. So we were talking about you know getting the word out you know people adopt. Adopt rabbit and Odom or Bynum. And. The other two I enjoyed doing other than talking -- achieve what. All baseball basketball volleyball and golf. All you are the hardest core L issue for and the 90 he and I will actually see. I'm not at the status were I have. Election season football tickets have got the the next thing about Greg go into the game. And we either text each other back and forth during the game or if we can get in over the crowd we do get a chance to yell at each other a little bit during the game. Greg what do you think is this A Bamba busting in recruiting class for oil issue. I mean. Looking at a bit the big picture of where. Depending on what you're talking espn.com. Arrival Scott -- tiger made dropping dot com. We are either number two are numbered only in the nation in recruiting. We got. But most people consider the top running backs somebody that I'd be stayed true for some people are saying. Giving chewed through the years he could be -- Heisman running. You're talking about -- Puerto. Mean. The format is is somebody that everybody in that nation won it in the state and -- -- bite the apple -- but. Particular ticket Italy. He wanted to play. Well she won't play -- now want to play and state that does a lot about -- you can command. When we're talking about one of the top. Two -- three recruits in the nation. Did you talk about. Malick like forty and again they're all you can -- -- -- -- picking. Now he's another one of them on our recruits that he couldn't -- a ticket anywhere you want ago. Again he wanted to stay at stake he wanted to help maintain that program and build on where we are. Com. And we had a phenomenal clash. Give or take one or two people had. On the Louis the -- -- -- chose to go to Alabama. Mean that's why Nick Saban is is this odious. Leaders to put it that people feel much better than most people. And you and I talked about this for five years now people talk about well that -- I'll let let's let's -- Find another coach. Dennis -- A top -- recruiting class. Almost never hear their policy. He even crude could well excitement. You know -- not Alabama people mostly -- -- -- you people screamed at me. This man. -- -- -- -- his team and of the status of purple and goal put together a top either too quickly recruiting class this year. Do you think we will have many freshman. Starting because -- LSU lost seventeen players over the last two seasons that declare for the NFL draft with bowl eligibility remaining. Com do you see. Any any of these freshman coming in and helping -- should immediately. -- Limit -- that certainly has the potential to bomb. -- play certainly has the potential to Valentine's. Is a huge huge commitment. Try to come on -- Valentine. -- -- that happily put ringing 286. -- to what star recruit. If he can play pretty quickly are the other guy get. Played in Atlanta main structure that hill. Yeah aren't too many syllables to pronounce. -- could come close with him on him and they'll say oh -- Gushed about the middle of the debate. This guy. Another defensive tackle Casey should put to -- bought 300 adults. Are basically he's got speed yet and I've but the ball. On you watched videos that guy he's running down quarterbacks. Com. We have. We have the potential to. Just like let's call -- this year and last year. He he -- some talent but most people don't think he sees. Because -- fresh Roma or at least able. You know these -- and some cornerbacks playing that freshman. He's had a wide receiver language freshman. This year this particular collapsed with the that we bill on the defensive line. At wide receiver and running. I can serve -- these guys play hall in place are pushed spring ball into summer. It's less -- to put some players on the field that are. Brand new college. Do we have a quarterback. We. Mean do we you know it -- Mean branded as -- -- meeting that -- Do we -- doing over the number one quarterback and he is. That we know who would like well. But most people I know I know bit watched. The bowl game. Vs. Arkansas game we were kind of disappointed at what we all. -- assign it. And spill they're. You know. Come spring training and come. Come the summer. It's going to be full blown out everybody wants that spot and I don't think it did that -- now that one person has lenient guidelines. I think we all the bowl game bet. If you really want that number one spot he's gonna have to work harder and so. Accomplished by the coaches that he can lead this team rather than just being well I played the last -- that she's not like bowl -- you know want him. Do you Charlotte do you think L issue. Has clogged not all the gaps to. Elaine. Against the put it bluntly a monopoly -- to win a championship this year. I I don't know about a championship unfortunately. Alabama had a top recruiting class. And it will -- in the top five. They get him tell it where we are they they have replaced some big on bars. And if they do. Like we -- quite freshman play hard. -- -- there's going to be competition in the SEC. This year. Like it was last year. Looking at again bibles in the at the end. Of the floor and quoting. TV ads couldn't you -- halted. Five other top. LSU Alabama was there also -- she was there. Also got a plane it was there. People couldn't quite well SEC this year. You know when you read up about the amazing. Ability and history of London for that you just gotta wonder if just. A part of that can be carried over to the college level we are gonna have announced they end in running back. I would without I mean you -- think that you read about it if you -- the big picture is that out to gain when they lost to rubble. Yeah he was going back. But he also why don't call it gives a guy who has a war epic in motor voter wants to excel. -- And that's what. That's what I like about. Most of the guys this smile recruits. Is he recruit guys that want to play ball wanna play ball hard and play ball Smart. Every single vote in the nation has. Some mishap. By buying the big picture. I've always been pleased with the people that last mile which goes or student. Yeah you really don't see. You'll see -- -- -- problems you might see one or two people that are -- But -- not a big pain problem. We'll have a lot of people landing in jail we might have won -- yeah. We just aren't there yet. You can talk tool to get in the. But you know do I enjoy. What he put on the field without doubt. Do I think we have a chance to compete at a high level this year without a doubt. I think they can't be. I'll I'll let you know the last game of the season. -- -- Greg thank you so much always enjoy talking no issue of football -- Thank you for being in love with me tonight and is negotiable land. -- All right but thank you so much. Have a good night all right you two are welcome right back to your phone calls -- Christopher I'll be with you in a just a minute you can call me at 260170. 866889087. You can text me. At age 7870. A prefer a phone call like to talk to people but particularly text text me at age 7870. I'm Bob Mitchell. Filling in for scoot on WW well.

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