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WWL>Topics>>2-5 8:30pm Night Shift: LSU Recruiting

2-5 8:30pm Night Shift: LSU Recruiting

Feb 5, 2014|

Bob Mitchell, in for Scoot, talks to WWL's NFL and College Analyst Mike Detillier about the results from National Signing Day.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And I'm Bob Mitchell and or as do tonight Louisiana. Is ranked number four is the most religious state in the country Mississippi -- number one vote do you consider yourself. Religious what makes a person religions and of course for talking about. LSU tonight our big -- seventy WW Oprah to drag more opinion poll. -- finished second in the nation in recruiting will this year is tiger's signing class eventually. -- issued to a national. Let's go to Christopher Colin commendable or -- Christopher. The real Robert -- what a pleasure to talk to -- to say thank you by the close you'd usually mute. I. That there in the car drivers that prevent -- and I know that the -- you -- tonight at the urge to say you know. You need money go to radio and at all whatsoever you're on the so that night. And when it all the rock Robert Mitchell our retirement not that I got to get -- and a call them back over a period. Affected -- I've been I've been taking some time off just you know wanted. Like anything you do cut cut and -- like Brett -- just quit for awhile and hung out and is real comfortable jeans. Well that's kind of what. What I've been doing. And got in touch with. Of the station -- purely to back of the day I'm I'm ready to do some work in the graciously said. Come on down so a hope to be doing though a little more fill in work in the just kind of take it from there. Obama very big area and -- much rather hear a year than the national so they -- sometimes. Our dependence on their children all weekend. When they're winning when they duties are rewriting sunup and against the reruns but I'd much rather -- alive are so. Right well -- I appreciate you calling in tonight them -- first of all are -- big LSU fan. Absolutely like it's I -- -- that the by -- -- actually and and Bob let me tell you about -- were pretty quiet I don't know that's gonna. Turn into an actual championship -- election year but through it earlier erode this could be detained the letter and running back from slight dog tolerate the current running back. But he's a great city to great purse -- -- chair and hurt when they load. Is that the trial player when we need to Al Bashir the quarterback from Shreveport Brandon Marshall and like. It already -- hours ago. He he sang and out went met murder right now -- and now grant chief trying amount -- here and -- -- me now. They -- one -- Is the type player we knew that sure. You know everything you hear about the show -- -- is is class that he is a class could. And he is just an incredible running back I believe -- -- reading up on his stats and I think it's like. Almost every time he carries the ball league he gets a first down his he's just an incredible. A young man and not know how much of that. Will won't come -- will come just as easy. When the moves up to the next division especially playing in the SEC that's something and we will have to see. But I I think we I think we have a young man that old greatly represent the Louisiana state university in the first class -- And so like and like that you just want to open now in the class. They were Saber from John Carter -- I'd be wary. What can number paper in the nation I don't know it never recruit -- -- that possessions. But where were you recruited great cheated. -- so there isn't. Main critic and that and in my router right rattling. Be happier but they were pretty. When you look at this recruiting class if you had to. Pick a number. How many. How many freshman to use the plane right away. I don't do it without the left in front of tea. Orchestrated by that I mean. You know there were savor like we don't prejudge other respect it. -- running back assure -- a quarterback got a couple because to tackle. I mean you read it wouldn't surprise me at church -- would be chip prospect Brandon player not -- -- all right -- I'd agree appreciated okay. All right thank you so much our poll numbers to -- generally 7866889. 0870. I mean people are arc arc jumping up and down and it kind of I'm gonna bring in Mike Mike the trillion right now on my this kind of reminds the almost of the other -- draft one everybody on draft day off the personally one that. I can't wheat -- believe. That he was available one -- draft. And and everybody went that day so to speak I mean you know. To be honest with you -- is to live in this day. And does -- that talent. -- -- schools that recruit new areas amazing. You know odd couple lived that life so I know that. That this recruiting class was special in so many ways the best I've been doing this with 25 years. And and I can tell you is that the best of them but -- -- network. Had as many calls from coaches and head coaches assistant coaches about different players in this state -- has been this year. The thing a lot of people gather at the -- and a different world today. There is no outreach to key players in state or and and working like -- -- to go out of state graphs later. We've been in a world that doesn't have that it is basically global crude. Where Ellis you can go to -- sort of war on it would. And ground later and you're -- apple team coming here and do the exact same thing. And so -- apple want that rule one where it's it's -- around. But we -- living common -- hotbed of recruiting because when you look at it for the last six years. Louisiana's produce more professional players in any of the state in the union per capita. So why wouldn't. And Ole miss and Mississippi State Florida Texas. UCLA yeah Alabama -- try to -- player. It's just a natural that did not all -- Google which. And it's it's it's amazing how well the recruiting world has changed. And he would name on a brand. That they can't go out and sell themselves. To the best players in the country and left miles is basically -- along with frank Wilson. Has that that that you know which is not getting enough scholarship -- -- about the best. That's available and even leading to some of the national recruitment and it was second -- -- the courtroom was one of the top the incidents in the country from Georgia that was -- he won 49. Georgia -- -- or to reduction from Californian who picked taleo or which you so. You concede that it the global. Recruiting base. And for that. And it's it's the recruiting world but everything it looked at the end of bill -- Nobody's that. Nobody but that they should I think -- -- -- fantastic recruiting class I think with the usual. And depressed on that long now that you've actually seen players from the southern port of the state. That -- recruited pretty heavily. Not go there. You saw the -- -- submit in the court or what was called the equality of University of Florida to be noble at -- seen him. Kenny young from John Curtis hall went to UCLA. So that mutual with problem and and import of the state. But right there hasn't been in the southern port I do think it is part and parcel. All of what I think is the changing world recruiting. It is -- some fans are well we're losing some rock base in here. We attacked grabbed the -- In the country in Jamal. And parents. Consider one of the top cornerback in the country skiing -- it would not only. And grabbed Garrett -- and lose one of the best if not the best middle linebacker in the nation. Mike hill issue last year lost running back quarterback right guard receivers and in the off season and we. Plugged any of those. Well the thing is is how quickly you can come in the play. You you've got to sell and this is just my personal opinion on Brandon Harris. Who is really at altitude the most talented quarterback become model Louisiana to -- -- I think he didn't start the season quarterback if Beijing does but I think -- this season as the elections starting quarterback. Into running backs I mean which you guys -- at Florida. And I just blurted out that. Everybody -- well could be in ovals guarantee the fact that that well would be out ships then on replay. Seeing from Louisiana throughout the year. And that was it reproduction. And Peyton Manning when he came out of Isidore Newman and the point that is the best running back -- think about it that we you know. Think Florida will slide easily at the college level all. He's an amazing it is amazing that the -- And think about in the east so focus he got great intangibles spot in that you know when he talked me you know. NC I'll put four years he has been the focal point of recruiting. And had you know so much in the spotlight on him and yet his play has gotten that. And you know -- not what it is he has -- Determined young man and inspected and you know -- thing about his philosophy is I just don't wanna be good. I wanna beat them. And I wanna help my team win championships. When -- seventeen year rule. Young -- That's really impressive. And in the same way up to talk about -- -- Dupree who talks in that same sort of boy. Team played being the very best he can be. And you know -- in Pro Bowl -- and so he and quite maybe get the spotlight shall you know. That other receivers do because that now would be a lot you can he has talent Franco win. Also is is outstanding. Receiver relish guy. A young man who reminds me a little bit of Brandon Stokley will be passed the version of him terrific route runner. And ability to get up that -- so you address the quarterback issues addressed the running back issues you're at the wide receiver issue. -- offensive line is the one area I think that. We knew I think when you look back it. You get educated to what sold or blood that would have been the one area I think you'll like it grab a big -- Because they got embroiled feeling collapse are really in my opinion more inside players more towards -- tackles. And you and you wanna bring in that tackle that's going to be focus the next year. Defense sublime and she is defense sublime mean new. Ten straight years -- put a defense of one -- National Football League by the draft there is no of the school and college football -- that. That's gonna gravitate people there hopefully that you're you report will be able to sign two more -- -- I think a terrific football player but he got two blocked a balance on from. Of the Miami of Florida area. And he was you guys that it was early commitment to Miami up big guy. Double the weight that he's really to be at this stage but quite talented again we talked about Clinton Garrett. Of the best middle linebacker. In the country and eligibility great job recruiting defensive backs. And Jamal Adams well not seeing play is a number of times outstanding safety prospect reminds -- you'll kidney but our world. When he came out of the -- site ranks at -- Outstanding cover guy. John battle. -- rubio Florida area a terrific athlete so. Across the board Russell gauge rumored interest woods played quarterback wide receiver cornerback -- the didn't get. Fantastic job and look at the top teams and yet -- -- seven of the top ten ranked teams. Off from the southeast conference the pin is located. And that is very impressive what she did I know people -- complaint but how would you. Would basically -- in one of the top 23 collapses into a tree. That that's just remarkable in what you do because that affect you losing so radically Palestinian telegraphed early. And -- playing in that -- conference there areas you gotta keep up because it is viewed as state standing. You know you're gonna get call. Mike other than Cornett who most people expect to contribute as a freshman. Who's next those four freshman contributing in making a difference for -- What they can go look at receiver because you're losing -- obviously and people built back. And so certainly -- I -- read and -- Quinn. Come to mind quickly. An out of that and I think Brandon Harris the quarterback is going to be in that cup competition. Again Antonin Jennings. Anthony's got really basically nothing on the round today that in that final two minutes against Arkansas. And up pedestrian game a Iowa so I want what you think Brandon Harris is -- coming here and compete against them. Secondary people. I think or which you have to look at there -- large ball Adams and Ed parents. Could come and already in campus will -- and bring real. So parents and Adams include input and Garrett. The middle linebacker. When you look -- -- team Blanchett teams or one in the football right at him and you needed that middle linebacker I think he's got a shot the plea early so what it would. The left smiles as he played anywhere from twelve of fifteen freshman. Every year. And Bob you have to do because. In today's world in college basketball wears a lot of one and done -- it would use the guardian of being go to India -- India well. How many albums use the three and goal one -- player. -- adult you know an opportunity. You know they come out as a redshirt -- The -- that. The my -- thank you so much and is negotiable and. No again don't we go back game in cattle look at things if you look at data on the Internet with -- in -- beat them BO. Newspaper without this look at all those kids from the state of Louisiana but yes that. That in 2005. Katrina. You had 255. Athletes. Signed football scholarships. All levels from the lowest level for the highlights. Last year. That Nomo was four year old to while just like but this will flopped on that 98. In America. Producing -- 100. Scholarship aptly. But you might. But education well we're not talking about education -- -- and that's a story for another day but we talk about aptly. It. Thing that is so huge in a statement that it matters everybody. Sports out of football. Did that and for a lot of Asian and it's so again it's a way to get an education it's a way to maybe possibly play Indiana now and it's still. He should be proud of that. You back about how many players and -- negate those numbers it was a lot -- educational system well but not the right. It's the right about the product that this state has Purdue as it is the main thing that Iraq. Amen Mike did Julia you are the best make you so much bub about all right that is college analysts NFL analyst Mike did to alienate. And let me tell you no one no one is better than -- the Julia loved talking drove all right. We're gonna take a break we're gonna come back our phone numbers -- six year old -- 78668890878. I'm Bob Mitchell and forced -- Louisiana. Is ranked as the fourth most religious state in the country. Do you consider yourself religious what does that mean and is that the way to get to heaven just being religious. What your thoughts -- what your opinions on it you can text the at age 7870. I prefer a phone call though at 2601878. Or 866 -- nine point seven interest to tonight. I'm Robert Mitchell on WWL.

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