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WWL>Topics>>2-5 10:10pm Night Shift: religion & cigarettes

2-5 10:10pm Night Shift: religion & cigarettes

Feb 5, 2014|

Bob Mitchell, in for Scoot, talks to WWL listeners about religion and tobacco sales in America.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome to show no not do it should be Bob Mitchell filling in for scrutiny before I lay out what's on our WWL talked able to give you this news update. Former Jefferson Parish president Aaron Bruce towards action during American Katrina did not rise to the level of willful misconduct injury. Decided to nine after seven and a half hours of deliberation the same jury felt the tremors and partial government acted. Negligently for the now defunct doomsday plan which led to the parish. Drainage pump operators to Washington parish during the August 29 2000 -- storm however the jury fellow at the parish is negligence is not to blame for the flooding. As such. The parish and Broussard are not libel and the trial. Is over all right here's what we are talking about tonight Louisiana ranked as the fourth most religious state in the country do you consider yourself religious. And what does the word religious means to you. You think just being religious is good enough. CBS is gonna stop selling tobacco products. At its 7600 locations around the country. Would you like to see more businesses stop selling tobacco products. If you wore a smoker. Will you look at this as a slap in the face from CBS and will you stop shopping. At CVS or well really not matter treason what would you like to see on the list next. Alcohol candy -- Twinkies. Plus there is a lot of talk about raising the minimum waged over ten dolls or like -- pink and -- And I'd like to know what was the lowest. Minimum wage you ever earned on a job. The lowest minimum wage troop cover current for a job. OK let's go to let's go to Jolie and Terry -- -- -- -- -- by -- you don't. I'm doing okay first of all tell -- how do you define. Being the religious. Well being religious side to me is someone who loses and -- dove world. Always in the church community. On. You know there's a difference to me between being a religious person being spiritual person. And are being Christian. Even because there's some people go to church but they're not acting very Christian mother -- -- church. You know all I try to be -- I can't be I think reverse that personal article detergent but I don't go to church is much they used to put. Are still going to be able to Christian and -- itself. Although I don't always do that but -- You know that that that's the thing that it that is amazing about acting and in a Christian matter and my wife and I were talking about this just a couple of days ago. Do you realize how different this world would be and this is just this -- social simple how different this world would be. If we all followed the golden rule and did and to others as we want on the most just if if we all followed. That's the one thing how things would change. Yeah I knew it would be amazing thing but. You know today does that that it would become very selfish society and you know -- It's all about which you can get yourself you know -- but sometimes there are some very generous people out there but is it the more more. It's become more about which give yourself the mountain and -- daughter forever. Well now we have a CBS. They are going to stop selling tobacco products to have about 7600 locations around the country. Is this good is just bad it doesn't matter would you like to see more people more business to stop selling tobacco products. Well you know it is what it in you said the couple consulate so far it is a legal product it's not something that they're selling in -- -- something you need a prescription for. I cannot understand this statement on the black. With that being said my dad who passed away in 2003 for almost export of all lung cancer. Possible until the day he died. All bought the cigarettes is CVS for years and are actually bought all of the prescription drugs and tedious for years but. All I know of for fact that if he were alive today that he would no longer be dealing with CVS as of today. -- because he would feel that there aren't hinging on his right. -- And I would I would have to think as a as a smoker no wait I'm not a smoker but I mean if if I wore a smoker you know if if if CBS. But I'm trying to think of something. I mean let's Sunday. Stopped selling Tylenol and you know said anybody takes talent all as a bad person. I would be offended and I would have to think that as a smoker. I've not heard from too many smokers tonight. But I wonder they're gonna take the attitude -- so that your dad would take -- wait a minute. If I'm not gonna patrolman and by my smokes which is a legal. Product -- I'm I'm against smoking okay but it is a legal product and it seems to me that as they smoker. If you'd like to assuming something that's legal battle that got -- the rest of my business. Well I think what you're dealing with here is the guys at EPS state. That there's so many people are so health conscious and they. That the number of smokers that'll stop doing business with them as little form be over number. Completely -- A double or triple by the number of health fanatics who will come in and shop at CVS over the -- right around the corner. Because now they don't sell cigarettes in the taking a stand. And -- at the couple's apartment for me. Being a diabetic the one thing that this would be quick he was that they decided we're not selling anything which sugary. Nothing at all sure that that was studied it in opposite shippers is that what -- and that can cause a heart problems and everything else will have a diabetic so if they turn around and I have the occasional -- in the I have occasionally -- -- place in the suites all but if they are constantly you know sugar is bad for you are not it'll work out of the sell anything which are currently anymore. It's not your choice to tell me what I can't get off. Now its future -- to make that decision for you -- sure but I app which was not -- -- extorted or because you're telling me what I can't abide by about not talking about Schultz. Well it's total like alcoholics to alcoholics can still go to CVS and by either alcohol. Yeah exactly. And it is just it it -- -- I understand what they're trying to do that it's just it's a very courageous step but I think. About trying to judge it until it's -- it's judging people the way that they don't need. Egypt. I think it was you know if they wanna make of the things and you know they want to make. AS statement make a statement as saying hey look all right if you are. Addicted to cigarettes that you want to get off of it will you -- discounts to get a program to get off of smoking don't just say we're not selling cigarettes has -- -- the. That sounds very intelligent and they he would have did what -- to -- that would be -- a a better option because. They're still gonna buy it someplace else. Okay now there's a lot of talk about raising the minimum wage to -- -- like Clinton and our. What is. The lowest. Wage that you never worked at a job -- A look -- -- paperwork for a government brought a lot younger than you're not but I'm calling fuel so popular outside. Are. You at the you probably like political brought in right. Actually I like Jay Leno and I like David Letterman so -- both global if I have a choice to watch for the libraries and watch Letterman. What about told -- -- like Conan. At -- have a -- from me and it is the same thing. It's the same thing with what -- about take overly about the -- agent. Talent. I mean I think it's a nice guy and good -- it is to court he had I think is committed to ten cheap too -- is little public support for -- -- show. Mostly the fact that you liked Conan and -- brings our agents closer together. He hit it well you know have been talking about minimal wage actually the other minimal wage the least amount of work force for 25 an hour. And it was the overnight desk clerk at the any -- totals. Hill at at at at and underwent a note though. Oh on no those aren't that's the by the hour right. -- by the hour yup exactly. And they have a bulletproof window in a couple of prove you all -- economists you know to the form of the score period. And I would not come out from behind their ball after ball. I would have to imagine a place like that. Hygiene is not that important visit. Well you know why. -- sure I -- but I mean did you change the sheets every hour. Woke they had people that we're supposed to do that well I was plastic -- -- but I never did. When you -- equipment people checked into the room did you give them. The sheets and pillow cases this the change their Ottawa. I don't know that there were and there are like -- made that we're supposed to don't do it being the being the administrator of the -- outpost to double check to make sure. All -- -- checked out that that she'd have been changed but there was no way out you know on the bullets from Walt. I've also stated there. I mean to these people walked in there with guns does to share the room for an hour -- economist. That sells like he was of a war zone or something. All the Elizabeth very meaty part of the team again as that was. But you know the thing is. It was it was a job at the beginning you know and you work your way out of I did to the middle wage thing is actually you know what it is you -- a couple of believable don't -- the atmosphere. Will be in a few months older than new line actually worked for -- -- And I actually work for one dollar and dollar and first radio -- -- dollar an hour. And that was that was in order to make. The money had to be on the air shall follow work a forty dollar supportive of hours. I got I got that. Dollar an hour but things like reporting commercials when I was off the year. The general managers with that's part of the job you don't it'll get paid for that's I was working 6070 hours a week. And making forty dollars a week but. It was my first radio job and you know on I would do all over again. Apple is part of the expert is the experience that you work from that and you'll learn what not to -- Went right. We'll we'll -- -- gotta gotta run as a human and before go to the break. Now that it -- Just nice to carry on the air again -- like close to being out here Terry Calhoun being in order where it was when would -- well but TWO last times. And LB LB on the next two nights to make sure you tune in -- All right okay coming right back with more of your phone calls to 601870. War. 866889087. Events a full three you can text via an 87870. Much prefer phone call one hang on I'll be with you. Next on WW well I'm Bob Mitchell and dispute and I'm Bob Mitchell and for us and tonight on the WWL. Our big 870 pretty drag gore opinion poll question now is do you pick. This is a -- a busting recruiting class for -- issue just about a Rabbani agrees that the recruiting class. That last month put together is probably the second best in the of the country right under Alabama hold a talked to Mike 2000000000008. Or earlier tonight and -- just that this is just a rock and class. If you missed the view. I wouldn't try to play it back for you next. What we are talking about tonight. Is Louisiana is ranked number four is the most religious state in the country do you consider your social religious and how to define. Being religious also CVS. Has decided -- was in a couple months ago stopped. Selling any type of tobacco product at all. Is this a good idea which like to see more people more stores more. Drugstores in more places just in general not sell cigarettes. Or do you think it's a little hypocritical since it is a legitimate product. Let me read a couple of quick emails. Bob legend back -- yeah I'm glad CBS is not selling cigarettes my mom was currently dying of lung cancer. I'm so -- caused by secondhand smoke smoking kills plenty of people don't smoke. I'm amber any policy that makes it hard on those who choose to put others at -- Four is the late night TV. Talk show host Bob you have to admit that Lorne Michaels it's funny on Conan. It would have been funny if someone else other than Coleman was -- that that might indeed NC that. Just a quick text that I work 24/7 here's a quick summary is for a religion. As long as you love yourself and god it does not matter that the nomination. As far as the least pay and job I care for my elderly mom. Who was my house down and there is no financial play and it paid back with her love for me and my love for. I'm a smoker I admire CVS for their decision I hate that I smoke pullen and I'm addicted wish I couldn't buy than anywhere. That's a Tracy in -- okay. Let's go to low wall on one thank you for calling in tonight. I hate toward badly beating -- com. And you know like if you know -- The pro out waited Contra receive immediate stirring it up next to -- and I are you know -- people. I think -- -- bigger car culture didn't smoke aren't saying you -- -- on the not a quick for years now. Medical trip to tackle smoke a little electric cigarette as hard. As. He was. It Jewish -- of America. And now. And a car -- -- our community and CBS should do and you know top government post war in. Well you know column in the Bakken -- -- that a lot of different drugstore -- trouble equitable. A little bit too so -- that it could propagate and -- -- arbitrary and little law. The first little won't shop in. You know what -- In little you know you can -- Wright screen run. -- -- -- -- -- -- Solutia bright idea here crushed ordered -- activists -- in the war I remember armory trillion behead. It. You know I don't I don't know if they were the first one but I do remember K invasion and the where you'd go in you can get like you know Hamburg in a mall and things like that. They're tried -- tried and tried usually. English. You know backed up conducting coal gold mine it's usually talks. Got. How he has good job too easy and it's an -- and understand it is am I still can understand. What are idiot like get the job and he. Well I don't I don't like calling anyone retarded that's that's not normal shortly -- Well he -- anyway. You sure it's actually been formal ago. I don't like came armed with you on that I think he's a goof ball but. Yeah you know what that runner Johnny COLT since my opponent that. -- -- I have to be I have to be careful what goes Allison might cut my microphone we'll keep talking bad about content -- she's a she's a big Conan fan that's great that's the lady was kind enough. To answer Europe phone -- put -- through them so easily we can't -- too many more nasty things about Conan does she might come as both off. Well take future. As well sorry about. -- -- about it OK we can do it when it when it comes to to jobs that you know that there's there's a lot of talk about. Contrary -- minimum wage up to a tickets 1010 and our. And although I can understand where people need -- increased and what happens to the people who were currently working at 1010 and Howard to do they get an increase. And is anyone really think anyone in their right mind really think that if they do bump the minimum wage up to 1010 and our. That all the fast food places in the people that are paying minimum wage and -- can pass that along. To the patrons but what I wanna know is that when you look back on the jobs that you had. Can you remember the least amount of money you overworked for. Hundred dollar sixty an hour halt -- all eyes on a world. Covering an incredible so going copy a little easier yeah totally. Please call lake greens. Were really -- campgrounds and have beautiful. -- and you know they had courses -- garage and at a baseball stadium all day he would. Both races it tracked Al quote from as when he first -- -- and boats sea change market raced in both. Might be mistake it's like let's -- record I think that the -- him but missed look. Don't know no no. Why -- we get some past votes. Cheer ample -- and keep us in -- conduct vividly he has indicated boat racing to this day you know. In your it was marketers -- what cardinal or the opponent can't Ryan coached. Is trailing -- locked -- in principal analyst it has now over the course sixteen now it was a -- a late in all thirteen. One. LSU football. Aren't so what do you think about this recruiting class do you think this is a -- I'm busting -- recruiting class for oil issue. Main actors who work quickly listen a lot of the -- -- learn a lot of excitement to a fraction. A professional -- I agree with an -- on Nick Saban. Or less miles has done a good job with Alicia knew that I would be absolutely lying. And misleading -- and tell you that I prefer Nick Saban as coach. And I -- -- I mean I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm being honest you know Ian down I think he would be in -- and -- he should -- On our society anymore you know he's. He's a class act and get -- electric -- there are these people have worked with the. Call. One thank you for voting in OK. All right let's go to David in mobile hollered David. I'm doing Monday what about you as -- worked what is the lowest. Minimum wage that you have had a job that played. I've been accused of Africa made a -- out or what about an hour and -- -- -- bought it. -- -- -- My pocket well -- pockets. Dot I tell you what what's amazing and that that right after right after Katrina. All the fast food restaurants or or or or offering people like ten dolls and how motivated Yemeni people to worked at. You know you you that the Taco Bell. For me. Brings back an incredible memory I'm I'm not necessarily a huge huge Taco -- -- but after Katrina. And a level in the North Shore remember the Taco Bell opened up. And all of had was drive thru and you had you had to wait in line for a half hour just available picked up a couple of burritos. And let me tell you at that time as well that was liked eating a meal at Ruth's Chris Steak House just unbelievable. Yeah quickly about -- -- yet sure -- -- a cigarette. I think it would do obamacare. And the ability and nick all are awful Obama -- well. Out of the opera and -- about a spot on the board of and it. You get to try to get there and whether. Breakfast and are qualified to be. Both insurance reimbursement of the beauty of enter my upper -- -- up -- -- And the you know people make that decision is the department human. And those you know -- -- there you know the media is pretty heavily you know -- and but he but he Obama. I think at the back would be in whether it be given the ball is that. And I think it a bit like make much money. Well of their clinic that do the -- I think and that that there's now. That's -- -- because I mean you know not selling cigarettes is beneficial to cut off. Well. I -- I had mentioned -- that CVS said that if they do this and they make their pharmacy a full -- health care provider that they could strike a more profitable deal of hospitals and health -- so. You're right I mean. They are not just doing this because. They want to deep promote cigarettes are doing is because it will down the road help their bottom line. And mean but like I mean I think it you know make all of the others that yeah and got that implement and that the market in the situation what they'd made it isn't. Well you know. And pain you know look at it is. -- -- -- -- -- -- But that and the -- I don't you'd been really fortunate. Yeah frequent drug or mainly because the -- because it but there. It tends to be more than others so. -- -- Well I still funded incredible and and I've I've felt this way for years that our country. Says cigarettes. Our legal you can buy them. But yet at the same time they they tell you that they're terrible for you that you shouldn't buy them and and they can -- a and they can give you cancer. And I've I've always found that it took just a little crazy you know that the days that they seem to go. Out of their way to tell people well that that the evils. The old cigarette smoking yet to my knowledge they aren't doing the same thing of telling people. If you over indulgent alcohol all that can cause problems to your liver that you can get addicted to alcohol so it it it it it -- -- seems to me. That our government just picked that one. That one of -- to go laughter. Well. -- -- -- alcohol. And the equipment because a major tax. Absolutely right. And of course vote the that the lobbyists give both parties tons and tons of money. Yeah I believe that what it -- the same thing with. On the view with cigarette he had no -- whoever. But like made you do that respect and I'm not an expert that you regret. Because. The politicians that make all of them make the regulation. Outlook you have been that bad -- into alcohol I have been afraid of it is that. Yeah absolutely right David in -- that I appreciate your phoning in tonight. All right thank you so much a quick text message closest friend chain smokes. And he cannot stop regardless of the fact that I do not smoke the most ignored question in the world by smokers as. Do you mind if I smoked. Smoking should be banned anywhere people who do not smoke -- exist. Another text message I think that everyone has missed the point. With the CVS been especially those who seek to assert that smokers have the individual right to buy cigarettes. I think that's gonna continue will be a little bit. This drug store I think it's CBS is just following the trend to suggest to smokers and if you wish to smoke by the isolated place to do so. One of my special sopranos show what a great night that blows. A tech. Aware are here oh wait a minute you. All I C a a didn't read a didn't read the whole text messages makes a bit more science and wonder why our Bob. -- do you remember. When you indeed get a special sopranos show what a great night that was boy do want to remember the -- deacon I did an entire show. On on The Sopranos and and we all kind of Italian food that we played in played Italian music and it was just an -- -- and just an incredible time. With the listeners to 601878. 8668890870. Let's see at -- And Scott hang on I'm coming. Right back with you were talking about how do you define Indian religious we're talking about what's the cheapest wage that you ever had to work for. At a job. And closure of favorite late night talk show host was fours TV I'm Bob Mitchell bill and -- -- tonight on WW I'm Bob metro. Filling in for duke tonight on the big 870 WWL I'll be here the rest the weeks due to his doing mornings this week. Seventeen. L issue players will little. Past two seasons have declared for the NFL draft with eligibility remaining the depth of the team has been depleted. And of course today. Was the time to replace Tony thirteen -- issues defense. What do you but the -- looked inexperienced and confused and also will just look like that blacked out so hopefully today. Alicia did something to to bump the stigma. Offensively the tigers lost their starting running back quarterback right guard and receivers this off season and only time -- gonna tell of the incoming freshman. Will provide the answers. Our big -- somebody pretty drag -- opinion poll question do you think this was Alabama busting recruiting class for L issued 90% say yes. Only 10% say no let's go to Eddie -- what are your thoughts about the recruiting class. I think an 8% to -- well let -- Most notable. Was considered one Alabama was able. -- who meet me aid equipment apple but who -- a couple years. People Alabama portions. Recruiting class while busting -- will -- I think people think that this class it's going to eventually take -- not not in one year only anybody thinks one year but eventually thinks of this class. Could help -- -- back to the national W -- -- they don't agree with that. Hotmail and I'm not a and the Alabama the dirty hit African Ernie glam media would have been you know -- look we've been -- in the equity. It doesn't. Alex you've got to tell you kind of get -- accomplice to step -- would elegy. Nobody to play each other like oh yeah it -- be -- Ellison helped -- pretty -- an expert at that he can't now. -- start appealed isn't inferiority complex in. I don't know it's it's great I think you're still big time team to beat out the election. -- that eagle and Indies here in the evening Adam tells Serb here this year but at all. -- not -- -- not that optimistic about decision. Well -- have been diligently have a good deal but I don't think he'd gained ground and. Well we did sign that we did sign the number one recruit and in the nation -- it's on the not the number one the five star running back -- for net. And Alabama at spot about it -- he recruit in the country. It's gotten. So you got that app that it's not -- class relic issue would it sparked by. Making them better -- on the. Are you -- stand. Out I didn't think so. And he would you sound like I don't I don't. I sound like you sound like your whole purpose -- just the burst. If I was Ellis Rubin's bubble. Despite the injury. And that's what they have to mean. If you if you if you had a whole youth hockey right now had been recruiting grants and that -- You know FCC. We're going to be. Eighteen I'd need to -- -- meet recruiting class stood up probably in the stands. Realism it's -- at some point. All right -- I appreciate you calling not I hope you're incredibly wrong. A couple more text messages a -- a -- Jimmy Kimmel. He's the best late night talk show host on 55 and I started at a buck 85 an hour. Serving burgers love -- like Jimmy Kimmel but he also attacked -- low. He's he's the one that really put little Belichick with the with the with the big situation. I think when I'm I think Sylvia when. When NBC. Saw the light and said the ratings are going in the soar. With the see I'm -- I forgot his name already. Your buddy. I'm I'm trying to I'm trying to be nice try not to mention his name. And one went let's would Conan bombed. Then little came back and of course Olympic Leno got got a bad -- that put patients who would happen in the rating for bed and NBC want him back to have good -- So have -- it weren't going well so. Where where are we hear a million are willing to read and via an email there. There well Bob the rate of minimum wage doesn't determine what a burger cost. What does is what the general public is willing to pay for. So raise the minimum wage but what -- what I'm saying is the effect that if they do if if you think. That these fast food places and raised the minimum wage by a little over two bucks an hour and they're not going to up the price. Love their food then you were really not be in a realist here. I'm not saying don't raise the minimum wage and simply saying that if the minimum wage -- -- these. Things that we ID. Maybe a book that I have form might go up to about 750. OK let's let's go to. Let's go to Scott and it would go to the brakes got a -- howry got. Our Friday. Well finally and I was really kind of pumped up bottle issue in the last call a couple of pop the whole issue bubble that's OK everybody's got a right to have to believe they won't. There Margaret -- -- Plan. You others cited public cited. Tennessee right now repair the problem and he planned. Scott. -- you decline. Being religious. And what other way and what of -- and religious mean to -- Domain my personal opinion has been related it is nothing more than. But even their god but he then. And haven't had hail but even in some form but the -- the -- act passed some the end religious yeah. I'm not surprised that we're number four. And they -- witnessed the main herb barely exists and christianity here and there's two people and. That and -- in essence it -- same as it doesn't take much to be religious. Don't but it. -- battered now aggregate. Would very much. What's the difference between -- and religious and in question. A -- it is his ability then. And god and and about -- than -- and Taylor and being a Christian and it is given what you believe. Like that. Like the -- like late night when it comes to talk show host. I work -- aren't so good luck -- always been I don't know I am a little -- art satellite date. Are you sorry to CJ living known as a matter one way or the other. Thank you -- the back -- somewhere shortly. Thank you just immediately and -- and -- Syria and QB somewhere. Think so I'm not his he has not indicated that he wants to do and another talk show or something like that -- he did mention one night that. -- a couple of people that put some some feelers out for him but I'd I don't know. You know he's like I think 62 and not a anybody who were hired him in would be looking not just for short term gains I don't know maybe met him I'd like deceived and if he were. Of course. Told and want to some. Cable network and never could get in the audience at all. Outlook Albert he won't go in and out and -- -- and like him at all. Which proves my point that's why he bombed on when it was NBC because he just did have the talent to do a good show that's why is offered some network now what. Following. Or reruns of the golden girls social and earlier. All right Scott appreciate your -- and tonight. All right 260187866889. OH seventy we have -- someone -- so if you wanna. It was a call and -- espanola. Are you upset the Jay Leno was leaving you care one way the poverty and who's your favorite all time late night TV talk show host and how do you define. Simply the Bob Mitchell filling in for -- tonight on WWL you know there's always something new -- WW dot com. Analysts agree Ellis who had a monster. Bam I'm busting class what we mean by that is we really think. But the players that we signed today. Are gonna help us. Beat -- because that's what's important right which have a list of all the Sundays for the tigers at Tulane green when it was sparked John. Headlines of French Quarter -- and his first performance in the past 24 years -- the complete list of performers. Also when Nagin trial federal prosecutors rested their corruption case. After five days of testimony and more than two dozen witnesses the defense is up next this is going to be an interesting thing it took them to file. Check in several times today for the latest on New Orleans former mayor and you got it checked out -- latest blog. You stand your ground laws encourage violent behavior it's all on line now. At WWL it's 02 stopped in Florida what part of shortcut. Q school. Right now we are talking about. The possibility that the minimum wage could do it raised up to ten dollars and ten cents an hour and a Donna despite interest to -- take some calls to find out. How cheap the job that people had intestinal what's the lowest. Rate that you had to work him. 35 an hour. In high school that Whitney field. And were -- bagging groceries. You shouldn't -- it there. A couple. Did you take that was big time money at the time. At that time -- it it. Any future one might expect there. -- -- -- when when you think about it though if if they do go to this minimum wage at that eventually Detroit is that Cuba. Over ten dolls and our basic abilities of these kids more in and in high school -- living with mom and dad and that they'll be Iraqi Newman though. That party and bill and making more. -- And in the here. Making -- -- -- do you think than the minimum wage should be raised. No I didn't. It's independent -- -- -- stock and bought yeah. Hope and -- you created without minimum wage is not meant to work. He would. Be called as she broke the. It's. What would you have against what would you have against raising the minimum wage that. Hope. It. It. I don't believe it did you do it -- great but boy. The -- that need to improve them you get better job that you pay on Wednesday. -- Let me ask their question and only the things that we have been discussing tonight is that. Louisiana has been rated none before as the most most religious states how do you determine. Our hobby you decline. If someone is religious if you had to describe a religious person. That person do. I would be among the leading candidate -- higher power. -- religion it is. Only to enter the higher powered -- During which usually do that do they have been better that portrait on the way you treat or better that way you. So it doesn't make that you don't have to join the church to be religious them. Don't appreciate your colleague thank you so very much thank you all right -- Gonna go to news on the top of the hour we'll come back with more your phone calls we have. Lines open 2601878. At statistics -- 187 he told 3866889087. You can text mate. At age 7870. I appreciate all the Texas but. Would prefer if you if at all possible for you to -- -- talk to people the news is next time Bob Mitchell and pursued on WW well.

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