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WWL>Topics>>2-5 11:10pm Night Shift: religion & cigarettes

2-5 11:10pm Night Shift: religion & cigarettes

Feb 5, 2014|

Bob Mitchell, in for Scoot, talks to WWL listeners about religion and tobacco sales in America.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And food that's good tonight -- me Bob Mitchell -- an interest -- at -- will be here the rest of the week as -- does the morning show on a WWL so for you. -- fans tune in tomorrow morning at 6 AM and content -- This this news story broke a short time ago and I wanna throw you in on a former Jefferson Parish president Aaron Bruce towards elections. During American Katrina did not realized the level of willful misconduct the jury decide -- after seven and a half hours of deliberation later. Earlier this afternoon. The same jury found that -- and partial government acted negligently for the now defunct doomsday plan which led to the parish. Drainage pump operators sent them to Washington parish during the August 29 2005 storm Katrina however. Here it is however the jury found that the parishes negligence is not to blame for the flooding as such the parish and Bruce are are not liable. And the trial. Is over. We're talking about a bunch of things to midnight tonight talking about the recruiting class that -- -- signed today do you think it's a bam I'm busting were. Uprooting class struggle shoot last time I checked about 90%. Said yes. Also talking about the minimum wage going up and -- up to little over ten bucks an hour just what -- ought to be interesting to talk to people and find out what's the cheapest minimum wage view -- for. So let's see let me check a couple of text messages and then Nolan. Gold -- the poems. If minimum wage is raised the candles an hour the fast food place might just replace them. With self -- well. The trouble that I can't port shut its subtract to go to the supermarket I cannot do the subjective and screwed up every time. Manageable than have to worry about employees -- -- -- -- protecting smoke breaks. Ayala has forced late night talk show host on TV like Leno Ferguson and -- but -- replacement Jimmy Fallon is the best. He is bringing in new energy to late night and his silly enough. And fun enough to get younger viewers but also classy when needed to keep the older -- he will do well. And as well liked about Hollywood I think it's going to look at -- I'm just not quite sure. Have to watch the show I don't know if and it might just be a little bit. Too hyper breed of balls sleep well -- talking about. Louisiana. Being. The number four most religious. State Heidi you'd define me and religious and here's the text much of that is absolutely not religious. But I do believe a higher power who do you think created us. Another text on minimum wage but what I'd really appreciate your taxes at age 7870. But if at all possible conflict talked to one on one. Another text message of minimum wage who have gone up with inflation related should be roughly 22 dollars an hour so -- it shouldn't go up. Is is is very nicely let's go to -- Peggy Peggy how are you tonight. And well Ali you. I'm glad to hear from these. I'm doing fine work that we're talking about the minimum wage and and they -- -- -- -- the 1010 and our. I just thought -- might be funny to see. How many people will what's the lowest. Minimum wage you -- had to work for a job. Well two things to talk about sure. Com picked it and -- cup war. And that sexy you are -- and and current employment decided to go up this current president an hour at the right to know each with a mop lady that -- -- It a formal vote had but to each lady that -- eight cents for. -- and told them that -- I've found the kind of rising prices and expenses that I needed to raise the price per cent an hour due. You remember how much gasoline was then. Now really -- it's very important one in -- I remember I remember when you can go and get -- dollar gas and drive for several days. Right absolutely and now I mean things were -- -- cokes and seven cents -- Yeah that that streak and to attempt then sixteen -- -- my back though. Saturday president around that money and then I worked -- -- patent and our. Fort whooping university mopping floors and -- -- And yet and I would try to get it was fifteen years old adequate worker's permit. Downtown at city hall and when I got to get the work permit. I'm ladies and he -- it usually. A little apartment in public now you know. So. Or mop floors at that that the universities -- and then. And on fifteen in August maybe sixteen I got -- Likes. Part the topic wrecked crops and so that I graduated to do that and then -- about it outfit you know. Good for you. -- -- -- and what. -- you to fund -- and religious. Analysts in the fall everybody expects Paul seems to. Actually the religion being Christian and people who I had met in many many other religions. -- -- I mean -- this year it was not that somebody was involved in May established church. Whatever is not necessarily Christian. And -- are active in the church that the person who has religious person and a spiritual mean apple on to a church but they -- days. -- passionate like to a -- according to the golden rule righteously. They treat people like -- -- in between it and they respect other people and now maybe live by. Whatever you know. Yeah I don't I don't like. I don't like the term religious. Like idiot -- that the ads out there and that there is a difference between a spiritual person. And -- Religious person and I have met so many religious people who are hypocrites right that I refused to recall elderly person a lot of Caribbean group. Most people who. Rotate and none refer to themselves. As has been religious missed the whole look the whole point of it. Their perspective it and it opened. And that's my experience. There's a lot of them their perspective -- -- open and I am because they and so entrenched in this one particular church. Well Jay Leno is leaving the Tonight Show at the end of this week and I think tomorrow night is his last and are you have been a CJ leave. Not particularly I don't really watch late night television while generating. How. I really can't say any can't compare you know did not comment at all. And future on that line he turned me off completely innocent. Thank you said you did not like Coleman. Will obviously obviously you are a woman of impeccable placed. How about that can -- -- according our commitments analyst Kevin McClatchy I mean by reaching about it. What La and I don't know why it just didn't -- it -- to me at all and I thought how cork in it for the -- -- palate and the parent. On the same -- ever have everything about him just annoyed me. I'm a look at the talent -- be and I'll -- that green Johnny consulate extremely well educated and you know he Egypt and so popular current event to pick up any by the fact that -- I'm not anything. And I think. He is an impression on someone who try and compensation. I don't know trial will announce now whether he'll try to do that. Don't really don't know what commercial felons can do now we know I've I've watched I've watched as late show. She he he does a lot course it's the middle of those. Probably. And I'm a big little -- but. Fallon over all is probably more talented than Leno was forced some of the things we can do of course you know Jimmy Fallon came. From Saturday Night Live. So are a part I think he's gonna do well a really do. Well I read a little blurb in the paper and an example of a paper about about the subject and it's said that problem. And his interview has interviewed. Tell me any time you they chose that yet -- a lot of questions that many terrible time and talked about thing so. I think T I mean he did in the -- about it until he really felt comfortable. Well I know -- Fallon said that one of the advice that. Little gave him is to. Make his monologue longer because the people when people tune in at night did that they're trying to also dipped a capsule of what went on during the day. And reality was gonna take that but. I'd I'd I'd do like felony improved so much -- -- when he first came on the air. He was very. It like anything if it took him some time to get into it. But a putt I think I think he does an excellent job. And I'm -- just going to be interest in deceit. How much you show was going to change. When I'm when he moves from a late night to the Tonight Show that's that's that's the thing that that that I'm the most interest and in. How late it. -- it really comes on after a little now so we can kind of -- In twelve. 39 point -- certainly right. Change remarkably different right. I can't thank you so much for -- into -- and and and -- an evening actually into the show. Now I'm acutely from -- template in the chip in on more -- -- -- to talk football still love what I'm completely burned out. You know I don't. That it is it is and I enjoyed -- special and I think that's an LSU. It's in the. All right -- I did hear alright let's go to thread in Pascagoula Holler your friend. Yeah well. We shall there aren't exclusive view on that -- TI 1000 -- Mountain I've what I've I've I've was a very fortunate young man I went straight -- high school. In into radio so that when we grew up together. Yeah. Actually the rodeo country direction over here -- letter it would go toward port enough. A mobile to accommodate work unity should be our good crew -- -- -- -- be do or. Speaking of Pascagoula I'm sure you've heard that raced even solved now via the day this world want reserve. A Little Rock church. At the little town of Pascagoula. Funny funny funny -- Tired. Will go out to me about it if -- partially. So there. Religious and -- like they're probably now. I think you're right I think they're probably too self righteous and volatile -- Jesus -- not like the religious people. He he wouldn't even tell him to tell them you know if you do something for someone. If you if if you bless someone if you do something nice don't go around bragging about it. Catholic background grew up with what the Catholics do you. And so other Baptist fooled -- twenty years. And we show. You a -- -- don't couldn't sugar. Myself well religion but. Tried to. Jared ball a remarkably. One a bit of a lot of political. And they admired for 33 years now and tried to raise my. Cute in deter potential problems -- money in the Churchill bubble or not -- should know. And Prada are up with the best that you considered. Is it that Big Apple and billion. If somebody for for -- religions -- and so -- Except it. You know as an honor that they refer to you about did not computer -- well. Well I think I -- it's I think it's very simple and I'm a Christian. And I live by alive purporting to to what the Bible says and I'm I'm one of these people. And it's probably too late to really get into homes does but among these people that. I believe what the Bible says and just finished just that a bowl you know I believe everything and it. But I don't but I think the total those books that you either have to believe in or not you cannot. Go through it so well. I believe this but I don't believe this are I believe this but this is -- -- today in -- and if if you believe differently. -- -- respect that you believe but that's what I believe and I ask you to respect my right to believe what I think. For I was talking about the Jerry -- The older yeah. But it -- little by an even better when the gift for John McCall singing like a lot Johnnie L. Enough. Wouldn't comment or two ago. I was not a big player in -- and not hurting the -- before you know. And dirt in the few that he was the host of the Tonight Show and -- and I got the world listened to his monologue globe Mo works missed out on home. We're you know -- like him a little bit market people wondered what law journal what you've never done in the not what you are more. Overall. This doesn't own home. I'm so open -- but the -- to attempt what is in his monologue that was during the armed. You. Come back -- you know them well it should model. But despite but he says. Well the child. Marine. Of hosting the did not ship. That would. The employers -- remittances. We've heard it right there and you know it will go. Right relate really -- life. Little island. Ago literally feel Apollo looked a little of it won't -- the column -- outrage. You're right you're right Fred appreciate your voting in okay. All right a couple of text messages before we go to our our our next break -- for a minimum wage work in the late seventies. Port to 65 an hour to think minimum wage now it's seven dollars and change is ludicrous. So -- minimum should be twelve dollars. And our wobbly and that happens I'll get a pay raise Jimmy Graham likes Jimmy Fallon I'm willing to give anybody that should make him like the chance. It -- were the wegmans for a buck only five an hour. Went to school on the platoon shift in the early seventies they should bring back that some teams can earn money and learn about the responsibilities of the job. And managing money. All right here's -- and do we're gonna take a break -- when we come back our earlier. Tonight we talked to Mike to Julia who was. I personally think both in the Portland college the best analysts there is. And he went over the the Chinese that the L issue -- two scholarships today and if you're an analyst shoot -- and you don't wanna miss this does he he analyzes and what -- know how good it was today will play that we come right back on WWL. I'm Bob -- Filling in first but tonight on WWL well for college football plans today is -- With the NFL draft is for pro football fans this is the day you find out who -- team recruited. And L issue. Had an incredible recruiting class today. Earlier this afternoon I spoke to I honestly think of as the best football analyst anywhere NFL or college. And that is Mike -- Giuliani and he I've talked and he analyzed. What L a -- accomplished today in here's an interview. To bring in Mike Mike the Julia right now might this kind of reminds the almost of the NFL draft one everybody on draft day got the person they wanted at that. I can't we couldn't believe. That he was available what we draft. And -- and everybody is the limit today so to speak I mean you know but. To be honest with you -- is to live in this state. And defeat that talent. And the amount of schools that recruit in this area is amazing solve. You know odd couple lived that life so I know that. That this recruiting class was special and so many ways the best I've been doing this over 25 years. And and I can tell you is that the best I've ever done I've never. Had as many calls from coaches and head coaches the assistant coaches about different players in this state as has been this year. The -- a lot of people gather at the -- over the different world today. Out there is no boundaries stick keep players in state or and import seems like yellowish hue to go out of state to grab players. We look and in a world that doesn't happen that it is basically global recruiting. Where Ellis you can go to Texas go to Florida and Illinois. And -- player and you -- apple teams come in here and do the exact same thing. And so you're gonna have a lot of that go war and where it's it's picking around. But we don't living economy and a hotbed of recruiting because when you look at it for the last six years. Louisiana's produce more professional players than any other state in the union per capita. -- why wouldn't. And Ole miss and Mississippi state of Florida Texas thought. UCLA yeah Alabama come here to try to grab player. It's just a natural that -- did not all of Google election. And it's it's it's amazing how big recruiting world has changed. And unfortunately it named condom brand. That they can go out and sell themselves. To the best players in the country. And left miles is basically -- along with frank Wilson. Has that said that you know -- just not gonna hand out of scholarship -- were -- out the best. That's available and even -- -- get some of the national recruits they went out there. It was second for -- courtroom was one of the top defensive -- in the country from Georgia was that it was 5149. Georgia over LSU or -- reduction from California who picked -- elbow or -- you so. You concede that it is a global. Recruiting base. And for every one. And it's it's a different look at the recruiting world but everything is similar to the NFL draft. Nobody's that that today. Nobody but that that would polish view I think that -- they had a fantastic recruiting class I think we'll than usual. And to first time in a long time that you've actually seen players from the southern part of the state. But Ellis you recruited pretty heavily. Not go there. You saw the two kids from at the court Gerald Wallace of need to go to QL University of Florida with post beat you know go to -- seen him. Kenny young from John Curtis ball went to UCLA. So that that would absolutely mutual which -- up and and not a part of the state. But rare has had been in the southern port I do think it is part and parcel. All of what I think is the changing world recruiting. And is upset at some LSU fans are about what we -- losing some are based in here. Well what you're excited when you go to Texas -- grabbed the best safety in the country and Jamal items and Ed -- Consider one of the top cornerbacks in the country or you can go to Illinois. And grabbed -- Clinton who's one of the best if not being best middle linebacker in the nation. Mike hill issue last year lost running back quarterback right guard receivers and in the off season have we. Plugged in -- of those. Well the thing is it's how quickly you can come into play. You you've got yourself and this is just my personal opinion on Brandon Harris. Of who is really a talented kid the most talented quarterback to come out of Louisiana and -- -- I think that he didn't start this season that quarterbacking at the beginning does but I think -- this season as illusions starting quarterback. And into running backs I mean which got loads for that. And I just started out that everybody is well could be you almost guaranteed a fact that he's that good well I would be all ships. On replay of that -- Seeing from Louisiana throughout the years. And that was that read from -- hand Peyton Manning when he came out of Isidore Newman and the point that is the best running back of of seeing commodity that Louisiana. Think -- will slide easily at the college level. Cornea. It's amazing it is amazing to have the lead until. You think about him is he's so focused he's got great intangibles Bob. And that he you know when you talking you know and see how put three years he has been -- focal point of recruiting. And had you know so much in the spotlight on him and yet his play has gotten better. And you know it has not daunting is head. He is the very determined young man. And then begin to hand you know anything about his philosophy is I just don't wanna be good. I wanna be the best. And I wanna help my team win championships. When you hear a seventeen year old young man say that. That's really impressive. And in the same way I could talk about Malick I Dupree who will talk to that same sort of voice of team play being the very best he can be. And you know -- didn't throw the football a lot and so he didn't quite may -- get the spotlight shone on him. That other receivers do because -- that's not what they do a lot you confused talent trick Quinn. Also is is outstanding. Receiver relish you've got. A young man who reminds me a little bit of Brandon Stokley a little bigger faster version of him terrific route runner. And ability to get up the field so you address the quarterback issue you addressed the running back issues you addressed the wide receiver issue. -- offensive line is the one area I think that. We knew I think when you go look back added. You get beat you can't do once over but that would have been the one area I think you'll like it grab a big tackle. Because what they got embroiled feeling -- all really in my opinion more inside players more gorge and tackles. And you and you wanna bring in that tackle guy that's gonna be a focus for next year defensive lineman. LSU is defensive lineman you. Ten straight years they have put a defense of one minute National Football League by the draft there is no of the school and college football that can say that. That's gonna gravitate people there hopefully that your you record will be able to assign to -- from Oklahoma it was a I think a terrific football player but they got two blocked a -- time from. Of the Miami of Florida area. And he was the guy that it was early commitment to Miami up big guy. It's gonna lose some weight that he's really too big at this stage. But quite talented I -- we talked about Clinton Garrett. Of the best middle linebacker on in the country and eligibility great job recruiting defensive backs. And -- allow Adams -- without seeing play is a number of times outstanding safety prospect reminds me of a young skinny book our world. When he came out of detect the -- who ranks at -- outstanding cover guy. John battle. -- from the you know Florida area. A terrific athlete so across the board Russell gauge rumored interest woods played quarterback wide receiver. Cornerback safety. They did a fantastic job in look at the top teams and yet these -- Seven -- the top ten ranked teams. All from the southeast conference that and if you look at in the rearview mirror is caught and not that it's very impressive what Belichick did. I know people stumble complaint but how could you. We basically you know getting into one of the top two with three collapses in the country. That that that's just remarkable but in -- you've got to because the -- you losing so many players in the NFL draft early. And you playing in the culprits conference there is you gotta keep up because it if you just stay steady you you know you're gonna get caught. Mike other than Cornett who most people expect to contribute as a freshman. Who's next to us for a freshman contributing in making a difference for Alicia. What they can go look at receiver because if you losing Jarvis Landry old dealt back. And shall certainly Malick -- duped re right Quinn. Come to mind quickly. And out of the gonna say I think Brandon Harris the quarterback is going to be in that top competition. Against Anthony Jennings. Anthony's got really basically nothing on the -- debate other than that final two minutes against Arkansas. And up pedestrian game you just Iowa -- why wouldn't you think they're Brandon Harris isn't gonna coming here to compete against him. Secondary people. I think all of which you have to look at there where -- Jamal. Adams and Ed parents. Could come Ed already on in campus and won't take into spring drills. So parents and Adams and -- and cooked and Garrett. The middle linebacker. When you look at LSU's team flashier teams or running the football right at them and you needed that middle linebacker I think he's got a shot the -- early so the one thing with. The left smiles as he's played anywhere from twelve of fifteen freshman. Every year. And Bob you have to do because. In today's world what we've seen in college basketball whereas a lot of one and done got -- one year they go to -- -- -- go to India and Indiana well. How many album you -- or three and goal one. So if you don't play. You don't you're not gonna get -- opportunity you know they're gonna come out of the red shirt -- That the my -- thank you so much and is negotiable ahead. No it again bill what would you go look back game and come out look at things if you look at added on the Internet go with posted applaud Debbie Debbie Allen newspaper whatever. Just look at all those kids from the state Louisiana bubble -- -- yes that. That in 2005. Pre Katrina. You had 255. Athletes. Signed football scholarships of all levels from the lowest level to the heights. Last year. The noble it was for all too well just think about this little flopped on that nine state in America. Producing mobile 400. Scholarship athletes. Then you might say well but education what we're not talking about education port here that. A story for another day but we talk about athletes it is something. That is so huge in this statement that it matters to everybody sports does not a football doesn't matter. Do that and for a lot of these young man. It's a way to get out it's a way to get an education it's a way to maybe possibly play the NFL. And if so. 08 you should be proud of that. A story that you you're a back about how many players and kind of gave those numbers there wasn't a lot of throughout about the educational system well my job not to write about it. -- -- if the right about the product that this state has produced. It is amazing being proud of that fact. Amen Mike did Julia you are the best thank you so much -- about all right that is college analysts NFL analyst might retaliate. And let me tell you know well known -- the no one is better than Mike Dooley all right I'm Bob Mitchell -- interest could we take a break and we'll come back if you wanna call the show we. Several legitimate couple more callers that 2601. Late 78668890. It's seventy. Talking about should be raised the minimum wage and what I wanna know is I wanna know. The cheapest the -- -- had a report what is the lowest paying job. You've ever call me -- 26 -- 17866. -- non college summit. Welcome back a couple phone calls and some -- text messages on WWL. I'm Bob Mitchell I'm Bob Mitchell filling in -- tonight and I will be. Next two nights a -- doing the morning shall shall your -- Brandon -- scoot it in -- -- tomorrow morning. Louisiana. Has been recently voted. The fourth most religious state in the union. And one of the things we've been talking about tonight is how do you define. Religious and would you consider yourself religious. That's the got a good text message here a divine religion as a man's attempt to reach god. I define christianity of -- to attempt to reach man. And the job that paid be the least. At at at at. That would be via the pastor. OK eight all right. -- -- we have here also talking about. The minimum wage. And the cheapest drug abuse had raised minimum wage war every one not only will all brand new employees -- maker over ten bucks an hour. But what do you do look loyal employees who have worked up to attend dolls and now they need to raise. And so on and so on that businesses will have to cut back to raise prices. And forget about high school kids getting summer job. All right also we have been talking tonight about your favorite talk show host because tomorrow night will be the last night -- Jay Leno. Who's your favorite Johnny Carson was in a league of his own especially when he would animals on Jimmy Fallon sometimes crazy funny Coleman is a week. Little played out ten years ago here's another tax on the minimum wage I think minimum wage should pretty much stay the same. It's not made to make the living or raise -- family. Or if they are young kids -- and it's for young kids learning responsibility. And the value of the dollar -- was always gonna have -- nicer cars someone's always give them a bigger house until it was always. And have a pretty well I. Like this. What does that have to do with the minimum wage. Somebody's got to be on the bottom. Okay. All right. -- -- Nazi. And going through Romans were talking. And is forced the cheapest I've never had to worked for the job or fifteen an hour minimum wage in 1994. Okay. All right let's. Let's. Get back to what we have been talking about tonight and of course of if you're an L issue plan. Do you -- missiles Obama busting recruiting class for Alicia you can go to WWL dot com and cast your vote and at this point 78%. 70% say yes and if you wanna know what is a bam a best O bam a busting. Recruiting class that means that hopefully it. That we have signed enough new players that we will be back on top the national championship in the next couple years. Don't know if you heard about this story here. We gonna love this. Police were called to a home. On a report of screaming solves. That seemed to indicate a possible. Domestic disturbance. Screaming -- Thinking it's -- domestic disturbance. And it was. Just not. The type the cups were expecting. Fort triple A-Rod that the hole and questioned the resident who explain. That the sounds were coming from the pig pen. Outside. You see where this is going he think you know. He think you know inside the pin. The cops found. The cup's round five. Female pigs in the heat. And one screaming male -- Five females. One -- panic. It is not clear if the script he camps. Where for joy or health. Five females. One -- Not clear if the screams world. Well joy -- Course probably the the hottest subject that we've had most of the night. Was the room CVS. Has decided they're going to stop selling tobacco products. And 76 locations across to United States and public health advocates hope that this was going to. Urge other drugstore prime challengers to polls show because what's happening in -- all the all the drug store for the trojans drugstores. They now have little like on a -- instant care clinics. And if if they kitten. Make it as healthy as possible and -- not selling cigarettes looks like there will be able to take and give -- a better deal with some of these insurance companies. Let's see here is another text messages or as of the lowest minimum wage 375. An hour when I started as a stalker. I thought when I read this the pros on delusions of stalkers stalker. A I don't know they played paid stalkers threes seventy Clemens start as a stalker at the local weekly weekly in 1990. Only cost thirty to thirty -- botched the normally cash tonight. Now it's 725 -- takes 85 to ninety. To build the same thing the wages not keeping up should be at least. And dollars and now. If you don't want to give us a a quick call. A packet I could I can technical rule. Quick like talk about what we have been discussing 2601878866889087. Lead. You can text 10000087870. -- -- prefer your -- I think. If you wanna call right now we can squeeze one more cholera and 26017866. David 90870. Bill -- approach dude I'm Bob Mitchell and WWL. And I'm Bob Mitchell the -- -- seventy WW LA Yemen qualify point three FM let's go to mark in Metairie Markota unify and being. Religious. -- the -- being -- is man made you know like you have Islam. Christianity. -- Up photo it has been a mandate is basically. And it is. You wanna be totally. What's the difference between being religious than being righteous. What -- the difference between being riveted and be right. Man it is a different deal. I think this government equipment it is a different okay would you wanna be Alito. Well like a I think you can now and I think you can be religious. And not be serving god. Agree that there -- Isn't real quick like would you go back in time your first job what's what's the cheapest among among the of work for. We not to applaud it 1650. To park and -- All right mark thank you so much gonna go to Karen try to get the both -- and Karen how are you tonight. -- blind as far as the the minimum wage that he are talking about resident to I think it's 1010 and our. Is that a good thing bad thing and what's the what's the cheapest that you overworked for. And to -- and generally -- generally should. It should be more like two out. There which. -- -- -- -- you do into the -- in our kick your way naturally it's important that that was quite some time in which which humans wasn't. On our airline go out and saying Claude Niagara. I've -- on paper and my mom used to work on the war on saint Claude. You know -- short loses one of those institutions you thought would always be here. Entry at Q school. And can't really think they would definitely be kept saying because and you treat it Haiti -- -- -- that as an example. -- -- the -- and generally and everything up to go to everything else it's -- -- RA yeah. You can turn it down. We're -- -- recorded account out in two people could not account for property to -- it tripled and. Well I'm a final one thing and you bring -- a very good point this as far as fast food restaurants. They're no longer fast and they're no longer cheap. -- -- -- Eagle. 200 -- he barely got to -- -- encroached. Try everything is gone except that they -- Ending injury but generally and the one actual secret about the military. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Was unethical and a lot of people are afraid of us with a fast food places that if if they do. If they do raise the minimum wage they're either gonna pass the cost on to the people or. They'll just hire less people now what what a lot of businesses do. Is they give you more money but the -- but then you have to do more than one job. Well. If you. It is. Our senior. Debt. Economy. Is a little about it -- -- -- Did and Lori and her ankle. And it into account age. And maturity behalf. Like people to either go -- particular -- Equal rate that people can't because it's. You know he -- -- -- any one. Working at. UC. More senior citizen's right to. Right I appreciate your call and I gotta go -- a lot of time. Want to thank everybody for calling an Indian part of the show won't make a Allison for a nurse and meet through my first night here now policy in the next couple nights stooge doing the morning show I'm Bob Mitchell -- hosting tonight's show. For the next couple nights denied publisher.

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