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WWL>Topics>>2-6 5:10am WWL First News Early Edition w/Dave Cohen

2-6 5:10am WWL First News Early Edition w/Dave Cohen

Feb 6, 2014|

Dave talks about the Winter Olympics and What is Wrong with People

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Eleven minutes after Friday and it's the early edition at WWL for listeners on this the sixth of February 2014. Let's see. Yeah the day before Friday will come to a Friday. -- needs are. Our rights and then feel so good outside no chance -- in -- North Face and a rough winds and temperatures in the thirties all day feeling like twenties. -- shields and when it is night in and -- -- -- just gonna keep on going on and thank goodness right it was another old boys. Talk about -- -- if we do get lucky. Hopefully this will all be gone. And moment in time we get into the big key to the carnal activities would be like what may be seventy. And -- perfect that's. Gonna keep our fingers. Crossed their revenge now. I'm -- thing and are knocking on where. Anyway. Well Jefferson Parish officials doubt they may have knocked down some wooden cross -- fingers they found jury found they weren't negligent. -- at last night. That they screwed up essentially. By evacuating pump -- shouldn't -- done not sending them to the north -- -- for their own safety there when a safe rooms at the time. Paris testified they believe that the -- workers would have been killed if they stayed in those little tin shacks and moms and that the only way to protect them was to send them. Uh oh I don't know hundred miles north of here at Mount -- so that was the plan and they carried it out they -- issues getting them back because they can communicate with them. Had no phones cell phones were down land lines -- down everything was down -- they were gone for. No longer than anticipated. And the bridges were closed it is hard to get him back. All kinds of problems so the jury eventually is essentially ruled that was released -- don't do that but. They found that it wise not willful that they did not intend. To cause you know the flight the fly and they -- the flooding would have happened anyway well that's what the defense argued and I guess the theory at least in part bought out. Because bottom line is Aaron Broussard and Jefferson Parish. Do not have to pay anybody anything nothing because of the flooding they were stupid or in the legal term negligent. By -- it did not rise to a point where there are liable. For the damage kind of a complicated ruling -- Now and then now it's not over necessary or really he had the plaintiffs' attorneys are saying hold up wait him. Because. The jury found. Not only was the parish and Broussard negligent. But they also found that the flooding was not the result of an act of god. And so this thing or if it's not an active guy down and it wasn't the parish is I'll. Whose fault was it and if the verdict is not responsive. And doesn't answer that question. If it wasn't willful misconduct. On the part of the -- and it wasn't an act of god I guess that you want to convict got I don't know. But either way they're saying this doesn't it's not adding up it doesn't dry out so they're gonna ask an appeals court potentially they were still weighing their options. Potentially they're gonna ask an appeals court -- look at this and say damn it we have to -- this verdict out what happened here. -- -- a mistrial could have been all. -- -- -- Appellate court rule and -- Alter the ruling that been an all of the ruling I don't know what to wait and see I'm not a lawyer and I've never played one story. Ortiz know. This big -- and it prob Bob -- get used to it. The yeah it's it's a done deal. Thank you -- we'll talk more about like him up next here on them read them well Yemen and that like it love it hate it don't care. 260187. Lethal 386 dictated nine theory -- and your text me at 87870. The Mercedes-Benz superdome alongside the -- kings center. In time for the NBA all star game which is going to be played here coming up Valentine's weekend. But Jamaican that we'll talk about that sports with the gala and your forecast very cold today not warm enough real soon after -- Size -- good morning I'm Dave -- at the early edition of WW well where's his I'm not surprised people don't like change there remember their reaction when they renamed the Louisiana Superdome as the Mercedes-Benz. Superdome the very first text message I got about the soon to be smoothie -- senator. It to where it's. Gonna -- this forecast but it's not real warm today. -- this Thursday look for highs around forty -- with the cold air in place and some moisture moving and there's a chance of some light rain or even light fleet north of the lake now tonight we're looking cloudy with Temps and -- lower thirties rain chances should begin to diminish. And tomorrow back up to 52 a mix of clouds and sun look for a 10% rain chance Saturday highs around 63. And it 20% chance for a shower. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist Slava. Tell how it feels really cold outside New Orleans international airport cloudy and 36 degrees with a north wind at seventeen miles an hour makes it feel like 26. With the wind -- Slidell. Cloudy and 35. Feels like 27. On the North Shore Gonzales feels like 26 -- feels like 29. Get the idea it's not real -- He did my eyes deceive me. Steve Geller. Did the pelicans really -- fourth quarter comeback. From instead of a fourth quarter collapse. Did I dream that was night imagining things. It's true it's true one I don't think that that's a change of pace Steve galleries and with that and all your morning sports on this. Heidi happy Friday -- union and happy Friday to. Friday -- -- you gave good morning everyone national signing day it was a huge success for the L issue as the tigers finished the nation's number two rated class. Coach less miles lost eight ton of talent to the NFL -- feels he's restock that covered in terms of. Mean. I -- I call -- I call it needs met. Two X 2014 class is also impressive as the green wave in 24 newcomers coach Curtis Johnson feels very fortunate. And is ready to outdo last year's seven win season there's no way we should we've got these -- that we've got last year was mayor of class this is beyond that this class is this just awesome. Go to WW dot com to see complete list of both LSU and too late 2014 lives. The saints have hired former -- head coach and to lead assistant Mike knew. As the team's new quarterbacks coach Newark new will replace Joseph Lombardi who left this off season to become the Detroit Lions offensive coordinator. Anthony Davis led the pelicans to a 105 to 100 victory over the Atlanta Hawks with 27 points and ten rebounds. Brian Roberts added nineteen with six assists while Eric Gordon scored eighteen. Meanwhile the pelicans and smoothie king have reached a take your agreement to renamed the New Orleans Arena as the smoothie king center. You read is officially being remade today just in time for next week's NBA all star festivities. Today for a sports talk to national signing day due to amp up for free agency and the NFL draft what position -- the saints need most. Then at 530 will join pregame coverage of LSU basketball vs the -- the Georgia Bulldogs I'm Steve Geller and that your early morning look at sports. Like few minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news Dave Cohen Steve -- with you on your radio so we Anthony Davis coming up bang the late in the game and I guess that's a good sign -- the pelicans and come back in the game whether trailing maybe going forward all these games they've been leading in they'd blow the lead. -- -- keep them. And still pretty impressive too that the team has being competitive even their losses just because of the fact that you without your sniper from long range in Ryan Anderson without Jermaine Dye your point guard Jrue Holiday he's out with an injury as well. And also a season physical player like Jason Smith. A team -- fights day in and day out with for money Williams and he said before now we've heard him that this is. Anthony davis' squad so he's gonna carry them. The rest of the way to season win or lose. We get him back in hand quite famous sports we'll take a little closer look at national signing day and sizing up the recruit class for -- you. To -- it two ways as well. They kings sent. You've been reporting from their home lots of years there pelicans -- pay works for me the smooth these things. But protects -- and it's only tennis and love the name has -- leaking not my beer and not just will be healthy pelicans game. Not having -- do anything to make your beer or -- not just any healthier but you could I'm imagining in his -- movies available. I look I love the timing of this to right before the Super Bowl vote. That's the superdome are renamed Mercedes-Benz superdome in a -- before the all star game we have be smoothie king center. Thing for your thoughts exactly advertising. -- sports them read them well AM at them and I'm -- -- Naming buildings is a funny thing and people react in a funny way -- -- a year ago by the way I'll talk to Steve -- -- get him back in -- Q. Apparently here of the pelican is also getting him make over who. 126 good morning I'm -- -- thank you so much for being a part of the early edition of WW -- news. On this Cole Friday he helicopters. Some -- -- 87870. As we await the impending announcement. That the New Orleans Arena will be named the smoothie king -- Tuesday well now I because maybe we can now affectionately call the big wine dinner at. Yeah hopefully it's other teams that are getting blinded and his movies and now the now but if you forecast. Your high today it's only forty degrees of what that cold air in place we could see some -- -- north of the lake and light showers on the south sort. It's a 40% chance for the afternoon tonight temperatures dropping into the thirties and still keeping those clouds around tomorrow Macy and break up a little bit high is about 52. And Saturday -- up to 63 with 820% chance for a shower. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist -- itself. You're ready to bundle up if you're headed out this morning at the international airport it's 36 degrees but feels like 26 with a north wind at seventeen went on the north -- 27 at. -- slide now when he. Nine down and home at 26 over and Gonzales. Definitely cold morning when -- brisk wind -- now warming up much today pretty much thirties. All day long I'm Dave -- at the early edition of WWL birthday is tomorrow's Friday. Man. And we get some Olympic events. Starting tonight are you ready for the Olympics are you looking forward the Winter Olympics I was surprised by status of the of the day about how many Americans watched the Olympic talk about that after this. Are you gonna watch the Olympics you know follow the Olympic events and what's your favorite event I've got the results of a new survey. The signs a lot of people are planning on watching and what it is that they wanna pay attention please don't have that coming up after the news CBS news. It was like at WWL first news events and weather together and sports with Steve Geller. Right here on the early edition of WW well. No offense suffered from the what is wrong with people file straight ahead. 38 minutes after 5 AM at the early edition -- WL offers news on this the extent that query 2014. Of those Moscow on fast already almost the weekend that and the crazy -- for Friday welcomed a Friday eve and the let the games -- Competition at the Scioscia Olympics officially starting today party founded -- -- at the moment as nervous on Saturday two hours before the opening ceremony. Early starts are needed with while men's and women's medal events added since the 2010 Vancouver games right there they're competing before they open. It snowboard. Slope style qualifying runs great athlete and that's look forward to women's qualifying runs women's moguls qualifying. Freestyle skiing events men's slopes style and women's moguls are among the first medals to be awarded Saturday. So they began yeah. I don't watch much of the all the time we'll see how it -- You know that the timing is right with football fading into oblivion. So yeah chances are probably won't -- some dolphins. See what's going on merit and I hope for the the Olympics sake. That the attention will now focus on the sporting events instead of toothpaste bombers and lousy conditions. You Mi now once the games begin those things stated -- now let's -- now. Competition -- just over half of all Americans surveyed by -- they do plan to watch or follow the Winter Olympics. And 13 of respondents say though they have little or no confidence about Russia's ability to safeguard. Against attack meant the games that says this week so hopefully that's not going to happen. Favorite thing to watch by far our what do you think is the sport. -- activity. -- -- follow that more me than anything else by far more people one to one. Figure skating yes -- your skating. By far the number one I was gonna say hockey but now rocky is a distant second only 6% of people say they plan that watcher follow hockey -- at the winner games. Then Alpine skiing and snowboarding each government at 4%. Nobody in this survey apparently planned to watch curling but so what it takes an 878 that is they can't wait with the current Arista curling iron and what that little. Weights and brooms and guests off. Gas cards darling I can't wait for our line. Think it it looked like twenty minutes of the stuff. -- WWL IMF and and a count. Oh my god now -- -- like twenties on both sides of the lake as we say good mood. More than. You are right if you put the Winter Olympics that it tested we could host it here this week -- about now. Yet they may be colder here than it is so I know they've they've pac ten. Kind of a frequent warm spell over there -- -- oddly I was I was listening to a program that that I met Sosa is actually the further south. That the -- games have ever been held. If you look at it and it'll look at the actual Latin sanity trust any further south than Florida. Did not know I guess maybe that would be surprising but it is in Russia right now as to be cold this. Yes they got enough to know I guess up in the mountains to do it again abuse let's yes I you know watched figure skating union and. You can you know but I'm one of those weird ones I guess that didn't get hold of love all of that. The only sport that I'm not quite -- -- and it's the one where they ski ski ski and they shoot the target they ski ski ski at that one is not quite an interesting. And all of -- ski jump mean I love the ultimate snowboarding stuff and look -- luge. Can't -- slap on the at all. But -- -- -- -- -- against the you'd magic but now. But here's the deal I think it's a fascinating because I mean you could always turn on the TV and watch basketball base spot these -- sports even Africa -- -- if you don't want -- -- Weird that they're so cool I love it. Well -- be feeling wintering here we won't have any winter weather per say in terms of precipitate. You can lead -- north and west of the lake is the area that we would most likely see at any wintry mix kind of develop and it would be later this morning into the afternoon there is some moisture coming in from the southwest. That would temperatures Elena in the mid thirties or so could lead to little -- there's no accumulation expected we do not heavy winter weather advisories posted National Weather Service kind of going back and forth on that. But south -- lake including New Orleans it looks like to -- cold rain to. OK so rainy cold yeah I get out of the thirties all day now I know I have a high of about forty -- and I and I have broad day as a reviewer described it as -- Rodney -- -- your forecasters say yep that's about right. Now do we get a little on Roth for tomorrow. -- yeah -- we get up to 52 -- skies are clear on Friday. And an actual weekend comparatively speaking to keep pretty nice sixties for Saturday and Sunday. Now and it's now coming out warm but compare what was. These with six it will feel warm credit what we got out there this morning you know take it all right and after the rain bird it's a little bit asleep in someplace that today any more precipitation in the week and it doesn't look like -- got a slight chance on Saturday for a shower or two Sundays looking dry. And then maybe by midweek next -- some more to tell me that you identified various products. Product. Yeah like you won't let -- -- big -- Mac. I'll. If you remember the students on lap and on your wall definitely and that it would actually. That the fish would actually get raised up off the -- deadly capitalists -- and the and you couldn't move his little fish lips to -- words of the song yet. Well apparently bill the the big mouth bass are big mouth bass belly -- got. The best of a would be burglar in Minnesota scared and authorities and contests Tuesday the motion activated singing -- scared off an intruder tried to break in. To the hooked on fishing bait and tackle shop I love it the novelty bass had been -- in the dark and with start singing the other song. That you remember what the other son Billy back. I don't. -- That's right after the rivers I Arafat along. I don't know lack all right anyway so funny he started singing take -- to the river with them and entered the shop in the sheriff's office says. The fish was found on the floor after the -- knocked it down -- breaking the door. To get in -- off them and attitudes now. Reporters that there would be burglar left without stealing any thing I love and it's no Catholic men deserve to you last and it's no idea that Billy the big -- -- And that may be the cheapest. Alarm system you know you can get you to get just hang up. Billy bass on your wall and you know. Well apparently this -- wasn't familiar with Billy bass because right at any decent partner. Would not have been scared away by as well -- singing thing that makes. It's I mean he made even -- at treatments you realize kind of what it wise. The answer is one of those things where you hear anything at all you get out of there and I any kind of noise I think it puts him in each. Wrong with people by now. It's funny you have a they would argue how nice cozy sweater you again -- diet of get down the last to my spotters don't have to Wear this many in our records well let's hope we're done with -- -- it. But now live and direct from the Eyewitness News forecast and and just do allow plant an air -- -- -- -- -- this before we go to our commercial. -- -- -- Yeah yeah really -- and some combination. Yeah she did kind of my mother and my son when Christmas and can still go somewhere. Around my house but thank god the batteries -- long long ago. Steve Geller and with sports. Better then getting don't worry be happy opinion and what do I was kind enough to -- -- our listeners. -- -- -- athletes -- is happy with every group everybody's happy to win his wealth at the line. Happy with every group less of -- happy Steve -- are here with morning sports on this Friday morning. Good morning everyone and national signing day was a great day for LSU fans as the tigers finished with the second ranked class in the nation. Coach less miles this is excited to see what many of these players in this crop can do next year. The key pieces to answer than these since you have been and we did that in the duel with elite players that we did as well. Over Tulane coach Curtis Johnson called his class the best of the three years he's been at the school coach Johnson was most proud of the fact. That twenty of its 24 new players are from the state of Louisiana. And we don't mess with those guys and bad language yet to -- -- -- -- yet. Too much because those guys are doing a fantastic job but. We want to get our kids here to view the complete 2014 class for both LSU and Tulane go to WW dot com. Will Seattle never had a chance to throw a championship parade since the old Supersonics when the NBA title in 1979. Will be emerald city didn't miss out yesterday. Police estimated crowd of 700000. Which is more than the population of Seattle and it turned out to help create the first Super Bowl victory party in Seahawks history. Over to the NBA with a pelicans withstood a three point barrage by the hawks and beat Atlanta 105 to 100. For the sixteenth time this season. Anthony Davis had at least twenty points and ten rebounds in the same game he finished with 27 points and ten boards. And the pelicans will announce a ten year naming rights deal that will -- the New Orleans Arena being cold. -- smoothie king senator. Team president that is logical that the deal gigantic. As it relates to the long term financial viability of the team in the city. Today for a sports talk to national signing they get you have to offer free agency and the NFL draft. What positions the saints beat most men at 530 will join pregame coverage of LSU basketball vs the Georgia Bulldogs I'm Steve Geller and that your early morning it's. Courtside -- you gave to on Steve -- with you on your radio on this day before Friday. Olympics start tonight competition actually beginning in several events opening ceremonies -- tomorrow. -- it's and replant them away before they actually open the Olympics ever heard. It was a -- shortage there were some of the athletes they were asking some of the the prelude to the it to give up their their pillows forward actually as residents of Sochi if they could donate -- if they don't have enough and Olympic village. And I don't want somebody used. Definitely. Like at a hotel please bring my on pillow and I like my pillow at used to sleeping on my pillow. On the -- as you know going out to the Russian people -- -- pillow like us. In ambit of that stuff fades away I'm Matt and curling and kind of joked about it earlier by a rise with text messages don't -- curling. I loved curling watching currently it's better watching that. Super ball. Follow -- wouldn't go that far around this thing that wasn't very good to want some councils Vernon Davis -- and for the emphasis appointment will be on the US curling team. You -- I don't know I never heard that left the program that the first a look at the weather sweepers or Zia -- stone closer. You know that are not I don't know if that's. We just seems that would be out all of those -- realty has made that you have is the guy that you know send the stoned on the ice -- the person who sweeps. Currently it's kind of like shuffle board. Like shuffle board this -- never done that he ever played we were at a resort in Florida and Tennessee has shuffled through one play and I happened in McKinney in ended up doing it. It's me I'm enjoying it LSU fans -- and you enjoyed the recruiting class that was announced yesterday. Yet for all you know negative comments that come about less miles this coaching ability can never ever ever denied the man's recruiting. He always seems to bring in top talent every year. But this year really impressive just because of the fact that. The tigers have just been losing so much talent and losing it early in the past couple seasons and he really restock a lot of their needs. Bring in wide receiver. Linebacker. Also. One of the top safeties in the nation's so and -- -- that coming into replace Jeremy hill who did so well last year. People are starting to already compare this to -- to -- Adrian Peterson he's deadly ethnic fair at all or what gets you excited to hear that. And -- -- happy with that maybe their best recruit class ever yet and big thing for Curtis Johnson he said it is recruiting in keeping that the local talent in statements with two -- goal is warning of the 24 were new recruits for. Too -- from Louisiana. And into -- talked about eventually given out Iran for its recruiting mind. Yeah thanks to Steve we'll let you take another run at sports and about fifteen minutes here on WW well AM at them and that commonality -- very -- forecast today. -- made it 78 every just got a little sleep on the act -- like -- so Vernon Davis does indeed. Enjoy curling and owns his own curling broom. He's apparently the honorary captain for the US team not clear he's actually gonna participate at all in the Olympics but he's going to be there. Now floors in the forecast and now pinkie tuning curling but you might be able to today. Cloudy skies on this Thursday look for a high of forty this afternoon that dead and mixed in with those clouds we could see some showers or even some light sleep on the North -- -- with a 40% chance today. Think clouds around tonight still us sprinkle or two -- lows dropping to the lower thirties now tomorrow we warm up a little bit 52 still at 10% chance for a shower. And Saturday will see some clouds around even milder than 63. With 820% chance for light rain. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I think you rolled to -- tell. 36 at the airport feels like 26 cloudy and 35 in Slidell feels like 27 we have had a couple of reports of spotty. Purchase habitation -- a little frozen on the North -- already this morning. -- for Tommy's getting on amazes me that things people get angry about -- just text me -- is actually nothing like shuffle board. A little research before you comment got to. At least a little tiny bit like -- -- like shuffle board that hockey. I think you're right which got up and up. Well -- married schoolteacher at a Catholic middle school in Montana has been fired after they learned she was pregnant. If the school do the right thing. Also a teenager is back in court judge judge ordered no jail time for Ethan couch he's the one who suffers from. Affluence. And a federal judge says you have a right to Goran has weren't other motorists about speed traps. You flash your lights coming out of the water on the top -- radar okay it's okay. -- -- Have a great day before for a.

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