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2-6 6:10am Scoot, pregnant teacher fired

Feb 6, 2014|

Scoot in for Tommy. Scoot takes your calls and talks to listeners about an unmarried Catholic school teacher who was fired for being pregnant

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Chance of sleet again. It's. It's -- I walked out of my apartment building downtown it is coal vicious yeah I was. Can I I got an account I did cited it certainly can't do the morning -- after you've got to talk rumbled -- will do you justice a little inconvenient -- your walk to work so I'm I'm in the cabin is -- drivers Tony is this guy walks by. He wants to nowhere such as this hotel is a mean this guy is obviously coming home for the French Quarter walking by my apartment buildings on gonna get a camp resistant cab driver where is the holiday and express. As a here's a guy is in his twenties. There's obviously developer mystery all night as he dressed like an attire some anger now now no longer knows. So he's he's gonna walk for blocks to his to his hotel. And the campers Williams this is not. You know this is not good this is out of this time -- morning -- that we get to. The corner of canal street and is it a couple there in their. Their their kissing and hugging and they've been out drinking all night obviously that there are showing public displays of affection on the corner. Their right for somebody to come up and attack cab drivers telling about all the people who get -- he said possibly in my camp of people telling me they just got robbed. They don't have a wallet some mostly guys -- is a passport and everything that he had. And he said that there are females walking canal street and the French Quarter and that. Look like hookers but they're really. They're really they're Robby they've got mace they denies. And if you people's seat like a well lit canal street for example it's about the casinos just right there so I'll just I'll just walk. But you get artists and it and I have experience with this jobless artistry you get on even on on canal street you'd get an area where there's not a lot of activity. And you could possibly be the victim. It's not that New Orleans is a bad city it's just that you just really have to be careful not to about where you'd go open your eyes just I found it really interesting that this. This camp driver that I which is usually sees this so yeah -- all the time and it's a hundred to 3 in the morning. He you know I Syracuse -- other -- feel safer and -- -- there are there are times when I do feel safe in New Orleans but it. At 4 o'clock in the morning got -- today at the station and bill because. They -- there you know they are always going to be people coming out of bars. Midnight 12. But the crowd and I notice this in the French Quarter it's it's not often I'm in the quarter badly but if I'm in the quarter after 2 o'clock especially after three. You start to notice that different crowd in the quarter between C three and five. And it's really just best again it's it's best to to be somewhere or not to be walking alone. This is not a regards on drugs and -- or not it's it's like you sort of sense that people what they are four different recent. And not the same reason that some people and therefore that is just have a good time out and it and it sounds like you do these people what you saw I would think they're probably visitors or odd ball out absolutely have no clue. There -- new world ones and the urges billion romantic and drink -- and everything's wonderful. Actually you know they're gonna get -- it's it's 4 o'clock in the morning in and there are still out from last night I'm getting at camp to the station shows they've had a good time -- a New Orleans it's 4 o'clock in the morning there. There are not many cities where you can and can go drink and and party until 4 o'clock in the morning they were doing that in. I hope the guys that are prayer for a blow by congress there -- color of their hotel. Strengthening that that young guy. We just need to be -- a well lit street does it mean anything there are people out there are still brings him trying to scare anybody. But if you -- at certain times just be very very aware. Where you lord don't assume that because it's a well lit street pitcher mr. going to be safe because there are some very reason people who think they're entitled to take. Whatever you -- which is really unfair that I've got another good reason for them to get off the streets it's called up -- good gracious. 613 unsuited for Johnny Tucker will be right back but it if you. Harry -- the whole morning. In light rain and -- still expect him throughout this area neatly into central Louisiana and central Mississippi. Amazing it's very very old immigrant couple -- that moment this is what it was really obscure songs from the eighties. Didn't actually. Get you back. Places like the hearts and -- Yes he does that tell us what you would go to -- After work. And then you would just stay out all night. And I have to admit that there were a few occasions when I actually went right to the radio station next week according to I'm not proud of those days but well. It was. It was a slightly different. I like my life better now but that was so little crazy hype here's -- WW a party -- opinion poll this morning a Catholic school in Montana. Has fired an unmarried teacher after finding out that she was pregnant. Was that the right thing to do. Fisher thing by going to our web site to -- to be -- dot com. So the head of the Catholic school district says that the school teaches that marriage is a holy union between a man and a woman. Here's what I can't help but think about so the school finds out that the teachers pregnant. Now Catholic schools I'm sure all the Mathis. They have. And some kind of a personal covenant kind of contract. That. That employees. Will abide by. The rules of the Catholic Church. As part of their job and really it's it's on and off the job as well. You could be fired if few display certain kinds of behavior. In in public if it's if it's contrary to a two Catholic teaching. And -- -- like a little controversy about it but this at this Catholic this Catholic school in Montana for this teacher who got pregnant. Now it's interesting to think about how she could've gotten an abortion. And nobody would have known. She would have been able to keep her job. So while the school has a right to fire. Was at the right thing to do. Or would it have been a better decision to save. This is an example of what can happen. And if this does happen to you because this does happen to people and it will inevitably happen to people who are being taught in that school. Then this is the best option. You keep the baby and you raise. The child or you give the child up for adoption. So -- Catholic school fires and unmarried pregnant teacher. I was at the right thing to do they have a right to do it. It was at the right thing -- you should they have. Because if you think about it in theory she -- got an abortion and and and after job. Was at the right thing to do. If you wanna join Russia with a -- this morning our numbers 2601878. Toll free 866889. -- seventy. Text number 678 Sony. Coming up after 630 wouldn't tell you about this this teenager who was back in court. Drunk driver and -- -- sixteen years old killed four people. Not given any jail time his defense attorney said he suffers from affluence and peace to a fluent his parents were so fluid they didn't set the proper limits for him so -- not to blame. We TV here where he's -- ago. Take about that after 630. It's six Tony Hunt -- on this very cold Thursday morning mr. Tommy Tucker and here's -- WWL traffic. -- Should there were many really great scene it hit the -- covered dishes and quickly. Which I needed to recover round. I'm -- the. -- unmarried teacher of the Catholic middle school in Montana has been fired after the school learn that she was pregnant. The head of the Catholic school district said that the teacher need to be fired because that the church teaches that marriage is a holy union between a man and a woman. But the teacher could have had an abortion and a school would never have known. I shouldn't have fired her a sort of a dual project opinion poll. A 42% saying no and 58% say yes you can you -- opinion by going to our web site WW dot cut if you wanna join us with a comment this morning our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. And our text -- receipts have creativity. I here's a -- I disagree with the teacher being fired you know what if it was a planned pregnancy. Because she simply wondered child may be without a husband she felt she could still. Give a child a wonderful life now she needs a job it said. Here's a text firing firing her was actually the right thing to do. How would -- who have looked to teaching young girls while pregnant. Now the young C there are consequences for poor decisions the problem with this country as we don't hold people accountable. I agree we shuttle people accountable and I certainly agree that the school has a right to do this. But since people do make mistakes do you deal ostracize people for making mistakes. And if if a teacher does get pregnant. While that's not the right thing. You know it's interesting that a male teacher. Could get his girlfriend pregnant. And he wouldn't be fired because. He's part of a pregnancy but but it it wouldn't be so obvious that he's part of a pregnancy. Here's a -- the reason I don't -- mention the name of the school but a local Catholic school what a great role model go because. He had a child out of wedlock. This was a great teacher and an inspirational coach definitely. A loss and here's attacks all the employees in the archdiocese of New Orleans signed a Catholic lifestyle policy. Even non Catholics -- shall let Joseph your under the WL. -- -- -- -- -- While I agree I think this would have been hypocritical to to not fire him and sometimes that they happen but it's it's gonna be less obvious a man can. -- can be involved in a pregnancy and it's not so obvious put a woman if she's -- that a pregnancy it's it's very obvious. All -- global adult male were. -- -- I agree and -- would you. When you think about the discretion surface so many priests in the Catholic Church -- this is not to indict all priests and by the way I'll say it again and I'm Catholic and I go to church every week every instrument like -- -- -- go to church every week and I wanted. So like I do like the church but there have been so -- discretion swift priests in the Catholic Church that's how could the church be so judgmental of of a mistake. And if we all make mistakes. If we all CNN. Then. YE. Why punish somebody white wife have somebody lose IR I realize that we do hold people accountable and there's nothing wrong with that. But why not set an example that if this does happen -- -- and this is the best way to handle -- Eric -- under the WL. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- How to incorporate that these young girl from abortion state -- -- states. -- it's -- if we get pregnant we better get an abortion because we don't want anybody you know focus look what happened to our teacher. Yeah it's like a double edged -- and how they really just the either side of the. Eric I'm I'm glad to call I think it's an interesting point here's a text -- -- it's a private school and none of our business what I I agree that they have a right to do it don't. You know -- again when it comes to talk radio particular. People hear what they wanna hear they don't actually listen to what's being said. The school has a absolute right to do it. The question is was at the right thing to do. Here's a text. Here you go scoot I set my girls to a Catholic school to be around people with good character. So stay out of it. Well I just think it's an interesting. Aspect of of of real life and this does happen to people so. What's the best course of action to join our show with your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. -- -- -- 7870. -- a case in no Lawrence Massachusetts where to a Catholic schools teachers were fired one male one female they had been dating for along time. And she got pregnant and when they discovered this they fired both of the teachers even though they had gotten engaged. Again this defies. Catholic doctrine. But for a church that is asking for forgiveness for some of its transgressions of it's priest. It seems to me that may be there should be a little more forgiveness toward a teacher. Who gets pregnant because unfortunately that is a reality in life -- happened in December vote of last year. -- get a few and enjoyed our short numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. He said he text 877. I scoot -- Tommy Tucker when he frigid. And windy Thursday morning. It's 630 here's Debbie WL news update with David plays for the chance of sleet in the states is this is an amazing that it is it is cold out this morning. There has been a lot of talk about this case involving this teenager Fort Worth, Texas Eric coach he says sixteen years old. And is this kid suffers from what his defense attorney says his. After the wins -- -- -- part influences -- upper strap Lou is because his parents are so fluent. They're so rich that they really didn't set the right limits for so he's just lives in a fantasy world he's been in trouble before -- got a goal I'm pregnant are -- that had he put something happen with a girl a car when he was fifteen and sixteen. He stole now again he's very rich but he stole beer from Wal-Mart. I was drinking and driving and killed four people are and -- judge gave him no jail time but probation. He got probation was back in court yesterday after prosecutors requested twenty years in jail. Charges related to 222 with the people part of the judge I know ruling on ya know there's a ruling he's he's he's not gonna get jail time -- I thought there was a new new attempt to get him to running order there was a new attempt this heaven yesterday -- -- there at the ruling is he's going to. He's he's he's going to rehab but let's -- he's he's straight he's going to rehab his family is gonna pay for. A 450000. Dollar a year rehab center in California. Now how was that punishment -- -- What about the victims' families. I think that's a legitimate question IE yeah you know when there's so much talk David about. About that the less affluent and -- Poor people don't raise their kids there are -- people throughout this area and throughout this country. Who were not -- raising their kids properly they're not paying attention to their kids. There are people who were so busy going to. Not to board meetings and the whites are still BC going to country clubs into luncheons there are kids doing drugs they're kids with guns their kids doing. On social. There they were involved in anti social type BI around these parents just think that everything's just fine and so. The other end of the spectrum -- socio economic spectrum. There are parents who wore very wealthy who warned not doing a good job raising their kids are things you got a case -- point. Are we're gonna get back to this discussion about this so unmarried teacher in Montana. -- she got pregnant and she was fired -- while the Catholic school has a right to fire her was that the right thing to do if you wanna join Russia with -- comets are numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seventy. -- receive seventy. Seventy here is attached. -- there reads priests can be a -- portable and can't have a child FYI all these Catholic parents just trying to apply. Feel good lives. Here's another text it's wrong to. I have fired the teacher. But they would allowing gay or lesbian to teach it a Catholic school. Here is another text. I would imagine that virgin Mary would have been fired as well. So a teacher. By Catholic standards makes a mistake and she gets pregnant. Should she had been fired she could've gotten an abortion. And and hit who -- nobody would have -- take a couple of days off -- got their. And unmarried teacher Catholic middle school in Montana has been fired after the -- she was pregnant. Present the right decision. Well I don't know who lives. And. I'm scooters for -- Attacks -- us -- what happens to the kids with single moms. Can they go to school. Six there's so much hypocrisy here I agree the school has a right. The fire a teacher. For being pregnant. -- was at the right thing to do. She could have had an abortion and -- job because nobody would have known what about the men. And I had a takes a moment ago. Saying that getting pregnant status in fornication is a -- so. There are people who are involved in the activity at least a pregnancy and they're doing it every day and they're not getting fired. Again I understand the idea of op holding. Catholic values but again let's. Let's consider a church of which I am a member a proud member let's consider a church. That wants to be forgiven for its transgressions. So it seems to mean that if you allow a teacher to continue to work. While she's pregnant. -- -- actually sending -- are really good message to the kids you could talk about how that was a mistake. I'm getting some text when she got raped it was pregnant as a result. I can't I can't speak for the church. Here's a text. This is what the celebrations Seattle I think someone needs to take an aerial view photo of Seattle's parades and aerial view of New Orleans braced for the Super Bowl winners. And compare him that would be good thing to do if you wanna join -- -- with a comment this morning our numbers 26 ago. 1870. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy. And a text number it's 877 for -- Melissa Berry you're on Debbie WL. Inferred from the public -- -- -- that and geez it's called the lady in a world record book indeed the look on the -- and entered into an adult it will end -- You know Jesus forgave -- And it and it and and that he would that mean. The Internet the first call -- now. That the church it will be to represent them -- do you look at that you -- the moment -- -- -- forgiveness because that's what. Got to teach it to but the dude -- ultra expensive. And and -- openly and equipment and so this it would be me and oh got -- whatever it's what he's done outside his -- book and call by any egregious act in it to -- -- again I've been accepted became what the public that it's the stuff. We'll probably get what it is our program but in DC I -- eat at the last. Zain that you -- -- about it when you've done that been able -- economy and erected. That you don't step on its. Typical you ready to do too much -- what happened -- -- who. Well it is ridiculous Graham I'm going to call -- you're talk about this case it was back in court again yesterday. And it's a sixteen year old dedicated Texas from a very very wealthy family in Fort Worth area. Killed four people drink and drive and killed four people in his pickup truck. And -- sentenced to probation. No jail time and defense attorney argued that he suffers from affluence. Because this -- is so rich they didn't set enough limits he he doesn't understand rules he does understand limits. So again I think this is a great reminders that there's so much criticism of the less affluent. For having children and not racing improperly. When the other end of the socio economic spectrum they -- are. There are some rich people. Who ignore their kids. To give them whatever they want but they're not being parents. And in reality. There's no difference if you wanna join our show with a comment on numbers 2601872. -- 38668890. Point seven. -- -- 87870. Here's a -- -- are creating a child as a mistake while those were poor choice of words yeah I believe I will agree with that getting pregnant out of wedlock according to the Catholic Church. Is some mistake. I guess that's the best way to put it it was a mistake. But people make mistakes. And -- sinners and we all make mistakes so for teacher does get pregnant do you fire her or to use that as a teaching moment to say look. This is not the thing that should happen to you but if that does this is the way it's gonna be handled. I'm -- if Tommy Tucker were coming right back with more of your comments is 651 on Debbie WL and here's another traffic update -- -- Catholic schoolteacher Montana fired. -- She's unmarried and she's pregnant. She got fired after they found out that she was pregnant. Was at the right thing to do that or W -- pretty -- opinion poll here's an update. 57%. Saying no that was not the right thing to do and 43% say yes it once. Give us your opinion I go into our web site to -- WL dot com. Honest to blog this morning is. It's about CVS. Deciding that they can no longer handle tobacco products we'll talk more about that later in the show you can read the blog and share with others it's on our web site. -- -- if you want to account are coming up in the next hour we'll talk about a federal judge ruling that citizens have a First Amendment right to warn other drivers about speed traps ahead. So talk to Louisiana state police about. Their view of this is this constitutional federal judge says it is also billionaire Sam Zell billionaire. Says something about the non rich. Says something about the 99%. That I find insulting an absolutely outrageous. We'll tell you about that coming up the next hour. From -- can a year and a BWL. Well I think he -- gel well when you got that -- and quite some people. Straighten it -- Kenny are glad you called and I I think that's a legitimate point retarded about this said this teenager I -- couch at sixteen years old -- drinking and driving killed four people. He's from a very very -- -- -- he was back in court yesterday because the prosecution went back to -- -- getting sentenced to twenty years in prison which is what you or I might of faced but no he gets probation. See his defense attorney argued that he suffers from affluence. -- so a floor with his family is so rich that they just mildly just didn't set the right rules for him. And is rich families sending him to a 450000. Dollar year rehabilitation center. In California. The defense attorney said that the families so wealthy they coddled him and didn't set the right kind of limits therefore he didn't really understand. His mistake. Here is attacks that reads I never heard you even mentioned once that the teacher could have gotten married. See how selfish. See how are -- selfish society overlooks the Al -- get this unmarried teacher I could've gotten married but. Which you -- to to marry somebody that she wasn't in love with that again the people make mistakes and a lot of these kids in this Catholic school and end up having sex at some point. And not everybody's gonna be married so the fire of the pregnant teacher. Or do you say hey if this happens this is the way we handle it. -- or another way to have a studio for Tommy Tucker will be.

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