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WWL>Topics>>2-6 7:15am Scoot, flashing lights to warn drivers

2-6 7:15am Scoot, flashing lights to warn drivers

Feb 6, 2014|

Scoot in for Tommy. Scoot talks to Trooper Melissa Matey, the PIO for State Troop B, about whether flashing your headlights is legal in Louisiana

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And Melissa Beatty from the Louisiana state police -- he joins us on to be WL Melissa welcome to our show this morning. All right let's talk about the rules here in Louisiana can can citizens warn drivers about speed traps ahead. Well. Not technically there is set flashing light is illegal. That perhaps -- the -- I'm at a court Ebert that he vehicles would be exempt from outlaw all that they -- in each -- -- -- -- purposes. If there's something in the roadway war. -- -- from sort. Dangerous object or did you need to warn voters -- and get it right. Other than it did it did they typically tapers speed traps or four. -- But eats -- but it is -- to flash your lights to warn of some kind of obstacle in the road. So so it's not illegal to flash your lights. It is unless -- for. The hazardous situation. Pricing. And but he -- but the law as far as you know doesn't make reference to -- warning people about speed traps. You know the allotment act specifically referenced back to expect that that particular law could be written or that I'm. They did not -- that's not a common. Citation that state police issue. I am short -- issued in the past work -- -- -- public safety and and where were looking predicts beater and it -- -- people that are are in driving appeared in. Not buckling up not buckling their children up at -- army but there. I mean will -- -- get written on short sometimes you know it will and it hasn't passed but again it's not one of our focuses. Do do you do we see in a state police look at it is interfering with police activity if somebody held up a sign or did something other than flash their lights to warn people of of a speed trap ahead. Could be and that -- separate law there there are laws on the books for our interfering with police investigation or interfering. Or. A distraught obstructing. The the law enforcement activity which would be in this case sixty out of the final or actor light. Did that -- could it also arm again. We don't see very often but I'm sure there are circumstances where of course it it would be -- that in the past but it but again more army focuses on public and. -- -- thinking that if this is this federal judge makes this ruling this is something that's gonna have to -- take its search Leo around the country and it. It may cause the legislatures around the country to specifically say it's legal but then that's gonna lead to two more challenges. I would think that the goal would be to get people to slow down. Rather than the gold being too. A punish people by giving them a ticket who are speeding because I've people who get tickets for speeding it's not like they stop speeding which is a shame. But again. In the broad spectrum in this -- all the time they. Here are urged beating or you know you'd have people that are beating maybe their children from the pack. And in one week. People eager -- -- in the car. It's like they are able is somebody that does I don't buckled or -- their child -- is improperly installed. We take that time. There in the short out buckled properly and we we stopped them because they were beating Li Li took care of multiple different they -- Things that -- -- on in the cart we we actually made child paper. And it care -- traveling with a child they are so when somebody takes that opportunity away. By by letting somebody out that of course whether. Cop but as it. Could be other things made. We don't do this and that makes sense. Yes yes I understand but -- -- -- -- before you go in the state of Louisiana flashing her lights as far as you know is illegal -- if you were few awards somebody about a speed traffic. It illegal in the lot at -- specifically state for being trapped. -- guarantee that -- he had flash for hazard situation which that we can be considered. -- Well estimating Louisiana state police should be thanks for being with us and -- WL -- --

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