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2-6 8:10am Scoot, favorite concert?

Feb 6, 2014|

Scoot in for Tommy. Scoot takes your calls and talks to listeners about the best concert you've been to

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

George -- is gonna fight this rapper DMX. Going to be a big celebrity -- on love those -- I don't know that he qualifies as a celebrity Georgia and but he's. He's gonna fight this rapper. And EP he boarded the flight to Kenny west but that second happen it's gonna fight this rapper DMX all right who's a 43 years old he says he wants to fight George Zimmerman for every black person. Who has been done wrong in the system by the system card he says Zimmerman of course it generals have not guilty he he said he wants to beat the blank the living blank out of Zimmerman. Is -- -- -- break every rule in boxing to make sure that I. -- -- -- Wow. This is. So you target audience they've made this could be a paper view with I I again I guess and -- I'm sure there are a lot of people who would pay -- source -- get beat up -- job I or maybe you'll beat at the rapper. I guess is always -- the other thing I possibility that we might have riots as it is president announced yesterday is going to be a three round boxing match but. Video rapper -- -- -- from a officials -- sifted through 151000. Other -- it's. Reflect -- -- -- 151000 people plane -- choices that they were all standing in line. And I'm sure -- and it is gone with him. But the official announcements gonna come on Wednesday August next Wednesday for every -- twelfth. Political bloc in Philadelphia the speed of the -- you're if you if you could dream this stuff up. But you know it would -- about this is George Zimmerman. So we're gonna say he's benefiting from crime but put if you if you think about the fact that he was found not guilty he didn't. Commit a crime but in the minds of many did he did commit a crime and a lot of people say he's he's he's benefiting from that -- So George Silverman and rapper DMX set to fight we don't know it's. When or -- but it. I can't wait. David what was it -- and I know this is just a last moment. The question but what's one of the best concert you've ever been to what all of that thing -- his lawyer and I know you've been to -- and. Many many many. What's a good when that just comes to mind alone -- I think there's so many I'd probably be a tie between those who. And I can't even remember word here though were sent by. And ice on a David Ball we. When he was doing the Ziggy stardust that as -- as you can knock my socks off here. Here's a Texas just came miss. He could beat a -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'd like to see him again. Yeah if it bothered me you know -- -- by the -- but it bothered me that their Red Hot Chili Peppers and faked it Anthony -- -- singing we mentioned yesterday. They admitted that. Then they faked it to you they were playing along with a track and that that bothered me although they did it because that's what the and it's a requires and they were there were problems with with sounds and putting a distaste that was what I was told by by some people -- no more than I know that it's very complicated. Obviously they were doing to acts kind of it wants and -- all of that going on. It was necessary to to take them at least that's what I'm here. I would rather indeed not perfect and be alive if it's supposed to be alive that you don't want that he's out though oral you know he wouldn't know now I would think they could figure out a way to to do that the winner of the technology -- ended up in a hurry I know. Easier to have to pre recorded. In any event it's just it it bothered me but it got me to thinking about -- what's the best concert today you've been to maybe not the best but we'll talk about just some of the best concerts we've been too because for. The baby boomer generation that is now the establishment. A concerts have been part of our allies for a very long time was just an automatic thing and I think back on the concerts and I've been to an end and and some of the best -- these late seventies Bruce Springsteen. First I believe it was theater for the performing arts. And in the -- -- laudatory you're performing arts now that I know -- Jackson theater. But Bruce Springsteen in those early years come into Wallace he was incredible. He's been great over the years but I still remember the early years of the Bruce Springsteen when he was doing. Stuff from the born to run album was one of the best concert you've ever been -- and it'd bother you that the Red Hot Chili Peppers. If indicators were singing but they take our numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890878. Text numbers -- -- -- that -- scoot him for Tommy Tucker we're coming right back on Debbie WL. And unmarried teacher at a Catholic middle school in Montana has been fired they learned she was pregnant they fired her -- certainly have a right to do that. The head of the Catholic school districts said that the church teaches marriage -- a holy union between a man and a woman. And you're supposed to be married to get pregnant but at the teacher had I got an abortion they may never have known and she would have been able to keep her job so did the school to the right thing. That's -- WWL party general opinion poll here's a quick update 62%. Say no the school did not do the right thing. And 30% say the school did the right thing give -- your opinion by going to our web site WW dot com so. Yesterday we learned that the Red Hot Chili Peppers fake the musical partner -- keep this was singing but the Red Hot Chili Peppers were playing along with the pre recorded. On a track of given away given -- given away now during the Super Bowl. And it disappointed me I'd I'd rather them be lies and and not perfect also may be think about some of the best concerts that I've been doing. Which one of the best concerts that you've ever been to a from a plus -- a year -- -- -- well. I bet concert -- as well -- Alice Cooper. At which what was it like this -- when a city park. No. -- Out in municipal auditorium. He was clear to Iran. And a warehouse. And that you know monotony. Of -- out of it that you and I think you're only garnering even if a theatrical headed to Philippines it's I could show I know. It if you if you think about the stuff that Alice Cooper did a long time ago when you think about it at the criticism of young performers today and and how their. There they're too violent -- to exist there too that. I again I think my generation the baby boomer generation tends to forget about some of the things that it's all when it was growing up than it thinks it turned out okay and. Right right and Emory and and -- radio company I'm I want tickets are concert and I was eco thinking to my -- Thanksgiving dinner. But -- clockwork and don't match up. And there are no mind that he got that one tickets and I was able to go meet him in person and have Thanksgiving dinner where. The brig at pitches it was still dark. That's -- that's for sure that story witness I Alice Cooper at the one that I remember Alice Cooper was a City Park Stadium. And I remember this this. This group next in -- pass me Joseph I didn't take -- hit off of it. But they passed that joint it was about the size of a cigar and I -- as the first -- ever seen anything like that. And I remember years ago I Alice Cooper asked me to be. The cyclops when Alice Cooper was the grand Marshal of the crew of condemning. Here is a text Van Halen net. Diver down to our central plex 1982. A diamond Dave. At his best years in other techs Led Zeppelin early seventies Rolling Stones late seventies. Why -- degree with that however when I tell you what my favorite concerts ones. I think you gonna be surprised because yes I was at those. Well actually mid seventies Led Zeppelin and Rolling Stones those were just unbelievable show especially -- simply. But I think you might be surprised it went to this day I still consider to be the best concert I've ever been to -- talk about that we come back -- scoot -- for Tommy Tucker it's called. It's 841 years -- of the WWL traffic update with Mike. Coming up in the next hour we'll talk about CVS making the decision to not sell cigarettes or any tobacco products is that there really lead to fewer smokers. That's a subject of the scoop blog that I refer website WW real dot com it's a turning on -- website you can read it sure -- others but right now we're talking about what's the best concert that you've been to. And it's not just about the music it's also I think just about the whole setting. The time. The crowd just that the feel of everything the combination of of all this the census the music and just that. While not necessarily the smell but you know that sometimes it costs but with concerts now. But just at the the whole feeling of that concert. I got a text here best concerts Aerosmith and Bon Jovi were just awesome I drove to Atlanta for Bon Jovi saw Aerosmith in Nolan. Here's another text prints at the sang her. What was one of the best concert you've ever been to a from Covington Michael your -- and -- good morning. On -- and you know that it. The Austin tour in 030 for a south Austin and that power Abacha books in -- or and mandate. There's just no -- -- just two hours -- Austin and -- they'll. Was amazing. Probably the greatest. The greatest vocalist ever you know course that's that's -- that's my opinion that it was also what he can do the source. And listen to this right now as this is Boston now as opposed to when they were cranking out the hits in the seventies. Right it was the only two members. Originally you know metro were optional stand -- they help the course of -- -- artists and have appeared you know state let them. You know different musicians but. Those two remained in Miami just. Just a great show great great city park concert and it. Michael thanks for sharing that -- a story Lewis. For Mississippi Tommy you're on WW on good morning. Not a moment. Without a doubt Tibet can't sort of been to a bill press. And you know he -- I never saw Elvis. He was appear performers hit a beautiful voice and put -- a great show it not. So it should -- -- chili pepper and -- it was lab and achieve what you saw and what you heard what you get. What year do you remember what year that was stunning. I -- them in baton route. I don't remember a lot about certain days ago where. A sentiment that rooted in -- -- you know that's that's one regret I have never had an opportunity -- was as many people listening it's instinct telling appreciation in this story -- A from Biloxi rich here and -- WL. You know what I don't like you -- -- -- an early days in mobile and I think government contract aside almost like Elton John wants to. That to duplicate. Obama's. -- -- are going to echo that you're doing this for your comment this morning -- numbers 26 no 170. Toll free 8668890. Point seven text numbers 87870. Is a text Pink Floyd in old Dallas stadium. For the sound and weeks later in the superdome for the light show here's a text -- Jovi. 1986. Lakefront arena it Cheap Trick on the riverboat president. 1984. You know that was something that was really quite a phenomena for those of you who were new to the New Orleans area and dimension is -- this big river boat called that the president. And they had concerts. The president brought it up -- you left the dock in fact I never ended up in it but I I heard that they actually had a I'm a little jail. -- somewhere on the boat if you if you misbehave they they took it to the jail and then they turned over to authorities when when the boat -- but I imagine. Imagine going on the Mississippi River during -- concert. And -- riverboats. With and remember Cindy law operative that was the first time she ever came to New Orleans. An obvious on unbeaten 87 at the time and had an opportunity go to all lottery concerts here's a text Willie Nelson. House of blues who was what are the best concert you've ever been to from the world's press here and -- W well yeah. Libya in the red rock canyon. It naturally ample -- blockage. In Denver Colorado. Right now but Arizona Denver all agree Brad Roxio is. -- moderate I album was. Look also that had to be phenomenal via the red rocks is -- and I probably. I've heard people like Harry Connick junior and -- say that red rocks is. All of their favorite places to play it's a natural amphitheater with the smooth red rocks that create discrete. Acoustic on beyoncé and it just it's. There's just there's something so romantic about a concert red rocks. Chris and political are so the good -- there and I have to admit that I thought they were were really good. Here's a text Garth Brooks of the -- discounts or journey you know 1985. Here's a text. -- -- QS five times and would see them again 500 more. Best concert was earth wind and fire in Chicago in the arena around 2004 it was awesome. All the horns and the joint forces at the end of the concert here's attacks it's leading. For the third time in two weeks in Lafayette. Must beat and global warming again. If you want to join us with a comment on numbers 2601870. 2038668890. Point seven text numbers 877 inventory -- more vehicles coming out. And share with you went to this day is it. I would say it's the number one concert and I've I've ever been to and for those of you who. Have -- me over the years that note that I've did the -- did -- concerts in the early seventies in Baton Rouge. The stones and was honored to -- Bon Jovi and the Google's together in Denver and Pearl Jam in Seattle. Throughout my career I've just seen a lot of great concerts I think you might be surprised. What I list is mine my favorite concert we'll do that we come back. It's a 30 cold Thursday morning on -- for Tommy Tucker or your comments are coming up next -- another WWL news updates. It's definitely and David all the concerts I've seen over the years even Led Zeppelin and bitter. Their height highest points. I have to tell you the best concert that I've ever been to these guys Duran -- Daphne -- on my bedroom she's not surprised it was everything it was the crowd it was the moment it was a couple of years after MTV started it was. It was. The it was the first concert that I ever saw in video being used in fact I was really interested in going. Not only for that the concert. But I was really interested in in seeing okay how was this band to rendering it. It was born on MTV. How has this band going to. To capture an audience that is gonna see them from the -- -- it like two inches tall -- -- well this was the first band I ever saw using close ups and video screens. And every time they showed pretty little pretty boy nick wrote code for our Simon Le -- John Taylor an intermission the place just erupted. I thought it was a phenomenal law and I was just a phenomenal show it to this day it to stands out in my mind is the best concert -- into my wife still goes crazy -- Duran Duran and the you know the guys today they look they look really great. Here's a -- Joe Cocker the warehouse -- I was there he threw up on stage. Don't want. Joe Cocker stoned to Galvin beeper and stop them they didn't miss -- -- -- yet -- went right this off our. -- -- out of respect. About the yet the president. I'm epic clash YouTube Ramones Irma Thomas. Again for those who were relatively new to the New Orleans area news they don't remember they've -- weren't around when there was this. Rolling river boat with concerts up and down the Mississippi River and I got a text here it's called the break. Yet they had -- they had a small jail. If you misbehaved as you -- away from the dock they put two in the jail in the break our president and then turn you over to the authorities on the got back to the to the -- Not I have to admit that there are a lot of concerts stories are from backstage situations that I can't share -- the -- -- maybe maybe one day you know a book. -- I'm I'm gonna wanna name names. Tried it at. If you wanna join our show with a comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Died nearly seventy Texas State 7870 Karen welcome to WWL. There and it -- and on how. Now this was when he was big news like it was still good -- Jobs. Oh. Prejean. About scoring and it. Out without the at our sister. And I mean Michael de La. I have heard. In my Fred -- last beaver productions a they have been doing Michael globally concerts here and around the country and they invited me to go and I think it was a Tuesday night at the new -- arena and I was on the air that dissect couldn't go but I've heard that Michael globally just puts on a sensational show. It. Is. He is he'd make -- Bring that out. I parties kind of like 001 man -- act like. That one man attacked and -- With George -- -- it is very very. Straight and it. Art and and the only about eight. McCarron I appreciate you sharing their stories with -- and a specialist -- WWL here's attacks grand fought 1970 Atlanta pop festival. Another tech Stevie Ray -- Tulsa at the theater right before he died. Here's a text Jethro told municipal auditorium 1971. Anybody who was -- do you actually remember. Being there because 1971 -- told -- that would have been a wild scene. And I have received a number of checks of people with -- earth wind and fire. Like this -- earth wind and fire 1976. Minneapolis. What's one of the best concert you've been to. -- student Tommy Tucker we're coming right back under WL. Bob Hebert and cursing -- thrilled to give you the first chance to talk sports weekday mornings on three to the mid nineties when that whole grunge. Seen was this was reaching he's good Smashing Pumpkins were -- -- -- -- -- Smashing Pumpkins you know. 1994. My ears are still ringing. Especially those in favor favor raising and and so were all of those bands that's we're part of Seattle's grunge scene -- -- love that music. And -- and mentioned that a Kid Rock is also one of the best sponsors have ever been to and I'm getting a number of text about a Kid Rock. One here says circuit broadcast -- -- extravaganza. Yeah I saw a Kid Rock well I guess it was two years ago. And it's a Jazz Fest and I thought it was great I was not a Kid Rock fan until I saw a majestic bald and I saw him last February at the New Orleans Arena. It was the inside stage show with the lights and everything I I thought Kid Rock was absolutely phenomenal. And I saw him again this year where it needed to cure was here as well attack and Judith well this past year and food fest. -- from New Orleans John your under the WL. Yeah much. My favorite one was out Drupal which like the lady generally -- that theatrical pretty -- everything to do it but I worked. Security what you're -- arena back in the or late eighties early ninety's tossing a lot changed. One of my favorite chosen there's actually an anonymous claimed that -- -- on my friends that it is OK Neil Diamond. But on a terrific show there are -- that would have bought tickets are like that one and just sit there with the crowd it was amazing how how -- falch. Chart from that standpoint event of actually working entered into a position like that did you notice that it. It's it's more than just the music it's the it's the crowd it's the overall collective on beyond some of the of the concert. Yet correct that this was the sit there I'll answer. A I think that the tool was called black hair natural. We -- we actually at my church and backpack they just pull you atmosphere would have been. I grew up in the big you know heavy metal. -- be true you know you go to him. After just totally different than what this was and it -- to make just couldn't believe. What he argued -- John I appreciate you sharing -- with the socialists in from Vanderbilt Matt you're under the WL. Sure that was one of the best concert you've ever been to I got a. Edit the file legal only these well you know bullet when he goes to record. Al's saloon. And so on because we were the jobs and sport -- concert at the web. Who grew up I answered popular have a structure and edgy ticket to. Sports announcer you can get in the record for four. We will go check out where. It got played -- also and wouldn't that. Now you know before you know Wilson took them away it is all. About two cores. Great story that I've I appreciate you collect you know it's interesting how we do think back on those concerts stated that meant so much but here's a text Rod Stewart yes and Jethro -- all the great. Is it takes Cat Stevens early 1970s. In Baton Rouge and -- and Rod Stewart and Tina Turner still college in Texas early nineties. Here is a text. Foreigner and lover boy at city park Jake aisles -- L issue. In Baton Rouge were talking about this because I still was a little bothered and even today by the reality it. The Red Hot Chili Peppers during the Super Bowl halftime show they were fake and the music. And look in I realize why they did it but I would rather be lines are not perfect that's just mine my preference. I'd rather be life in a perfect and NB pre recorded Anthony Keith is usually singing but flee a base for the Red Hot Chili Peppers admitted to their fans. Did they were. Not really playing -- that was a pre recorded track for the Super Bowl halftime that I just sort of thing about some of the the best concerts I've been to and I've been very. Very fortunate in my career to have been there's so many -- concerts and I'm sure you have to assume we're gonna continue to talk about some of the best concerts that we have ever been to. If you wanna join us for your comment our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. -- Amber's -- 77 here's a Texan reads Van Halen 2004. Biloxi coliseum Cowboy Mouth Christmas Eve. 1997. Concert saved in my soul. I'm -- front -- -- people Cowboy -- will be very happy here the of those guys but -- a fun show to. We're coming right back with more it's 852. This Thursday morning in his car. As of sleep again. In this area a studio for Tommy Tucker here's another -- appeal traffic updates. If you're from New Orleans if you've been here or a wild. He went to concerts in places like that where house. I've had a number -- about this and this band who has huge news. In -- they were bigger here this I think this was the the city where they were the most popular. And I've never played this over the years ago. -- -- -- And here's a text. Prince 1985 super -- Electric Light Orchestra in 1978. And I chili peppers 8485. And Jimmy's. Yeah pretty hot chili peppers pleaded Jimmy's once. Amazing from battery terrier and a VW -- -- Opt out or opt. In 1988. If you mr. -- it was -- -- -- in a couple longer tree on ground in the soup. The book club which. May be able to get a pretty close. Great. -- want one there's got to be the all. You files. Where we saw what appears at all. And I were peppers and Three Dog Night that play there as well. Terry I've I appreciate you have mentioned that yet and and when Terry talks about the setting it on in park in. And Bob Dylan it really is it's about the whole setting it's about the everything that makes the concert to concert and not just the band in just the band's music. A from Baton Rouge Steve I got time for quick comment was one of the best concert you've ever seen. All saw -- -- -- the president -- that was great villain is stereo of these top Thanksgiving night 1980. Investors -- they did he quail problem. This small -- ever. How do you replace its lowest since they've Martinsville they did their debut album and by the way they do a whole hour and a half of zeppelin on court it was -- Steve thanks for that. I'm getting some text about Cowboy Mouth and Better Than Ezra I've I've seen both of those of local groups many times house of blues is a great place to it to see both of them. Here's attacks that reads Kenny G that you know best -- I ever had. Six picks on the Brothers. City Park Stadium in the late sixties Genesis Saint Bernard culture -- I saw them who at the secret or civic auditorium like this 1968. I've -- for Tommy tiger hangover coming back after the news.

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