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Feb 6, 2014|

Scoot in for Tommy. Scoot takes your calls and talks to listeners about their favorite concert and CVS's decision to stop selling tobacco products

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And they've been getting a lot of Texas best -- -- into this is typical of many of those ones that I received about these heats up. Easy easy top Tulane stadium summer of 1976. And I believe there was a riot gear didn't police commander and actually stopped that concert I don't know all sort of like -- on -- work that we're -- it shut that down. Particularly I have to talk about your favorite Cotchery gets a lot of things to get yourself you can miracle was at 260. 187. Toll free 866889. Series semi -- number is 87870. I saw something on television yesterday that it found interest in -- you know products. Offer sometimes a special discount to. The special people did that might be attracted to buy a particular product. It's it's not offered for everybody but ask for a special discount. For a collect a certain group of people -- card. Yesterday I was watching the commercial with Pat Boone the walking in times. And he says ask about our special senior citizen -- who else is buying. Now all Pat's been around now he's regular rounds I thought it was due on golden oldies now it's Tubbs. So Bubba who else is buying a mommy we're gonna make a special appeal to senior citizens like you -- wanna get that debate featured just about the senior citizen discount outlets some teenagers buying a walk contests like this senior discount -- dynamics -- at. This is for your walk in college but there are there other people who go to Denny's like I can't imagine anybody other than a senior citizen buying a walked. A walk in time yes. I don't know grown woman and maybe -- -- and handing -- Competitive I went out the guy I don't know maybe there's something about a -- into that I'm missing but don't have any need for that many times the Eiffel. You may be there is sooner than you think. That's really brightening my reality that's. I didn't enjoy his with a comment this morning at numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy. And -- number is 87870. Lance here and a VW on good morning. An issue right now on it. Well my first concert was probably my best out but twelve you know -- among all the probably drag it should -- -- outs. There weren't answered. And if they -- never or. It was Joseph Walsh game. Joseph lawless headed -- their big song was so it was walk away and forty. And fog 49 right. I remember that to this day -- really great out there. Lance thanks for sure in a story with here's a Texan Bob Marley at the warehouse to on course played three hours crowd was like family. I can imagine what a wonderful concert that would have did Bob Marley at the warehouse. Three hours to Warren -- having to think about the setting of the warehouse and against those have you who were new to New Orleans. This was day it will it was a concert hall it was a literally. And old warehouse it was it was old and there really wasn't any traffic at one point. They would actually offer. Free admission and correct if I'm Roy -- -- -- offer free admission at some point if you ought a patch of carpet because they were tried to court to carpet. The that the floor of the -- the warehouse if you brought carpet you united free but that was at the scene of many many great concerts have no Johnston passed away last year. And usually the founder of the warehouse some of the early members of the B productions and we talked about a civic classic moments from the warehouse in the past. I'm still in for Tommy Tucker. We've been talking about this high school and a middle school teacher middle school teacher in Montana. She was fired. After the school -- she was pregnant. And head of the Catholic school in the district said that the church teaches that marriage is a holy union between a man and a woman. But think about it the teacher could have gotten an abortion nobody would have known. And she would -- kept their job. So did the school do the right thing by firing. The unmarried pregnant teacher I know they have a right to do not question their right to do Pope was at the right thing to do. That's our -- WL pretty general opinion poll here's an update 64%. Now majority say that was not the right thing to do. In 36% say it was the right thing to do if it was your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com. Also we've target that you -- just a moment with talked about. Another story that has come out of practice this actually be sixteen years old he -- be seventeen now but when the accident happened was sixteen Ethan couch. For the Fort Worth, Texas area. -- he was in court yesterday because prosecutors requested a twenty year jail term. My charges related to his accident sixteen years old got drunk. Got in his pickup truck drinking and driving he got an accident and killed four people. This first started to get a lot of attention because the judge gave him no jail time. Probation. He got probation. Killed four people his defense attorney argued that his parents are so wealthy. That they coddled him. And he suffers from something known as affluence. Which is of course of of a made -- -- Like influenza it's affluence he suffers from being too fluent. His parents had so much money that they didn't take the time to set limits for him they didn't they were so rich and I guess so busy in their lives that they didn't have. The time to really be strong parents and so what he did was not really his fault. So here's this kid is. He's going to rehab he's also been sinister rehab. He's going to rehab rehabilitation facility. And this is being being paid for by his parents I am reading here that it's 450000. Dollars a year. In California. So you kill four people drinking and driving. I'm thinking I don't care how little parenting you've hand it's pretty obvious that you're not supposed to do justice. And so many people were outraged. That this this kid is essentially getting off. Just the very idea that somebody suffers from affluence. To think about. But people who are wealthy. Would they ever except an excuse to somebody -- for that they did have time to -- their kids. Or would they hold parents accountable. -- -- parents and in my in my opinion the opinion a lot of people they should be held accountable to. But the the very idea that somebody is so rich that the they didn't properly parent their child. Is absolutely. Outrageous. If you -- to join our show our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy. And a -- amber is a 77. From saint rose stand here and -- WL. It's a good morning. For the concert should go for say that I am. 66 years -- them and you can never retired professional musician you always do so that we -- but I don't actively going out perform and do it anymore. But have been in the business. -- well over fifty years in its. I've done everything from session issues and they're performing. Writing producing and recording. And one thing that changed -- told me musical outlook. In 1970 fort saint Benoit civic auditorium. When optical pointedly -- there was an unbelievable concert. And one thing that would really made it is unknown and it that they wanted everybody to give a chance. In it was queens. Wow. This is this a story about one of the stories will agree stories about the the warehouse. Why is -- this to disguise this guy comes up when he asked one of the one of the people to warehouse he said to. I'm with the I you know I went -- where to go I'm with the police. And extolling the -- you know we need to go over here and later they saw him on stage it was sting. Relate to -- with the police they thought it was with the with the police force. Yeah I thought that that documentary on -- way out of great. It as forceful. Opening act for -- the -- Is clean. An unknown at Google which. Had slaughtered all of and applaud the change -- -- in place you know will put field wall for a second ruled that decisions. The old stuff like that play in the -- great players in the teen bands about it so you know that's what my mindset was around that time. But win but the people opened up would golden age rock and roll it was just like. Everything that the music we changed it -- -- unbelievable production stage production. Now inflation. In gimmicks like now -- don't have -- content shows it. Is that the musicality to everything the performance -- it was disliked this is sound music supposed to be fully. Interesting how you're influenced by that day and -- I appreciate you calling her show here's the text clean best concert dispersant every -- clean. Halloween. But -- sixteenth birthday. It had to be very magical time. So CVS has decided to ban the sale of cigarettes and all tobacco products is this can actually lead to fewer smokers. Or talk about this coming up that's the subject of the -- -- that I wrote for our website WW dot com and you can read it. -- and others and now we're back and talk about. What if what if Muslims came to America. And they opened up a convenience store. And based on -- religious beliefs they decided not to sell beer. Is that a Clinton. Or since there in America. Should they still -- because this is American. And if there are going to be in business in America. Should they still -- should they sell -- all the what if it's against their religious beliefs. We'll talk about this we come back. -- -- -- Tom Tucker will be right back. And we all want to wish -- very happy. Siegel who does say. I know -- appreciate. Producers enjoyed a very very. -- I just WL bridge I'd -- it is polish Catholic school in Montana fired a pregnant unmarried teacher because she was pregnant and that goes against. -- her contract and and there there are contracts that schools have -- people sign especially religious based schools. And if you if you don't. Legal life personally and professionally that's -- -- with the teachings of the school and that religion. Then that your fired it you bring to ruin your -- But I'm wondering was this the right thing to do because we all make mistakes and certainly -- Catholic Church can understand about asking for forgiveness when mistake to me when you think about the scandal with with priest. But that was just the right thing to do to fire this unmarried pregnant teacher at a Catholic school 65%. Saying no. And 35% say yes it was the right decision. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com also getting some reports of some sleet on the North Shore. So there's the possibility of some sleep today and late this afternoon. 40% chance of rain -- hide it he's only going to be forty last time I checked it was 35 degrees so it is. It's cold. From Metairie -- you -- a VW well. I'd. -- -- just a few minutes ago that one call about The Beatles got their. Park stadium. No it amazing to the deals played a City Park Stadium and I didn't yeah I was I was young so I wasn't going to concerts and I didn't go. Obviously well you obviously you. Wouldn't need -- I want to -- local radio station. With the number 690. I think it's as. I get a -- yeah yeah -- Sent postcards and and -- a postcard. You want every hour and you can't start time like two minutes. To call and if you call me and if they chose you albeit in time EY eight feet. Down in the front of the stage. Where at the -- eating out now. And you were there. Went there and a couple of maps -- and young teenage girl we thought we had died and gone to. We were literally too broad they think. Folding chair wouldn't folding chair we. -- And the eagle saying I mean one song. And at least we the second song. And it started jumping down. On the field. Com exchange. Now that been that would have been 1964. Correct. So let's let this thing about it this. This this coming weekend is the fiftieth anniversary of The Beatles to -- America and that and that was in February -- came to America -- -- they weren't in New Orleans. Now we're actually are the next strict and may be Iraq and possibly I don't -- Actually ignited it might be -- war. -- -- shell and I don't think actress that it might and it nearly. But at the K why you only now they all started leaving Spain and the police. Came. And bail them. And there are a few topics that one may think. 90. They need 69. Feet. Still backed group that were supposed to be out or make anyway. All that out. On the field and -- Pushed everybody. To. Do you remember we -- and you anybody getting hurt you. I'll tell you how how how. -- Call it rocket hit life. He had chair at all and what apple engineer and what pieces on the ground. They need -- picture -- -- we managed to make sure during the we had no immediate help from -- As a bat boy we know it whatsoever. Event I appreciate you sharing that with us. Don't think I think brigade is to go -- -- really exciting for anybody -- the. Night event thanks for sharing that with the -- -- via video. It was a an epidemic referred to his beatle mania and this weekend is the fiftieth anniversary of The Beatles coming to America so will be talking more about that in in the future. Coming up -- tell you what this a billionaire Sam Zell said abouts the view were not rich. You're going to be insulted by this I think it's a very insulting -- for this billion assailed posture that with you. Also we've we do have the talk about CBS a banning the sale of cigarettes but a second actually lead to fewer smokers. And I guess a question is. This is America and they do with it of course can do with -- But for those who would support that which you also support. Muslims come to this country and I'm buying -- -- being sore. And not selling some American products like beer because that's against. Their religion. If -- -- stay with us if you wanna join us with your comment about it and we're talking about our numbers 2601878. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy. And it -- a receipt 77. I've screwed if Tommy Tucker it's 930 our -- -- -- If that -- -- WWL news update with David Julio. I'm getting confirmation that The Beatles concert in New Orleans at City Park Stadium was September 16 19644. Sold. They arrived in America in February 1964. They're touring the country and attendees. Incredible concerts. It is early is. Felt right after they left the show they sorted it touring America they were in -- Months later in September of 1964 and it was mostly screaming from what I've -- and you know I also I did not go to those early Beatles concerts. I've heard that those concerts were only lasted like twenty minutes. But they play dollars onto a socialist for two minutes long pause right. So they played all their songs yeah I was in a very long concerts and twelve songs -- -- gone and they stayed out of at a motel -- shipment -- highway. Bill congress in which isn't there anymore but it was a. Holy place where they can get them. In -- helicopter that abruptly they need to find a place where they can land a helicopter so vacated so they could be far away from from the -- that was the only place at the time that they -- They can do that aren't quite a phenomena and again this weekend is the fiftieth anniversary of The Beatles coming to America will be talking about that. I'm getting some text about Muslims already owning convenience stores that don't sell liquor discounts -- yeah I know that. So I'm just posing this question for those who who didn't know that. There are companies that choose not to sell certain things. And if it's okay for a CBS to not sell cigarettes that it's okay for. Of Muslims do open up a business and not sell alcohol offensive against their against their religious beliefs. Sharing your on WWL. Alliances. Yeah I'm. Talking about cut into that matter he and Erica isn't who he blocks -- why do -- Are hurting someone and I don't look you can -- -- in England. Like I agree. But that's what I think one of the questions is though will the ban on cigarettes for from CBS not selling cigarettes or tobacco products do you think this is gonna actually lead to fewer smokers. Now now darker complexion and yet. Any particular Turkey that you can't -- you are different. Exactly and I'm getting some Texas tea Walgreens is usually right across the streeters are down the street so. I don't go to Walgreens. And I'm a political show and and thanks ballistic -- year under the WL. And -- He -- actually in newer ones that because he municipal auditorium and -- -- And that's with the -- appeal flash. They -- want -- contract -- -- report that you could enact. My neck a -- it was Joe Cocker -- calculated. And and the extraordinary experience of -- times you know -- True I absolutely cannot stand in New York. -- -- in Asia my husband to musicians so Hewitt the opening act. And so I had to sit through time and concert and he sang July. -- have now all I hadn't thought about this in years but I had this vague memory now going to Tom Jones concert at the municipal auditorium here. And I got hit in the back of the -- and abroad because this has been -- taking off their -- and throwing their bras at the stage. They didn't -- yet -- that he had and New York. But I tell you that it was painful it was kind of permanent. Jeanne thank you and thanks for sharing that story with -- and and Tom Jones is still performing. Before we get to this next break I -- tell you about something and I'm sure -- hear about this on the news but I read this this morning before going on the year and I was I was really surprised that somebody would be this insensitive. Billionaire Sam Zell now this is the year of the chairman of equity group investments. He said. That. -- -- rich. Are jealous. Of the wealthy. Those who aren't wealthy are jealous of the top 1%. And he said instead of being envious. You should try to emulate the top 1%. He went on to say that the non rich. Don't have the same work ethic as the very wealthy. And that's. The 1% the top 1% the top wealthiest people in this country. Work harder and are much bigger factor in all forms of society. And -- you know I just thought that was really insensitive. I don't know about you but I think I have a very strong work -- Not everybody is in a position to make decisions that leads them to be a billionaire. There are some people who had been given thinks -- there are a lot of baby boomers who have a lot of money because they're parish less the money. Because this was a generation that reap the benefits from a lot of people who bought life insurance policies. Mean I know people that. There have been made in life. Not because of what they did but because it's. Their parents left the money. So not everybody who has money actually achieved it on their own or achieve that much on their own. And I just thought this was highly insulting to suggested and that IRS couldn't help but think about. All of the the people who aren't rich. Who worked very hard every day. In jobs. And for businesses that make these people billionaires. Usually those people that work for you you don't think they have a strong work ethic. Now I'm not suggesting that there are not wealthy people to have a strong work ethic or that there were not billionaires. To have a strong work ethic. But to suggest that if you're not rich if you're not part of -- percent your work ethic is not as strong. As the top 1%. That's an insult. I'm -- we have -- Tommy Tucker you and adjoins with a comment on numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. Point seven tech's number. Is -- 7870. So what's your reaction to CVS banning the sale of cigarettes. And all tobacco products will this lead to fewer smokers. That's the blog wrote for a website WW real dot com. And it's on a web sites -- -- economy could read it become an undated if you like to share with others here's -- Texas a Tom Jones Jazz -- two years ago 71 good voice with. We've -- -- through their underwear. Some things never change it will be right back would there be a hero. Talking about some of the best closer we've ever been to this name came up quite often certainly as the violence is one of those concerts if you Alice Cooper's real we have -- well -- miss him. -- every event some of you might have gone but you don't really have any memories -- -- I said something a few moments ago and it might have appeared to be insensitive to to a number of people. So I just one of apologize if anybody was offended. I it to comment about watching the impact from commercially of the day. -- yesterday. I've been doing a commercial for walking tubs and I was just there are struck by the idea that there's a senior citizen discount that they will who else is buying these. And I've got a number of text that it handicapped people who are younger would by the walking -- I just -- -- the biggest audience would be the people who are getting the discount his -- kind of ironic that they offered senior citizen discount but anyway that was not my intent to offend anybody. CVS the nation's second largest drugstore chain. As -- -- and it's gonna remove all tobacco products from a shells by October. Because they wanna become a full health care facility. And apparently this is a new trend to a to have drug stores like CVS. Have walked in clinics. So it would be like I guess a little bit a couple of hospitals and they're hoping to recoup the lost revenue which is about two billion dollars a year from the sale of tobacco products. By starting smoking cessation programs. Now I guess the big question is is -- -- really cut down on smokers. You know their people who think that that -- the more difficult you make it to buy cigarettes the less people are gonna smoke. And I'm taking dead if I'm a smoker and CBS doesn't. Sell the product -- go somewhere else and and by the product. And if everybody stopped selling cigarettes would that not drive people who. Are. Addicted to cigarettes with that not drive them to the street to buy cigarettes a from old Metairie Betty Barbara your WWL. Yes hi I have a different angle. Aren't -- programs I'm allergic to cigarette smoke and when I heard -- he impressed me so much that they were putting held all the money. I -- then it got there. I wish I'd never been in any of that phone -- chomping at Walgreens and entries wrote and I go to the variety club in my house. So I'm considering supporting them with my money. And I think this is definitely one of the and one of the benefits from this it will attract people like you who are just gonna support them because of their decision to ban all tobacco products. Them well Barbara I appreciate you calling her show and I'm sure CBS -- CBS is very happy to hear that. I'm a doctor with the American Cancer Society doctor Richard their winter told the Reuters news service. That every time you make it more difficult to purchase a pack of cigarettes somebody quits but will Americans really quit smoking cigarettes. If you crave a cigarette argue their resort to. The more convenient black market if that's what it takes to support your habit. And as a smoker by my mother of battling cancer had half of what ever watch removed so why I don't support smoking. I'd -- I agree that people have a right to choose what they do and I seen firsthand the devastation the smoking can cause. However as long cigarettes are legal in this country have a difficult time supporting the banning of cigarettes. While there were countless other products that are potentially hazardous to one's health. That are gonna still be on sale at CBS. So you don't sell cigarettes because it's a health hazard which is still sell alcohol. To alcoholics. Somebody could be an alcoholic and you come -- they can buy alcohol and -- and I'm sure you could go up and on the aisles of a place like CBS. And find all kinds of different products. That could lead to disease could lead to. To death. About 18% of adults in America are smokers and that's down from 43% in 1965 when we first started to hear about smoking. The more damaging and something that we just stunt your growth which was the first thing that they you know -- is -- is gonna stunt your growth well we learned that it's a little worse than that point. Campaigns designed to convince people to quit smoking should never stop. And they are important but the battle to eliminate smoking in this country in the use of tobacco products I think needs defied. More creative ways to discourage young people from starting in the first place. Convincing somebody not to start smoking. Seems more attainable than convincing someone who is smoking. To suddenly stopped. Us from river ridge Mickey you're WB a Mikey -- to be WL. -- thank you -- got it right on -- and -- -- prepared to deal in leading you know sort of medical marijuana. For CBS. Ships sailed the medical mental war. That is -- an interesting point. And up. Saul actually get it out eleven at New Orleans Arena came back quickly on coal state what is portrait change is. My father god -- in my early years. My early years in music radio is is -- in the morning I have remembered playing Bob seeger songs. All these that is agrees if you ever -- that change to see them. You know he's sixties which is -- if you get a sum considering band names -- -- with him for thirty years introduced more stations cannot pick. That place declared an unbelievable. All if you ever get its teachings to see him to eat eat -- for. Mikey I appreciate you telling me that thanks for this story. Up from all my W you're on WWL. Extract economic. Wish I say that it had been built concert but it -- in order and has won a ticket to go at it. My parents were. And until 1992. My other than I thought it was let me out. Are -- Earth Day concert at the Hollywood Bowl and they -- people like correct statement. Laden. And it illegal but that aren't what I'm coming on stage at the end of the shadow. And to even make it better. Ringo Starr. Today I could not stop from crying it did it take that -- My two favorite that eagle no -- that particular can't call -- -- And thank you for sharing that story with a -- I can imagine -- felt I'll never forget the First Amendment Paul McCartney was doing. Doing an alum here in New Orleans and it was over the -- grow season he was in town with -- -- in his kids that they were staying at hotel in the French Quarter. And there was a sip at a party on one that put the riverboats. It was a the president that was one of the of the river boats in and and I was invited. And I'll never forget the first time I saw him get out of a limousine and having today a young -- in the beatles' first came out that was really quite a thrill. I studio for Tommy Tucker and we'll be right back on -- WL. Garland Robinette is coming up next. And the think tank here's a final update on our -- WL pretty -- my opinion poll this morning. A Catholic school in Montana fired an unmarried pregnant teacher when they felt like she was pregnant was at the right thing to do. 65%. Saying no that was not the right thing to do 35% say yes he was the right thing to do. Tonight we've talked about it CBS for banning cigarettes are gonna remove cigarettes -- -- tobacco products from their shelves by October the first. But is -- gonna cause people to to stop smoking or will they simply go somewhere else well other companies follow along and decide that this is the right thing for. For them to do. I don't know that this is go to really stop people from smoking as I mentioned a moment ago I think it's easier to convince people not to start that it is too. Try to take cigarettes away from those who are smoking it and really it is really through education and on availability because think about it. Marijuana is not legal and people get that it's not sold in stores but anybody who wants -- generally gets it. A from Slidell make a good time for a quick comment what was one of the best concert to ever saw. Today. The belts worn Iowa's all wars -- Or -- -- and I don't believe it was 1980. Wasn't it was Toto and born. While all right Rick I'm glad you called a lot of time or to think -- -- executive producer Jordan Steagall was having a birthday today our show producer -- -- studio producer. And I want to thank all of you for listening and being part of our show we -- he didn't -- you're still part of issue with the VW. I'm stupid Tommy --

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