WWL>Topics>>2-6-14 10:10 am Garland: on Obamacare

2-6-14 10:10 am Garland: on Obamacare

Feb 6, 2014|

Garland discusses whether Obamacare is responsible for the loss of jobs in America with Tony Clark of the Center for American Progress.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- Ochoa -- sound like his can be a little boring we're gonna talk about a bit corns. The new law Internet relatively new Internet. Services that so currency electronic currency. That's not regulated by any government in the world. But and I think you'll learn a couple of things that are rather surprised. Number one what's happening with the -- -- itself. But a number of crew adults in using it. Drug cartels using it to launder money terrorist. Using it launder money there's even assassination. Believing an assassination. Of that calls for this with the killing of world leaders specific world. -- couple experts on exploiting -- world outscored. And be 11 o'clock hour. Were finally able form built that's like -- trillion pages long. Sums it's of great benefit to reformers others say. Yeah but he looks -- nailing people with food stamps. The tool poured word even. Via agencies that provide food for the poor more gonna have trouble getting. So don't try to find out the details of that. It's -- -- try to -- -- -- out the fields of this next hour. To like most things with the media today would chip -- -- you pretty loose and year. Almost always says conservative or liberal bit. So there's part of the media -- sending. The Congressional Budget Office. Did the nose and analysis from England would least over the last couple. That predicted that president Obama's portable -- We're fooling. The war reports. If you read the liberal publications. They say -- moments and a now this were some seats seat today you you can't leave board Tuesday. You have to see how hole which rent. This is New York. Fairly liberal or. They claimed it would reduce hours work and old -- in the war. But not because -- crippling impact. On private sector job creation. And says more people will choose. Not to work. And others will choose -- you more hours than him otherwise. To obtain and or your provided insurer. In the Congressional Budget Office would shoes supposedly news DuPont and its label is nonpartisan. Says that -- be equivalent. Of limited in two and half million draw. In the workplace by 20/20 point. Rhetorical -- where there's director of health or war room at the center for American progress action. To order book to ensure appreciated the talk. It's open to him in this Susan liberal or conservative. People just quit looking for war. -- -- have them -- quit looking for work. Which are. I don't get. Lol I don't think that that's what this CBO report that you're referencing -- it's not that people are gonna stop looking for work it's that people. You know whether you're 62 years old and you'd be. You worried about having health insurance before but now you have an affordable option you might decide to retire earlier. It's about you know a working mom that's working three part time jobs to make sure that she can afford health care. But now that the health care is affordable for for the -- might do two jobs and their -- and spend more time. You know with the kids there is so it's not a matter people just saying I'm not I don't need to work anymore. It's a matter what what choices what kind of work people are doing I think that's what that whereas if you -- was getting. So New York Times is distorting the facts or the report. When there say bit more than worth the six men ages 25. To 54. Don't have jobs that total to import four million in. Simply put me -- billable jobs -- pin up so the men have quit looking. At the doesn't seem to visit the demographic you do to. -- -- Think those are separate issue and I think that clearly. There is an issue with the types of jobs. And making sure they're not jobs in the economy. Making sure that the economy is now working for everyone so that people you know that are winding. Middle class that are in the middle class -- good jobs that can you know to carry your camera like it did so we spent I think that's different than what the argument has ban. Recently where people are trying to take this report and say that the Affordable Care Act obamacare. Is causing people to lose it is gonna kill jobs. I think that's -- and I agree with you that there is an issue with you a long term unemployment. You know making sure that there -- -- -- good jobs that are being created her for people all across the income spectrum. But I would separate those two issues now. And and you would say that reports. -- this large group of men have quit looking for jobs is in her. No I'm not that I'm not saying that times change and bad. Is that -- -- my expression was absolutely quit looking for. -- -- -- I mean I know that -- did different reasons in terms of what people are. Going on the workforce to whether or not the job is there's a good job available. Four people and I know that there's a compounding factor. Is that the longer that your out of work harder it is to find work because. People you know look at your resume in the -- long gap. And they might think otherwise so. I know there on the initiatives and and you know that the president's trying to bring together like -- people from the business community that. Did you know help the long term unemployed to make sure that they're being hired. Make sure that there's -- acceptable to them I mean I under I understand. From the from the standpoint of stopped looking -- you know being unemployed. Take a big -- I'm not just on your income but also on. Just you're psychological. State like just making you know there's been reports of like higher rates of depression and things like that mean you know anxiety and worry. So you know having a job is it's more about it more than just the paycheck. I hear reports receiving an image and everybody I've talked about it including. Have always says -- -- -- quit looking for jobs that been happening and dial ball more pro war Obama. Sports and more and it becomes. Your. I lose this job I have bills to -- in order to put food on the table rival car if that money's not there. And I say what you -- a bullet for a long time back implements job on the quit of people just school house when that doubled as important you take Q. Family outgrown the street corner -- with -- -- -- in the NC please contribute. Let me let me take a break here come back and talk about some guts of the yeah reporters to -- the Congressional Budget Office. -- -- governor of the obligated celebrity immortal I have to reopen those so called dog no one bothers. Congressional budget at all consumed Washington. Jim -- and an analyst from she released Tuesday. Bid so that they need so that's predicted that piece of portable Kara. Would bring the workforce by two would have millions. Steve and Jerry and he. Frozen and spokesperson. Template but basically since this categorically not true. That report doesn't -- that it says it. The bridge and we called this should think. If we don't believe in liberalism or conservative and we believe in thinking. And the best would think and to understand. Two words we've got one person on the show who is liberal Tony Clark with this. And we're gonna have lived Syrian and libertarian conservative come -- the next hour. So let me -- -- this morning and the reports businesses. Politico. Says the report that police says that people shouldn't have job walked in this. Quoted attributed to a Harry Reid Democrat and about. So -- -- the country Woodward should be re region's people and do what they want what what does that have to do with the Congressional Budget Office report. I think what senator Reid who's getting. Like getting add to that the whole. Com. The whole concept of job like -- people being stuck in a job that doesn't necessarily to their skills there isn't necessarily that the kind of work it that anyone ambient. Simply because that they need to get health insurance for their family. And did it so what that. Report it is pointing -- too is that because it. Health care is -- If moral characters making it more choices and of affordable choices for people to get. Health coverage they no longer will have to stay in that job that. That they're in they can go making. Take a job it's more suited to their skills are -- to add to what they want their career to be or they can choose that but he you know. They can handle the mortality are scrambling as opposed to working this sixty hours a week -- and maybe -- -- worked forty hours a week. And I think the important point it is to. You know that that is you know people the power needed to decide. You know what they want to do. -- rather than just being you know kind of trapped in -- in that job and you know for example we talk about small businesses a lot like you know it's a lot of people. Wanting to leave their jobs that they're getting health coverage through their employer. You know that the big steps to say you know what I'm good man. Not a menacing note to that importers sponsored healthcare and I'm gonna go start my own business and I'm gonna you know. Expected them there at the mercy of the individual market which before and could deny you coverage because that -- pre existing condition. Insurance companies could charge you whatever they want and for whatever reason they wanted but now would be Affordable Care Act there it will have more security and that's the people. Will have. Little bit more security knowing it. I can go and start -- small business because I can I still have access to affordable coverage I'm not gonna have to give up my health care because that wanna start a new business. Right here's a quote from. Senator Democrat of west for June he says quote mrs. New York Times you said the recall would report this morning it enrollment figures and were reports that clones. The walls of water. It's a pretty soon the numbers aren't able in the open doesn't equal out and we're gonna have to mix would just. A do you agree that. Well I would never say that they've for a character the perfect flop I think clearly there -- Places that. Can be improved in and make it work better. But I think in terms of like the enrollment where we are now there's over three million people that signed up in in a private plan. There's millions more committed than. Signing up -- Medicaid coverage. I think if you look at this -- directors -- testifying. The for a Paul Ryan's Budget Committee yesterday. And he made the point that actually the April -- is going to reduce unemployment that is. This whole issue of jobs in the shrinking workforce it on the laborers. Side it is that it's on the worker side deciding what to work and not not on businesses. Eliminating jobs. This is new York and -- the congressional budget all those reports that news. Obamacare will have picked owned businesses. Including by encouraging him to reduce employee wars too important the employer mandate. The overall demand for labor would not change -- businesses. Leverage -- workers' schedules differently to avoid having to Eden and provide them with. It. Was our borders. That was that was in the report. They. I believe they -- specifically quantify that. But I would point out that another thing that they did mention in there that it is quote from the report that there is no compelling evidence. That part time employment has increased as a result not April -- So and we've seen that in the employment numbers that have been released -- monthly basis that. That. The attack that conservatives. Make up a lot of that the conditions every wanted to part time work just as impairing now with the facts. The facts are that full time employment has actually gone up since April care taxes and -- in part time work is actually declined. You know since the -- -- spend about. Eight point one million private sector jobs created so I mean clearly the economy there issues of the economy and making sure that it works for everyone. -- I think will again go back for two earlier like I think those are separate issues then the Affordable Care Act you know per -- doing damage to account. The -- just mention that -- it's. No effect on part time employment. Yet. Penalties on businesses provide insurance for workers. Doesn't have been told to grow that he didn't the Eusebio. Say exactly what she says that. Have no effect until 2000 it to me. The the employment. Response. The provision that says that it you have fifty full time workers. That you should you either have to pay a penalty. Or mention if you do not offer those employees. Health insurance. That right that does not going to a tactical point fifteen however that you know. You know we know we know based on what what's happening in and what conservative -- thing about the the law and you know if you listen to you know some. Some parts. The -- you would hear that. This law authority killing the economy is so laws -- making businesses cut back -- And there's a signal large. Like -- hell. You know indication that that's happening right now but I agree that these other issues that definitely weren't attention. And like it -- before the -- not perfect -- you know there may be some areas where people can come together to find. Ways to make that you -- make it work better and that can be one of those areas. -- appreciate the time during what you have agreed to it. -- -- director of health care war room. That and for American progress. Action. If you don't know progressive and liberal. Audience funded using. They can take -- report Congressional Budget Office and everything -- that the only thing. These two clubs seemed too real and is that the Congressional Budget Office isn't nonpartisan. Entity. Until. The CBO. Reports on something they disagree. Then it's a partisan organization. For the CBO writes -- report. And the liberals look at it suit white. And conservative look at it it's it's black it's amazing they can read the same exact thing. And come away with wholly different conclusions. Can you say dogma. Can use today inability. To find the middle ground in its. You know there's a little bit does Slobodan that. Word of fixes would work on but it's it's it's it's like -- religion you believe what you believe it and that it or hear anything else. Which -- -- the conservative side coming up acts.