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2-6-14 10:35 am Garland: on Obamacare

Feb 6, 2014|

Garland discusses whether Obamacare is responsible for the loss of jobs in America with Michael Cannon of the Cato Institute and U.S. Congressman Steve Scalise.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back -- where I think it about a congressional budget is office for Portland Cusick. At C bureau is thought to be here. Unless a liberal or conservative doesn't like what they're reported our old soon to be nonpartisan. And you hear. The congressman and senators. Share of that believe a regular basis and let us. They have reported that goes against what they think in minutes longer nonpartisan. Well right now but nonpartisan. Budget office. Have predicted that the Affordable Care Act -- -- The workforce. And basically what that says. Would reduce outward world and pulled from employment. But not because of a crippling impact -- product -- section. Job creation. People will choose not to work to get that. To bill to going to be reduced. -- to implement not because laws. Of obamacare is crippling impact and job creation. It will be because people choose not to work. And others will choose where you were hours in the might have otherwise. To obtain implore your provided insurer. In the equivalent of those -- were reports will be two and a half a million people. The years 20/20 four. And we just got through interviewing. Director of American progress action Poland which is a liberal organization. -- and talk with Michael cannon director of -- policies Cato Institute libertarian organization. Michael welcomed the show. Okay but a little confused me. This says people would choose not to work. Then we'll look this up more than one in six men ages twenty pod of board of people in America novel people. Don't have jobs that totaled ten point four million people. And it says in that -- you know that is that is his problem -- through drew. It's as simply put many of their billable jobs don't pay enough -- -- who stopped looking. How do you stop looking for jobs. Well -- those -- digital Leo Mika. Unemployment helps. But you know I think that I -- it all this debate about the congressional budget offices do estimates. Of the impact of obamacare. He both supports -- to keep in mind is that there headlines. Pixel and exclaim that. That these laws that job killer that it will. Eliminate two million jobs it basically. There's you know you -- -- unpack that a little bit but. Is. Is basically right that this law it's gonna damage the economy to that extent. Out supporters of the -- -- -- it's popular because those people are choosing not to work. And is that accurate. But if you think about it. What is the job that jobs was. To people exchange in labor for money. And it would matter if one side which draws the money. Or the other side -- the labor here you're limited job by the way. So if the employers are hiring there's there's not a job but it -- workers aren't just deciding -- back -- work well Bolden what. There's a job it's not getting done. And it's really. So so while the administration is correct the people are choosing not to work that no -- trouble that analyst economically damaging. In fact that the head of the studios said. -- would touched on before congress yesterday that -- that people are choosing not to work quote. And -- are there not to achieve their virtues to work because of obamacare. He did. These quote this central factor speeds slowing economic growth. So that it really dangerous -- this is really harmful stopped at the administration in an antibiotic or supporters can just didn't land. OK -- of -- Obama care -- conservative liberal and and just baby meal on this question. I've got this crazy idea. The -- rich or you do real well in mid July or early I've. And put a lot of money -- -- most people in this country live paycheck -- -- You no longer have big picture. So you still have to buy food gas for the car in the mortgage. And you decide utilized. I'm Republican on the live on the count the dude just -- there how. What's the number. To import more million million -- in six in this country. How bull why is that. How does that work. Well that's great. It -- there alive government insisted their -- on top friends or family or Tuesday. Up. Find odd jobs maybe -- -- the largest. Are they where they don't -- report buried. And and you know these people really difficult spot it's an and and so that's what the one reason why we don't want to be eliminating. Odd job opportunities which obamacare. What do. And nor do we want to create this situation where. The federal government is encouraging people. To stop looking for work because it. Making it easier for them to get by Al contributing to society which. Are in -- aboard -- -- large group of people exit. They've they've got health insurance and they'll say oh well -- don't have to work. You know we're talking about those 2000002. Million people without religion believe people it's it's it's the equivalent of two million people so so they -- -- People. Who work -- Work and stopped working and then three billion people we're gonna the only work half of the time and and they're doing now because they don't have to worry about take their health insurance anymore because someone else's pain port so so what it needs -- These are people who could pay for their own health and -- it's. But because of obamacare. They don't have to force at work. Now the president and his advisors is that this wonderful. The answers no absolutely not wonderful because these are people who could be paying way. Pick up the government is allowing him. Two it's not that you don't have to someone else is gonna take that forty we're gonna. We're gonna have fewer people are more people in the car and fewer people. You know these these folks can't -- these folks are gonna consume without producing that -- the rest of us. Have to produce. Without consumer or or or -- going to be producing. And consuming less of what would produce because it's. We have to provide health insurance and these people who would provide for themselves. All right live music -- here come back. Were worth thinking about obamacare would figure about a Congressional Budget Office report. That says let me give me mature against the exact the bright the equivalent of two and a half million. -- war. Full time positions by 20/20 four are gonna be eliminated because. -- -- -- Come right back double to build bigger celebrity -- 052 -- Obamacare causes the Euro loss of job long term can be opted to would have Millie in by -- twenty -- report. That's the reason funding at least according to conservatives who read the report liberals disagree. From the congressional budget -- so called non partisan organization. -- the liberal side in India percent forward talk and Michael cannon director of health policy it -- -- -- go live in some in this country. Is an independent. Who. And they know who to believe the liberal that I have a right before you. So it can be very conclusively. The CBO reports routes. That there's no effect on port in the war. The walls penalties on business. When he failed to say it was that the penalties. That could impact part time employees. Doesn't hit until 2002 -- -- and your quote vacated when imported. Here it seems that. Liberals conservatives read the same exact document in pull out the sections that back appointments. How to -- his independence understand. -- That's -- really difficult problem. One way is to just be skeptical of everything that everyone says and and and even to. Still at people's reputations petered out there won't be one of your card and I think you Decatur which is to we've got a reputation of being nonpartisan and not. -- what we today to seems to either the party power or particular piece of legislation that movie -- against a particular piece of legislation now. I will say and obviously. I'm a libertarian which it would student as a as a first perspective that we're trying to advance. It's it's worth it if were dishonest -- something an adult and and that's why that I think it is important. To grant what the other side has a valid point -- the administration says that it's not. It employers. Eliminating. 2.5 million jobs and that's correct it's. What the new administration to -- is that eighties and damaging -- that because workers are declining to. Work that and it did you think about it at what -- like it's to describe the problems. Conceptual change you know. Labor markets are probably the market for apple so -- exchanging money for labor and wanted them exchanging money for apple and the other. The the employers the consumer labor to -- the consumer Apple's would you buy an apple so what the administration is saying it. Hey it's not that demand for Apple's install. It's its supply of apples in sport default because Obama care what how did any better work if you were apples on the shelves because that's exactly what. I cola what I'd go overtures sooner apologized where you could just picked apart US congressman Steve blues category him. But thank you -- -- -- as always I appreciate it thank -- Congressional gold represented Louisiana -- Phillies didn't blow it and can the adults and doesn't talk to throw a couple of minutes. Congressman welcome to be sure. We get extremely limited time about a minute minute I have po boy -- brings -- -- to give me the opportunity to help people. Republicans I think finally have an alternative. To obamacare let's say. There was some movement that did -- over the obamacare cut back you guys have played enough. Again it's something you're not talked about two months ago but I want a comfortable in the bill to the floor but that actually the fallout that folks don't put patient -- -- -- lower class. That I drafted that bill with some medical doctors in congress and some other health professionals. And we brought the bill called the American health care reform act are -- you know obviously file that we have over a 120 cosponsored now. And finally a leadership including the majority leader indicating that they wanna bring. I'll bring a bill to the floor that's true alternatives we've. In the adolescent years time we really -- -- way to promising. Let's put the paperwork for our Bill Clinton 200 pages anybody can read it. We're proud of it would be kind of state medical society in fact recently endorsed a bill also I think it shows were focused on addressing some serious way to put the patient spectrum there -- There's would you be dog go up. Yeah I didn't go to my web sites police -- aspect and you can look at the bill as well skin it's probably American -- format which is. Page -- 3121. Get a good tobacco index week to talk about it. There would love to -- equitable -- -- -- and you know this CBO report shows we continue to -- pocket -- small business. In the New Orleans area. This this one didn't do it obamacare is forcing people to drop employs about thirty hours defect -- thousands of people in southeast Louisiana. But we're now in the last page because of this flag in the post CBO report. -- -- Cohen who's doing look forward talking about character a new Ryder Cup contenders thanks so much for the talk. -- -- the prototype in Cuba about. Come right back do you.