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2-6-14 11:35am Garland: on farming subsidies

Feb 6, 2014|

Garland discusses farm subsidies with Alan Pyke of ThinkProgress.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Everything good about the joke -- Bill Burton who's finally passed the senate. And quite frankly trying to understand -- segments of it. According to news saw the reports from reading it says the cuts eight billion dollars in food stamps. Over a decade. New elements is just gonna expand crop insurance or former spies seven billion dollars. And -- presents nearly. Trillion dollars in spending or forums. In the form bill over the next two years. Rebel pipe where there's deputy economic policy added to report -- progress Ellen I appreciated that time welcomed the sure. -- so well what is this doing to proves the World Food Program. What they've done is they've trimmed out eight point seven billion dollars from the food stamps program. The idea there is. For Democrats. That is a good deal late day because it could have been a lot worse. And Republicans are happy with this because his. 88 they wanted to cut a couple of more out of this program they wanted about a forty billion dollar cut. Now it's important understand of course these kind of big numbers -- we'll have some context here. They eight point seven billion dollars that they've just cut at a food stamps amounts to about 1%. Of that program. And another important -- here in the fine print. Another -- this could have been a lot worse. The way that they've cut -- nine billion dollars or so. Isn't gonna -- annuity. Out of the program nobody's going to lose eligibility. For -- supplemental nutrition assistance program. Food stamps benefits they're just -- again. Less money about one point seven million people. Are gonna lose on average ninety dollars a month but it. I don't know how much comfort that it certainly is for anybody listening because. Obviously you're on food stamps you can ill afford to lose nine dollars a month a year at your food budget for you and your family. One of the leading senators. On the liberals it's. They're gonna have to be making decisions on what they're gonna whether they're good but who -- medicine or favorite. We'll get that extreme. With the scripts. I think so at some point you know it's any example like that. There's going to be there's going to be some -- at the poignant of these big policy decision -- made here in Washington. There's going to be people who. Are right there on the margin yet they end up -- ninety dollar -- for groceries that month means. Mean and tough choices whether that's. You know between. Serial and medicine lower. Lower. By another. And a future to a job interview. Purses you know being your kids. You know only to me -- that three isn't like that yet that they definitely going to be. Have a dire consequences for at least some that of that again one point seven million people. And conservative. Do you boards that are read forward to what they claim. Dramatic increase in food stamps over the last a couple of decades. And -- -- Newport where we can reported all. In 200 people were on that that shouldn't be -- in the first place -- respond. Look a couple of different. And misconceptions about. What food stamps are and how they work wrapped up in that in that senate appointment you're right about that but then that's pretty good summary of the conservative. For trying to cut that program but to -- taken in order. The the notion day. This is a program that's growing at an out of control rate. Because the enrollment has doubled. Since the financial collapse. To put that around and think about it -- direction that the program that's designed to cushion people who were living in poverty. And when you have the kind of financial crisis that we had five years ago and the kind of recession that would -- would -- -- from. Of course you're gonna have a lot more people who need economic cushion to didn't survive. So of course you're gonna have enrollment in the program go up pretty sharply when you have the worst economic crisis in 75 years. So an adequate by the same token as the economy improves we're starting to see the enrollment levels in that -- at all. And so I've I've been in this on think progress dot -- and other other reporters have observed this. If you look at the numbers. If congress wants to cut the cost of food stamps and half. All it has to do you need. It on its hands and wait for about six years seven years. The program minority dropping off the party as people get back and into jobs in an economy starts. Cranked back up slowly but surely. Across the program will fall on it so that's the nature of eight safety net program like this is that people will lead -- as things get better. And then the other the other the other point you echoed from from our conservative friends. Is this idea that there are too many people are taking advantage of the program folks. We shouldn't be getting food stamps getting in anyway. The robbery in the food stamps program. He's. About 1%. Which is. Among the lowest of any federal program. You're gonna have to measure. Abused and around these payments and things like that in any. Large you know bureaucracy of course but if you compare it you know compare like for like -- got one of the load straight to any. Federal program. And actually it went by their statistics here it's got a lower -- -- payment rate for food stamps. Then that our our farm programs which are not getting kind of reform that a lot of a lot of observers and critics and foreign policy experts have been saying they need in the they'll. -- lunatic -- won't come back talking with dial in play deputy economic policy editor porting progress. You're about the long salt form bill that have emerged from the senate and try and figure out exactly what that says -- -- -- at about a thousand. Page loss form build that scum of the senate but trying to understand. Or abuse troops would it is food stamps. A so -- -- about 850000. Households are going to be expected that it's about one point seven million people. That's about fifteen states. Average lost two of them we have food stamps will be about nine dollars per month. We have -- -- with a separate the economic policy at a troop porting progress. Elena posted your record report Brinkley says. If somebody wants you reduction in food stamps just -- while because as the economy improves. We're gonna have fewer people. That's right and that is baked into the nature. A safety net program like this it's it at that piece of policy design. Spend more money when there's more need spent less money when there's less. As the economy improves. The problem is as. Concerns in congress and across country tended to view present spending will will exit. Aren't let me read something to you and and get your response. To a missile at the right. Come from the guardian in London. More than one in six men in America he'd just quoted by a group the report. Don't have jobs totaled -- important -- Nugent. Many of them have given up looking. That would go down to Walter journal and upon and this of course -- drew extremely. Conservative. Pope condition. North Carolina governor -- also a Republican. Had a report that said the key factor in his decision last year to limit unemployment benefit food stamps. With the number of even -- yours who told him he couldn't persuade people that take entry level job. Told him the legislators approved a reduction in benefits. From 73 to twenty great -- twenty week since this and the most she's generous benefits expired in July the say it is created. More than 50000. Thoughts. And I know this is coming virtually from all conservative sources. Does that suggest that that you. So within a putrid caught people that are normal -- group looking for jobs would look for giants. They consent. It does. The that's certainly. The way it. You're right conservative publications and politicians are playing -- North Carolina -- that. -- the same time. They're they're really Smart the -- that but it really Smart conservative. Economic analyst. Named Jim Patrick Lucas. So Smart that he was on jeopardy at once made him wanna be in jeopardy anyway. You were aboard the American Enterprise Institute just wanted to be a conservative think -- sort the most prominent. Conservative think -- on the right here in Washington DC. And he took a look at those North Carolina numbers. He's got a much finer understanding of economic data and it these -- economist I'm a reporter and his take on the same numbers that the governor North Carolina is holding up as proof that if you. People often. -- and that's that that's what can go get a job. -- skeptical that he's he's put that in the context. Other statistics and basically the bottom line according to. That it took it -- and I is that North Carolina has actually achieved anything remarkable as far as job creation. It then. People had. Stop looking for work and so they've dropped out of the labor force. And that means that. The state. Official unemployment rate dropped substantially because when you stop looking for working out getting unemployed. And let live with him a pardon me -- erupting. At that point -- audience that we got to cash on those coming on top of the armed QB Woodward you. Call and possibly 1000 dollars OK enough about the subject. One of the things don't always wonder about review of this conservative south we we know that the vast majority reporters think too many cute boots and analysts say it brings to mind that say this does have blue blue exactly what -- -- you -- where I want heavily statistical proof for number approved. But I can't but the groups -- sure and they're buying. I don't food in -- buying liquor in the buying so they shouldn't be buying and and so Linear -- overweight and and always wonder in with better technology. Tuesday. Could could -- -- that those of received the food stamps. Receive food that grants him access to all of the boot. Because the majority of the time they don't have the money. To buy the healthy stuff that the -- Or so will most expensive Berlin. Is there are no thought no attempt. To set it up to word. It's healthier to be on blue chips in -- more beneficial. And visually. It doesn't set some of the people. Yeah I know what you mean as far as people and people having anecdotal experiences with these programs and it that really turned off to -- you know and announce an anecdote does is worth the pound. Evidence seems like sometimes as far as popular opinion on -- programs like this. But it. If you drill down into statistics about. The overall population. You know I'm hungry Americans -- that the fifteen million people talking about. At this point in our inner and our economic history. Who are who who don't have enough money. To consistently put enough nutrition on themselves and put it. Those those folks. Barber. Are sort of doing the best they can and you're right that it. It this bit that tendency to visit the time that folks lifting the W many B -- -- To buy cigarettes port you know again. A budget freedom and -- instead. A very. Or what had you. That typically experience the typical shopping experience for somebody on food stamps. It's pretty hard to pin down. It it's it's people. -- What averages out to let that dollar fifty. Per meal. In monthly benefits. Trying to trying to feed themselves often on a very tight budget and given that they can. And often you know you're you're you're juggling. A couple of hundred kids. On your trip to the -- store and their net -- -- Soria then apple Jack -- and by I think it's important. Try and couple that. That critical by the people have when they see somebody with any beauty card usenet. In ways that might disapprove with with some some compassion for what that experience is really like. And you know it. I I I don't think it. The same conservatives to get mad about. About things like. Limit on the size of the -- that you can oh more rules about. Look satellite -- -- will be available for sale. That are you know design. Help protect the environment. That -- -- -- -- exercise about. -- like bad call that any state policies. In in this case you don't want. Play -- to port folks trying to make that which urges store. Entry tickets. I appreciate Columbia through two very mature government think absolutely. Now. Orchard notre whereas the conservative in the percent power okay otherwise -- A food stamp recipient that shouldn't. -- go to read. Who it is Euro one parameters. Makes -- not -- -- -- His IP he. Basically says it's not basically -- down he said global and -- pars would be if you needed -- and tell me tell you find out that they need. Or did committee and -- student tell me find out that I just felt the liberal. Isn't there -- some form of technology. That was a lot of all the poor. Better access to healthy food and restrict. The bombing of unhealthy food so that the perception. Of food stamps wouldn't blanket every. Didn't get an answer their. Bottom -- seems to be if you're conservative. Pick up the Wall Street Journal and they'll tell you what you know we already you know into Europe by you were eight. If you're liberal pickup Huffington Post and they'll do the same pretty. In the meantime independents. Would try to keep they confront the -- Europe went right double dog.