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2-6-14 1:10pm Angela: on NOLA's new cooking school

Feb 6, 2014|

Angela talks about the New Orleans Culinary and Hospitality Institute, a new cooking school coming to New Orleans, with Delgado chancellor Monty Sullivan and Commander's Palace co-proprietor Ti Martin.

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From yesterday's beautiful sunshine to today's sleeps. It's why we love the city. It's never boring I actually love the sleet I was on canal street it was falling and like I loved it. Anyway drive carefully. Onto our shows a major announcement giving new life to a monumental building nearly circle. The art works building has been sold and will soon become the New Orleans culinary and hospitality institute. The art works building was the failed dream of those who sought as a place for artist of all kinds to do their work and share with the public. But now another type of art will be housed there the culinary arts so appropriate. In -- city swimming in great show up artist and with those who aspire to be the next generation. Justice the art works building was a dream of those who love and respect the fine arts. Now the dream of those who believe in the future of New Orleans. As the world's greatest food city an incubator of great food talent will live on Howard avenue. Spearheading the culinary institute is team -- Co proprietor of commander's palace she is our guest today joined by the chancellor of Delgado doctor -- -- And I am thrilled to have you both here. Take a debate here. Absolutely glad to join you thank you for the opportunity to visit with you today. Now this is I keep saying it and I don't think the email yesterday that this is nature. This is a major event for the city we've had. As we talked about the components. Only here and now they're going to be under one roof. The fact that first volley is certainly not just Monty and I you know my cousin Dickie Brennan kind of got this started in George Brower. And you know John bash is on our -- and Edgar chase me is that entire community and and it is the culinary and hospitality institute because it's supposed to help train people. From careers across the board and you may wanna run a great hotel corporation you -- Are you might be interested in food research and food -- that we we hope to get into calls of those types of things. As well as the fun. Culinary terrorism people coming here to take -- let's take class on baking you know we're gonna have that in class and all these type of things. But it's is an extraordinary opportunity out -- -- this would not have happened without -- -- and he he got it from day one. And I appreciate of that aptitude practices this is really the answer to an industry needs. That the core competency is -- Cecil walked in the of the city is food and hospitality. And what better way for us to. To embrace that core competency and to have to make this. A destination city not just for food and hospitality but for the training and education of people who are in the food and hospitality industries. We've been able to come together is higher education institutions Delgado along with university of new loans and to a university. Two to solve the challenges. Of and the tar sector. -- the co owner and hospitality sector here in the city it is an exciting opportunity and one that we believe the city will be product. And from what I understand and -- correct me if I'm wrong on any of this. Ultimately this you're buying the building for a little over six million dollars and you're nonprofit organization are you buying this building in the -- -- -- like eighteen million dollars into it. Yet it's a very in any situation. Montes and got -- on -- -- its issuance for at which you can explain for comments in an -- excellence and were able -- tax credits still on the building and and you know you we -- -- put it altogether. And and week we get up in that number. So yeah it's a it's a big big project. But when you were talking about what Delgado is the fact that you had this month. Is going to be really. The catalyst to get hitting. That's correct I think it's really important look at this says taken community assets that already exists for instance a 400 student co -- program at Delgado a hospitality. Program that's about as good as any in this country that at the university of new -- -- partnership focused from Tulane university in their MBA program. Taken those existing assets and been able to create something that's bigger and better than the ports. And that's exactly what the -- hospital on Conan hospitality institute will be. The funding from -- 360 the borrow -- dollars are absolutely critical to the success of this effort. But I have to tell you the partnership is more valuable than the money this is this is truly an effort that is focused on the needs and focused on -- city. Before that are work building was really up for sale -- you all the people just mentioned John Asher -- Come together -- Yeah that we have worked on this for several years in an -- every time you know we just could it because it is a lot of money and honestly -- and George on the building reached out to. You know Monty united this place has. The venting that we need because you know they -- and have the films and everything and it's got these big massive gas lines that we need and you can just look at it we conceded it's really suited to what we wanna do so everybody came together. One more time but he is because this unique situation the people that. But their heart and soul -- this project before you know angels so many Philanthropic people on the city in the in the great people working with us again now the local and Phyllis Taylor and -- Christine from the hills foundation. Are amazing and it's so it's it's a wonderful thing to be -- take that type of thing and we're gonna get a build on so it's gonna have a happy ending and in it with the culinary arts. Being an art works building it's exciting can stop and and it's nice to see you know all the buttons are now as Alex here very early on -- -- -- This -- debuted this relevant thing -- -- Which I'll never forget live here on them now it was I was terrified. To have you there and -- once. In the end total peace and I got through -- but also because if you. Spill -- Yes and I have to say she brought another half of this will be an interesting day as it progresses celebrating campaign -- -- -- your your very special to me in your very special immunity for all of these reasons. Yesterday and sitting with them if the car. I'm onto his head of the airport and he is singing your praises -- -- -- To help him a great deal to have people like if the car come in city -- really reform airport and take -- -- new leak in his Montes did and the same thing with the with Delgado in the community count it. We are very lucky that we have people like this is the brain gain these days a line like that yeah I like that bringing. Back to our beautiful institute you know it will it will take a quick break we'll come back and we're gonna pick up about. The dream becoming a reality right after that I'm Angela on WW. It was a major news flash yesterday. Concerning. I -- drink a lot of people who think big and dream. And they see things and then all of a sudden it can happen and that's what the announcement yesterday concerning the culinary and hospitality institute. Is going to be a reality it is so beautifully located. Downtown to balance by at least circle in the gorgeous -- works bill. Team -- from commander's palace doctor Monty Sullivan chancellor Delgado. Not part of the team that put this together. And were selected by the -- -- people who decided they had to sell them. And I know how appreciate your argument great competition but it but this was meant to acting together -- -- -- meant to me. I want you to expand if you would on exactly what it will mean to someone sitting in their car right now thing. While -- wanted to be she always wanted to hospitality industry what is it for them. But we'll literally be evident go to school for that if there's so inclined in a variety of ways as -- explained that the matches and -- 83 program you know is -- house there. Our art and don't got is program. And then -- and it is starting has started up a whole new program relates entrepreneurship and house counsel to be a whole variety of education going on there. But then also you know -- have -- -- have -- -- where people can just come down for a day there have been there two weeks and do boot camp in pastry and it will so they'll be all that type of -- also. I hope that we really. They'll be seminars and conferences. About. The real history -- -- world cuisines and the future and on was in fact where in shouldn't say things that and I have to get to them but we're dreaming up. For 2018 and three at birthday and on. You know the culinary history celebrate and -- right 300 years culinary history. Yes past present and future and while dying in trying to make that one of the great celebrations during that year so we hope it's a real center. About food. And hospitality and management and you know Isaac has -- likes to say unity was to get if we can find a way to get into the whole element of you know equipment manufacturing and -- development. He is glad is not a man realize that are very involved in food in my major national chains like. For example outback. You know sort of an okay steak with creole seasoning on it and apparently this is a revelation to rest of the country -- I think we would take. For -- here -- -- so you know but we are able to get into a lot of different areas I think with the -- the seasoning for academic year. I actually don't know where it's made but it's a basic new Holland real season. -- we touch every now so Delgado which has had a wonderful school and one only school for some years will move its entire process of -- That's correct we've we have we've been on the call their business for over many years -- co -- education business. I doubt if you we're due to. To attend any one of the fund restaurant facilities in the city you couldn't go into the kitchen went up on and someone who is who's been trainer educated don't -- And that's something we're very proud of and -- and the connection back to the city the connection back to the industry so very strong. And we've we look forward to sort of taken that to the next level ensuring that not only can you receive -- culinary education for entry into the industry. But you can also moved from basic culinary education through the executive chef credential. Be able to earn bachelor's degree and master's degree in in one location what you think of the person who has executive chef credential. Who also earns a master's degree. In an an MBA from one of upon universities. Think about the education that that person has the ability to be successful and industry and trained right here in our own city educating our own people. Two to be able to succeed in in the business that is. The court. And yet also very competitive. I think I -- -- -- 400 new restaurants since Katrina. Yes and there is absolutely no reasonable explanation. It's just makes no sense. But we liked it up thank god so. Enemy never guys doing well me you know you don't hear of -- people not so. It's extraordinary that something that means an awful lot to Monty in picking George -- is also you know that kid right now somewhere who just likes to cut. -- you know he's not for much means that she's not for much means and what. For us again take. Down and train them and if they can potentially get a four year degree and have a two year degree. And they take that talent and develop it. And -- stabilized hopefully whole family in May be in neighborhood and you know it just it just matters to us that's a big part of it we want the top top top level to. And we hope that kid gets all the way there but it's the whole thing that matters to us. And for people who Hewitt said. -- will not be the shaft but maybe the manager. Or is -- to line coming in bringing entrepreneur -- Group and saying you know have always wanted to own a restaurant right right and caught him. Do you wanna get the go to Cornell is they're not that many places to go for that that but they are out there but. It's something that we RD have a natural talent and we just want to capitalize on it. And if you can imagine training those people there when you get that many people and then you also have the building with that the food incubator -- the food challenge that we just had an idea village. And people developing these new business and -- kind of all around each other in that building with a thousand students running around that building. What it's gonna do that neighborhood in for the whole food community. You know we think could be extra. Very extraordinary and what I really love is because we've watched what has happened to. Markets it was a dead zone but it was and now a museum sector. And it's part of it should be part of it right it's a living museum. But it is. The art of it. Absolutely right. You think about the entire quarter. In and what it. What what has already happened there over the last three or four years and what will happen over the next five to ten it's extraordinary it is it is a port part of the city that will be bustling in the next five to ten years certainly 2000 students. And also the traffic that this calling us to will attract 44 non critic kind of opportunities the fun stuff is just he refers to it. I can you imagine the people around this country would be interest in in in coming down and and a participating in cocktails course. That the -- -- my my oh my god that's that that's the kind of thing that we can bring to bear for the city people were visiting and conferences. Whether it be a cruise ships. Whatever the The Who whatever may bring people -- the city to be able to participate in that co owner and hospitality experience that is involved. -- concede the marketing now you talk about the destination. Right down the street posts foods. Is it to their food and beverage museum going up with that and -- museum is in there must analog boards and that's not they've. And so is it throwing at today and getting texts from shafts and -- to his around town saying you need instructors ams and now you can imagine that -- asked -- You know Susan spies -- anchor -- in that it's it's exciting thrilling. But just for the the layperson is never gonna work in the restaurant or -- a restaurant. Lord make special salads on Saturday -- people out that it's fun it really is fun and my mom. And money from Emma says to me. You know a year and a half ago some -- really get into the thick of mrs. We should have done -- long time ago kid gonna do when Jesus but now really have to do. We else did I can hear your -- thing but I say. It should. Strike. Canceled and we try to elements times in many people did. So you're right sometimes it's -- timing is beautiful building the location to have these universities come together and have this you know the Pakistan as the city this state. Our -- torts and it's just. It's an entity and it is a natural talent that this city has -- a no brainer that we have business we're not fighting an uphill battle people on top right. And when you talk about the geared toward you're talking about just community people who. Get great philanthropists in down David Carr's team house foundation Phyllis Taylor umbilical during this wouldn't happen without them they stood by as the whole way and help make a lot things happen and said. I we got you back guarantee which you do in financially. Isn't that spectacular yeah that we call eight gold ring kitchen and think. -- -- -- -- cut it keeps and that as a good as the underdog and but it it takes. A group. You know it's on paralleling only because 24 hours ago on setting. Again via the airport how many times in my tenure in this community in forty years have talked about and expansion of the airport like it's now happening right. And it's because people finally got to get yup it's like this in Orleans yeah -- in the post the collaborations happening. -- Katrina this is like the poster child you know of everybody coming together. We even know utilities got an elegant drink -- like last night -- Well I have to tell you that this education partners in this have have also been folks Peter Foss is an example -- or an hour's time won't start sharing love I guess so glad he's back in the city. And and also -- the work of the folks at Tulane are Solomon's correct count those folks willing to support this effort from the very beginning. And and that is that's been a tremendous boost to this and -- Well I want everyone to stay with us and I want your thoughts on this you know anybody who's interested in getting into the says a career just your thoughts as a citizen. 2601870. But we'll take a quick break we'll go to the newsroom. And talk with Dave Collins. Again we're talking about some just wonderful news it's happiness it's. It's just a continuation of the city truly going in the right direction. For a multitude of reasons not the least of which is people joining hands to get things done. The culinary institute the hospitality institute has been along time coming and done. And this team Martin says it's been tried before and it just couldn't get off the ground but for all the reasons. Did the right reasons it has and the announcement yesterday that will be in the new art works building or the old apartment building but a new life. And I love the fact that that when you went through it because I happened to go through it early on and just have to had just such a great feel about it. And that. Ultimately it's a lot of the infrastructure. That something like a culinary institute. Would have to now. What is the NAFTA he was so excited -- -- about the you know the pipes in the -- them like. Nance did come down -- like no really it cost so -- -- -- like you're. Past lives but we said. You know I -- got I was bursting of the scenes Gina and their first facilities there are wanting you know when you take a youngster and they you know lock in this building. It just lifts you acting -- part of what's gonna lift the whole program that you you can't walk in there and not. Take which -- doing professionally. And we take that very serious and I think the building does that for you -- in trying to get this as you were talking to me in the commercial. Overview of all the it's going to be. Well -- for first and foremost at its core it will be a culinary institute it will it will also have from. So you know substantial offerings as the release the hospitality industry is -- coming out on. And certainly will have on. For motion of television studio as supportive of the facility as well to help us to build a pipe out of the rest the world so the real magic that goes on in the city as it relates to. The so special industry here. It it also won't have a big new four hosting -- parties. And -- we look forward to being able to have our students had the experience. Of not only the food aspects of this industry but also the business aspects of the industry. We we suspect that them at some point we like who have something that's what looks like a cafe. In the front that also will. Give us an opportunity to sell some of the food supplies of the students create given them experiences to be able to two came in and and to sell their products to break. To make ice cream. All of the things that I think are we we think of around the -- institute and be able to share that. With the people of the city so. As the training goes on an FM one week they're studying cupcakes. The general public can come in and buy cupcakes. Absolutely absolutely we think is so important for the public to understand what goes on in the building. So that it's not a facility that people only see from the outside but that they see the work product that comes out of that facility. And that's really important not just to the college but it's important to our students it's also important to the community. The venue on the fifth floor talking about will be for rent for people to have events. When you see that I mean it's a showstopper. -- you got there in the windows arched magnificent view it's at least on two sides even have a -- our college but he can go out on the roof and have events out there in his view of Lee's circle and in kind of 360. It's really magnificent so winning. Grenade and it will be a venue for events and you know fortunately -- fabulous kitchen in my -- staff and it's hopefully make money because that's. We've got that teach everybody how to do let me answer because I commanders is known for so many. Phenomenal -- Perfect management. Service I think it just didn't mean. Is that part of the study. So. Somewhere along the way -- -- -- gave this thing -- name because it needed one and I and may put the -- -- Italian and that's that means to me we are in the hospitality. Industries Edwards service but to me that you know that serves as a part of that whole hospitality. Realm and we will be teaching that. As well at the school 'cause I think you're actually right I mean that's what sets. Businesses apart and that's what sets won't -- I think it's not just the food it's the hospitality and we would like to teach them. It in a more organized way. And so hospitality management victory go to Cornell for that but I think we do it in different -- here. And we'd like to to capture that and teach. You know that the very specific science parts of it but also try to teach. That warm it's almost indescribable here and on and you can do we have tried to do it analysts say to you and that we. Are gonna give a course and -- special alerts to you from making it celebrations are. On the celebration does it. Should ascetic now and then make it all week and an -- and I have my nose pressed on the went out when they're practicing -- -- their mistakes. Beautiful thing. Thank you what a memory this woman has but I know that eating here I mean we're plates of food. But it's experience and so much experience how you feel when you walk into place if you're welcomed here. And that is scale. It is I think is a natural affinity here but -- apps I promise she can be taught or you can build on that natural affinity. You don't want one of the roles that don't got no place in this community is is to just have conversations with employers about the needs that they have been training. And I have to tell you one of the very first conversations that we had. It is isn't exactly the serious training in hospitality management at the broader level for and and and organizational property. But also training of individual employees. Across the board. On just very simply how you treat customers and that's part of what we we will certainly offers a part of this at every level within organizations. Be it just tricks of the trade. Some things that I found never forget certain with -- in the palace cafe in heaven and talk to me a little bit about some of the tricks of the trade that that his folks who have been there for twenty and thirty. Years no just inherently but how do you train the next generation of service to the city into the people who. Who have frequent our city. You know you have to have a compact and passion for something. And people who work in restaurants who really love that really left him and but it is taking people yesterday for some time yesterday. Also we -- to show with a wonderful woman out of Baton Rouge who teaches manners. And she has whole course on businessman says she knows an -- and she was saying that one of the biggest things they're facing is that for people under thirty. They they have the credentials to get the job but they don't have the skills. One on more and their issues both within the corporations. And servicing customers. Where do you learn it. His true an ending ending. Exactly how far we get in that specific element I don't know but got it but it's it's true. I think people will learn the elements of it and it's sad will sometimes walk around when no one of the restaurants NC. You know. I'm specifically mamet is one gorgeous young lady in just now holding her four in a way that I know if she wears on job interview -- -- at the time and it didn't seem. There but it's true so let's deal in reality and I think it's I think there's a time and place for manners in and yet knowing these things in and believe strongly it. We even teach very much. And our restaurants body language. We talk about. You know it's we we're honored to serve so once you feel honored to serve people you get past any feeling of thinking. 01 you know being put on -- you know -- their fingers and I'm I'm. Honored that you're here you know we -- we teach people to make a little body language you know bend -- the violent and show you the way -- put their arm mountain it is to show you not point. And you you watch the people learn from each other after the the time but you do teach it and then it. Believes in the rest of the but he absolutely teaches in constantly. Harp on it and it makes a big difference yeah it really does it makes a very different stay with this and give us a call 2601870. If you. Have any thoughts on this brand new endeavor will be right back. Again our special guests today team Barton of commanders and doctor Monty Solomon chancellor of Delgado. Talking about the new wonderful thing it's gonna happen. The culinary and tan hospitality institute we do have some collars David -- -- -- Well. Yet. Questions. Oh yes please please ask the fortunate. School come about what was it something in -- making it probably hear just what. That -- several efforts to do that major culinary school here in new bonds over the years and so. But honestly Dickie Brennan enjoyed -- went to look at the -- building and for something else and and realize to be the perfect culinary school and so that's how this particular effort came together. And other culinary school is it going to be different firmly. Culinary school -- Delgado or we're what's the difference widgets. But I think that the primary difference for -- thank you for your question the primary differences that it is it is an expansion of what already exist Delgado was been in the business of co owner education for about nine years. That has been -- limited to. Sort certificate level programs and associate degree level programs what does -- is. Someone whose interest in in in move into that executive chef level it would give them that full range of education. And also and if you if you missed the very first part of it -- is going to be involved with and onto rural program and you Leno is going to be involved. With their master level program on hospitality. But Delgado is literally physically going to move your tire culinary schools there that's group that's the bottom line. Are you look at that interest in and what sort of people that try to attract anyone who's been president culinary and anything what. Did you hospitality and so. All of the above an -- you know a lot of our youngsters stem -- my family have gone away culinary school and we like to keep a few. Them here is John that says even exporting our talent we'd like to keep some have a really -- import people honestly from around the world. Get interesting read them asking this question -- -- go around to restaurants in the city where I've noticed over the years bomb except for the commanders. And the family restaurants that service seems to be lacking and so many places but it seems to me not enough emphasis. Has put on service our hospitality -- wanna call so much has focused on who. And I noticed that so many restaurants and -- I don't know how to explain that except that seemed to be lacking. Well it's. You know thank you for saying that about us believe me we have our moment it is a very much of focus for us and as they were saying earlier it's a reason the word hospitality. Is in the name of this institute because it is equally important and we intend to focus on it. Because I appreciate which Hussein and we need we we all need to work on that and it's also going to veto. For people who are going to be shots but who are going to run restaurants are open or casinos or hotels or -- big you know major developments in all of amoeba. -- certified in order to work their -- I don't know all the specifics of every class because we will have you know sort of the fund classes and you have a great. You know Jeff who wants to teach classify. I'm -- certified in the dancing -- -- -- about -- -- so you know they'll be certain certifications you know for the real classic Delgado of course. Someone get more commission on this. Right now that's very good question any we we have a to a director named Carol Markowitz and I can try to come up with them. An email on a number for her. Three at the moment but if if if he needs on the specific of ammonium -- Lebanon contact money it Delgado I myself -- commanders in the world will. We'll psyche menorah vortex on the -- wonderful this is a wonderful thing. It's starting. It's very exciting day and I really appreciate the skull. But thanks for the information only in Portland and the next five to ten years becoming a truly world class city and and so this is a great opportunity to make it more that way. Thank you very much -- our -- Aniston. Yes you I. -- program. Agree. They're there will be -- programs. Offered at the B -- hospitality institute that will run from the certificate level all the way through. Bachelor's or master's programs that would would be offered by his -- just like you and on -- There that you Vietnam. Should -- And you know occasions. -- do what you could. And now we get the -- it. You know. -- -- -- You know one of the things just happen across industries and I think it's particularly the case in the co owner and hospitality industry is as as industry but he certifications like the ones that -- reference and are becoming more and more prevalent and more recognized. We're able to to take those certification to grant credit for those so we would be glad to take a look at. The kind of background experience that you have an industry certifications that you haven't in that you get the appropriate credit so she should just go to. Delgado right now to check that. I Houston much Eric American Algiers. Angela. This is gonna sound like a crazy question McCain just on a normal person goes for that collapse I have no interest in opening a restaurant I just enjoy cooking and -- just like Dario worked on some of the you know some of the things that I do. Yes that's that Monty says I call the fun stuff so we will offer classes to the general public for people here are visiting in a variety of areas from. You know might -- classes make in pompano and poppy otter baking class because they'll be a variety of the of those classes some of that is culinary tourism and a lot of it's meant for our locals. So yes science. And you I mean I cook a lot of stuff and you know all must stop this ball from scratch and I'd like to -- you know. What this can work wit and you know what you can put in you know just like you know just maybe maybe go to a coroner's going to the hole. You know all associates degree US said bridges just and on my own personal you know Kokomo and personal -- you know. It would I had -- nickel for everybody who has said that to me since we started working on as we do we would have all the money we need an anti god they get a lot of demand and thank you for that question but yes yes yes. Think about the way 00 excuse me by the way LB and rolled right -- you I am -- you just describe B to a TO love to spend time in the kitchen on the weekends and this is it's one of the reasons why this is such a passion for me for don't I think -- gonna have a ball. Surrogate told. And as soon. Old elite and it just OK I love -- I love it. -- thank you so much we have one more time being. Yet at the top from bill isn't going to just take a look at -- and talked -- long time. We kind of grew up together he was a little younger than. We dom as the great yeah. I you do this week and it's been great memories together and I just wanted to -- one quick story about. And t.'s mom. I was hanging out they would have brought in in the house -- and for whatever reason Angela said. She and her mom was talking to mean it yes madam. And she said young man I am not your maps. And she's Smart in war the way I felt -- bit. That. Problem loved it oh yeah. It say anything that the Morton of the brands are involved -- Do they take it apart and they do it right with him in the wall one's way. Lucky enough -- thanks -- -- -- and and I want to thank team Martin at commanders in doctor Monty Solomon of Delgado. Good luck good luck good luck thanks in with this will be right back. Thank you for listening we're very excited about this new culinary institute. The next star hope you stay a little different we're going to be talking about sex trafficking and it's happening right here now let's go to the newsroom. Let's go to the news.