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2-6 4:10pm Austin Rivers, Pelicans Guard

Feb 6, 2014|

Pelicans guard, Austin Rivers, joins the radio huddle fresh off a victory over Atlanta Hawks. Austin talks about experiencing his first NBA All-Star weekend here in New Orleans when his dad coached the NBA All-Star team.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

What -- fresh off a big victory over and -- a lot of excitement about the naming rights of the arena to this movie -- Maria is welcome man now billikens guard Austin Rivers to the huddle. Austin thank you so much for the time how are you. I'm doing great and thank you -- equations. Yet I also know we gap from the NBA all's thought all activities -- good today just a moment but -- a big victory over Atlanta now 2127. I need to be around net this morning and thirty -- go to be contagious for their playoff spot. -- what leads you to believe Moss and his team could put -- -- make a run at the post season. Despite nobody can play lately arm -- the confident that you know going to -- in the locker right now and do things that we're getting better and better every day. Some guys are acceptable to roll. -- and it just seems like there's there's a winning attitude right now locker room you know every game we go into. I don't think we -- it on the we're winning right now we're in that a lot of passed -- replaced. We're very confident young whoever legs. And over in better. And also -- a personal standpoint. You have to feel more confident. All of a sudden. You playing last year and something that you dreamed of doing as a kid and being around the NBA with. Going back to exposure from -- dad and his playing days in him coach and it. It's things like you contribution and just talk about why Iraq now. You look at you scoring at least ten points in -- in numerous occasions the top -- you feel right now. That a couple of looser this because you know we knew when you start to do well you know confidence like you just feel like. Every day you have -- deliberating on the that's huge on this goal and -- interview -- -- -- play a lot of minutes and -- do competent on. You know I really worked hard and you know work with coach and -- the Gaza under the gun better. Everything turned a workout on our team is really trying to play well and because of that have been able to find spots in there and just make it different and part of the way. Now that you know it just kind of come to him a look and every game -- confident loose and just trying to go out there and have an impact the game and positive way. New Orleans pelicans guard Austin Rivers and our special guests pelicans to the big one I'll -- wanted to victory over the Hawks up next they will take on a the Minnesota Timberwolves at some who -- arena tomorrow night in and week from now we'll be talking about the MBA all star game come to -- the all star jam session at the Ernest morial convention -- and -- -- imagine. As a youngster you've had your fair share troops to be MBA all star jam session all the activities this this is really a big family event. -- on the side of port Natal and also able to London New Orleans actually believe it or not the settlement -- personal. I got a chance to mingle and -- -- players and -- had a huge impact communicated via a high because you look up to calm and that's why I'm very excited -- JE SS and didn't get the chance for a player celebrity and people that are down in the world well stoic and distant. To mingle in -- -- with the fans the people of all ages and it's going to be negative and really get it important for the city. I'm just fortunate regard to get that second half on and hang out they're fans. Austin now on I know you're -- you're probably busy but everybody's still a week out talk about that big game last week between Syracuse. In Duke that was like a tournament tied the game did you get a chance to take a look at their from a fall pay attention to and I was able to watch some of it you could just feel the intensity and a game. I'll for sure that the new lab report. They can be one -- robbery of sports now beyond -- you. I haven't seen at a regular season college game like that in a very long time. Coming -- like Duke Carolina type. You know level ominously a mutual respect between so I think both teams knew that you know they can play. -- don't figure they have been any better game that we go downhill for -- prominent Syracuse in the game being so high. I lived up -- you know every everything I've been even more and so. Did our our target honestly tell you -- that you every NBA player really wanted to. You know stopping -- and be a purple one night and today atmosphere -- NN Austin I'm looking at the Carrier Dome when you have games always of their Syracuse is like a football crowd because it's so it. Yet unreleased -- of a basketball court in the football arena -- really throw off you know people are they both teams shot the ball well. You know all the prime time players step up and played well the crowd was amazing how many Syracuse is -- industry huge huge basketball. -- In high -- we exactly and a it was fun to watch. -- found Austin though tomorrow night taken on a Minnesota team a week ago when I went up they have always shorthanded before tip. -- having the services of Andy Davis they'd be -- by double digits but your thoughts on the -- was coming to town tomorrow night. It is the big game where that is probably one of our big gains this year to be honest and not because the next televised in a little -- in the coming oh. Is more important we've struggled respectable you know they've had a way of the past four part time they know you're leading back election year we played and they've been able to -- -- -- -- -- just -- they're often you know to cool -- they've been able to get whatever they want -- -- the big game course to mark to trying to. Go out there be aggressive. And and try to get a win here in our home floor it would really even -- on the people more so truly important it. New Orleans pelicans got Austin Rivers Austin in the pelicans in action them -- -- against the Minnesota Timberwolves in prime time 8:30 PM and it's. Smoothly -- arena Austin thank you so much good luck tomorrow night. --