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2-6 4:35pm Bobby and Deke, LSU Football

Feb 6, 2014|

Tiger fans—are you excited about LSU’s recruiting class? Senior Writer at TigerBait.com, Bryan Lazare, joins the radio huddle to talk about the new recruits and how they will impact this season.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Senior right of tiger bait dot com Brian resolve Jones is now I'm Brandon. Out of magistrate was -- was all smiles this today landing Malick I'd do three. That would have been a tough when they get away. Yeah if you wouldn't -- in pretty that really put a damper on yesterday and a little bit you know little bit and it's not like. But. Tell you able to get. Increasingly sure. You know when you look. You know that that may area law is on -- she's seen this year. You know wide receiver losing back injury in time inquiry you know top under player in the country. Running back in lose deal they. Signed -- net you know and -- -- poll and number one player in the country. They lose met burger I'm Brandon Harris for top hundred player in the country what do back and they lose. The -- to start defensive tackles bird and Johnson papering and balance out -- -- but it tackles so. The areas where LSU in the -- McGee. They -- the number that. -- Bryant has seen now is spring practice thoughts on -- -- -- 11 air we talked about was offensive line it seems to be an area of concentration moving forward. And it looks like the big theme going into this spring vs the last spring the spring before that. Is the quarterback position pretty much knew who would be whose hands the ball would be in the last two springs. And had a good battle going in this -- Yeah you know being at Tennessee -- -- well -- -- note short ball and they have scholarship quarterback they'll be out Eric. At spring practice today I'm sure went. They start the first game and again he is going to be the number one. Quarterback and Alvin -- Stephen Rivers will be number two in the depth chart when they get out here the first day. And then you have about Brandon Harrison. And. The transfer -- they will be at it you're seeing yourself. No shortage of ball arms so it'll be I'm sure it'll be a matter let's just let everybody compete. Seeing what happens. You know -- still everybody that you. The answer but -- would call all the information not coming out there we're not gonna get a whole lot it makes people will be it was the first. You know ten minutes of practice or fifteen minutes redrawing again they're -- -- again. You know we're not at the human excrement -- it going against. To the past -- -- -- the back I'm sure elected and you know -- a whole lot nation. Brian you mention Valentine. Along their. Concern -- because you need depth look at all of the units of lying guys in the rotation. You look at Gary -- William -- belonged all of as a line know what is your take right now. And as far as -- and where Brad and in heading into -- recruiting classes or his release still having to upgrade and -- -- the line. Yet the line particularly you know that they only. Bringing in two offensive linemen this year you know when you talk about that that the out her toward the upcoming season. You know we are you know sport -- Collins. Collins Porter. Alexander Hawkins. It. So that fifth starter you know carding a movie in policy you know. -- I think they consider in the next best lineman is is is Jeff Grimes a lot to be. Let's play the pot that offensive linemen you know we have Kuwait City. But I really think that what's gonna happen and that you can put it on a lot to the -- and it was time last year. Both offensively -- -- -- on that net to make some progress and the it was stepped into the rotation which I'm not opposed to. We talk about it dot you know Josh -- today. It occasion in the long run off the line -- -- at this. They have to make some progress and you know at some battery pack up like Jalen ought there in the local and make a. But you know at the time for the those breaks and on -- -- a lot from last year they have to make that now certainly with anything -- go for the defense a lot particularly at tackle well. Opera in -- or what comic I'm going to be in the rotation now I'm not saying noted that the two starters I'm sure they'll be starters they -- -- -- you know it will be in the road. Everything else -- -- no one else on the roster who's -- in the -- That you're talking about. You know in spring practice you know guys like Gilmore and me who redshirt last year okay. Looked particular time -- which you can do. Because they have to do that elbow or you know Valentine. Get in the year and Utley he's not be on that one again here. -- I think but the whole. In his comments. -- tour in the rotation. One they'd be great to be true freshman of the -- in the rotation look -- get out registering. And -- is not open it could except in one of these strong cracked and they're not that he'd be snapped -- -- -- And grind out I don't know about this guess that are speculating here educating -- but I think one reason why you so attracted to LSU because he did tribute right away he looks the part. That being the overall top prospect out of a state of Illinois clipping Garrett. I mean he he looks like OK he's big enough now on the -- instincts house Marty is to pick of everything that he looks like he can beat a thumper. That you know that can run sideline to sullen and maybe hellish -- now that -- he would he can do that at a -- great opportunity for him. But midnight if he -- he -- come in early on through spring -- right back in it either that negated that I'm a lot best case scenario. -- well in his start. That this season against Wisconsin. And you just -- okay thank Garrett progresses. Well enough that he can and. You know people should -- he progresses well enough to start. Egypt got to Oak Park on progressive enough that he indeed decent snapped and in racked Welker and -- he's going to be -- the middle linebacker the future so I think. Ideal situation well Starks played well but bit your senior -- progresses yet. Snaps and the backup and then enough when he hit the MITRE is that a starter in the middle. Now -- which should have a little bit look at that how meaningful and obviously is just one game but. You look NL issue when they when they beat -- number -- the ranked Kentucky and really the score was even as close as as maybe that gained and you look where they were able to. You know beat Arkansas what they're fourth win in a row. And and -- is the crowd getting more into the game as it was the largest home crowd this season almost 111000 people. Goes so what is your take right now where relishes that is it is it almost that we know about a Florida Kentucky. But it isn't like kinda did have to win out and possibly to be. You know and get invited to double A tournament. Well you know when -- part question about the the problems you know they -- they sold most tickets -- that the 111008. Events. You know that's the ticket that was so the game but that act the actual crowd with a body up on a lark that -- -- the first stop all the years that would have to beat -- team that they'll that was that was that it night. Let it. It seen it out. Mean you know it played three road games currently they lost in overtime old Mets wanted to pointer Alabama and beat one close game that -- airline. Three of their next four at CC games on the road at night -- Georgia. And then next week -- -- activate him and -- Those are three teams to not. And the winning record in the -- so you were going to be -- the -- -- you've got to be able will be seen on the road so. LAQ and ten games -- sport homes sit on the road. You know there. Do some damage on the road in ordered to recruit that urgency. I think it would end all or meaningful games. So. That would you know put him to two away. 93 record conference in -- -- they lose that it will blow. On the road to Kentucky in order that put him at 95. Now I think their whole season -- -- -- upon what they do not at war -- architect and him are on Vanderbilt so I think that when at least three of those or. Senior -- attack a big -- Zambrano Zambrano happen folks followed you on Twitter. At the -- elect the LB or. Brian thank you so much. Aaron all right LSU basketball -- 530 here on Debbie Debbie LE 70 AM in the Monty Williams show 8 PM 01053 WWF.