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2-6 4:10pm Bobby and Deke, LSU recruiting class

Feb 6, 2014|

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Good evening and welcome doing abbreviated edition of sports talk along with the -- came Bobby -- I'm Deke Bellavia coming up at 5:30 PM woods on coverage of LSU find tiger basketball the Tigers. -- continued their winning ways in SEC play as they take on the Georgia Bulldogs many people. Who cover what is now Doug has bracket how do you say that LSU as the arm bright on the thin line -- mean you know out of the NCAA tournament they need a strong finish. In SEC play and playing with one of the premier players in the conference and Johnny O'Bryant woods on the coming. At five there at 8 PM you can talk pelicans -- with coach Monty Williams on the money Williams show it 1053 FM. Operated jaguar opinion -- national signing day a day ago consensus across the -- Alabama one LSU to. Do you think -- this recruiting class. LSU is closing the gap with Alabama. You can cancer vote online at WWL dot com. And it's a situation where you look at where you are. Who's around you where you being anywhere you wanna go and -- bring their opponent because I've put up the last four recruiting classes rankings on ESPN. 111213. Fourteen. Dominated by SEC teams have been as many as seven atop Dan to. And it. Five. But the point is across the board pac twelve big twelve ACC. And eighteen in. Know the conference is peppered. In the top ten rankings like the Southeastern Conference -- Alabama is a hated. And not a far ahead. Is there -- competition say as Ohio State is in the Big Ten and everybody else. Ohio State is -- four top ten classes highest rank was third in 2013. In this game is only hit two which was six and seven ACC Florida State. Top five just about across the board with the exception of thirteen what's -- on number nine ranked class. But in their conference the only -- conference team about it it was ranked in the top two in recruiting wise with Miami -- -- number -- in. In Miami had eight -- class of 2012. In the big twelve well. Texas says a couple of top ten classes. In other than that. That's it I mean it is across the board so I think you look at why the SEC is so dominant but he you can look and -- well. Look at Florida State -- just one national championship but they trek to a national championship. Is a lot I guess you'd -- -- -- because he did just that these recruiting numbers. They're recruiting at a much higher level than anybody else in their conference Ohio State this same Wear and SEC yesterday seven attitude deems. Who finished in the top -- well from a Southeastern Conference a team like Kentucky. Finished in the top point. So it's. How -- you have to look at those numbers are paid to determine well because now all of these programs good programs but according to what the system says Bobby. They get the best players far greater than any other schools that are out there. The end that's why. Mean you have to pay attention and and ultimately you know to win a championship in January yet to win in February. You have to -- on signing -- Doesn't happen. Not an exact science but you can increase the percentages in your favor of it to be in the hunt and now. To be in the hunt is to be in their playoff system and you know you have to be in the top two anymore he's got to be in the top four. And then and. Even -- Jim -- -- had to do that like Notre Dame that -- they got in a nasty and you believe a team and our -- they hit three top ten recruiting class in the last four years. So I mean you you -- right point that out. Yeah and then I don't know the -- that I game coached or anything but. A double on. The fighting -- getting all these players that is they'll fight in him. And needed to win today they want the Nash from a national perspective they want them to be relative -- and have -- been. Ellis tied the Cowboys take a look in the count like a 500 team. Yeah I mean it's it's almost they get the benefited a doubt. When actually having to achieve some that I think that's his own -- -- yet and it just comes with -- you know there really. Even though the in Indiana they're the nations team and in the calf Eckstein definitely when you look at from their perspective and in the tradition in history. And now they're improving their stadium and -- facilities and all that but. You know -- that being said nah ultimately. Even though Alabama -- -- national championship. When you have these kind of recruiting classes of you got a great chance to begin almost be shocked if Alabama's on the top four you know I don't know they go enact review every day not in the playoff dissident. Third straight year violated number one in the year they weren't a one they were number two -- -- Florida State it was a big day the -- fully devoting James Winston. But the point is is that. All of the all of those across the board I mean odds would take it you'd be small bit that. Everyone of those classes like the 1211 -- well last thirteen all of them -- at least call playful one national came right if not win a national game there. Right day and you would think right now when Ellis he's done in the past decade and expectations now that. -- this recruiting class pages had. That you would think. I don't know three or four years ended. That you are in the playoffs -- and ending you have a chance to win a national championship -- at least once you would think. But now you know luck go to ball bounced away and all that comes in the play but at least. That that you know you heading in the right direction you have this -- has -- I'm concerned with and I said this last night I wish. You know segment -- in his there was I thought he brought stability in a position. Then I think that's going to be key next year whoever wins the job. Candy and count on him. You know week in and week out as far as to get. What you need from your quarterback. And then I think right now I still an area of concern though but the depth on the offense and -- with the line and navy got the skill players to shore right then you have the skill players but. Will wait -- and I'm not holding their -- we talked what is the schedule is going to be as tough as it was this past season. What -- fresh off a big victory over and now a lot of excitement about the naming rights of the arena to this movie keying. Arena is welcome and now billikens guard Austin Rivers to the huddle. Austin thank you so much for the time how are you. I'm doing great and thank you prime equations. Yet I also know we gap from the NBA all's thought all the activities -- good today just a moment but but a big victory over Atlanta now 2127. I need to be around net this morning and thirty mock but to be contagious for their playoff spot. What leads you to believe boss and his team could put -- -- make a run at the post season. Despite you know when I'm playing lately and the confidence that you know go on the ball in the locker room right now do things that we're getting better and better every day. The guys are acceptable to roll. -- -- and it just seems like there's there's a winning attitude right now locker room every game we go into. I don't think we have a chance to it that we're winning right now in that a lot of passed on replaced. We're very confident you know whoever legs. And over in better. In off a bit of a personal standpoint. You have to feel more confident. All of a sudden. You playing last year in time that you dreamed of doing as a kid and being around the NBA with. Going back to exposure from -- dad and his playing days in him coach and it. It's things like you contribution and just talk about -- Iraq now. You look at you scoring at least ten points and -- in numerous occasions the top -- you feel right now. But the a couple of looser this because you know we knew when you start to do well you know pop in the -- you just feel like. Every day you have something to -- on the that huge on this goal and in. In certain play a lot of minutes and that he is -- competent once. You know are really worked hard and you know worked with coach and -- -- -- out and gotten better. Everything turned a workout routine is really certain the play well and because of that not been able to find spots -- -- and just make it different and part of way to. Now that you know I just kind of comes to you look -- every game coming confident loose and just try to go out there and have an impact game in a positive way. New Orleans pelicans guard Austin Rivers and our special guests pelicans to the big one I'll -- wanted to victory over the Hawks up next they will take on a the Minnesota Timberwolves at some between arena tomorrow night in and week from now we'll be talking about the MBA all star game come to -- the all star jam session at the -- in -- -- -- -- -- -- to -- -- imagine. As a youngster you had your fair share troops to be MBA all star jam session all the activities this this is really a big family event. I'll I'll on the side of port Natal -- Austria and go into the one in the world actually probably not the settlement -- so. I got a chance to do -- and I think our players and that is a huge impact communicated to be able to say and because you look up to calm and that's why I'm very excited for the chance doesn't. It could get the chance for a player celebrity and people that are down in the world well stoic and distant. To mingle in a while with the fans the people volley and it's going to be negative and really is important for the city. Just for a chance regard to get that second half on and hang out there fit. Austin now I know you're -- you're probably busy but everybody is still a week out talking about that big game last week between Syracuse. In Duke -- was like a tournament tied the game did you get a chance to take a look at their from a fall pay attention to I was able to watch some of it you could just feel the intensity -- a game. I'll for sure -- that the new lab report on the topic and you -- be a robbery of sports now beyond what you. I haven't seen -- a regular season college game like that in a very long time. Coming though like Duke Carolina type. You know level ominously a mutual respect between each -- think both teams -- it you know they can play. I don't figure could have been any better game for that it would downhill for -- prominent Syracuse in the game being so high. I lived up you know every everything I've been even more and so. I get on to tell you -- that you every NBA player really wanted to. You know stopping -- and -- a purple one night and it could this year and made. NN Austin I'm looking at the Carrier Dome when you have games always of their Syracuse is like a football crowd because it's -- it. Yet unreleased -- of a basketball court in the football arena after really throw -- you know people are they both -- shot the ball well. You know all the prime time players stepped up and play well -- the crowd was amazing and Syracuse is the huge huge basketball. You know. -- artists yeah -- -- exactly and it was fun to watch. And found Austin though tomorrow night taking on a Minnesota team a week ago when one of their goal was shorthanded before tip one having the services of Andy Davis they'd be -- by double digits. But your thoughts on the -- was coming to town tomorrow night. It is the biggest part of the struggle of our better games this year to be honest and not because the next televised criminal gain in the coming go. Is more important we've struggled to blow you know they've had a way of the past four Fatah and -- -- -- leading back to last year we played and they've been able to be -- -- kind of just wander off and you know to cool -- they've been able to get whatever they want so it was a big game course to mark to trying to. Go out there be aggressive. And there and try to get a win here in our home floor they would rarely even -- struck out at the people more so important it. New Orleans pelicans got Austin Rivers Austin in the pelicans in action them -- -- against the Minnesota Timberwolves in prime time 8:30 PM at. Smoothly -- arena Austin thank you so much good luck tomorrow night. Our right to smoothie -- sent him by beating new naming rights thing. Yes movie king I don't then it's too tough I don't know what who as long as they're paying them the bills that's on an angle contributed. But it's not like the -- name naming -- Mercedes-Benz -- that that sound right now and we're dead -- -- -- on -- side movement that does things smooth -- Agassi can be smooth you know basketball players is in this guy is not too intimidating you know what was an alphabet with the name -- panic -- -- -- about. Being with seafood Milan back remember doing it like I was a bit like Louisiana seafood or in a statement it was when they were thinking about it and of course this is the deal it came through but. Not a big deal when you get naming rights -- the end as as long as you get so naming rights on the stadium that helps the team in the bottom line no it's too. -- king congratulations. LSU basketball -- -- -- -- taking on the Georgia Bulldogs. Later in the program will visit with. Senior writer tiger may -- time Browns saudis take on the tigers' recruiting class of 2014. Rank number two across the board nationally. And he spoke on the basketball game NFL analyst 98 with all point toward free agency in the NFL draft at the top. Of the 5 o'clock now operated jaguar Pena quote do you think with this recruiting class. LSU is closing the gap with Alabama. Cancer vote online at WW dot com and gets in the way Bobby you'd. Because their number two. Well yeah you're right there in the one and Alabama. Was the event and then we'll have to wait and see. You know let's say do you look at it this class now if you can just -- one class that loses a continuous process but. You know let's say yeah order next five years -- she would win three out of 5 against Salomon am yet you hell yeah we call him. And equally -- a -- dominate. Now I they -- less miles has to avoid. Is that all of a sudden. That less miles like eat eat like big have a success against SEC. But in -- Alabama beats you six games and rolls and they -- and I think fans as you know the able look at deposited a symbol we winning. Ten to Gainesville having gains whatever although we still lose at Alabama you know you get tennis ball. But that that's why I'm saying. Considering. Saban and how they recruit Alabama. And and the players that are part of their program. And now it's going to be a playoff system. That it -- -- -- the next two years you go 500. Ultimately always want to win but it yet -- say you win three out of five bar. You know two out of four stuff like that -- then. Then I mean c'mon you -- -- and really realistically be complaining. About LSU not truly dominating overtaken Alabama -- we just have them a fighting chance. We have a New Orleans one and now on thousand island nation wide national -- contest congratulations to Janet sold Schultz. Who -- -- -- -- pockets do you have four chances to win a thousand bucks every weekday business at WWL. Right before the top of the -- at 8 AM noon 3 PM and 6 PM we give you a Cold War you take -- -- -- at WW dot com slash scans. All you just put on a contest link at WW dot com. It's easy in a way every year Smartphone -- -- all of his computer a serving at home you can win anywhere. Every we day for looking there's there's nationwide. 1000 -- seats good luck and remember those times of a -- but -- out who's at 8 AM noon. 3 PM and six. Senior right of -- debate dot com Brian Salazar joined us now I'm Brandon -- imagine frank was -- was all smiles yesterday landing Malick I'd do three. That would have been a tough when they get away. Yeah it tell you wouldn't -- -- -- that really put a damper on yesterday and a little bit you know little bit damp and it's not like. But that I. I'll tell you able to get. -- signature or. You know when you look in -- you know that the major area law is on Alex he's -- this year. You know wide receiver losing back from the injury and make -- you -- you know top hundred player in the country. Running back in lose deal they signed -- you know and some poll number one player in the country. And they lose met burger I'm Brandon Harris the top hundred player in the country quarterback. And they lose. That you could start defensive tackles bird Johnson tapering -- -- I'm not -- Eat -- it tackle so the areas where LA if you -- them both McGee. Based on the number that. -- Bryant has seen now -- spring practice thoughts on Martha says with a 11 air we talked about was offensive line it seems to be an area of concentration moving forward. And it looks like the big theme going into this spring vs the last spring the spring before that. Is the quarterback position pretty much knew who would be whose hands the ball would be in the last two springs. Got a good battle go on in this mall. Yeah you know be -- NC seeking the -- well there is no shortage of they have scholarship quarterback he'll be out Eric at spring practice day not sure -- They start the first Spain and again he is going to be the number one. Quarterback Alex Mack and Stephen Rivers will be number two in the depth chart and make it out here the first day. And then you have about Brandon Harrison. And. The transfer pretend they will be at it you're seeing yourself. No shortage of ball arms so it'll be I'm sure will be a matter of let's just let everybody compete. Seeing what happens and I'm. You know -- still everybody that you. And -- gonna want what -- all the information not coming out there we're not gonna get a whole lot it makes people will be seen the first. -- ten minutes of practice or fifteen minutes redrawing again they're -- Akron again. You know not that they wouldn't scrimmage inning going against. -- -- elegant -- to back them to a elected than in the whole lot at age. Brian you mention Valentine. Along their. -- -- Because you need depth look at all of the units of lying guys in the rotation. You look at -- -- William -- belonged all of as a line know what is your take right now. As far as -- and know where Brad and in heading into next year's recruiting classes or is really still having to upgrade an alignment the line. Yet eight offensive line particularly you know that they only. Bringing an end to offensive linemen this year you know when you talk about that that depth -- heard the upcoming season. You know we are you know sport started. Collins. Collins Porter. Alexander Hawkins. It. So that fifth starter you know carding a movie in policy you know era I think they consider in the next best lineman is in. Is Jeff Grimes a lot to be let's play in the pot that offensive linemen you know we have Kuwait City. But I really think that what's gonna happen and that you can put it. It's on a lot to the track in overtime last year. Both offensively eat -- on that net to make some progress and the it was stepped into the rotation looked on not opposed to. Were talking about any dot. You know -- -- them today. Occasion in the long -- -- that line the guys at this -- to make some progress and you know that they let some battery back up. Like you all saw that in the local and make. But you know that is the time for the those cracks -- -- a lot from last year apt to make develop certainly that they -- ago for the defense a lot particularly tackled well. -- in blocked or went on the that would be in the rotation. I'm not saying those included two starters I'm sure they'll be distorted they've won a -- -- you know it will be in the wrote. Everything out wide open there's no one else on the roster whose -- in the air. That you're talking about. You know when spring practice you know guys like -- for Indy. Who richer last year okay. Look if you're you're kind of proved what you can do. Because they have to do that elbow or you know Valentine. Get in here and Utley he's got to be on -- want to get here. So. I date but I hope I. Is. Thomas. -- tour in the rotation. One they'd be great to be true freshman of the public on many in the rotation. Look patent -- which is Rory and. Hopefully he's not open it could except in one of these troop cracked they're not that he give you snapped next season. And Brian -- I don't know about this guess that are speculating here educating -- but I think one reason why you so attracted to LSU because he did tribute right away he looks the part. That being the overall top prospect out of a state of Illinois clipping Garrett. And mean he he looks like OK he's big enough now on the audience -- house Marty is the pick of everything but he looks like he can beat a thumper. That you know that can run silent a silent maybe Ellis she needs now that -- he would he can do that at a -- great opportunity for him. But midnight to -- if he could have come in early and gone through spring -- right back in it either that negated that I'm. -- best case scenario. You know. DJ well to in his start. That this league and against Wisconsin. And you just hope okay thank Garrett progresses. Well enough that he can I. You know people -- how he progresses well enough to start. Egypt got -- -- -- progressive enough that he he TDs and snapped and and in routes Welker and -- going to be either the middle linebacker in the future so I think. Ideal situation well as Starks played well -- -- -- -- your -- progresses get snapped in the back and then enough. 2015 MITRE to step -- the starter in the middle. Now -- which should have a little bit look at that how meaningful and obviously is just one game but. You look NL issue when they when they beat then number eleven the Rankin -- and really the score was even as close as as maybe -- gained and you look where they were able to. You know beat Arkansas when their fourth win in a row. And and -- is the crowd getting more into the game as it was the largest home crowd this season almost 111000 people. Goes so what is your take right now well issues that is it is it almost that we know about a Florida Kentucky. But it isn't like kinda -- have to win out and possibly to be. You know -- get invited to double A tournament. Well you know when -- part question about. The the problems you they had -- they sold most tickets at that. The 111008. Events you know that's the ticket that was soul in the act the actual crowd with a body up on to the large these. So the first stop all the years that wouldn't have to beat that -- that -- that was that was that it site. What is. It seen it out. Mean you know it played straight road games currently they lost in overtime and old Mets wanted to pointer Alabama and beat one close game out here a lot. Three of their next four at CC games on the road tonight at Georgia. And then next week it could activate him and our. Those are three teams to not. Had a winning record in Italy so you were going to be an NCAA tournament you've got to be able will be seen on the road so. LA issue at ten games left for -- six on the road. You know there. Do some damage on the road in ordered to recruit -- the -- I think it would end all or meaning move needs. So the that would you know put him to two away. Nine -- record conference in outstanding lose. Let's give them losses on the road to interrupt you order that put -- 95. Now I think their whole season going to be upon what they do not at war -- Georgia Tech and him are on better. I think they -- win at least three of those sport. Senior -- attack a big -- Tom Brown is our Braun happened folks followed you on Twitter. No -- or Brian thank you someone's. Aaron all right LSU basketball I 530 here on Debbie -- LE 70 AM in the Monty Williams show 8 PM -- 1053 WW FL gazing Canon. Not to learn to Monrovia Friday. Friday and ABC 7 PM and then. Mr. -- yeah I think he had that I hope hopefully nothing happens is for us terrorism and all that stuff but. I don't know Deke is kind of doubting the country in the community of Scioscia I think is kind of overwhelmed I mean in the and a horrendous Coston. Just overruns at their budget unfinished accommodation. You can see the unused I was showing different things it with the facilities in. And then -- top off would -- You know. Different organizations and overall obviously among some countries over the gay rights statements that he's made so. This has been much -- has -- no timeline and yet there's been much morning just are celebrating. The Winter Olympics has been more politicize. Minnesota's pigment. -- at all kicks off of Friday united 7 PM and hopefully. Nothing comes about. You get it -- to -- them and no matter I like ago while I'd say traditional downhill skiing on -- permanent thing on thing. He had -- would you view on why -- -- and I just by the -- -- one can't what is with the doron describe him today it's John. I don't know you know they give every use those keep them. You look at the level of difficulty urges doing that and idolize a bobsled well when you look downhill skiing how fast they going on somebody and yes so is it's been is that they like to me some awesome Olympics and I'm now wants -- figure skating enough my -- but like bobsled and and those -- -- and analyzed by -- of the lose their -- -- that kind of stuff I'll watch I'll watch that and and what he called the lift when you. When they -- of the big -- Ponied -- is dealing abrasion ended Joba belongs keys -- -- -- An existing floor and getting in this area and getting to know nodded it clip and just see how forty get -- -- now that that's -- like that's the within that they probably brought in. I don't know the exact events that. A lot of day scheme went to gains a younger generation is -- With a snowboarding in and so different categories. We have the you know this is just look at it and and it might be so that we comment on. Only two weeks when I guess that wouldn't go to it is or go to that. But the end not. First of I'm running at about had opportunity go to Winter Olympics and had a choice I would wait not necessarily. Go to Russia -- -- some an athlete's parents because there's safety. Bryant and then adding I even heard where. The American -- is that really encourage. To go about the town even. Mean kind of what got -- Chicago's from that yet disdained Olympic village positive -- -- permanent -- yet. Yet that that's a culture movies the man who he was like a Russian -- got them one play and then the white Russians as sin and beginning and -- -- outcome and I took over when I watched then. Don't we. On the land on the way it was -- -- the whole thing I don't know them and the birth and will be. -- -- -- -- -- day you get all the all the points you white spray it. All the -- Newton. I don't remember the -- Bailey. All right one half -- left to go we visit with the NFL analyst Mike Didier never too soon as the opponent for free agency and upcoming NFL draft. And operated jaguar opinion vote do you think this recruiting class number two overall LSU is close the gap. With Alabama vote online at WW dot accomplice LSU basketball vs Georgia at 530. And the Monty Williams show at 8 PM all right he would become more sports talk on WW.