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2-6 5:10pm Bobby and Deke, Saints Free Agency & draft

Feb 6, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good evening and welcome to the final twenty minutes of sports -- -- -- LSU sports network. Coming up and about twenty minutes LSU taken on -- tonight big college basketball game for the Tigers trying to enhance their chances. I'll post season tournament late perhaps taking C -- any coming up just a moment. Will visit with NFL analysts might Didier never too early to start pointing toward the NFL draft pinkie in Kansas got a big event for the call this. Yeah Diego honorary chairperson went Irma Thomas and and very on Angela hill a rain it's -- -- Yeah Monica and and then. -- And then Diego we're going to be at the rock and bowl February tonight this Sunday and from five to 9 PM advancing it's a 25 dollars in tickets and -- thirty dollars and for a great cause. -- loves the Philippines and we all know how are people around the country held does have the Hurricane Katrina. Well this is to held the Philippines. That was the victims that were. You know directly hit by super typhoon -- on I think I'm pronouncing that right. And a look at it we know what it means. That the feel loved and and people really appreciate you said it's a chance. Nolan to give back in and allows the Philippines and it's almost Valentine's Day so I guess it's time we should say to show the love. Yeah us to join as an evening of food music bowling. And auction to raise money for victims like you said the super typhoon that hay on the bit to -- is going to be the bug town all stars. -- James Andrews in the Crescent City all stars ball to home. -- brass band members at a New Orleans opera. The pussy footers and other surprise -- so for tickets have more information please contact -- of Philippines at gmail.com. Or look for us on FaceBook. This event being organized a New Orleans Filipino American -- club and at trinity Christian community. So this is this and the united rocket bowl. February 9. From five to 9 PM. So c'mon enjoying this and I guess on the -- we've like you said were blessed. When people contributed to our cause Katrina and help -- our communities. That were affected by Katrina and now it's no chance to get back in. No love defeated Philippines at a rock and bowl. But to help the victims of super tie upon a typhoon here. Visiting now an NFL analyst Mike did to me never to -- -- -- toward a free agency and also the NFL draft. And Michael when you look right and now own division but the Carolina Panthers coming off a tremendous season twelve for the visit -- number two seed. And one of the big challenges they'll have Mike is retaining Guthrie needs to be great party that's one of their top list this offseason. The question about it the -- -- I know one thing way to completely new year -- -- -- -- -- your -- and Atlanta more than twice a year immediately at all or ball. All of those open to tackle that particular big Greg all parties to emerge as the big time football player. And they got a member of the initials on the weekend. You know -- article had a lot of injuries -- -- and he looked at as one of the top need to divisions in college football. In games he's started to come Whittle them down it would have -- -- -- -- you rumors that the big time pass pressure. One thing I'll look at Carolina they have been able to take care of their veteran players. They've got a little bit of a salary cap -- crunch because of that that they're taking care of their later. And what I can -- be that the campus into account of the same as the sites they need help they need a big play wide receiver or two. They help out with Cam Newton Owens Steve Smith get that -- Secondary they'll caught impacted say. Yeah I mean you look at it that it also carbon copy that exactly what -- needs. But the biggest acquisition this off season would be -- -- long term view of gray. Was when he emerged as one of the top pass sources in this league and all that right side. Mike it was thought all right now to -- what is my did DEA's top five going to the NFL draft. Well if you look at -- the guy I acting on him until that being out and end -- built that way since back in late November. I think that which seems to happen that -- pick. Hit why Ingrid -- -- that ought to use saying something they'll. What is the biggest need area on your football team he's a local guy and if I'm -- And I let him slip away. You know pick all bobbled the taxes are gonna remember and tell me that they -- -- -- Brett. You got the majority and bills look away. What -- -- first overall. Out of that sink without the pick next. They keep tactic that ends up being an offensive tackle. And get the word the I gave up big -- -- -- -- but we met you as well -- the same you know. -- young and they look right up there from Greg Robinson -- all work. We just threaten the O'Neal Mets Hornish you can perhaps could be the number two pick. But I get my game is it looked like his stock roles because he dominated against Florida State. Bob you do not know what to implement in actual that don't you back in October got to watch Robin. Because I could see -- -- is getting better and better and now he's -- in the top Sammy -- that the other. -- -- I think Greg Robinson I think shame we got it. It can't trust the envelope and it certainly the quarterback like -- from Central Florida -- -- -- So bold the guys that you look at and war and certainly could not leave out gene days you know clown. Is going to be my top rated all overall player. But this is also a -- that no matter what you pick when he. And those teams open. Part that you're looking at quarterback in that could push it gave him down a little bit. And you could have -- -- top rated player. I don't think you go in the top -- in the week because of the pack in the quarterback. In the that you will be tackle. And certainly men's L I think when he's gonna work out of people I think -- and a bit of a great job. Compartmentalizing. Of the last few months. Keep that in -- And not having his name involved in anything all -- I think that the Smart thing to do. And his athletic skills cannot be. Our questions so big I don't that the top guys in his -- flat -- -- If anybody else and try to penetrate. Most quarterbacks between tackles the wide receiver in the defense and it. Now I'm. Micah is there any end in -- in the question I have. If you look at the underclassmen. In the number has risen six straight seasons you know eagle -- that. 2011 there was 56. The year before. A 65 in last year's 73 looking erected 98. Underclassmen. Is that -- processing -- blue out itself lightning rules will be change our. And in Ellis shoot a directly being -- Volvo for the second straight season had the most. Players of any school. To leave early as a as a what did you take on that -- that number will continue. A girl I think Bobby stays in the true it's going to be triple digits is going to be you know hundreds. You know you can travel -- -- -- each -- -- opera that number. Did you -- -- settled itself. And you know guys we did this year -- the date they sign that -- TBA and I can't remember if it was people you would be -- well the one thing that stuck out. In -- -- -- boy did -- catch these that the rookie so to speak what it took away all that signing bonus what was spray. Because you can't -- that was never played at. EL IB -- did Sam Bradford Sam Bradford -- -- I had they'll lottery time and he had I mean not think of potential he's been Urban League I guarantee like fifty million dollars for did anything. They would jamarcus it would -- into markets that would but one thing when you read it. Was how they caught these guys in the got a for a good price for that -- And if you know what it doesn't what did you make out like a bandit in that sort of deal. Now the Smart thing to do we have to try to work the deal not when you got like -- Richard Sherman or Russell. Wilson or even like with Jimmy Graham don't wait till the final part of it then it becomes contingent was between the two sides right. By. I think what's happening here is a lot juniors. -- people quit on the popular and utterly you know a lot of guys that way now. You know you might pick -- -- to get an education and so local law but a lot of guys on the school to further their all Korea. That try to make a little bit. What ball Mike do you go to college to get a good job I mean aren't going so. So what you know you make an anabolic team when you get in 400000 dollars a global got a job coming out of college gonna pay you that. No no I don't know what. Happened in that twenty years old so it is starting. Look at documents walked in about all of gotten and it should stay in and help that perhaps we you know what the difference would be an open and Michael sport clash. I don't -- 65000. Books. That was the difference yeah. So that was what -- we -- an up and well hit. A lot of money so I think that number will be in net. 9510. Each and every year because that's the way -- CBA years sitting in. Lecture style but more or what you are seeing here. What you comply. There's no one back -- -- exactly. If you should come out early or not a personal decision and if you come out there. But a whole lot more Eagles got a trying to help that family -- the and they get that information. He hit a couple of boxes board. Most of these coaches on the staff they have -- -- -- LaDainian belted a connections. Got so many Serbs do not that you didn't you get a range -- ago. Veteran -- Is what got you. You can't blame it on someone else is because usually you've been trying to help your spam that's why and you really can't blame because again. For a lot of these young man -- away. It's a way to make you and the coaches -- and why stop that not gonna happen very well. AFL and listen minded game might thank you so much attack. Bremer LSU fines on a basketball is on the way taking on the Georgia Bulldogs. In SEC play. Bobby interesting piece by Gil Brandt. He has that time a year in between you know -- 3COM and all of us that the -- in the ladies here. He says pats is -- with four -- on -- can travels Seahawks defense. -- And basically tell -- about what teams. Can likely be in the midst of having a defense somewhat like escalates in Edmonton this again -- -- that does Bengals fought -- can gravel. Yet as -- yeah but also he has I would see that fitting in net and then number Arizona. New Orleans in the rain. Yeah who we got to I had an illicit every team in the thick in the -- Indian teams in the NFC in NFC -- Well the I think one main reason why we end up being the number two pass defense and and a pass happy league because of the rules. Was because we did have all hands Sunday that being Jabari Greer. And -- were Carroll. Now on the back in that's an area that that I think we that we need to improve. You know what's ironic and you look at. We were the only team that had two players and at least twelve sacks or more that being a junior the letting cam Jordan. You know you would think they would have been some other team that. And had. Obviously. Robert Mathis. The guy's name is LaMont with the Rams who -- -- rekindle. All -- -- yet. That they had -- -- think cam Jordan junior -- but the combination of them. -- horrible you know twelve -- more would only team had that. I think -- still get better. My writing and looking at the secondary. I think linebacker. And and now like Curtis Lofton Hawthorne and in and what they did they even a guy like Hawthorne. Is. Erie was he led the Seahawks in tackling two different seasons. -- one time at inside linebacker went outside we could see now. Why did in payment let him go on the Saints and obtain them. At the show you how productive that Seahawks. Linebacker record just their defense as a whole but I'm glad to get -- for a good game at cornerback for sure all right thanks a must Chris Miller on The Who showed in Williams economy and that state LSU basketball vs Georgia. Andy Bellamy has always jump by the K came in Bobby a Bennett among the way and Malaysia all goodnight people.