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Scoot Show 2-6 9pm Bob Mitchell - Fired Teacher, Nagin

Feb 6, 2014|

on the SCOOT show with guest host Bob Mitchell: What are your thoughts on the corruption trial of Ray Nagin? Do you believe New Orleans former mayor will help or hurt his case by testifying? Should he have taken the stand or taken a deal? If you were his attorney, would you put Nagin on the stand? If you were Ray Nagin, would you feel compelled to testify? PLUS: An unmarried teacher at a Roman Catholic school was fired after becoming pregnant. The school says she made a willful decision to violate the terms of her contract. Those who support the teacher say the move conflicted with the message of Pope Francis. Whose side are you on?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Almost not yet. I'm Bob Mitchell filling in dispute. All used to finance school will be back out tomorrow management filling in for atomic bunker and he will be right here tomorrow night eight to midnight here on WW. What we're gonna -- since you were close to the top of the hour. I'm gonna step to show up what you know what we're going to be talking about were going to be doing. First of all we want your thoughts on the corruption trial of Ray Nagin. The former mayor actually took the stand himself there was a lot of debate. On whether or not the mayor would actually take the stand himself. I'm not sure what his attorneys advised him because many times attorneys may revise the client not tactic standards still. The client's right to go on the stand one way of the other and we're going to ask you would what do you think's going on how do you think this was going to work out. And we're going to be having as a special just a term reduction -- And he's gonna -- fill us in on what happened today in court and give us his take on whether the testimony of the mayor is going to help. War is going to hurt the the final birdie plus in unmarried teacher at a Roman Catholic school was fired. After becoming pregnant. Now of course she's suing but the school says that she made a willful decision to violate the terms over contract. It was a Catholic school and they had to sign a contract that they would basically. Live their life according to Catholic standards and that is against Catholic standard so she was released of those who support the teacher. Say the move wasn't conflict put the message of up hope Francis. Who is. Preaching you know -- up a tolerance. So we'll ask you whose side are you want. And then there was another situation at another school and at this is something that that goes on it just seems all I'll just a lot. A lot and and too much. They had a party. And the party was late reward for straight a students -- only the straight a students were allowed to attendant dance in the pizza party. And if I can remember the way the story works of the students who had b.s and -- I think they were invited to the party after the the pizza was virtually missed out on the pizza. And students -- even lower grades couldn't go at all. Well of course some parents said. That that was bad because it made their kids feel bad well -- And I question is is it okay to reward excellence. Or should all the kids be rewarded regardless of -- treatment. They've got that way and sports now a lot of times that they don't even keep score. In some games and they have some situations where there is no winner or both both the winner and the loser. Yet trophies some of these schools -- getting the point where where they don't believe in in other words coming in per second and third that that everybody. Everybody is treated equal and you know you'd. You if you grow up believing that you weren't going to be rewarded for his treatments are we gonna talk about that. And of course and socially this this is really interest in I don't know if you've been following. What's going on there in most of the person under the Olympics a journalist have been reporting. Appalling conditions in hotels and some hotels are still under construction. Some of them the war is not even drinkable so we will take and -- ask you to give us your hotel. Horror story and speaking of the Winter Olympics that's going to be RB date Sony pretty -- where opinion poll question. If you could go to the Winter Olympics at no cost. Would you go -- remember this there's a possible terrorist threat there and they say the conditions there aren't too good but still. If you can get an absolute free trip to the Olympics. Which are going to are we gonna go to news our poll number is 26 year old late 78668890878. We will be back after the news for the ball with but turn deductions are ridiculous and well what's going on with the former New Orleans Mayor ray day and I'm Bob Mitchell in pursuit. Be back in just a a few minutes and it is me. Bob Mitchell. The real Robert Mitchell filling in a -- conflict root for letting me a fill in for him tonight as he does the morning show for Tommy -- Who will be back with you tomorrow night. Well we're gonna get right in the things we're gonna talk about what's going on in court here in New Orleans and welcomed the show attorney in my good friend abductions -- Doug thanks for being part of the show tonight. I'm doing fine it's it's good to be back on the air you know took little time off but gonna try to take in a dual more -- -- Coli oh great here. Here you -- well give me just an overview of what happened in court today with mayor Ray Nagin. -- Al -- a take that they have and -- the first decision has been made any -- of -- connection -- but he should take in or not. Because -- -- -- that that amendment right not to take the stand and he doesn't. Are they should be no presumption -- I think he has -- constitutional right. This should be no presumption in connection with the evidence that was thought to be to be present. Do you think it took the stand on his attorney is -- -- or against those attorneys abolished. I take. He probably was a collaborative dog Robert and Tom. And write its -- -- -- elaborate our decision and now I think. A lot of things that. -- -- payment and timing of payments. -- evidence that was presented by the by the state. If it went without explanation. I think it felt like -- He would be your troubles that he had tried it makes sense going to be. A lot of these statements that distant and so that's the tragedy today. -- -- -- -- -- -- I think the industry couple things that changes is trying to for you know that professional service. In the same look at stake in laws that control. What type of job. Gonchar get. He says the -- responsible. Who -- the -- at all and each child is. Brilliant -- a player in the in the awarding a bit. So therefore should you know -- reasonable theater is -- attitude. Contract for the a leader of state law. Really and so any inducement or -- did not receive a direct benefit returner. So that's one of the things I think it helped also. And -- the the United States. Chart. What professional -- work differently because the state can get. I mean this city can get a contracts that bet on natural that we did. -- also. Know and they get paper you know. Yeah give me a professional service contractors and these select from the -- -- and India which you know. Compiling a little special -- like -- -- in -- wheelchair so. You know I think that back and forth all all Saturday passed -- there is great. -- create out one lawyers in Egypt by the straw. His answers didn't seem to be. Two definite -- on on the three trips I've no one not think it was super role slumping and he said well. Of the notes that while there was there was an extra spot on the plane and you know I just happen though the guy at that are those answers didn't seem to definite to. Right now we're trying to do the same look into -- received the benefit. -- -- -- -- Return to that particular contract because I don't have control look are you trying to say you know almost been a little about the process and look. There are not benign that you know -- take that trip I'm not -- took mr. Hawaii. But I can I was incapable. Giving it kind of fit. In return put this inducement because. State law governs how the contracts with or give or in the police a professional certainly shouldn't. I'm proud of that process so yeah I may have accepted it but -- getting thinks special treatment return. But wasn't there one contract that. The company that he gave the contractor that was recommended that they don't get it. Com and a lot in the impact down. And oh lead into. An argument I handbook. It is our receive this. Benefit from this particular contract. The ones that are. -- to. This particular contract -- -- -- to sure it is no nexus between. The benefit secrecy. You know that the trip. That trip to Chicago. And the benefits received by these contractors is no quid pro oh I think the big Robert -- to turn to -- you know all these consumption by circumstantial that it. You don't have a smoking gun on such a quarter. All are some -- a statement saying look. In order to get I'd need this -- and spoke in that there's no. I guess. Blocked by communication. Has chosen with pro quo relationship. What about the businesses of his Sunday the stone business that are that he. I think he he tried to I think that's probably one figures too weak point of this column. Of of this case. -- -- -- -- Because. You know with Home Depot. You know date date date -- people basically what they report where. They're not and not really Bible. But it hurt you did with the bears. Sun. And on the other hand the mayor called a home -- cricket -- you know. If you get some problems with these community activists are helped. And so I think that was a variable global aspect there are different part is in the forensic. Our -- -- -- basically says. Based on -- option is that the -- But Ray Nagin received few underreported tax returns are about 111000 dollars. So I think goes. Prop you know problematic. And again it circumstantial. So what Robert had on -- -- that you your standards beyond a reasonable doubt. And you know if you don't have a smoking gun where he would be where it is not that -- Rape a child of one dollar deal with -- you have to do much but. There's no recordings and communications. Saying that. So I think the prosecution angle you know. We conclude that are actual evidence but it I didn't need and -- like. And from what I are red he didn't deliver a good job of explaining. The 101000 dollars a month that he was funneling to assurance company where that money came from. Right basically we eat (%expletive) was. -- just -- include did transport gets a venture. And that's part of forensic. I guess account from our country can -- you know. Well you know exactly track -- this is where it. Where do you work where did the 101000 -- originate from site. What what do you expect tomorrow in court. Well I think there. They're gonna continue to. Do you hammer away book. Can try to chill. Mayor Nagin will not control the process. And say look I let my people were on. And you know -- you know any any tribal -- These contractors kidnapped -- all I wanted -- to to compel people part of the rebuilding. The rebuilding and post-Katrina. So would outright is can do this sport benefits they've perceived. State -- dictate what cost contracts make it into an awarding a Serb professional services contracts. I'm really -- -- So therefore there is no action between you can prove that actions between. The benefit or -- at -- -- it's something that the contract is tentatively received. In return because if they did precede it and it could puree to qualify for or are -- -- you know they were -- which are well better. Is it against is that against ethnic for him to take these trips these three trips. It would east it is against epic. But the question -- a ball. Into behavior. Ray Nagin awarding content there. Oh culture it's you know it was what it was he. Received mystery in these kids. Did it change the way are these country or what the contract. So his job at this point is to convince the jury even though I took these gifts and I took these free trips and I took this cash. It was just a gift and I took it but it did not in any way. Affect the way I made my decisions. Actual. -- -- and what -- should create doubt. And and you you know that the government -- -- create you know there's that connection and I think there's lawyers say you think you've got to vote to acquit. Would -- got to thank you so much you still have -- show on Sundays on. Yeah every and are given a little plug donut. He hit every Friday from a content on. All legally he -- the call it you know entry legal questions. And you don't get a bill. They could appreciate it. On now on though will have to get together and do just do something you're not okay are hurt -- I don't think it's a much all right when we come back we'll take your. Your thoughts on the corruption trial about Ray Nagin we'll talk about this. Unmarried teacher at a Roman Catholic school fired after becoming pregnant and another school. That the parents arms that because as bill did something special for straight a students. Take your thoughts about -- I'm Bob Mitchell and pursued on WWL. And I'm Bob Mitchell and force tonight on WW well. One of the things on our -- table tonight and unmarried teacher at a Roman Catholic school fired after becoming pregnant school says. -- -- decision to violate the terms were contract those who support the teachers say the move conflicts the message of Pope pretzels which is tolerance. So whose side are you. You can -- call here. At at 2601870. Or told free. 866889087. You can text me at 87870. But -- much for for you to call it actually is all you can -- -- but the I'd really like to talk let's go to Veronica Veronica or you tonight. And I eat I'm very well -- -- cold outside and tell you -- hit it very cool. -- I'm staying where. What's your well okay I'm -- teacher. -- The cat I don't think eight year for the Catholic. School in polls. There particular rule on her and she got married and pregnant. No one has questions. Off of the non pregnant baby. She reached a contract. And is he OK she are signed a contract spiritual. To the cell. So why why are punishing teacher the -- he reached. Well she signed a contract with what the school district OK and up I'm just gonna rip. Report the -- remember on the old -- all the old dragnet surge just by accident just old. I'm gonna get I've got a candidate I'm gonna give you the facts before she signed a contract. That. Would. That that she would live a lifestyle. On and off the -- school campus according to Catholic rules and regulations and the Catholic moral teaching. Is that the sacrament of marriage is the holy union between a man and a woman. And we certainly league believe that we teacher recruitment to the -- -- goes about the sacrament. A maverick so from what I understand here that she signed a contract and if she signed a contract. You know and says now I will agree to this. Then I guess I have ever you know maybe what she should have done is negotiated the contract and say. I'm not I don't want that my contract but if you dislike me. -- -- sign a contract of WWL and I say I will will not do certain things I'd do certain things they can void the contract. I agree which I do that on it but it Steele stands to eat and we scale contracts. Whether. Written on spiritual. You write this it is. OK okay. But we scale -- Contracts. Whether it's only teacher. -- -- -- Or -- -- -- girl named oral contract light. Well he -- It still on. That it was deeper. OK. On -- as far as -- are off. To suspend her. Okay. All right because it -- school and being rule. OK and you know some. You know. Sit in the something. -- public school that will probably should stand me. -- -- Because all the crowds are all there. It's almost like I can't and so -- and so -- And I think it would it. What do you think they should even have people sign contracts like this. Don't -- -- -- contract like what you are important on this miracle on their lights out. I academy Yuba county at the white. Can only ask this why if if she didn't want to live by their rules and regulations. What intrigued go to another school signed a contract at another school that didn't have that clause in the. Well maybe. Aren't that. -- in me. And at that time we shouldn't. -- -- It made -- Who could have been the only local school. When you. At the and that reading what you do. And now. You know -- Say you know you go -- federal -- later because. It down at church you didn't. You told me. And it. -- in the months before you run away what do you think about this this other school that rewarded straight a students with a pizza party. And music even -- destruction there and the ones that didn't get good grades couldn't go. And the parents of some of those students are all upset saying you hurt my four little babies feelings because they couldn't go to the party. OK. Now it's. That the text -- to. -- We you're dealing with it student in Italy to me the only DXC students what. When you do things like that that makes the debt that lord said it's helped the school. Evident doesn't that to the net unbelievably the kid to do better so they can they can get that say they can get that bonus. But you have to you have to have awards that's life I mean. In the -- it's something they weren't in there. You kept kindergarten and pre K now back on it and they don't we saying they all said -- it been like that. But how we. Would -- reward out and say. You can do better. OK. -- you know probable winner. You put it that way so it won't feel like that. -- -- I think there has to be motivation and says if you if if if if you get an eight you're gonna get this bonus that that would make you study harder. And work -- you you you can't just simply. Think everybody's equal because everybody is not equal Everett -- some kids work harder some kids study harder. Yeah out. You still have to realize. You're talking about -- Christine. You know about -- steam and lack confidence. And the -- on slash. You know it can only go a certain level and -- it. Our right to run -- thank you so much OK got to go to the go to a Jolie and Terry town. Some interesting comments there -- how do you weigh in on these subjects. All the personal are still trying to decipher everything that was just says. Basically -- -- and basically she said that the contract that shouldn't mean anything and that when it comes to. Rewarding kids with good grades in school. You really shouldn't necessarily do that because the kids who don't like the good grades feel bad. Well ugly start let's start with the contract that the school contract you and I -- the market position for years. And we both signed contract and every employment. -- -- that we. Okay say and what support being told what he's going to area court for speeding ticket ignorant civil law. That is not that the -- So if you -- -- -- -- you better. You sign it. If you can prove that they've made to rap about what happened but you might have a defense case but otherwise. You -- did use should have known what was added if he's cited need to read it then you're the one's got a problem not the people who had the contract because you don't know which. So I'm I'm not sure. Whether that should be you don't contract but -- is a contract I have what what one delivered good friends it is Catholic. And he says that. They are different kinds of Catholic she said there are what they called cafeteria Catholics who will believe only in certain things. And he he says that if you're Catholic. Then use should abide your life and live by. The rules and the regulations. Of of the church and in this particular case the church is against this and she was working for a Catholic school and they said you've got to take and basically work by our standards and our standards do not permit. A single woman to get pregnant outside of marriage and if you do then you'll lose your job. Well you also have to understand that that -- is a Catholic school is that it is not a public -- It entity in the private it is a very large -- -- that is still private entity. And like any other private business in the other private club you would join. You still have certain rules and regulations you have to -- would be a part of that club to be a part of that church to be a part of that institution. And she signed the paperwork I have really sure that they would have told her you know you have to live. A Catholic Christian lifestyle and stay in this school because you're a role model to these kids -- these people simulate what you do. That point yet the fire in the contract if she didn't do that. Then they have every right as the private entity -- ability to speak Roman Catholic Church they still have a right to fire. Here's what -- said the contract the contract requires her to respect the moral and religious teachings of the Catholic Church in both her professional. And personal life. And as the eyes of the Catholic Church premarital sex and -- then that is an extremely bad role model for the kids and she got what she got because she decided not to all the world. Right and my my opinion on this is if she didn't wanna abide by the rules don't sign the contract -- -- I've negotiated contract before and some of the things were in the contract I didn't like and I would I would negotiated let's say well I don't I don't agree with this -- I don't want this in and you go back and forth until. You come with a working agreement that both parties are happy with the both parties can access. Well I don't believe that they would have to turn around that either sign that the you don't get the job of illegal any any contractors negotiation. And if she didn't take the time to negotiate the world -- on idol -- so comfortable with those. Again the oldest daughter she's the one who signed the contract knowing that was in the contract that she didn't read it again it's her fault that she doesn't know there is immediately before signing it. OK let's let's talk about that the other schools that some of the parents are upset because the school. We'll have this little deal and you know if if you if you get an -- we're gonna give you a pizza party. And a lot of disc jockey played in music. And and if you if you get a beat. Or I think it was -- -- that you could you can come to the party but he could come to the party only. After the -- serve and if you got below that you couldn't even come so it it was it was. It was establishing goals for the kids to shoot for and some of the parents feel well. In all my little baby didn't get a chance to go to the pizza party and you maybe feel bad about. The or herself and my thought on that little boo boo. Yeah well let me India's success story with that type of thing my daughter Leah. Had friends that were on the novel at her school. And -- that go to the whole party at levity on the West Bank -- him little school. And so she worked hard balance sheet double oh the very last report cards the last time we actually got to go to the party. That's why they do it is because the kids don't get to go it's supposed to be a motivating thing and it doesn't motivate these kids and instead it is still bad. Well. They need to work harder if they can't do any better than they can't do any better that is investing and that the that they can do what they need to turn around because what -- people. Feel bad because they can't get to the party. In you know that's one thing but at the rest of the kids are going to be like my daughter and actually -- You motivated by the fact their friends got -- party talk about how what's funny at it and get down. To work harder to get that great so they can go I think that's a great thing. You know at the same thing with sports personalities -- you know they've got some athletes and excel and do really well. Yes about the circle do very well you know some guys that don't make the -- all if that is. -- if the -- is gonna keep everybody on the team just because they tried now. You know that you're not gonna have a really good -- So I don't -- -- -- the school I didn't have good grades I thought I thought the honor roll was may be a -- rule was something we can. It. -- we have the same motivation night it was called the BE LP. -- -- You know thought of migrate that I thought Al had an apple and others in its -- of school it's client view of it although I thought -- was an epidemic among -- migrate. I tried one time. I thought. I thought elected. -- my mother and never to a but I never stopped front and one time that I tried to change. 0111. In my grades it it was an -- and I tried to connect the things and make it would be. And my mother looked at me and she said boy -- that's that's that's what my name was boy you know some of our boy. Do you think I'm stupid. And no man no no boy you must think I'm stupid no man. I don't think you're stupid she says well if you don't think I'm stupid. Holland. That can you think that idol. See where you'd changed this have to will be there for you must think I'm stupid and for them to this bank Cuba. Other thing is motivation a lot different now is what it was when we recovered. You know. Who wants to go everybody should just get to visibly everything at school system and understand about motivation out of motivate people out. How to get people who excel. Of opinions about that whole that whole. Process is to help get the kids who were not doing well but have the potential to get up there and get that potential going to actually achieve. Better grades and do better in school. Would -- and good talk and you got got a break coming up broken what like to me your thoughts on that should Ray Nagin had taken the stand you think he's helping or hurting himself. I think inserted himself I don't think that he thinks he's hurting himself which is the frightening part. I get a table what do you expect the -- I was talking to a political analysts who happens to be a teacher at my school union received a war. Today and I look at it that you think a little busy right now it was -- funny that the what you know is going to be playing its own warming party. There. -- All right articulate -- -- -- arrive Bubba can give us a call take part of our conversation tonight I'm Bob Mitchell in the first go to. 26018788668. At 90870 touch million. 87870. -- Couple lines open -- and cat would Europe next 260178668. At 9087 I think his name is curled joy will be. On one. He's going to attempt the first one and shoot flight off the summit of mull -- law if on the Discovery Channel -- -- you've seen these these these guys with the with the wing suit that it was kind of fly like a bird. The jump as they decide and the more than 101000. Vertical feet. Speeds. Of up to a 150. Miles an hour -- is gonna jump off. Of Mount Everest. And a bird suit 101000 feet up. And move it about a 150 feet. 150 miles an -- coaches. Well like you do. Let me go ahead and I'll get to the -- just a second and do wanna get caught up on on a couple of the text messages was forced the student rewards compare that to the dean's list at any university or college. Is anyone yelling about that yet. He goes hand in hand with the sports that don't keep score the parents are the problem make your kids do better they are not in titled. No matter how much you think the art you reap what you slow reality on the teacher Catholic teaching rules say we are all sinners and that and that's the purpose of confession she didn't abort the baby if anything the rule pushes people to say and by having an abortion. OK let's. Which go to Jimmy intent -- power hegemony. Gone -- how are you -- Yeah good to have you back on the radio. One. Please took some time off not solve. The government would have -- In like what do you think. Then people wouldn't wouldn't. -- It would begin the hunt. Yeah it. There item on. Bulletin date or brag bag. The day. Will -- they did he said no. Didn't know. So it immediately I just just decide whether you believe you were not doubled the jury is trying to do right now. In. Our Google put them away in they do you know it happened to exit -- We have the ability. Right study if they it was a good thing for him to take the stand. I don't know -- All right Jimmy appreciate you Costco the Berrian Bogle so how are you Barry. A bullet which means if you don't it's all about it and that's what a great. It's an I thought that the smaller and also the that this -- I feel it in that is sort of the political. The contracts of broken a constituent about deporting its intent to and I mean he told you to put bulb. The deeper conflict should be in a juror can be sure you see a book on the continent book. I've been in Ingraham a spirit to the church. They couldn't told the teacher development and package them do -- let's get this the -- -- the lucrative property world we broke contract with him. It's -- very beginning and propagate -- and the church's mission would welcome guys. And input into the -- -- -- -- -- -- what you do and I intend to do wrong about it -- In the church school he took -- -- -- -- happened -- neighbors and it -- And the percent -- custom content featured at the responsibility. For -- bringing people back to old American policy in Beijing political on the importance -- this lady she made a mistake. -- -- -- -- and -- the -- of the multiple on -- -- -- -- tendency to without seeing that and kept separate spoke to a big bonus is that. -- a different -- children that when you make a mistake that optical people would -- it is currently the cult would drop it and try to continue to. Let's go play Berisha -- say is that even though it was in the contract. And they've earned the right to do it but are instead of instead of sticking to the letter of the law. But maybe they should shoulder a little forgiveness and -- -- and maybe maybe suspend or something like that. Yes scooped by the little real possibility you know but god can get on with -- and so on give up the two attempted to do it -- have a and it put it in the district is to represent god are bigger than expected report to teach your children will expect. It's topical current dependence. Can go up 22 children and they. They've gotten a somewhat it would you make a mystic upbeat mistake about it openly battled well and attended discipline so that when the ship fired. I think our region I think it but it's 22 children that god loves you and you're going to make mistakes and right on the -- as corporate a question that came into the world. And he gave it condensed it to about a Palestinian that -- -- both nationally. And -- and nailed it down -- and go into some calls wouldn't we. Go with clutching at every day and we have to be up to get and the strong church of. No way Barry I've -- unlike your point of view of the may have -- about the the other school that it is is in trouble because. The day they had a contest and they said whoever gets an a is going to get free pizza and a party and -- if you if you don't today he gonna get this and some of the kids were left out and at -- do you believe that we should give. Kids incentives that we should give those who excel rewards or should everyone on the matter whether -- a student lord F student everybody. Treated equally. Well I think that this should be incentives of course if you do where it should be treated -- a -- at a charity board that they broke the rules schools should be. It's. Still a good Democrat. Persons -- good deal of democracy and haven't in the -- what did you vote. I think some and we. Good security and indeed children that with people digital element eastern and that is in Newton where there's that and cock. Conflict within the children's apparent it's going to that should not been no there's some pumping pitching and a called net accomplish go to -- battle -- about equal I think critical to the same school. Popular it's incredibly out -- And it can be to tell you that the animosity and modest about. But on the other hand you know that there should be a reward in other words if I work hard. I get an a and what is wrong with rewarding me where that might motivated student who's going to be -- -- to say -- Look he or she worked really hard look at they got -- -- repeats but that's absolutely. Some music from -- -- -- -- -- next time I'm gonna work hard. I'm gonna study hard and I'm good at that listen I can tell you one thing about myself when school today. The only time the I studied hard is when I was forced to stop -- I was not a natural study person. But I can remember my mom telling me when it came to grades. She said you know son she said. I've I realized that that you might be an average student but the one thing you can do. You can get an eight in behavior she said it doesn't take -- a genius to get an a in behavior. But aren't -- I know because my parents pushed me that's the only reason I started. I think it's sentence should be given by the parents at home but Britain toward the school -- I think it correctly bigger Panama and took he's going to be each crew. Back in it particulates at the called on children a -- to not go home -- -- school. Oh. What keeps it looks -- -- -- Britain -- it attitude when and content out to be brutal political instrument when it. -- and -- And -- shouldn't have to have children in that book critical calls Panama and all right not what happened. Thank you Baer appreciate you calling Jerry and I actually we'll get to you right after the break to 601878. 866889. Point seven I'm Bob Mitchell in pursuit. The big 870 WWL AM up -- dot com bad I'm Bob Mitchell filling in Porsche -- tonight -- brigades seventy WWL pretty -- opinion poll question that you can go to the Winter Olympics at no cost. Would you go. Cast your vote at WWL dot com we checked in. Report like and see what everybody is voting for now remember. There is that that the that the terrorist alert to -- with Russia so you. Seventy. 7% say no -- 3% say yes let's go to gutsy call at the top find out how are you. But I almost bought my -- epic train you saved me. Thank you so much. Really I was looking like I'll is that if the people are not. -- indicate that the actual subject of Iraq what the way to being forced to teach. Something -- the teacher at something from the parent that you and you can't get any. Game and show them. You know about what -- really. What you know really it if you're bored by that you'd you'd bring problem. It's the weight being taught this step and I don't block in the -- Atlantic but we we know who are because we were like. With the whole -- and flipping it you know when a cigarette and come by. Even stupid thing that hate it like and I Grammy. What may not possible. You know they they were teachers were in need. Are you -- you are you against. Motivation against let's say you know get a and you know -- beat you get a free pizza or are you against that type of moment. Wouldn't I wouldn't make a lot that. All the girls I. Need to. And you know look at what went food. It's so exciting to learn it -- the stupid that they. And putting and what's really been you know there I'm looking for but I'll call it a -- -- fantastic. It wouldn't be in the rate that they are -- -- it clear that the -- should. Well my daughter it's a school teacher and I'm very aware of the restrictions that they put on teachers that makes their jobs really really difficult. That's a common core being I am I get -- and -- can't -- -- magic map. What -- it really yet. Who. Came up with this idea that take the the teaching methods and what you teach out of the hands of the teacher and think. But you can put this program on and teach everybody the same thing at the same time. Insane I mean it's really expect Soledad new world order not -- step because they want them all. And it all kinds of propaganda mixed in instead of teaching them you know you quit -- -- geometry and that would actually maybe make them. Develop their critical thinking and that the last thing that's what it in this country are in the court right now that developed critical thinking -- that might actually smell a rat. And and that's fine hardship. And on the we need -- got -- -- Egypt who really Arctic teachers we elected in school. BP. BP would teach together and -- It's great that under the right. -- report bucket got about a minute -- what do you think about this teacher that was fired because. She signed a contract due to liberal life. In and out the school by Catholic standards she got pregnant so they partner. Contract -- bet -- the law but. On -- and -- from my boat at that point but I think that depends on the age of the children teach. I think it was teaching like six and seventh grade teacher. Hulu that's kinda -- that would be it -- at age to have you know pregnant -- America. -- Catholic school I mean you know you -- opening out. I'm Catholic school come all. All right dot C it was good here Intermune Tyrone how important. I'll lot Wilson will we could do OKM -- trying to start doing some more -- and work on to fill in infants do tonight. A great thank. Thank you dot sleep all right let's say we have Gary Gary and hold on will be get back to you right after the properly RP if if you wanna talk about incentives. Four students is it -- to offer a pizza for a is one school did it in some of the parents didn't like it. I'm Bob Mitchell put in pursuit of big -- seventy WWL AMF lemon dot com.