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Feb 6, 2014|

at another school, only straight A students were allowed to attend a dance and pizza party. Students with lower grades were not invited. Some parents objected saying it made their kids feel bad. Is it okay to reward excellence or should all the kids be rewarded regardless of their achievements?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And does that great American poet -- polished to say it's up. That's a surprise it's big Bob Mitchell in for us to tonight's -- will be back with you tomorrow night here's what's on our. WWL talk table and unmarried teacher -- Roman Catholic school was fired. After becoming -- schools that should be any willful decision to violate the terms of her contract. Of those who support the teacher. Say the move conflicted with the message -- -- princes. Who preaches tolerance. Most of the people of fold in tonight against Bolton I just may -- it's been 5050. A lot of people feel that you know she deserved to be part of it she broke the terms of the contract. However we did have one guy I think it was Berrian moguls are brought up what I thought was a very good point and had not thought about until he brought up. He said even though they have the right to fire. Because she did violate the contract but the better rock would have been too. For giver and saying you know you -- broker contract but we're going to do what Jesus would do and we will operative you. Thought I'd I'd I'd like that point also had another tool. Only straight a students were allowed to attend a dance in the pizza party student of lower grades were not invited. Some parents objected saying it made their kids feel bad well boo boo -- If you wanna take part of the discussion of these subjects -- can call me at 26 year old late seventy. 866889. OH seventy technique at 878. 87 -- the Texas but -- a duper for you the call because that way I can talk to you. And we never -- 870 pretty drag our opinion poll question if you can go to the Winter Olympics at no cost. Would -- ago. At this point it's like 76%. Say. No let me go ahead and read a couple of text messages to him way way way behind on the news. I think it's very attached to eight -- -- to give any kind of -- to those who make only a.'s and -- for those kids that struggle. And genomics -- not to recognize what does that say about school and what they're teaching the children. When I was growing up. And -- I think it should still be positive reinforcement was exactly that reinforcement positive and good behavior. And if you did something that was more negative -- -- negative reinforcement I don't I don't I don't understand negative reinforcement. But I'd I'd do understand motivation I do understand saying that. We're gonna have we given -- such and such for demand of the four board for everybody who works hard and gets -- -- day. And you know we have to be straight about its not everyone can get page not everyone can take and make it raised. Some of us -- I'm made average grades in school that was a net net never wrote and was never. A straight a student. What's the here's another one note concerning these. Concerning the woman. That got fired ex communicate the Harland aunt's older minutes of what would Jesus and by all means they'll rent an unwanted pregnancy. And you qualified let's -- there. All right. What's the what do we have here of the parents don't agree with the pizza party then they should do a better job with their kids. All right 260187888. 88866. -- nine point somebody that's told -- a little more information on what happened at this school. Patrick Hagerty he's the superintendent of the Catholic schools for the diocese. As happened in Montana think -- Butte Montana. Said that she maybe willful decision. The violate the terms of her contract which requires her to respect the moral and religious teachings of the Catholic Church in both of professional and personal life. The Catholic moral teachings is that the sacrament of marriage. As a holy union between a man and a woman. And we certainly believe that we teach our children who attend our schools about the sacrament of marriage that's as old our church not only that we teach. That to the children in kindergarten through twelfth grade were held to a standard as well. A spokesman for Leo diocese. One day in battles and said. The Catholic school teacher enters into an agreement not only with the district. But what the parents and teachers. To follow -- lifestyle in line with Catholic teaching its. And of course the par ended draws some criticism from Catholics who said. The move conflicted with the message of -- branches. And they point out the Pope pretzels baptized the child of on what parents last month inside the Sistine Chapel. So what do you think. And Iowa and when I first heard the story I guess I was right on the line where -- say. If you violate the contract. You deserve to get fired and I do believe that she deserved -- partnership broke the contract but I'd I'd go back to but it was Barry who -- changed my thinking on this. Although the school district did have the right to fire may be the the higher moral ground would be OK look. We have a right before you broker contract. Suspenders may be for a month. But in the end you know for giver. And then use that as a kitchen experience and then you can. Go to the children and say in oh she is tree. Broke the rules and regulations. Of what we teach so therefore when you do that there is normally a penalty to played. So this that the penalty issues can play but then we're going to for giver. And we're gonna opener back with a welcome mark. 2601878668. At 9087 lead now let's talk a little bit more. About these kids with the with the pizza. The kids that got invited to two party. Because they got a using the parents getting all upset because their kids. Didn't get a chance to to go to the party that made the kids feel bad about themselves. But I trust they'll know in life if if you can ever prevent that and the way it worked was -- -- the Merrill and school middle school. It held a dance of the pizza party. Complete with a DJ -- wasn't Leo wasn't there. And game role for students who earned straight days. And then it kind of went down -- males -- like qualities abilities motivation things that you know you go up and down the latter. Students who gut b.s and -- Were invited to attend the party. Once. The pizza and eaten and that that's -- the Mosul -- let it affect -- but if you don't get an eight you know and get the -- In this -- and -- lower grades were not invited at all. The event of course. Produced mixed feelings among parents. Some questioning. If an exclusive party with the right -- to -- the students the students that they'll get to go and appealing bad. And I guess wicket to -- debate this forever and ever. Used to be if you if you have a goal if you have a motivation if you have for ward. I'd I don't know about you know what I was brought up bill and I wanted to certain thing many of them apparently it's legal okay. You know we will -- -- new Blake will will get to this ridiculous. If you bring your grades I know point blank I did that with my kids going to school if you you know would then I want such and we'll tell you what. You get your grades you study hard. And I go ahead and reward you by giving you what you want. And of most of the time it did work at it did motivate them to study -- I'd like to have your opinions on it. 26017866890. It's seventy. And also let's talk a little bit about the Winter Olympics if you can go to the Winter Olympics in Russia at no cost. Would you go a free trip. Now I would -- a still -- they have -- -- and probably the big screen TV. I'm Bob vigilant for its -- coming right back to 60178668. At 9087 we have a couple of lines open -- of the talk you -- on the big 870 WW LA and -- dot com I'm Bob Mitchell impersonal -- WW Olympics were talking about is it is it -- to offer kids rewards. For good grades you know I can tell you if I had gone home we're talking about a school that. At a pizza party for kids -- had a is that if you didn't have a -- you could -- the pizza. If I'd gone home and whines until mama that. Fields soap -- -- I didn't get an idea and couldn't have beat the and they -- it would help me who have been. Black on the side of the head and civil and get -- And next time you'll be able to get the pizza let's go to Adam Adam how are you. Doing good what's on your mind tonight. -- -- -- I mean that much on them achieve both are. Orchard Park -- -- there that's where it audit or that the spotlight or the church leaders. Should there. The we are pollute. That -- -- -- the the very foreign. At that right now. She broke the contract and that's which do. Well -- -- which is saying and that is kind of the school does have the right. To do that -- I'd do believe that though what Barry said. Would have been a a better way it in the words would be a great teaching -- -- and I think maybe the school missed the teaching. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That particular moment now -- are now. -- -- -- going well but by it to a little bit. Oracle online and well. Want to be a teaching moment in my -- Do you think maybe the school just said that we have to tow the line here because if if we backed down here that it can happen over and over again. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And students. What do you want to know what -- -- normally like I was. Well -- here and that's the. All right skills many schools -- you -- -- many schools and she -- tolerance for kids you know if a kid accidentally brings a butter knife to school they can get suspended because they have a zero tolerance for. I mean you have to -- -- where they're very. -- -- Now what about these kids that got pizza upper eighties is that good motivation or -- -- make the other kids feel bad. I don't bitch in when I opened my rule. It -- on all our years. We bobbled the -- -- that the -- -- like. There are a lot. -- There. That was very -- an epidemic -- they -- You know open and the idea. Everybody at the everybody's. Pitched treated equal about. What triggered it. -- the church or are there every war. I don't like this thing where everyone is treated the same way like in sports everybody gets the trophy or. I want and don't I don't believe in the hospital but it did you do keep score in -- what the whether you want to do it -- you know. Adam would you go to the Winter Olympics in Russia at no cost. We're all at the lord. Everything. -- may be able girl. Are on the aisle or either a great pick aren't great the pilot it quite so -- orders. I -- more like the old. That that's that was I was gonna say I I don't think I can tolerate the -- that was the Summer Olympics I would but the it. All that's no none this weather here's too cool for me right now. Exactly. Like a good that it was. Typical this year I'll -- expecting out of all. Baghdad appreciate your -- let's go to Brian -- Brian. Welcome to WWL. Tonight. You don't mind. Well a local it's all. Kind of -- -- church Arctic. -- that. And succeed as approachable or -- and -- is set you don't succeed. Or you don't get. It's a little bit ultra. Hitchcock and -- they they get there. Everybody. That's out there. Actually. You know they lowered. That. We want to. Succeed on the border. Who disposal and it's a contract in the major leagues we got it on its fast as they catch the ball principles. -- contract. He can teach them a way everybody should get slump then. It's -- wall you know war record succeed practice. And -- be it property here you're liable. You know -- when it comes to rewards and it comes to work in and things like that. Not everyone can do the same thing -- not not everyone is paid equally. In the workforce a lot a lot of times out of office some person is more important because today. They don't they just have buddhists have better skills and we we are not all born with the same equal amount of skill. That's just the fact of life. That actually liked him. What war. Parents -- a little bit shorter deal. That are art culture to dissipate. Just the bureau will start out of an hour ago. What happened was that the school had had a party. And they had pizza and they have a disc jockey and if you had an -- menu can go to the party -- the destructing in the pizza and then if you if you had to beat. Then you can you can go after the pizza was served and just listen to the music but then I think if you -- like indeed you could go to old. The party at all in this that the and and this was something that they were trying to motivate the kids to get up about it greats. There that you own ego that's what's at all or -- You know the -- that -- You know that all the actual option so -- -- -- She should so you pick. You could subject or. At all the triple or a hard sport it's now it's like. I am not good when it comes to being a handyman I don't care how hard I Detroit. All right will messed things up my wonderful always to only one -- -- just wholesome on that no matter how are heard. I try. So where someone else might be a master and continues and if if I tried to use an electric saw but my handle -- okay I'm I'm not I am not gifted with that where other people. Are skilled in that. I can and I'm I'm very. -- comfortable about talking on a 50000 watt radio station very comfortable. Public speaking not everybody is comfortable that we all do not have the same skills and we will not all. Yet the same grades in school ineptly try to take the -- to wait and try to say well okay. Whether you've got to deal whether you've got a you're getting the same reward that's just not gonna work that's not the way of life issues. And Q do work take it or -- the parents that are part it. They'll stay in. A church were -- integration to. Support would be to step before. You know BK ticket -- -- -- -- -- there now so you could your school that day. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Let me -- this text message. Excluding the kids will book lower grades of events could lead to bully. The kids who went good start -- did that he or she was stupid and it just builds up from there. Islam. All you -- -- -- we know. You know -- You'll say. Oh well -- Social -- a lot more -- at all in Britain -- to be good. Oh. Yeah. All the -- people that it achieved. And you have to prepare kids for disappointment they're going to have disappointment in what they're not gonna get every -- ago laughter. A brush and anything else to talk about the of the chief of the laughter job. In. The years ago. -- Now -- -- you -- -- -- it may be. Sure teachers who -- Stretched out -- pitcher -- did she. What -- your contract. Okay yeah yeah. -- -- That picture check out at. Age you. You. You know I'm sure you. Should. Well. You know cute and owner and technical route back to war now. -- That. Orchestra. Pit stop on school district much. Until -- Appreciate your call we're gonna go to Karen Karen how are you tonight. I'm doing well -- Harriet. -- Lou -- like that it. Even now I was walking on the street that come into work minute I've got I've got my podium again a leather jacket put on. I think they thought I don't do well and gold I'm I'm one I'm one of these hot weather people I can taken go outside. And jog in 98 degree turn over. And I'm fine with I have no problem but the weather like this mean I'm I'm gonna go home get under cover and it'll walk out and -- -- -- be allowed to -- better and Nicole -- like that it was definitely keep that no longer can keep young I'll deal with that right. I'm not going to talk about the ticket but it sure. How much here. A cute kids who are having issues and having troubles and the days something when a kid gets it. And he works at it and he gets it that way this self esteem comes from it doesn't come from -- piece of pizza. It truly does it come from working and getting. And being. In. My young daughter as a teacher. And she said. It's such an incredible reward as feature. When you work you implement these young kids especially one of the problem kids who work with them and you work with them and then all of a sudden. The light turns on. And they get it. That's what you see it in there online yeah it's smile on -- I am confident. And making go in and and that means deterrent is self confidence he can give it they've -- What about offering a reward for days anything wrong that. Anything wrong. I really don't act I I agree with -- an opinion he should. They've got to be delineation you've got -- -- lives for something otherwise no no meaning to. And these parents say well -- kids feel bad well what's gonna happen. When these same kids who don't get a.s and b.s and it's these these with what can happen when they say you know something. I'm only a I wanna be a doctor and I'm gonna go try to apply for a doctor's job and you don't get it if if if if kids don't. Realized not not all of us and I was never a straight -- -- never never never. And I've putt I mentioned earlier that the honor roll about the honorable some type of special role will be with raisins and I have to -- How did note on. -- And everybody's. Differently able to Q1 -- that. I mean everybody does things well things away but the -- is try and -- It's working -- and honestly I think. It -- -- or that the most works as you know and -- with acute one that I can get anything I can do anything she can't. -- -- -- You know you can try to get anything you want but you know again we are not all qualified. The same way. That's exactly I have I have friends who are artists that can I mean beautiful. I could I can dot stick figure maybe complaining. Only because their boards and -- That. My my wife -- one of these people that if you want to be an artist should could be an -- -- can. She's one of these people. She doesn't always that nothing but cheek and she can do anything she sets her mind to it if if you looked at some of the -- means that that that she hated. Many many years ago you would do -- why did you fall upon that. Treat pain and -- -- a mural on on one of our grand kids wall. That you would look at it and you would say. My goodness some incredible artist of this meat I put it can't I can't. Put a book approach. I I don't know would do that and flattened. Yeah I mean if will -- when I paint. There's more pain on me in the Florida everything else. That's it exactly. And that and the -- that's the thing everybody does something well and that taking away. Accolades for doing well. It -- You have to have something to strive for and then the probable. You know you get -- big when we grownup when I was growing up in trying to repeat animated you do get a medal for showing right. And I you know was disappointing and a lot of teachers. But. You grow up and you are. Well when I was in high school. It was a a freshman. In high school it was like Adam and that was five feet. -- about 75 piles of today. I want to play on the football team just -- I didn't make the team right. Karen what do you think about this teacher -- that that cut and -- over Obama understands. It was not a Catholic school. She signed the contract that said that she would live her life according to the -- the Catholic church's. Traditions and rules and regulations. And she got fired because she was became pregnant and not married. You know she signed the contract. Period and the discussion. She signed a contract if you did agree that situation signed it and I have another school. All right Karen if you can go to the Winter Olympics that Russia no clause would you go -- -- in a heartbeat what about the hotels if there's all kind of stories coming out the whole files are Arctic gathered in the waters on drinkable you'd still go yeah. I would I would try to work around -- yeah yeah I'd like doing things like different things that have you ever have a whole whole whole experience. -- -- Our number one hotel when I was twelve then went on vacation and it -- in the middle of the woods kept waiting for big. Sure it's hard it was really and. My favorite -- tell horror experience. Was we won two Cozumel Mexico to go scuba diving it and we'd go into -- and you know I decided that and to really do something nice and we go with that called junior -- -- I'm I'm going to be with the big time. And it was freshly renovated we go in the room and what's the first Tennessee in the middle of the floor. Big old dead rat. -- -- So I'm so why go to the front desk. And I say -- I talked to about reporting dead rat in my room. That low okay well publicized. As well ultimately. Decide here. I've talked to a debt. But will -- to. They bump me up to a -- -- at an hour. That element and a -- in the middle of the room who remembered. -- And did you do loudly so that everybody everybody in the lobby of looking -- -- Thank you Karen. It was a pleasure talking to you tonight. -- Matthew us Susie stay with we will come right back of your phone calls if you Olympic -- our conversation tonight it's -- -- zero -- seventy. Told 386688908. Study text mate at age 787 am Bob Mitchell in -- tonight. On the -- -- WW WL AM implement dot com Peter and I Robert Mitchell in for a scoop tonight on WW -- what they Justin Bieber. Update. The a -- star a pop star excuse me and his father or extremely abusive to a flight attendant. As their private jet flew from Canada to New Jersey forcing her to take refuge in the cockpit. According to multiple reports the least luxurious. Gulfstream four -- which the nineteen year old Canadian pop start is dead in an operative turned French traveled was so full of marijuana smoke. Just funny was so -- Mara let's look at the pilots were forced to Wear oxygen masks. This thought but at at at at at at at at. Oh my goodness what is gonna eventually happened with the show him. He's talented appointees. He sliding down the the sewer let's go to a Tory -- -- I'm -- about you speak the latest thing with Justin Bieber. Or opera. Will listen here's what to do a little. All right that's -- at the and put the baskets are about the right. So you want more about the teacher. Yeah I actor at one or. It's from that point I'm actually -- ministers -- in the air at church and packaged. Church but in the mop on acute. And -- -- that. -- funny. You should see. Had an abortion. And nobody who's pregnant. That she still have a job. It would let out archery and or -- -- I'll. End and that. -- Where a lot of people. Look at church bike or. Arm. Or you like it. I'll just. Hurt her hand I get all public like yeah people could keep a result of -- -- art but it hit. -- the dark. Out out. Out of course. -- -- -- And I thank god you didn't do. But. -- Well you know. Here's here's the way I've been able to interpret the -- From what. Would just whatever you read these stories and in and you do this kind of thing you don't always get the full story but from from what I. Understand is that that this tool did not let's say snoop into her personal life. Perhaps if she had gone to them and said look here's the situation. Maybe they would have handled it but I think would happen as a kind of blind side and they found out that that she was pregnant. Uh oh and my thoughts on this from the very beginning work you have a contract and they have a right to -- if she breaks the contract. However may be a better spiritual thing to have done would've been too. Suspenders so that people realize that when you when you break the rules that you you gonna have some some in the play. But maybe in the and -- giver and and use it as a way to teach children that -- a -- did something wrong but where she's gonna pay this particular. A sentence for doing wrong but you know Jesus teaches us to -- so we're gonna forgive her. Our group -- -- -- and bar trick. The term at that point I mean I think it's we have some learn about these people shed. You know quote unquote what -- Right and what they were doing here is they were. They were sticking to the letter. Of the law and of course that's what that's a lot of I used to praise church people do they stick to vote literal. Or artillery and yet not us durable and. All right -- determined. You know intent and spirit of the technologies shouldn't you know kind of boil down. They end of the day. And how many times of these say we -- to forgive. Haven't -- -- right you know I'm not have been other and I would seven not -- -- you messed me up seven nom I forgive you seven times after that you're gone you're out there but Jesus on the -- we are -- known about 770. Seventy you know I often. Often think about that situation. When the disciples listing that. You know had to go around scratch and -- to wait a minute it's eight times and changed his do you know how many times that is where. And you -- a what do you think about the of the situation. -- -- the kids where they gave only -- to the a students. So Bob I'm the guy who. Thank you ever watch it skier NAFTA like maybe the rich richer and paying their bodies on him really a column. I'm the guy and -- -- from the church. Then in the court that's. Well I tell you one thing. But see it's only trash talk if you can't if you can't produce and he ten. Exactly and you know it's if you have a problem with Q did decade. And eloquent part who will get. It really -- -- -- and go to the part that's come up territory between home in the bit disappointment. He got on the part of life I think it. And and not on -- -- -- young parent -- markets -- your own power and are now. But I think part of the problem. -- home like he ever hurt -- When one parent say I don't want my kids to go through what I went to a he -- the issue is that someone. I think that you went to a -- you who you -- to take -- -- -- work -- -- -- our -- -- of -- fortunate -- some of those experiences. Like heartbreak in disappoint. You're right you're -- -- you or or are you hit it and not in -- if if you take Wednesday. Well I don't want like to be disappointed because he didn't get it against what. He's eventually something's gonna happen in -- worry is going to be disappointed you know I was I was raised. The old fashioned way I was. Spare -- -- Obama administration not my day they did know what that meant to spare the rod you know -- hand and me. I remember. Well why didn't show a couple of years ago we're talking about discipline and raising kids. And I talked about in oh -- a Dutch bank in whacked on the side of the but it's up -- wrong and some psychiatrists. Called an instant. Call themselves -- you were abused as a condition wasn't abused listed -- but -- learned. That if I didn't do the right thing but there was going to be penalties and be caused. I feared my parents and I feared the discipline and a third -- what happened to me if I break apart broke certain rules. That would need me. On disciplined person that helped make me who Roy who became today. I appreciate I appreciate it -- All right thank you so much. All right we will will well we'll take a break and -- come right back on the dutrow with me Bob that you would love to talk to you tonight that statistic he early seventy. Told 3866. -- I know it's you can text me. At 87870. Texans are great but we like to talk to you. I'm Bob Mitchell and this is is don't show on WWL. And I'm Bob Mitchell and new -- to dispute show on a WWL great news we have a New Orleans when there -- 1000 dollar. National cash contest gradually agents to Janet -- We wanna put money in your pocket to you have four chances to win a thousand dollars every week this WWL weekdays. Right for the top Leo or news at 8 AM. Noon to 3 PM and 6 PM but the cold worse than of the code word at WW. Dot com. Slash. Cache WWL dot com. Slash -- or just click on the contest league at WW dot com and it's just as easy to in -- on your Smartphone or tablet. And your office computer surfing and well. You can win anywhere each weekday for. Lucky listeners nationwide -- thousand dollars each good luck and remember the time to listen right before the top Leo or news at 8 AM noon three and 6 PM. On WWL. But say hello to -- power uses the. Puts lifting an apology he said he did not know what lies. -- hadn't beaten at least you know it's at the bottom and it. Academically the -- apparently the people in leaking and -- you're definitely in -- Let's go to Matthew how -- you imagine. Well I wanted to comment on the pizza party. I'm. An end. Part of it and Wear a little bit proud about fifteen minutes and I heard you talk a little bit about say that you warm much -- The -- not a whole. Which -- OK because every everybody. Born a little bit different. Right of the of the port deployment front and make theirs the fact that I did not get aids in school you know and I know I've -- I think I did locate. And in in my career but. But yet if if the if you tried to hire me to fix things around your house I just make things worse. Well sure so I guess a lot school disconnect -- from me weird with the school is that. It became don't have any other options so either you're good school and you make eighties and you go to pizza party or now. The real world really that -- to -- good public speaker and you're Bob Mitchell. War you're good doctor and you -- want it good doctor or your group or lawyer or -- good. Is this man -- your good that you have. And equal opportunity. To go out here but nicer and that might be that you don't work hard which can work hard and Richard good. I think probably. I'm more loan. -- -- They're -- her Payer system would be. If you're a good athlete these new -- party candidate Jon Gruden school go to the party and appear good it. I'm now will be you can -- party but anybody who works hard and achieved. Something. Good in where the oval -- and also get that award. But when we take. Children are our people and you put them all in the same line and today. It's the only thing you can be good if you -- not good there you'll -- -- you can a good thing -- -- We we all can achieve the same report not not all of us can -- and in other words. And in this school there was a reward for being a supposed suppose it was a a woodworking group what. Woodworking class -- that says like. Whoever can build this nice table over here. Gets to go to the pizza parlor would just walk out of bombed on the table and I never watch the government of pizza party anyway I just I just I just think there's something wrong when we start saying. That we never want to disappoint our kids. It days and I think it's more from the parents. I mean don't don't -- don't you believe that in life. That you've got to face disappointment you're not gonna always be able to get what you want and you need to learn that an early age. Sure and an and I think -- that a valid point. I just picketed outside. I guess is it is my child -- today. Okay why didn't make a sorry government party. Might be well you do they're very good along volume needs. That would be our -- -- response would be well he did very good football practice and why do the start order. Right and and and and maybe one of the people and ate a piece of pizza. Can't possibly play or about -- Yucatan. Correct and that that would be Wal-Mart respond. To march out -- So he didn't you know so it didn't make it to repeat not the end of the world right -- work on the golf you know -- -- student. And that pretty much -- which mean. -- past however many years. We know what could keep work and conduct important but I wanna tell you that the pizzas is not -- Ought to be all too well that's that's all there is to achieve in life to. Not true -- you I appreciate you calling got to go to news next Scott and John hold all about it to your phone calls right affable top Leo our. I'm Bob Mitchell and for stewed on the big dates amity WWL AM FN and dot com.