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Feb 7, 2014|

: An unmarried teacher at a Roman Catholic school was fired after becoming pregnant. The school says she made a willful decision to violate the terms of her contract. Those who support the teacher say the move conflicted with the message of Pope Francis. Whose side are you on? ALSO: at another school, only straight A students were allowed to attend a dance and pizza party. Students with lower grades were not invited. Some parents objected saying it made their kids feel bad. Is it okay to reward excellence or should all the kids be rewarded regardless of their achievements?

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I'm Bob Mitchell in for us to tonight's duke will be back with you tomorrow night on WWL. As we ought to take it to midnight tonight here's what we're going to be talking about this hour of those you've been listening you know what I'm talking about for those viewers just tuning in. We're talking about. And on married schoolteacher at a Roman Catholic school. I I think and it's Butte Montana probably the word is. Became pregnant. Also she made a willful decision to violate the terms of her contract those who support the teachers say the move conflicted with the message of hope -- who teachers more tolerant. So whose side you're on the they do the right thing and mean she was under contract she broke the contract they had every right to fire maybe they should've. Showing little forgiveness. Penalize or another way. And then for giver and let her keep her job. Or did they do the right thing and showed students that if you do this and you have this kind of behavior here's what's gonna happen. No other school only straight a students were allowed to attend events and parties student lower grades. Were not invited. Some parents said. It made my kids feel bad boo boo -- And some journalist reporting from socially. Where the Olympics cranks up tonight describe appalling conditions. Hotel still under construction war. And it's -- -- patrolling. That it -- the -- not even drinkable and animals blowing all around the place so I thought maybe a week had shared if -- Yemeni hotel. More stories to share I mentioned last hour much in the worst one was a tricked into a hotel in Mexico and it was a dead rat. Right in the middle of the floor should be have a whole total horror story want to share with me in -- you can go to the Winter Olympics at no cost would you go. All right -- poll numbers to secure -- seventy toll free 866889. Point seven you can text me at 87870. Let's go to Scott Scott thank you for calling WWL tonight. -- I think -- you. You keep an -- on strike the matter where you say and maybe it searchers -- forgiveness that are deeper. The way the charts. -- -- Make it out he gives them buy it don't mean -- -- it. All planned -- a friend of mine did art art art art like eight years ago doctor. Or -- market but our. I'm -- -- what have. You ever art art court. But you know that's a good -- -- because if let's say you murder someone. God can forgive you for that. But you still have to pay the penalty of your action but you made a good point made a -- but we do not know you write that they may have said look. We forgive you Jesus forgives do we forgive do the school producer of the church -- -- guess what you still have a job because you broke -- contract that's a good point very good. And their parents want -- there a regatta race car yet that -- that you oh. -- -- -- Occupied the court to maybe -- otter not go to the party candidate or AP news topic at all. We were not water down where we -- ever breakdown and people pay out what -- what the saying and you got people people where other we got a better topic prayed and yeah. -- they don't thank you gateway bank pop career here and. While that aren't you you brought up a very good point -- what about these kids in this school. Where some of the parents are upset because their little garlands didn't make days and they couldn't get pizza. Are very quick -- with the -- made. Eric how work all hours and our co worker operate all of my Annika debate is due to put out you do what you but he. Maybe you put up our court to get paid at the beat the you don't beat there. What I don't like is. We seem to be. Gravitating toward a society that says. Everyone has to be equal in other words no disappointment life if you play sports shall some of these of the baseball teams with a young kids. They don't keep score. And every one should go to a trophy there's no more 12 and three. It's -- everyone is equal input and what happens that you'd you'd get in life and you think that that's the way it is. The truth of the matter that's not the way it is the truth of the matter is that some people. Are going to make more money -- you some people are gonna get more rewards the new. You -- you can't always be rewarded it would be like if if I try to stop on the football field and say I wanna be treated as equal with Drew Brees. It kicked me in the butt throw me out of place. Yeah that relates. Outdated and thank god world well well well at old. But I can't whatever -- will be never -- be your ticket -- your art pre order -- gonna get rewarded for your BP. In an act that way chippy was gonna be willing. -- it. It's got a -- go to the Winter Olympics in Russia at no cost would you go. I enjoyed them. Where have they have noted art director there. Now have you ever had a -- tell horror story because they say in the hotels there are no are not very good some -- some of the hotels are still being constructed. Have you ever had a real. -- horrible tells story. I bet not really in a chain that -- open -- work in order a copy at white city New Mexico and it likely that old. Botero broke the again. Here Taliban now what could he be like back. And I better not go workload that directly. That -- happy go by apparently the artery that sort that he could -- and -- Up and that update on our directive that there. Man I I would freaked out about sought tarantulas. -- they're back at what you don't know of -- there. There aren't -- there. All right Scott thank you so much. All right 2601878866889. Point 72 we have a couple of lines -- to have you call in right now. You'll have to wait that long to get on -- it's what John John how are you tonight. Good -- for well. Almost stakes yet we are now. They -- wanted to comment on. Disputes that -- -- sure we'll talk about -- students stopped parliament talked about personal satisfaction. -- the sports thing since you know. Personal satisfaction in spite of not getting him medal to. I can't really small school. When I was a freshman in high school in 1968. But on the track team and we were running the conference track meet and the protest and do the mile run like never -- that -- before 8084. And so there were several people who started the reasons. And the other six guys who finished ahead of me you know they they finished Saturday. And the guy who came -- the last probably finished about. Whole -- halfway up. Academy. But mind you guys tightened up with about her -- ago and are critical to race and I think probably people would. Would've. Understood. But they let me finish the race. It took a lot of movement by one particular -- actuaries. And -- get a medal I didn't deserve. I didn't -- letter. My freshman year I didn't deserve it but of course had the personal satisfaction that I finished the race. I think that's important that people have to you know but I clicked when I was a sophomore -- -- -- -- race. And when I was in Little League. I threw a no hitter while but I I -- it was a mercy rule it was -- it and runs and forgetting little. But. I was -- in the fire it was wild it was thrown while I was. On iron was right in the strikes so yeah but those are not my favorite sports moment for competitions. I'd -- microchip of course finished a race. He told me he'd that when he ran his first mile run he never finished with the tour that there there was quite a compliment. So. Eight people to people that. Don't get medals -- -- you know previously tried hard you know and if they did the best situated in that -- -- Muster at that time. Listen that that met that is the most important thing my -- my mom while news that. I was not a straight -- student and what she would only. Is what should try as hard as you possibly can. I know that you can at least going to be you know so -- its final of the but here's what she told. She said but when it comes to behaving. When it comes to not acted up in class or you don't have to be a student to behave so I. If if you if you have passing grades. That's -- flaws and all you do and events but I insist. On you getting an eight in behavior and if you don't get a in behavior you're behind belongs to me and and and what and but what she told me it was the fact that and in other words she. She was now able to accept the putt that that may -- the public all like to play sports too much and maybe I didn't study is Harvard good. But should she she taught me she said but you can behave it -- in it was a doesn't take a lot of the intelligence to. Excel in behavior. And you know you you have to fund some plain and and you you're not like you said you're not going to get rewarded. Every time you do something. It shouldn't you should write. One appreciate you calling John Q okay thank you let's go to a David David how are you. I'm doing fund McCain can't wait to go outside that cold weather the. I'm an -- but he quickly crossed off. Pete departed with the Chinese students ultimately you know with mustard but you know that it should be that the level of well you know the level of rewards of the global -- Filipino Kosovo. But you've got a student the show in Peru bird in Mercury like that particular beat the -- -- beat these student. You have a proper reward during intercepted continue to improve their cards to and they did the human. BC and become a piece -- -- discouraged that that group have Albert -- back to work. Well the way all the way I understand the way this this process worked was that. The -- students and in other words it was a party was a party with the beats a and a destructive play and records and some other things the way I understand the way the principal work. If you were in a student and you got a chance to go. To the party with the records and you've got pizza if you were -- these student you've got a chance to go to the party but not get the pizza and then further -- and I think it was only. Like I think it's like the the DE and -- students that couldn't do anything at all. Well but on the future of public school that was -- -- she'll basically be -- -- partner. It was in her contract that -- that she needed without. The moral. And the standard that. The Turkish yeah just got to -- where they are higher. Up by her I think the initial shall get these. Are good that she can. Some group in the court of law. -- funny lines as answer joke there. Like -- and other future with the school. -- You know engines -- It ultimately the court with him but right against the teaching the trailer and it featured. Be in the first bench you have a emperor for the cremation. That might be the -- -- Now. You know I putted it in that oh in the portrait in the future. He should be fired up that. I'm married. Pretty -- brought back mark. -- -- -- Why are -- one of the things that we had that many people that brought up was the fact that they -- forgiven her. Am and you know use as an example and then someone called in and brought up very very good point that. We do not know if today they could very possibly for governor but sometimes in life. And in that they'll all come -- -- -- to the issue to look at it. As saying that they can have taken it as an opportunity to to should teach forgiveness and teach when people might mistake she should forgive them. On the other hand there -- many times in life that if you do wrong with like you view. Picked up a gun and you rob a bank. What guess what you're gonna go to jail. It's RRR you use you commit. You commit like say you shoot someone. And you can go to god and say oh lord forgive me for for a committee that prompt forgive me for doing it wrong to another person. But you're still gonna have to take and pay the price of what you did so. You can always look at at that play that you know the church can talk to her and to look we are sorry for what happened when we forgive you but. It was in your contract and we're gonna we're gonna make you we're gonna make you pay the price all come -- -- -- -- this -- Just a minute you know that the differently part of the NB -- -- Right. David ever haven't they really bad things happen to you know hotel. Horror story checking in one time. The about it because that choose to attend the of -- the national -- And they usually. You know they usually. A pretty much have the that rhetoric but the worst elected they would. But don't Obama -- area and the -- Get well quick -- -- -- a commitment they have on the boat rather late just completely. Not able to my. At at at. That is such an aggravation and use wind -- like those cards and they don't work. Yes they have to restart a whole lot that could put the bird. Here's a guy so I checked into a hotel in West Virginia. And got a refund and left after finding mushrooms growing in the corner of the room. Yeah that was. That would that would probably a bit of -- republic well. I would think so I appreciate you calling David. Thank you so much Joseph 601. Late 7866889087. We have a some lines open -- people -- right now you have very little time to wait we'll get to write on -- can give us your opinion on on the school teacher. That got fired at a Catholic school because. She got pregnant -- at bats against the Catholic way of life -- Some parents are upset about some. Actions on the school where the kids who got Hayes got pizza and other things of the kids that didn't. Didn't get anything they got they got nothing and some parents say in the her kids are upset over that and so we've been talking about. In goal what do you do do you do you taken treat everybody equally you give everybody the flame war dubious they look -- you try. The -- if you try you're gonna get the price of closure try hard you gonna get that good job -- alleged try hard you're gonna get that big serie. That's not the way life is 2601786689. -- seventy. Give me a call I'm Bob Mitchell in pursuit on WW well welcome back the show I'm Bob Mitchell -- for -- tonight. -- go back to the phones. I've got to dim view -- the stupid little of the night. This Bozo -- you're gonna love this story. Guys listen and it's okay are Bozo crumbled comes from Portland Oregon. Were Bozo jolts of Jenkins was involved in the dispute -- his neighbor over some unspecified piece of property. The dispute intensified to the point or vocal pulled the gun on his neighbor demanding that he turned overly items. Now that it's not clear at this point from the police report whether -- Bozo ago when he came after. But he did shoot his neighbor in the leg before fleeing. And that's when he got something he definitely wasn't looking for. As he stuffed the weapon. Into the -- span of his pants. The gun went off. Got the picture here he puts the weapon in the waistband of his pants and the gun goes off shooting him in the shooting -- in Dayton. The big ouch all right. But at at at and that's how. Now in addition he faces charges of first degree robbery. Second degree assault. And felon in possession of a far arm. I'm sure he's more than happy with the place those charges that he didn't have the big ouch and Larry how -- Sorry can you imagine that getting the big ouch move. They're not with the -- did you all went -- retreat could go party. We put the gun in his waist down yet he went he went to get his property and he pulled a gun on the guy. And then when you a shot the gun the leg and then as he tried to get away. He put the gun in his pants on the gun went off and shot him in the big out. Each well if they're built on an actor Robert Kyrie and got beat don't expect it to remember -- equal treatment drugs beauty. At at at -- but remember the -- all week. What's gone on Larry. About the that are out of that. -- -- government at -- on the board they would vote in the sure. Get the -- sure. Have a quarter of two minute thing that -- about the tech coach Bob. Root out respect goal religions and oh yeah but you can pick it yeah it's a contractor blinded by the light of -- -- It was a bit importantly to get this school got a real what you've been with -- in the contract -- that made it to. You -- think oh depicts spirit to. Beat guard due to. I don't want to propagate -- idea -- you one -- -- -- right. You probably a folly and I respect that she -- incredible and nobody did but you know. I do -- are on the same oil what do you. And which you have to come through -- where it's one thing. God what a player got credit for what would be at that school. Oh which you need to take a blip in what would be their mobile home be normal so low it got dark -- -- -- And what a great -- as a great -- -- again -- just put it in God's good quality cheap beer which year to achieve their upward but not good words good word. -- back and give. Them. Out Baltimore we have. Who report meet cute but piece of you got a period that goal all the bond and all the though the police -- -- all of these school she didn't prepare right. You don't need to take care of you that you beat we beat them Q. They get the -- thought of different people and they're preparing back filling them with big -- -- DB and didn't everything else. You called the separation. When you pick about somebody's gift that day in court and all -- do you have gone there and should know who do their thing. You shouldn't have rewards like they're in the. Never thought of that -- treat you you've got a good point one of these kids -- it's letting get the. You put these chemical and -- them you can't see them but yeah I think it would bear the weight to reward them in the air to the borders with my Norton. Because more humiliation. And humility. It's what you give in Cuba in the industry today it -- -- on because you will Londoner at eight. We all marketable. On. That's right Larry I'd I'd not thought of that angle but one that's a that's a very very good point -- what about you if you have a chance to go to the Winter Olympics in Russia at no cost would you go. Big between the food Britain -- which is going to go into. Other merchant will be world -- its statement the war but what you believe it is in it -- now to enjoy it more probably watch it bounce. We got a problem with the football. You know I'm. I I. Got a -- of Putin about this -- all the way. You view. You took the words auto -- well I was element when I was I'm I'm I'm watching this -- said but you know. -- I get the feeling of -- I've got this. The strange feeling that that some and I hope I'm wrong I really hope that Rome like I got the -- who have something's gonna happen I've I've. A Graham -- now what I was watching some of the video of some of the hotels and some of the war coming off the pace of -- around. I mean -- -- it was that a hotel like the. That cut through. Can he would even be a good idea what you you know hopefully the bank. Ago. You'd get their notes in the -- -- because they get too -- and somebody will make. It to the bull by the -- mortgage you -- you'll -- -- the day. We know what what what I think about Russia go from from from what I can tell Maine Maine a lot of people there. Going hungry -- from some of the stuff -- I've seen that that if it's not the but the best place to live but yet they spent billions and billions of billions of dollars on on this Olympics. Didn't -- those who does what of the major ignored. I don't know I'd Google period at the -- we have yet to. All right Larry appreciate your call -- go to Arnold Arnold thank you calling WW ultimate. I'm due in final Tony about a budget. Because if you he can do it there. So you -- married. You want to jot that. You're out and got a you know it will be. -- you are. You. What -- features you know poor and you have to. -- -- -- And why. Go to Italy on Iran you know for a but if we. Don't. -- straight. But she did sign a contract in the contract that that she had the littlest certain lifestyle and that life included. In oh yeah. Hello is there. That lifestyle included not do and what she did so you know from a stand point. -- -- -- What they did whether it's legally. Right she signed a contract and they did have the legal right to do it. You know whether whether it's the right thing whether it's the Christian thing to do I guess that's something we can debate appreciate your -- gonna go to Byrd -- how are you tonight. I'm good thank you. But did you during. I'd say -- probably from didn't. But the scriptures now most say you have to quote the law why. And that well that contract that cheese sound good knowledge that she found it. Actually should be -- an option -- did she get bought out of the contract. While -- we have mentioned you can be forgiven. And but you still have to pay the penalty. Rollins. Write and -- out of scripture. Oh. Got out those that don't know and yeah. So. It what you want to check out which out quite a bit when she still did not. Big flat and the chop -- and and don't choose the apartment body. I'm sure that as a talent level back. Well scored. Each unit and they won't understand it on yet. That's true but you know we all -- -- at that point I'm trying to make is no matter what no matter how hard you study. We are not all -- students. -- -- But alto -- -- -- students that are not capable of running back like that which I'm sure they -- rewards and the way. And we will not all win the race and if we go out for sports team -- we will not all make the sports team and I think I think children have to be prepared but there are going to be some disappointments that you can -- As hard as you want to do a particular thing and you may not be able to do it and menu there's something else that you can do that maybe be a student came to news. Well and I think that's our -- But that was. Actually pretty much -- lightning actually do someone yeah. Do your utility vehicle and the world. Everything's not going to be. A -- junior. That's right and sometimes sometimes you you tried to do something and you realize you can't do that and that make should go into a a different direction remain. I at one point in time wanted to be a wanna be a medical doctor but guess what I just I didn't have the brains I couldn't I couldn't discipline myself to. The taken study the biology in the chemistry and stuff like that so I realized that early age of that was not for me. And decided to get in a radio and you know I'm I'm very happy with the career. Absolutely. You have to do that. We've got to -- what you wanna be and I argued the ones that you Arctic where -- -- anything you want to his long reach you but what effort to do it. -- I appreciate your call would you go to the Winter Olympics in Russia at no cost. Bob I don't mean a lot and others like I want you don't know. I wouldn't rate go to Russia. That's. On that experience. Yeah. I would think that what's outlook and that check out what we won't sliding towards. And all of us what it was they would not want to comment out. Couldn't get to -- and all. And ball flat bill would lose. -- on the back in fact that gap back legs and it and the and the air bag check it. Did you get burned badly. -- -- And it got into the -- an appointment doesn't want -- get how it was mostly reacted we were up. For a minute of Jordan okay he did you know though. Opera on the ones wearing that bet. You it was ball. They can't get enough I'll walk you -- jail but that was shot and that was -- -- one mixed with. Item what what a friend a couple weeks ago to Florida on on business announced -- and it just I don't know you your average little. Motel and at home we have the night's big club and you could -- hot water and so -- so I decide that I'm going to soak in the tub. But the the problem was is that. The public so shallow. And where the drain as was so low but couldn't get if I could -- more than above. Three inches of war so I'm I'm I'm trying to trying to get elevate the water never did make it. Well -- -- age you don't sit in the developing multiple it's still like to -- and get -- what they didn't expect some direction. All right Byrd thank you so much. All right let me repeat. A quick. Text -- total is on the way schools are treating the children to but he it is imperative of the parents step in and teach the children. I was a C average student and I was treated like a piece of dirt and always told I can do better as much as I studied a native C. After a minister and in our thirtieth reunion. I have come to realize I'm more experienced. And intelligent than most of my classmates. Who were a NB students. How's that is that turnaround that's -- will be good to me okay we're gonna take go take a break. Will be eager to come back with -- Mariel whip Richard will be day hang on how to back to your phone calls. I'm Bob Mitchell in pursuit on WW I'm Bob Mitchell and that's due to the right. New Orleans is probably the old city where you can experience all four seasons in one week. Now we hear of slate be forced to go about changing weather conditions sign up now. For WWL text alerts just text. The weather now to 87870. Message and data rates may apply let's get back in the -- go to scenario. Hello wrote. It meant real good shooting night. And I'll tell you. That attitude it would -- right now for a good week on now. Who but it. Comment on you know I don't we talk about short. You you know the situation not normally. I don't like it passed on to an old saying have -- facts but utility what. Copper belt law it its its really simple want to do -- Related skeptics into -- they edited. It to contract. You're trying to contract. It violated the contract. And NC you know what to expect it is. What happens when you buy them in the contract contracts going to be any. Yet and in -- acceptable because again involved with the you know inconsistencies. With. You know religious policies involved in an advocate of that on the shall right there. But. If -- that he would go with BO beat the party you know I I -- -- to. -- one thing. In the decay in. -- your do your being who aren't eight to put it deliberate part a great market to be a good person. And at a cup ties back into the religious epic you know. Rate cute -- what the right which wrong and what -- And and that's pretty much where. It is adequate to -- to the departed they. Now let's say -- out -- about -- won the what a championship game. And I don't know. High school college whatever. If that he wouldn't. We went -- state championship. Does the golf or is it the -- club invited tech forty no. Thank -- -- I'd put on my biggest thing is is is it that they via the church you know you violated contract. You know and that really is that simple. And -- -- and -- -- and keep -- -- ball you know I just like you. And a lot of your caller tube lately about. That that the idea that the fact it's put out that followed. -- to do to win it shall know you don't but it shall we got reform. You know when you get out of place -- form because that -- -- you can't -- shall. Every day at work and expect the same -- that the you know the the field it you know you've got -- form. And there and you can expect everybody to perform and achieve the same exact thing. I mean. Just because you are in a student doesn't make you a better person. But there are certain things you are going to achieve in life that another person has not and maybe this time you missed out on the pizza. Next time you might have a different skill you might have a sports skill and you might make the sports team where the guy who's leading the pizza can't make the sports they and so. You you have to realize there are limits and everything you can do and we will not all be able to achieve and excel in the same exact thing. Right you know you'd you'd get the deal would not 08 Q. What we now can produce. You know so anyway it couldn't -- property guys and I hope everybody at midnight tonight in I'm late for the what was it like everybody else. All right Mario thank you so much. Okay a couple of quick text messages my mom always said you don't have to be the very best. You just have to be the very best you can be. Good advice and it now here's an interest they know attacks concerning the lady that I got pregnant and lost her job. What are the teacher had been artificially inseminated because she want to be a mom. Is there any reason to fire for that while not -- -- I don't go -- the contract and I think I think this whole situation is. It's not did they have the right the fire her of the apple Lee had the right to far you can look at that so many ways you can look at -- from the standpoint that. They say we're really sorry we forgive -- but the the the problem here is a -- that we forgive you but you still broke the contract. And we are going to set an example that anyone who breaks the contract they lose their job. You can look at it -- peoples -- -- they -- vote just forgiven her. And use that as a point two to teach children about forgiveness don't know them that the the bottom line is like so many people have said. She will probably -- But she had a contract and she didn't the conflict -- go to a BA BA how are you tonight. The. It's be -- ECD. Act yet -- Back at him. To gauge it at that -- that always and then. And match to. Partner or. Is it do. And do. They operate. May want. You've -- -- Miami. He and Cheney you. Know you. Hey. Odd that or eight -- -- at an error. But why -- our. Yeah yeah yeah. All right our idea I appreciated that I think maybe you might have in my beat. You might have eaten too much pizza tonight I'm not really sure that's a all right we'll take a break and we come back with with Richard and glitzy you know a couple of -- must if I'm Bob Mitchell. But an average dude in the big -- seventy WWL AMF and the dot com and I'm Bob Mitchell in pursuit tonight. Richard Europe next but one more thing before we call tonight. A Pizza Hut manager last week allegedly retaliated for a prior drunk driving arrest by spitting. All of food ordered by the same Tennessee sheriff's deputy. Who had busted here during the January 16 court appearance a week before the Pizza -- incidents. Where she pleaded guilty to a 350 books that institute days in jail. To what happened is that when the deputy went in to order the pizza. The Pizza Hut manager recognized the deputy. And spit on his pizza and -- and the deputy. Observed her spitting on the pizza. -- -- -- -- Maybe it's late at night but I find that humorous let's go to Richard Richard how -- Pop up the oil but so do. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Throat and out that this particular. I think bill would actually probably -- well they'll teach you at the field because you hit the slopes that. Because she brought under particular. Oh yes she -- statement that they did say she was averted teacher right. For the title picture of the law to call old technology probably won't. It is important to put -- another job in which the problem if you want to -- that particular. -- -- good -- well. -- -- spoke alt or. Reported it. It's appropriate that he political. Throughout the wise she's seen what he would -- get tired and they will. Do well to -- What you don't want things are an in this society people sue everybody even though you have a contract people sue for anything so. I'm sure that she will attempt to sue and oh I -- what they have to do it against a good to have to go to court doesn't have to prove. That. Then have to convince a judge to say that should've never been in a contract who knows what happens these days and things like this. Ride that out so far exceed Opel or they'll probably. Do -- Probably go pretty sharp that'll lead to an extra option open to learn particularly. Put off a big foot that particular what is more important she would do better world of the school and Altria the school wondered -- -- report the Catholic school as a reference. Secretary secrets your doctor Petit cheap seat just for -- particular the rule. And its people -- and well anything else Richard. The kids at school according to the bill to reward I don't know it to support the report of low key elected. The reward -- We're in the world did a great. What should ever Cypriot public support and financial people civic the. All right Richard let's go to Roosevelt Roosevelt how are you tonight. I'm here and you're sort good got about a minute and a half so give me your thoughts. A -- warns I don't know what you're saying that we don't all of achieved at the same level. We don't those those children that. Excel. At an -- average. Debt don't children my level of excellent. Security epic fail at a -- average. Edit those children's novel of excellent. Pitcher and expel the level that their level of excellence. Sort of war pitchers that are in eight level would reward. That you would do it Goldberg -- -- because they're available. Bills through. But it doesn't mean it doesn't mean the reward has to be the same for the B level that it is truly a level. But here's my point but if you only award bills that make an eight. Did you make their president as saying that they are better. Our came in this particular case the Asia students got the pizza the -- students were able to go to the party without the pizza. And I'm I'm not sure what happened to the other students that there there were low levels of rewards in this. But the point is that -- we all can't achieve the same exact thing. Exactly and I agree with that particular 11 group -- all children and it in the 80 it's excellent and it should be awarded. In -- and average continually going to be you know should also weird war because that is note -- Well maybe it would they can do in the future and and you know because everything is getting crazy in this -- Maybe may be the clue -- to say you know everybody who brings their grade up by ten points it's entrenched a pick -- the reward. I appreciate your calling. Gotta go it's it's been fun. -- radio again. It's due to be back with you. Tomorrow night from eight to midnight choate who Nieminen for his go to a good show what. Thank you for all the texting thank you for all the of the nice words thank you for all the calls I'm Bob Mitchell and -- policy is somewhere down the road about publisher.