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Feb 7, 2014|

Dave talks about your favorite Beatles song, What is Wrong with People, and weekend movies

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

10 minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news on this the seventh of January 2014. February February February. If he doesn't pointing out however let's get right down to it it's TTI. -- Well come to fry. Revolution started in his -- Years ago this week. -- -- -- The British invasion. Fifteen years ago on Sunday. As they came in the US. And played their first ever. Ed Sullivan show now. And there was no looking back -- -- golf it's just. He caught fire. And it burned. Berlin long long time well apparently it's still burning according to a news CBS news poll 75%. Of Americans today. Say they like The Beatles house. I don't thinking it's only 5% of people say they like anything out pretty tough even state -- 35% of Americans don't like state dollars. -- 5% of Americans don't like ice cream would be my guess. That's that's an amazing statistic that really -- and it's three quarters of all Americans agree on anything. But they do agreed they'd like that beat. And Sunday night I'm very much looking forward to discuss the grammys and presenting -- tribute to The Beatles with the day's top artists and artists throughout the last fifty years. Performing The Beatles songs they played that night and the Ed -- And the classic they've created everything half a century ago. Half a mystery -- And I wasn't -- I I didn't experience the British invasion I wise I was here so I don't know really what it was like but I do you know this. That there are at least. Four or five dozen Beatles song that I hear them I know everywhere. Else. Because it's been that much of an intrinsic part. Our society. In our culture. -- to this day. Dummy and -- -- and that played the site and isn't that far but and I asked me you did note at one under exact. Well all our we're gonna play. Beatles hits through the years. And I wanted to be thinking now because when I get you back in here about twenty minutes or -- -- your favorite Beatles song you've got to pick one. That's the challenge. -- -- they get about business like how to -- make one. Single song from their amazing that this doctor. Well you out immediately you have so many different mirrors and faces. Yet they started out what is -- happy go lucky kind of hobby not yet out yeah boys from Liverpool. And then they and I went often to the psychedelic -- and -- got very artistic and really in depth. Mean. Again is that there's a lot of different Beatles. -- within the beat. But I want to beat -- one of favorite Beatles song all right and then went as -- as well archer Alan Mays seventy. After only 15% that they don't like The Beatles as tempers at the net and on The Beatles the -- 5% like. The deals and this is across all age and I behind she were the ones as soon that they don't like them. And that's a there's a song in there too that they probably don't like I don't even know with the -- -- they're undergo even my kids all of my kids are beatle songs they like him now at all admitted. But when they come on the are in on the radio or when I'm playing in the music in the car. Passing along to some of The Beatles got their their ears got a perk up to happy Friday you all went. Well talk to you more about -- big holes coming up. In about twenty minutes when you get back -- -- -- -- this weekend on WWL I am FM and that count mart what's your favorite beatle song text and an 87870. We'll try to play a few bumps throughout the hour will play everybody's favorite beatle song. And I as we move along here this morning and it's on a group panels -- -- -- is Steve says hey we get my point is repeat songs up next it will be sports with Steve Geller and we'll check your weather with more about tell her favorite Beatles. -- Symantec today 75 birthday candles. Their favorite song as we. Live back fifty years of Beatles. On WW well as they get ready for what could be really cool on Sunday night just days hop artist playing Beatles music. In the Ed Sullivan Theater -- David Letterman currently does it go on media. Now -- Beatles music as we move along this morning and architects mandates 7870 young or old I don't care knew her or older what is your favorite beatle song of all time I'll even take solo work. By any of The Beatles artist because well they all had their own songs on to a homers though why. Forecast. It's chilly out there this morning with temperatures in the thirties on both sides of the lake but with a little sunshine today. We should make it up to fifty this afternoon into -- the clouds begin to increase again and some spotty showers overnight possible. With -- at 30% chance -- intense in the upper thirties to around forty degrees. Then tomorrow the rain moves out clearing skies during the day highs back up to 61. And on Sunday -- up to 66 and partly cloudy. From the Eyewitness News forecast -- I mean you run just locked out. Is another miserably cold start of the day we have clouds and 35 at the airport in -- -- northeast wind at thirteen making it feel like 26. Check this out the windchill in Slidell is 23 degrees we have clear -- and 31 so it is freezing north of the lake. But feels like a lower quantities Ronald. Go little away from the city staff to Gonzales it's thirty degrees with a wind chill index of 24. Sports that's -- studies. You Gellar and have a surprise story coming up in the here's what's. Right again as snow tells all about sports on this Friday today. Well good morning David good morning everyone with a 2013 NFL season now behind us it's time to focus on next year as the scouting somebody gets under -- later this month. And the free agency period opens on March 11. Former sports agent Joseph Torre who now writes for CBS sports in the national football post says that the seats are currently in an unfavorable position. As the black and gold are reportedly more than twelve million dollars over the projected salary cap. That's one of the worst single lead foot. Some of that room can be immediately we. Gotten by releasing Will Smith killed eleven point five million dollars to cap room thanks part ways to camp. Other potential cap casualties for the states include Jabari Greer Roman Harper and Pierre Thomas. Wolf Portland's Damian Miller will become the first player to compete in three events during all star Saturday night here in New Orleans. Including a slam dunk contest that features three all stars for the first time in 26 years. Indiana's Paul George in Washington John -- also will take part in that night's marquee event. They haven't been all stars in the dunk contest since the famed 1988 dual. When Michael Jordan -- Dominique Wilkins on its home floor in Chicago in a field that also included Clyde Drexler. What LSU basketball Phil hauler to the Georgia Bulldogs losing 91 to 78 inspecting coliseum. Georgia used an eleven no run late in the first half to open a twelve point advantage and just never looked back. And the US got off to a bad start in the opening round of the news team figure skating event at the Sochi Olympics. You Americans are tied for fifth in total points after the men impaired short programs. However the US is ranked seven out of ten teams would tie breakers are factored in only the top five countries advance the free state. Meanwhile the opening ceremonies are this evening. Therefore on sports talk was this is mobile. Actually better than the Super Bowl and what was the best game best -- and best offensive and defense of players if you were giving out the awards. I'm Steve Geller and that your early morning look at sport. Why agreements after 5 AM it's the early edition of WWL first news on your Friday. They've gone Steve -- spent little time with yet. On your radio you excited about the opening. Of the Winter Olympics. You know a lot of folks kind of -- you know who now and sale of don't just care about the medal count at the end but I'd like to watch some of the teams. Especially some of the events like. The root word I can't believe people actually doing this and how do you find out you're deluded that before it's too late. I've found myself actually watching ski jumping in snowboarding it's all very -- -- -- -- -- moguls that we will watch it last night it does it does not watch a little bit on and off in between those things but again now that it's on. It's something we want to and I really -- of the hockey as well. -- account when I'd do really. Would really like to watch is at the saints in the Super Bowl again and then it was on this date. That the saints did it for the first time. Heard mind coming up with smoltz. For the all of 31 of them was not vanity implied including sixty bulletin. More than 44 long. Including a touchdown takes a little resume. -- -- -- -- It's. Been. Man I just want to share that with is a little surprised and again if that's the -- would one call of Tracy -- amazing innocent and that really was the play that changed that game and gave the saints the opportunity to win the Super Bowl will share more memories from the Super Bowl coming up again. February 7 that was 2000 and nine yeah that was five years ago today doesn't seem that long ago one. I'm Dave -- the early edition of WWL first news coming up Margaret beetles favorites. We get to beckon you at points in more than twenty -- to more sports on all your favorite Beatles song of all time. Tough to pick one -- it really is -- -- gathered to bite at Steve's favorite is coming up here on WWL IMF -- dot com more of your favorite straight -- Plus text messages and 87870. And we'll get the forecast for the weekend. Somewhere in the back I. I haven't nailed down to go to their lives of the young dog name a lot of gloom. More days at home run off with the the and you know rock human contact seagate 787 is that this is their favorite Beatles -- -- we get ready for the Beatles tribute the grammys Sunday night over me on CBS of course it was a 2009 season like 2010 point four years ago not I can go and do. You do for. Millions bubble and. I'm more of your favorite beatle songs coming -- -- now at your forecast still chilly day had for this Friday -- with some sunshine around by the apt -- should make it feel a little bit better outside fifty for a -- today. But those guys -- cloud back up tonight as we see some showers moving our way get in the overnight hours about a 30% chance. Overnight those upper thirties to right around forty. Then tomorrow slowly clearing skies and -- -- to 61 for a high on Saturday not too bad but even milder on Sunday 66 for -- And partly cloudy. From the amnesties forecast center and urologist Clark knocked out. I'd start not today called on both sides like 35 at the airport feels like 2631. On the north short side -- feels like 23. And beyond. And I and another Beatles or text -- -- -- 864. 38 minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition of WWL first news on this the seventh of February 2014. Here it's so long awaited TGI. -- will come -- -- eight. I got a ball. Fifty years ago today. Who's your favorite beatle. McCartney and he was the winner in the CBS news poll -- is the favorite beatle. -- the favorite living beatle -- -- -- bought or Ringo just got. -- -- Wrapped left and right everywhere anyway he was. He's popular beat on by all down but you know -- -- is his fame to and I I remember. Way back in the days there are a whole bunch of girls -- -- thing. Are ya. I was like here's the ring dozens you know. They didn't do Bradley now rate that it just might be the least popular beetle is like. Being the most popular not because they're excited they've just -- you're still on the most popular people in the history of the world and -- have to be three more people more populous. All right coming up -- -- my favorite Beatles song -- got to get to that. Alley you know right now -- can do this might Wheldon and I asked him his most line favorite beatle song down and here's my Wheldon. Traveling to various -- and spikes on. Might get there million a year -- victory in the magazine -- and simplicity and -- -- was unplugged we call school out case do you like the acoustic all the deals out. That's like well that's what -- -- way refined everyone's favorites -- what's your favorite to do well the box office this weekend David -- opening the Lego movie -- Race is. PG and it's animated Legos playing many many different characters from many different movies I've actually heard good reviews -- -- allegro -- moments man is opening world ward two. Movie with George Clooney directing and starring with Matt Damon bill Murray State and chip that's where they try to go find all the art stolen by Hitler -- vampire academy as you know a lot of buzz amongst the younger folks. It's a PG thirteen movie. Half human half vampire guardians of the way and figure out what that's. -- gone up against the Carrot Top five of right along which is -- -- three weeks at number one frozen. -- awkward moment and not jobs and lone survivor. I'm gonna put my money on late goal really think that Lego movie will be numero un got to Phelan all right that's David -- expects thank you circle talking about twenty minutes more for us is Chris Miller joins us. From the federal courthouse -- figure out what's gonna happen when Ray Nagin wraps up this testimony. Today -- corruption trials. -- that is while I have. A lot of trouble picking my favorite Beatles song. I'm gone with page you'd miss meteorologist Laura but now. Because when I saw Paul McCartney and content I never got to see The Beatles and too young for all that but when I saw Paul McCartney concert I'll never forget the feeling. It was like 60000 people in the stadium all with their arms around each other swing back and forth singing and it was. Very special memories from. This figure out more -- tell -- in Iraq from the Eyewitness News forecast and we'll get with her right after this. 543 him as meteorologist Laura but -- colds -- I'm in the morning to hear me now yes and I can hear that it's freezing outside at that I have to -- -- in early I was just talking a white -- yet and I could hear me but I think that's such a cool you -- -- that he. You know just everybody an arms around each other. Never forget it's a lot of those whose top moments where every you know we have tens of thousands of people singing and together. And Paul -- to stand up that he was he was like he's directing us like he. I wonder do you realize me at that moment what's happening did you realize what a cool memory you would be like in the future ahead of -- like. Did you realize OK this could be something. Amazing that very few people are going to be able to say you know they got a chance to experience our Regis -- In the moment now I just just in the moment with -- response all over and enjoy and be in in harmony with -- I was a little lucky British. It kind of harmony with. Tens of thousands of other people and just swaying back and forth and singing has won and I think that's pretty cool stuff feels a lot to great songs for that because of that memory. That's gotta we. Gotta be your number one so. We're gonna find out in a moment your favorite song of all time but right now not a favorite morning for many people you described this -- brought it feels wrong out there. Guys yet again in the thirties north and south -- just below freezing north of the lake in just above freezing on the south -- but every one. With wind chills in the 20s this morning she yeah don't tell. It feels like twenties and if you've been out -- vote you know exactly what he's talking about it. Yesterday it was horrible all day today not so bad. No not so bad because you take out there freezing rain this sleeve that cold rain that we had yesterday and yes a little sunshine in the forecast so one -- time don't chill today which -- And he got paid to I should be playing here comes the sun by The Beatles most. -- -- -- that when repeated out what about the weekend. We can actually looks pretty nice we have a chance of rain overnight tonight. Between about 10 PM and 6 AM so really overnight hours and most of us are sleeping and that clears out by around 7 o'clock tomorrow morning. Sun back for Saturday highs of 61 and partly cloudy on Sunday at high at 66. Beautiful limelight I love it now wants some more of that meat and went out just cool kinda nice weather your favorite beatle song of all time okay well I have several -- just 10 OK you get a pick one song a which went -- yes how are we to tell the -- vote that gave -- heads up I was gonna ask are keeping this one. That he. Well there's also I want them here and I yeah. For the week Beatles. Later. -- -- And on and I -- I don't know fun and happiness. But it is from the -- probably people file. -- in California man faces charges for allegedly pointing a gun. At a Girl Scouts selling cookies. Prosecutors say the 70 girl knocked on the door she put pulling a wagon full of cookies. Demand -- to the door and pointed a shotgun at the girl and holder he should know better than that not news to. People. He's now facing serious charges and no fitting name for it and. I mean wouldn't report that alone might get real sources of -- What what is wrong with people -- what. I mean that. Figured the united -- I just don't -- That practice that that it's rains and and hit and -- -- -- -- people -- apps have been sold. Disturbances or something that's not that's not normal economy may be seeking an end to end neatly and I don't know -- that's all I know is what I now and I know that. I'm looking very forward to Sunday's Beatles special on -- yes you can be great thank you for sharing your. You're cool every that was unthinkable you know Beatles wise to say but I have my mom loved them completely. You can see that Bob -- absolutely. Love the Eagles so maybe what are your favorite artists from now we'll sing a Beatles -- and night. Q that's -- -- -- that would be a lot watch it that in the bakery. Thank you -- Weekend but now -- directly Eyewitness News forecast -- that's. It was able. -- -- Several people text and as well. So. Yellow submarine -- to believe -- the waves and that is they -- all in all kinds of great defenses in the final waters down there are playing. Animal sounds all kinds of stuff we got to get to the cores that he's. Does it make you happy there. I remember those videos lately with the and added but I don't remember that was a good that we. It did on Saturday morning cartoon of The Beatles yeah -- an. Now. All right sports time now -- WW well we'll find out -- On and it got another surprise for you coming up at that night anyway I'm just going to be this right now. WWL. Four years ago today the saints won the simple. The memories fourth time on WW. Good morning and happy Friday everyone the NFL's -- column by gets under -- on the nineteenth of this month as college players look to show their skills -- set ahead of the draft. ESPN draft expert -- -- junior -- where he believes the saints look to bolster their roster with their first round pick which is 27 overall. Secondary quarterback could use an outside linebackers well opposites don't let. -- adds that Auburn defensive end before could be a good fit for the black -- with their first round draft pick. Meanwhile the top two quarterbacks in this year's class. Portland's Damian Miller will become the first player to compete in 33 events during the all star Saturday night in New Orleans including a slam dunk contest. That features three all stars for the first time in 26 years Indiana's Paul George Washington's John Wall will also take part in the slam dunk event. Georgia never trailed off snapping a three game losing streak with -- 91 to seventeen win over LSU basketball. The tigers fell to 54 in SEC play and are now have an overall record of fourteen it said it. The US got off to a bad start in the opening round of the new figure skating event at the Sochi Olympics. You Americans are tied for fifth in total points after the men's and pairs short program. Elsewhere defending gold medalist Hannah Kearney. Leads the qualifiers in the women's moguls with fellow American allies out -- in fort ahead of the finals on the weekend. In the first ever slopes out snowboarding Canadian -- parent has the top spot heading into the final round the top women's qualifier is American Jamie Anderson. The opening ceremonies are set for tonight. Today -- four on sports talk. Was this year's Pro Bowl actually better than the Super Bowl. And what was the best game best plays and best offensive and defense of players if you were giving out the awards. I'm Steve Geller and that your early morning look at sport. -- why you think about your favorite beatle song of all time I'll share this one. -- with you on this fourth anniversary of the saints winning the Super Bowl. And now the final seconds. Relaxing the saints do not have to run another play. In its known. There's 76. My. -- -- -- It's already started out -- -- -- -- -- predicted that the whole. Happened those saints have -- Super -- Four years ago today -- got goosebumps -- -- I went to very Beatles song of all time. It's ever since I was a kid for whatever reason I think it's the violins in the strings in the so a little Rigby just -- Great pull off. The reason he's. -- -- Verizon. Just Israel landing is being done. He please do in the and they got your basement deals -- addiction and thank you Kentucky and fifteen minutes to more sports here on WWL am adamant that count. By the way 75% of Americans we've been talking about this -- still liked The Beatles. As we get ready to celebrate fifty years. After they arrived in the US Sunday night on CBS especially with today's artists presented by the grammys reforming their favorite beatle songs. Of all time of one born when they got here but I got swept up in beatle mania as a young man anyway. And still level on their songs well and you can. Several people of Texas and this is their favorite Beatles song of all time come together and others yellow submarine -- are -- media -- -- on our Christy imagined. And Elaine. Hey Jude -- yesterday. Hey Jude legacy Robert feels -- standing there my guitar gently -- -- your forecast. For your Friday partly cloudy skies and chilly outside the -- the upper forties underground fifty degrees. And then tonight those clouds begin to increase again alone with a slight shower chance 30% overnight with lows in the upper thirties to around forty degrees. Then clearing skies on Saturday and cool highs right around 61 but Sunday were a bit milder we're actually up to 66 was partly cloudy skies. From the I would disease forecast sinner if I'm meteorologist rob -- -- Feels like 25 in Canada now it's actually 35 feels like 23 in Slidell where it's clear and 31. Obvious second half play all of The Beatles songs that are everybody's favorite he's just too many. So I'll leave you with my favorite everyone together let's say come on everybody now. I'm guessing it vertically with a you can thing in your car. And again 75% of Americans like The Beatles only 15% this like that across all age group. Pretty impressive favorite beatle Paul McCartney 35%. John Lennon -- -- 9%. Check this -- Ringo star 11% and Ford George Harrison 8%. Surprised by that I go and have a wonderful weekend happy. -- --

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