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2-7 6:45am Tommy, Nagin trial update

Feb 7, 2014|

Tommy talks to WWL-TV reporter David Hammer about the latest with the trial of former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tucker 64614. Before 7 I am honored to have our next guest season. -- that respect I enjoy having in this is there's a bonafide reporting here David hammer. Study WL TV reporter former newspaper reporter and he spent seven reporter revenue spent seven years of his life. Following is the Ray Nagin and opening gets sued for our alleged shenanigans let's put in that way and now it all comes ahead at the trial it's proceeding in federal court good morning David. Or for -- court well they're very true thank you for taking the time with -- so. I founded interest in what happened yesterday in in federal court who wins Ray Nagin taking the stand and -- does a person a second -- football -- -- It was -- I mean that the bug in the courtrooms. -- -- classic Nagin you know. Trying to connect with the jurors directly during the direct examination. Probably in the first half. And then they started cross examination the government. Prosecutor Matt -- guy who turned and the agent. Of change took make an adult with the media his second term it's do that. Poll kind of you know c'mon man reminded me one. I confirmed that and then 2009 about his trip to Hawaii and from asking him -- and for as we knew it under paid for it. And the -- -- reaction -- what's the matter with you guys. You know what's -- -- me you were coming down on me and that was the reaction that you do it took questions from a. Did you see any -- visible. Change your reaction from the jury between as we're calling -- the first and second half. And it's hard to say you know they were. Written before they were riveted on the mayor when he first began this testimony that seemed to be. Almost more like Webber or other witnesses. As you. Really being grilled on cross examination. That China where offer. If it's just that they have settled in after them -- Somewhat anticipated because it was earlier than expected. I'm a project and they can order the column to the stand. You know it's it's the Butler in the courtroom people started pouring in that in the air. It was it was quite so. It's hard to really gauge exactly how that played with the jury throughout the old testament it would definitely hanging on every word. And we get back to that the prosecutor and a second and and what happened yesterday afternoon in terms of may be shaken up the -- memory might be -- generously to put that put it. When it comes to Robert Jenkins put him on the stand so early did as an indicate that they don't have much of the case. Well our. There was some tactical stuff. Going on for sure it means there was speculation that they would try to drag. There can now that the -- candidate themselves some more time to prepare over the weekend and called the mayor. On Monday. Of course -- went the other direction. Maybe trying to broker ball. You shouldn't get that -- been. Quite. 100% but you know these prosecutors. -- the exact same prosecutors who prosecuted the -- a year which is a proud that the -- And so. You know I don't think that -- catch them so -- And they certainly came out swinging on a cross examination. Explain that to us David if he can because it seems like if I'm counting right three different times where they. Kinda lured the mayor into a tramp or he walked into it and then they had some documents indicate that what he said was not accurate. Exactly what they were talking about particularly with Rodney Williams the man it's as he arrived. They're -- in the 72250. Dollars. -- worker. That the props to your Mac common. Was setting up here -- -- question. About his role in electing mr. Williams as a contractor for the city at the same time in early 2008. When. Mr. Williams may first payment to the -- -- Carrot Top -- 60000 dollars an awful. Yeah it -- offensive. I would like company I was passive investor. Then. The prosecutor should those documents. Chosen records that show is direct involvement. Is that the deal making between the companies stone age it's granite company and mr. Williams back home. Yeah exactly exactly and and I think the most damning part we'll when they get. Clearly trying to state that he did not have anything to do with selecting the company except. Final decision to select all look companies that were recommended by committee. And that was all he he really insists that he tried to take. Make -- a decade transparent process of contract. And make it better than had been -- memorial administration before them and bring more trust that the process and that -- -- -- going to be just taking it for. And so they present. That's where it. Contractors and cool and among them run the company is basically saying that it and -- -- and I signed off on them by then. The prosecution presented a document that they had never shown before and that was. The document from the committee saying that mr. Williams Cos. would actually not recommended for the job and pictures of many. And I don't wanna get lost in the weeds here but is that something that was available during discovery that the that defense team missed. -- -- It definitely was available during discovery it. I report on this. Back in 2012. Based on sources it and it wouldn't think that Turkey like Howard Gordon Russell actually at an earlier in the right. I wonder what sources -- wrong. About. That that's where you know confident that it scored so poorly it was not -- for the job. And then the common -- that document -- and you know they're out in the pages of documents and I. Wouldn't be surprised that they did that -- Incredible on the quickly David so. Back in court today in when he thanked the jury gets this. It's it's hard to say. You know I think that. Common perhaps it's cost today that he could take quite a while -- -- controls and absolutely everything and then you have closing statement. And and jury instruction that those can be like it because it's 11 count indictment a lot of specific law to talk about. But they should get by the end of the day and the question becomes does judge Baird and sent them home for the weekend. Lots of war you have that -- -- David -- really appreciate you time and you are reporter's reporter and thank you for coming on with this.

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