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2-7 8:15am Tommy, Friday Night Tykes

Feb 7, 2014|

Tommy talks to Coach Charles Chavarria and Producer Jason Sciavicco of Friday Night Tykes about the show and whether the coaching methods are too harsh

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I Tommy Tucker 816 talking about the show Friday night -- so I don't know if you've seen it or not not. Haven't talked to this gentleman he got suspended and he's not happy about that but. This is -- that the coach that really got my attention on Google Shelley's Charles Charles obviously listening. To Claudia and he has the coach of the Broncos and their rank. And am you know lines as an early on non athlete or anything that played football at the noise level here it's new loans recreational department. And high school and some of the things I saw you guys coaches and really remind me is something that would happen and high school and -- on the playground now maybe something is changed. Maybe. That's the way it's done now I don't know but some of the things did raise my eyebrow. In a bad way the other things having played the game kinda. Maybe look at it in a good way because I know those of the lessons that sometimes can sustain you through life I just don't know if 88 years old is the up. At that time at the time to teach that will -- and find out. Jason should of -- also joins -- he is the producer for Friday night hikes -- good morning to both of you. Charles tell me if you were a little bit about his -- ninth at watched new show you're coaching background. And your background in general in terms of play in football military what -- -- -- -- -- -- as a rule there is cool to glory or. Recourse -- coaching sports. I'm into its Ide in in terms of Texas youth football that is an extremely. Yeah that's it right Texas youth football. That is like the cream of the crop when it comes Texas football force for kids. Com so tell me when you saw yourself on Michelle and I presume you did. Did at any point it make you think that ultimatum overdue and it's a little bit because sometimes when we sealed herself as a hero ourselves we. We see it in a different context. So it back on it now you know it -- different perspective on on -- acreage in the collection. The passion that I for years so the love for the game and. I don't think anybody can -- -- intentions here because -- as you can tell your passion comes through. Over the TV screen and -- to them every one episode we're used. He talked about to lose and I think he got upset for for the entire week correct. So the lady that easier general manager that's the mother of one of the kids. -- -- -- -- And at no point did she have a problem with anything you do and here. Well at all other than maybe your son not getting enough playing time and -- and -- those that didn't see this yell at one point -- Kinda with you -- their own sons and you know you gotta suck it up you got to toughen up the union do they ask you to do with you wanna get better. I let's talk to Jason -- -- now the producer. Of the the program -- you know Jason. And is anything but reality how accurate is what -- per train on TV program to what's actually going on on the field. Think it's very very accurate if you pastoral particularly -- and saying you know obviously the television -- and documentary series and we only have an hour course -- Peter. Hell -- months or so other things. Bet you don't seem there's there's things they -- in the obviously for storytelling and earn a story of course an episode. Something at the end out. You know these coaches are always. Hard on the kids there's certainly aren't charts for example. You know get together and talk about school and talk about the future -- -- inquiry -- Sometimes just. At the time that and don't make it and post into Charles -- you've been portrayed fairly. Shall. Be. And I and I and I adult and as our. Well one thing I noticed is. Is it looked like -- her nine year old kids that people you have on a team play and they look to me more like little mini high school players and it is. The average kid and I know sometimes you have trouble with is -- Lisa. Because his sons are again playing time and have not caught up yet with the episodes design. I recorded them but. Even if the woman's general manager you you don't play favorites is understanding you do it strictly on talent and what gives the team the best chance to win. It gears and you know in the does that suggest that they -- in Texas. -- -- An -- he's really good. You know it's a year ago which compete for it's like sort -- In terms of of coaching experience have you -- any clinics have you been any. -- training or did you just kind of pick it up learned on the field. I you know that Israel -- -- -- -- -- basically what I was in high school and it'll. Growing up that you know I've bitten it several other organizations from football -- and just other coaches and figure out and I got a little. You know and and that's like there's a lot of things I didn't -- -- to the next you're gonna get some coaching clinic at all. Coaches in my organization. -- It is well. And -- Jason formerly do you go Jason's UV today and the producer from Friday night Tyson is -- on the Esquire networks -- it went in people's either as if they wanna check it out. -- Art today it would. Nine on the court network -- on show premiered new episode now will be off for the two weeks and Olympic cycle lot of programs welcome back on the. And it used to film another student in season again next year. That can discussion and talk right now whether or not will do -- and if so hopefully that it can shoot gotten. Really good ratings and were rated show on the networks there's a lot out of the sport on about shell out so hopefully hopefully almost certain about -- that Jason you have kids. I don't care for kids -- sons or daughters. At 30839. Art street and an eleven dollar so you know where we go on with this would you feel comfortable letting your sons play. On Charles team. I I think probably is a great coach I think he's very action and I think the thing that he wants to instill in the kids and out and become better people. -- about able -- I think -- it and you know we wanted to do and show is. Is pregnant discussions out or should weekly circuit I think there's a lot and -- said that. That he -- on that. I think if you look back ten years ago -- there are -- -- it and work and your and I think there's an important thing you know discussed there my wife and I. Discuss that you only did indeed take out partly circuit but one question. A little more image it and -- aren't typically -- We put boy is probably a little more. And we want for girls and I think it's a topic you know that a lot of people talk about a lot of people ask that question to each other. I don't I think you right now I think that's the appeal of the show in my like it's so much is because first off like football it's. Kenny Anderson what's that part but it that the sub context is how far do you push the kids today. And if they don't learn it eventually is -- better took a learned earlier in life and and Charles I will say and I'm guessing that you have learned lessons on the football field. That have served you well in life and party your intention is to try to pass that along to these kids. Social -- soul that I. To -- -- And it didn't come across -- they make it through but it never quit attitude or outlook crossover lives. They're gonna -- -- -- and because it from from what they did so you know. We'll Charleston and we're out of time Charles and Jason thank you so much flora. For sharing your time withers and I think it does ultimately come down like you said to. There -- kids coddle these days it is indeed be tougher thank you well thank you. And mobile. -- that would be politically and she'll.

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