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2-7 9:10am Tommy, welfare for unwed mothers?

Feb 7, 2014|

Tommy talks to Mike Tanner, a Senior Fellow at the Cato Institute, about a proposal by Sen. Rand Paul to cut funding to unwed mothers who keep having children

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Rand Paul it literally talk about is who is at a luncheon in Lexington. And now responded to a question about workforce development. Including a warning about unwed mothers do in the poverty. And he said although he said the job of preventing unplanned unwanted pregnancy should be left to communities and families. Left open the possibility of a role for government he said made and we have to say enough -- easy enough you shouldn't be Evan kids. After a certain amount lot -- that stirred up some well I thought it would have stirred up more but I think it got lost with the polar vortex no the whether that country was -- Michael Tanner joins us right now senior fellow with the Cato Institute he heads resurgent to a variety of domestic policies with a particular emphasis. On Health Care Reform. Social welfare policy and Social Security morning Mike. And it's a pleasure to have you tell me calm I guess some acts. How the system works now in terms of unwed mothers and mothers in terms of requirement in in terms of I guess money that you get the more money you get more QG hampered however that works. Push your you why in many ways or welfare payment based on the -- of the Buick scramble and in general course. Not having any income which it -- capable -- command and our. A widget largely dealing where -- -- single women with children and most welfare programs. And by -- to do it -- outside your calmly. Determine Japan at the Portugal and be able money. So in essence there's an incentive to have more kids economical and. Well is not a disincentive let's put it that I don't think many people abdicated in order to get more welfare payments metal think is that the sort -- the boycott. What's happening though at the global disincentives that would be placed the normal private conversation that the -- can't have poured advocate I'd better out. Isn't taking place. To put this in historical content might I can remember in my mother who -- you know was born like 1917. And she's the tells stories of because a dead left them on them being on welfare and there would be social workers to come around. To make sure that there there was no man and Anheuser that they warrant -- falsely collecting any kind of I guess support those kind of things. Has it become a lot easier -- get those kind of things have privacy laws. Prevented the government from check and see who's really get Noonan and who's not in where the money's gone. Well -- -- -- actually movement among -- reformers to trotted away it would -- all the men and house rule because it is simply had to look you made it -- you bill Mary or other children will keep giving you that it could be get married and take -- -- and twisted it to be the direction you wanted to go -- about the -- still have that rule and place. And while they don't really come around it much more mature than others mentioned that the bad. -- -- -- -- -- I. When you say man she's under the bed you don't mean with them via. -- -- and you don't well that's a different discussion now about the dumb about the financial impact do we have any idea in terms of how many millions of dollars a it cost to taxpayers referred children of unwed mothers and it would proportionate that is -- the budget and yes. Well we we know overall drug. Program. And 790. Definitely this year and -- programs -- sent to. Two -- don't -- that program. Which I think I -- the outlook and eligible to all of the -- argument in my. 600. Billion. On global poverty advocates though probably two thirds of that is being tested. Programs which says something -- So about 400 billion we can't account for every penny of that. Look at it. -- don't include the weapon of war or children. People and competent. People who did not pregnant and tracks. So how do you -- -- The exits are first up how much of a problem is that and secondly. How would you go above Dixon has speakers I don't think constitutionally can tell people how to have kids. Any example I always make is that I think everybody in their family has a deadbeat -- won't do right by the children so they step up and rather than have the children. Do without date page board and would we have this is as a society be willing to zoom Nancy economic problem your kids find a way to feed them. Well it about twenty state actually a book called and we can't in which it says that if you have a difficult children blood Welker. They will not pay an additional. For that additional -- quote yeah his children and welfare and you have a third child it's still big advocate for the two. Has there been any data to indicate that prevented. Or that people are not heaven more children -- as -- system when they do get I'd like you said before no disincentive where they do get. More money for average count him just wonder how that would affect. Effect unmarried mothers senator. It does he do contributed to a reduction in the number it was a good pregnancy takes place there's a bit of data to go to New Jersey and a couple of other states. It barely old enough and I don't all the the most reliable the world but it did not sure that on the impact and having been late Stanley caps in place. We do know -- at all. The availability -- -- it has tracked with the increase -- not what we're traits Charles -- of course famously first documented respected losing ground. But it didn't roughly sixteen major studies have been all of which show that there's at least some impact of Walter availability. What what works. In terms of Stanley camps to you know what the average number of that it is it too. The always rule. Is to it could have -- more. That the cap or well it is being number that you would find out you can't have any additional want -- China. And on the other side of -- any data indicate that they care. Of the children the additional children that are. Hand for whatever reason and that care's gone down and all of their doing without. There. Are due to do what to do any indication of extreme hardship. Beyond. -- would be poor which is what you would welcome a new original. But they say that is that people. Anderson and -- in in against the -- -- -- that advocate. Child advocate the does that look. All trying to beat apparently pretty. On the -- or. What do the parents then tried. You know maybe the father comes back in -- and does what he's supposed to have somebody else isn't -- and not anything when -- fully let you go Mike. What particular -- have tried that admitted that it did while cutting off the number one benefit increased side income due regard -- people outlook for her to -- a money order to bring their father back in and -- -- -- I appreciate you time my candidate -- real quick -- let me get to answer -- Text off when it comes in Beatles fiftieth anniversary John Paul Ringo -- George. All our economy. I'm a template called -- and happy at the time it is.

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