WWL>Topics>>2-7-14 11:10am Don Dubuc: on lethal injection

2-7-14 11:10am Don Dubuc: on lethal injection

Feb 7, 2014|

Don Dubuc fills in for Garland and takes calls on whether the state of Louisiana should change the method it uses for putting convicted killers to death.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And it's the Friday edition of the think tank has done to be against the Garland Robinette thanks for tuning us in this morning now invite you to participate in the program is always you can call us at 260. 1870 or toll free 866. 8890870. And a few candidate text as she simply go 8787. The remember to police text responsibly. This hour we're gonna talk about the -- occasion the status of executions in the state of Louisiana was reported on. Our web page Davida BO dot com that seems like we're having a difficult time here in Louisiana finding drugs to perform a lethal injected. Against a convicted child killer. So in response of governor Bobby Jindal says the state is indeed examining all the alternatives. And says that we could expect to see legislation in this upcoming session that would address the issue. He is quoted in saying we do anticipate the need to bring legislation to the legislature are. When the session starts in March allowing Louisiana. Other options to implement the death penalty. Seems like -- would brought this about was Christopher sept Lovato was scheduled to be executed this past Wednesday. But has been delayed because of concerns. That the two drug combinations. Louisiana plans to use to carry it out. Would be cruel and unusual punishment. Jindal says is also a shortage of the drugs that can be used to kill a person so maybe it's time to look at options so the question is what is this -- Do we go back to the electric train. Old Sparky. Or do we build a gas chamber to perform executions. Or about some other methods. And finally when they have a debate about the the death penalty comes up there's always those tools saying. Well maybe it's time to just do away with the death penalty. It's outdated but it's been proven not to be a deterrent. Jindal says we haven't made a determination on what the best approach would be but we are looking at one of the states. Well in looking at what some of the options off. Hear what comes out -- in depends away you get this but this is. One of the most widely accepted top ten modern methods of -- shouldn't quote lethal injection. Is the most popular and basically the way that works of the two most popular drugs and it can be other drugs involved but one is up pentothal. And it's a Barbeque and its its medical uses a surgical and the static. In if they gonna use it for surgery they would give a dose of Obama a 150 milligrams. In execution. They provide 5000. Make programs no -- that's considered a leasehold built a lethal dose and from that point on if the prisoners survived that. He probably will not feel anything being on the complete anesthesia. The second drug is have you all on. And this is some muscle relax and that's given in such a strong -- that it would paralyze the diaphragm in the -- in the person -- stop breathing. The drug takes effect very quickly somewhere between one and three minutes. On normal medical dose would be 4200 MCG per kilogram. The -- delivered in -- accused in cases would be 100 programs. And then there's also another one which could follow up not all states use a third that if they do is generally potassium chloride. It's a toxic agent that brings about a heart attack. And then between each of those doses the use of saline solution. And then within a minute to after the -- of the final doses that -- -- the -- as the prisoners dead. And then they send it to the corner of the verification sometimes an autopsy that's number one number two would be the all electric chair. And that was brought about -- quite awhile back I think Thomas Edison actually and in right after he invented the light -- went -- and got the electric chair ago. And that when it's usually about 2000 volts applied for a fifteen seconds cents the first one. And that generally will cause on consciousness and while that -- in the first second of two sometimes it takes longer. And witnesses have said that. You know this this could lead to the question of whether it is an acceptable method because it is it was accrual in the fact that the body does not die immediately. And they also say that that the post XQ can cleanup could be unpleasant scheme can sometimes -- to the electrodes. And the skin is also bird sometimes and can get kind of messy soul that would be number two choice number three would be the gas chamber. And mrs. you know similar to. What is done with new lethal injection only using gas from breathing in. Prior to the execution name they put potassium cyanide pellets and too little. Compartment underneath the chair and bring the prisoner in -- to share. And in the activated its. Quantity of sulfuric acid through -- -- And then they draw the curtains back in the you know the prisoners must breathe -- in generally just a couple of deep breaths and and brings him into on consciousness and after but considerable amount of time and the doctor goes in a pronounced dead. A single person shooting that his number four. And certainly that would be if you if you look and result in cost efficient effective. That's gonna get the job done no matter in the -- that is would be used in over seventy countries is probably is being number one method. Across the world. Most of those -- Soviet Russia. It's used also walk -- in non Communist China. And some other areas like that number five would be the firing squad. And for a year Agee you know the firing squad was on there would be. A group of of marksman who would be standing right there in my blindfolded prisoner -- decedent strapped to chairs stood against the wall. This was always considered to be the most honorable manner of death. In many cases they would give one of the fires a blank. So that they would always be a doubt in their mind whether they actually -- alive round. And did participate in X accusing the president -- of the top five. What do you think should we looked at any of those in addition to if we have to give up the lethal injection. And what about doing away with the death penalty hasn't been proven sufficiently that it is not a deterrent. I'm getting text -- -- -- that's that's what actually keeps some people from committing. Crimes that the fear of the death penalty what do you think 260. 1878668890870. 7878. Welcome back I'll tell you about some of the states and a lot of a net eighteen of them that do not have the death penalty in some of these his recent. As last year. Decided to abolish it should we do that here in Louisiana if not. What method of Mexico you should and should we employ if not lethal injection will be back and talk with the about it. To this time around listening to the think tank and a VW now welcome back into the think tank this -- were talking about. Executions in Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal has said that will be taken up in the legislature this year. Whether we need to find an alternative method of providing execution up to this point it's been lethal injection. But a recent development they have. Christopher -- bottle was scheduled BXQ did this week but they delayed and over concerns of the two drug combination that we use. To carry it out would might lead to cruel and unusual punishment. Jindal says as a shortage of the drugs also that can be used to kill the person so maybe we need to find some options to fulfill. RX -- -- policy on the other alternative would be world should we abolishes many other states have done. Last year Maryland joined in -- of course now they did not make it retroactive so. They still have some prisoners on death -- -- I would think it's highly unlikely that they've. Mated. Unconstitutional. That they would carry out any -- key issues that Alaska Connecticut Hawaii Illinois Iowa Maine Maryland Massachusetts. Michigan Minnesota New Jersey New Mexico New York North Dakota Rhode Island Vermont West Virginia and Wisconsin. Also the District of Columbia. All have abolished the death penalty all the rest of the states this 32 of them still have death penalties in effect. If we work to change what method would you suggest 260. 187 or 8668890870. If you care a Texan in an awful lot of text more than I've gotten. A topic along time I'll get to those when -- camp but first we got some phone calls let's talk to her in Amy on line to -- you're on a think tank. Good morning. -- our. What -- you. Our our Abu. Omar and the ER. Of that nature -- sort -- be. It would be desperate and and it it would equal or. Oh yeah it will but all of -- yeah. About apple and cooperate. Allowed an earned. Its current -- all you. Don't see it. -- You know -- people. Well nick -- the guillotine. Is not actually used anywhere in the world will would be exclusive in the world of Louisiana was to go to the guillotine. And the last execution was in France in 1939. And. The -- -- ordered the in the question repeated pleas are are how well it is our about it -- countries are what are. I -- partner we ought to over or -- on this model where. How would think it would just be because of emotional. Consideration from from the public. Now there was a cases in this is speculation. In the it was a question of whether the person actually died immediately. And this is supposedly case that took place one man. Asked a prisoner. To blinked after his head would cut off if he could. And some accounts said the man did indeed -- but others say that if he did it was just the polls daft twit so. That was part of it that went into opened -- France outlawed it back in 1981 hand and a guillotine execution. Since now they do some with a sword which is very close to what nets in the Middle East. -- There's. The sport. And users. And so on. News. -- so. As. -- There. -- -- -- -- So. All. -- And a -- Think about which is saying -- -- saying that you would trade off seeking justice. Because of economics. -- And your your people -- Either. Now. This is if this was a close relative baby a child. Of yours. It was a death penalty case would you say are no don't put in the death that cost too much money would money come in his consideration. Well at all year. Mark it as it is -- -- lost look. Back at. -- We've written. That and be out about that the and talked about -- that these. -- What went off or what. It -- -- it will. OK so horrible and my suggestion is contact you legislative. And tell him put a bill in Moscow for the guillotine and -- I get -- thanks for the color appreciated Imus goes to Dick on line one calling us from Florida Dick put a Floridian. -- -- The -- Some additional. -- and so. Yeah. You. And and -- And that they conference -- the street. You know. He's. An accident. In which -- Well you're not the only one that's got that I did have gotten several text messages and that's exactly the same thing and I guess that's not a cruel and horrible death some people do it for pleasure and all that. Well -- I would I would sit in. To -- Since it. -- this -- And we're doing. Well I think what that would. The problem would be -- would be if these drugs that they using currently. Don't get the job done efficiently and quickly enough to satisfy. The public adult thinking -- Caroline you know and they have been nick probably -- it'll take much longer on the with Arnold -- in these drugs. This is some powerful powerful stuff they've given these people and in some cases they say it hasn't been all that effective in that part with the hesitation on. I'm going forward with the XQ -- here in Louisiana this week. Didn't. You know I'm really. Forward marching in the penalty. Because it didn't cost the -- a lot. Of I'm fortunate botany. -- that means people. In England incarcerated. Until. Opinion and exhausted. And then there was an excuse them. Well you know every -- heard said the same thing may be what we need to change and is the process. You know we need to trim it down its limit down cases whether as a smoking gun. I mean look at these cases of people who do these mass murders in in in public in the -- with the gun and then hand. Why does take years and years with appeals process. You know bring in the court get it done and in and perform the execution would habitat that is at sunrise. As -- are also cases take longer than I'm gonna grant that. Not all the we're going to be cut and -- but these cases where there is irrefutable evidence that the person did and in the in the crime they committed is worthy of the death get it done and do it quickly and efficiently as what is -- -- is gauze and people like you and the rethinking its costs a lot of money in. Maybe is not really what you know but then again to the family. In the people who are left with the grief. You know in my money doesn't -- to them it doesn't matter what it would cost to bring those people justice at least that's the way out. I can absolutely agree with you -- the and the -- That. Step. -- -- You could tell you take these people and you. Used to do -- Ago. Week. And it. Moment that the Russian constitution would be a good idea to. Maybe let these death penalty people perform hard labor -- -- dues go back to. Is is restitution for the victims that that. -- -- -- Gotta run for the call we appreciate it to 60. 187866889. Early seven mail on time we get all these text message this company and could we come back in the news. With the latest. -- is going to be with you on the Friday edition of the thing to make them proud Italian and it we've got an award winner 1000 dollar national cash contest we congratulate Janet Schulze. And we wanna put money in your pocket to you got four chances of 1000 dollars every weekday. Listening to WWL weekdays right before the top news at 8 AM noon 3 PM and 6 PM for a cold board. Then enter that code word at WW dot com slash. On the contest -- development. Just as easy to -- -- -- Smartphone tablet and at your office computer or surfing and home. You can win anywhere every weekday for listeners nationwide and a thousand dollars each. The locked in remember that to listen right before the top news AM noon three and 6 PM on WWL. I'd go to Bobby Jindal says looks like we need to get some legislation. On May be finding an alternative to lethal injection. Satisfy Louisiana's. Death penalty -- nations it was one that was postponed this week although concerns that the two drugs that we use. Could lead to cruel and usual punishment. Also says as a shortage of the drugs so maybe should we bring back electorate she should we do. Hanging gas chamber there's a lot of weird methods of -- you shouldn't have been used. Throughout history in them -- -- -- -- Some of them you know this one -- crushing by -- Think that's -- Use anytime soon. But then again it's maybe it's time to rethink the death penalty should we join. On the other states is eighteen of them that do not have a death penalty 32 do. What do you think 260187866889087. He'll try to get some of these very creative text message. Promised -- in -- idea Randy on the thanked the morning. -- -- Yeah. My opinion show law and I am not again which we appeal. To take in twenty years and -- A number of people. Are. -- -- church recently who want some more years in jail. Four it was DNA. And narrow their here loading model could could be there days. All so. I hate to say there -- parents the lethal injection. They cover virtually. And -- it is. Fool. I have spent forty years in the medical field. I don't culture of people in there all. In their -- finished demolish me. These people. -- gesture to Cairo to. I'm against. A couple going back to deal or are you or hanging yeah. All right thank you Randi appreciate your comments are well stated. I'm let's go to out to Marty in -- line for Marty your turn. Hate to hear -- Eclectic. And this is -- so they could articulate -- wanted. It's so much and that it was. More. More -- -- that site out there. Stuff like. How much. He -- somebody like Charles rates jail all year this is it all goes away. Much jade act. And that this -- -- at this case is that aren't. Even. So -- didn't. So Wednesday. That the war. People. -- -- -- -- And so that there's at least. And so it was shocked that it. -- -- -- -- -- war. So. There -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Should do pretty took a step. Back and what's wrong. Appreciate you can help me and -- The beauty articulate that better -- -- this. Arafat can improve on Marty did pretty good job and what I'm coming away with his statement is that in cases where it's cut drive pretty clear case let's get it done. In the money that we will save in not putting on the long process of appeals legal fees. And then sustain a prisoner and keep taking having with medications and feeding him and housing -- guarding him. Will overcome those that really do Warren taking our time in being absolutely. As sure as we possibly can that the person should have. That. Like last year. And so it is and let it. That the case. -- -- It's a story that you can. -- -- -- -- good Marty thank you for you call thanks for taken the time we appreciated. 2601870. Operates 668890. Point seven we come back again David Lafayette. Another Florida golf from Linden also bunch a text messaging and candidate 7870 pleased. Text responsibly will be back with the think tank and have to. I don't wanna remind you -- you can be aware will be having now 1000 dollar cash contest. Coming up a bit later on right as we head into the news will be aware of that will give -- all the information and give you that special cold word. Right now we're talking about the governor Bobby Jindal statement that he thinks we need to bring legislation to the legislature when the session starts next month. Which would allow Louisiana all the options to implement the death penalty. That being brought about by a case that was a scheduled to be carried out this week and it was postponed this was a convicted child killer. But because the two drug combination. Could lead to cruel and unusual punishment. -- Jindal says is also a shortage of those drugs that -- particular person may be we need to. Reassert some options I'm asking you what options do you think they issued the or should we revisit the death penalty. And join the other eighteen states in this country that have abolished most talked to Lynn calling in from Florida on line one -- thanks for calling. Thank you I'm out on and race in the world around them on vacation. My daughter was killed in 2002. By the idea that -- serial -- a lot. I want and this. -- -- -- -- -- Yes and Derrick Todd Lee was murdered. You embarrassed me in fact that's what we -- before. We hair out. I want to listening audience. Not the victim used and then stopped and do you think we're on constable. You'd think it would not wanted to stadium situation. That we need to think about we need to think about. How come we believe in abortions. That killing an innocent see it. I don't feel like your religion it is what -- signed it -- information date on. We know it isn't innocent -- We believe in abortion my other saying -- air is a dead man. In an out. They know it's not ecstatic about the death penalty being an attorney can take these K it's. Really really disappointing surprises me. These merit as a killing policemen in Billings home invasion they do. It -- that appeal. -- they went to jail. Look at the industry. Critical of them are very committed one end to our family anatomy and drain on people. And the appeal perhaps it was. Put simply because we did not -- the day. On the practice is good because eyewitnesses late. Eight was DNA. Or no mistake the appeared confident should not lay asked to one. Garrick Utley was convicted. I'll killing -- play and not dot I didn't want to bring -- and made money. Comfortable in that state is overcrowded jail. Let come in for this death penalty I promise you know if you went forward. The death penalty that camaraderie. Will -- being out. When you're in for a punishment on children and you meet with G day they -- a lot. -- -- Don't rely on him not to track with the technology and that would upset to make I had spoken to legislate to invite -- 2 and I am somebody leaves. Two. Oh. La it would take to -- this appeal that means the if the Garrick Utley let me remind you. And a pacemaker put in don't talk about yet but I was told he did. Yeah I didn't -- -- look at -- and -- and -- that and they. Only time bringing him charity hospital. They cleaned the floor in Italy and state troop protecting him. If I needed -- make. I would have to import and exciting insurance I'd be terrible -- wanted to thank you audience when my child killed or extra achieved so I will be having a day. And I will live to see him die and article that you are listening audience which there was. Florida I'm married beach and we get a family. Police police review. -- man painted crimes that they had committed. What consideration. Was given to the victim I'm sure my child begs for -- like she thought. A lot of weight on hot rod and I did aches for the police to check -- all in all but. Do you won't do what do you think it's life. If she -- between -- -- -- -- day what was running through hard at what it was going to do our. We can't cut the road. He took cover up for the night and they count on the Tuesday morning. And -- say unless she wore down that road -- you know. But debt problem all of the laws and not kept track to technology. And crime is on the -- look at ram. Crime is on the garage shooting people every day shooting police in -- robbery negate. In my day you wouldn't you wouldn't get anything but yes sorry. To a policeman they count -- -- cap and balance. Are they shooting police in anyway I don't want. Anything you want -- Glenn you've been welcomed and thank you for calling no -- daughter was a lovely young professional woman and my condolences to you -- go through this and I'm sure she'd be very proud of you. The way that you've been a pro death penalty proponent and I just hope I can be there with you -- Derrick Todd -- burn -- -- And yeah listen it's not just a car. -- at stake is just the opening of justice for all I -- -- -- out of merit and that might be coming up. I -- tried to. Yeah eight people forget that agony. Allude to a -- to want. Thank you -- appreciated. Why I want you -- is welcome any time in Marino thank you very much. Are we gonna take another break we'll come back if we get time to get some calls and text messages in -- talking about the death penalty in Louisiana people of very passionate. On both sides will be right. And welcome back into the think tank. Very powerful call from Lynn Marino in. You might have noticed -- Sampras say in the I was very well stated and I'm getting a lot of comments. That outcome union and this one is just came in non tech export feel sorry for that lady whose daughter was murdered but that sounds like vengeance to me. Call which alike is another bonuses I was going to -- but mrs. Marino pretty much summed up what I had to say. And the Netherlands says simply a man and another -- says if -- doesn't make you understand everything nobody will. Another -- says powerful. And yet another I think that -- is wonderful in giving us not just information valuable important information thanks to Arafat calling. And also the previous -- Marty I know him he is a warm hero from the Vietnam veteran. In things he told -- he saw firsthand and I thank him for calling very much you have some audience. Sign Marty. Another one says I'm crying -- really. Another one says while that lady is really angry missile and Netherlands. It's ditto to this courageous lady. And another one I'm in tears. Another one time Seoul on your side. Goal in that goes on and on speaking among Lynn Marino and today that case. Derrick Todd Lee is a man. Irrefutable evidence of a serial killer. I've been on death thrown out for a number of years getting medical attention. I'm probably watch the Super Bowl last week. And the families of these murdered victims. Going in in agony but yet in vigilant so Lynn Marino. I know will not rest. Until Derrick Todd Lee. Gets what he deserves this case and a lot of special meaning for me at the time those serial killings were going on in Baton Rouge my daughter daughter number two was living in Baton Rouge. -- L issue in fact she lived about three blocks away. From where the green girl was abducted and murdered him. Could very well happen to -- and will see if he gets what he deserves overtime meadow talking about is -- Bobby Jindal or governor. Has said it's time to juggle the legislature. And looking for some legislation when them when the session starts next month that would allow Louisiana some options to implement the death penalty because. This talk that is cruel -- usual when you listen to someone like Lynn Marino you know the cruel and usual. For the perpetrated. This doesn't seem to generate a lot of sympathy for most folks. But at any rate that some part of the problem the other part of me is at two point problems as it could be a shortage of those drugs used to -- and so. Maybe we need a look at some options and -- -- help us out. While got a lot of them a lot of guillotine -- -- and up there are some saying. You know just firing squad would be the way to do it. Carbon monoxide or listen chief this is a tax wouldn't cost more than a gallon gas looked locked them up and an airtight room. Connect opposed to a car cranked it Arabia it happens everyday ordinary people by accident seems to be painless. -- -- -- -- Just use one bullet you know lots of bullets around wall lands. -- -- this one's kind of tongue in -- put Malone and a room with a pistol a video of the saints when John meek among them problems. That slow quite -- about. I. Well I guess it's time it's the 1000 dollar cash contest the Cold War at this hour is contract. Steele when TR ACT and that cold what do WW dot com slash cash. A click on the contest link on our website for your chance to win 1000 dollars and nationwide is just as simple to and -- whether you're at your office computer surfing and home or on your Smartphone or tablet. You can win anywhere listen for the next code word ripe for the top our news at 3 PM. Good luck from Smart radio and -- com and WW now we come back after the new news hour. Attorney for pan O Eric Kessler joins us to talk about. Former NO PD officer Travis McCabe case being dropped against him there will be no future trials they would if you listening to the think tank Friday's dollar right here on the big 870 WWL.