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2-7-14 2:10pm Angela and Ian Hoch with Michael Rooker

Feb 7, 2014|

Angela and Ian Hoch talk with The Walking Dead's Michael Rooker, in town to appear at this weekend's Wizard World New Orleans Comic Convention.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's another weekend in paradise. So much fun to have the weather's going to be good -- Not that it ever -- what we do because we have fun inside we don't have to depend on the sunshine but it's nice to have it. All right my beautiful friend Ian hooker is here hi Angel yes I'm at peace because you're here and we. Talk about calming -- to thank you very. I -- know first double what you're doing this week OK this -- -- -- first of all tonight I'm going to see a production of Macbeth. -- that is being put on by the skin or -- company on the buy water is not going to be unique in its production because it's done in house. In in -- new venues that people are working with -- Michael I German ten and it's only gonna see about forty people so it's going to be a pretty intimate Shakespeare. Experience but at the skin -- people do really great or I've never seen them adapt shake your show before they usually do just original work. But I'm really looking forward to that -- for my favorite place so I'm I'm pretty fired up about that. And then let's see -- -- comic I'm -- -- comic -- tomorrow and I think Sunday as well -- -- -- kind of coordinate with some of -- other people here and see who's gonna go to what -- but I'm I've never been to a -- come before so I'm really excited to go and there's a lot of really exciting people many exciting and he wanted to -- going to an innocent but you know I -- down so. All the everytime I see these incredible costumes. These incredible people and I just wanna stop the cynic who are -- my gosh how do you give them such fun yeah. But it really brings the world of people who love all those characters that genre together under one roof yeah so it was just got to be terrific and I'm sure did it's going to be completely exciting in -- -- I I went to that they had a media party last night apart catering to go on meats and the other media folks are going -- they give you this book as that you know map of the floor and all the the different events and contests and and interest in people he can mean panels you can go to in. You know. It's I think it's come along way like -- -- -- never been to one before but my understanding is that you know in the last. Ten years or so it's gotten that you just so much more to person is as kind of dirty culture has kind of moved closer into the mainstream there really is something for everybody at these conventions it's not like. You know or maybe you're not the world's biggest comic book character but it's a pals so much more than comic books how -- So especially our special guest now I can't wait to talk. We are so thrilled to. Cry from the walking -- -- is our guest. Thank you sir you are I -- -- clearly is in wonderful thing and feed it now means a lot. -- not in any time not whatsoever. I'm here at its core and walker around aren't cool iron -- and chat with. Is this your first comic con. -- -- -- So you could help the jive milk -- -- you can show where to -- with -- a bit what have you done and other cities before you've been in the world I I. -- This past year and this year I -- done. While many many times. -- victory because. Tunisia has become so popular. Yeah that. There there literally and there. If -- had been and had. They want their presence. Felt at the compound and so when we're off work we have time we get to go hand -- And I've been in -- long arms and not only from the walked in bed and JK eight under. -- and -- Children that go back. Your recipes Hugh your estimate is it's huge it's really impressive. I might help. Future we'll open it right. Now with -- terrific and clearly this generation of people of the blocking did. Love you for ever but but he in his right you've done you've had so many wonderful movies made. And in -- all of them but I was interested to read about. You were born and raised in Alabama and then move when your parents divorced Chicago but. I just it was an influence in Alabama. -- you know. It was but. Some. Most wonderfully yours you know growing up as a kid here. Can't hang out in the woods in playing in the little town. Jasper tribunal twice. So. I would I would completely. -- -- water. I've got the Chicago. And murderer -- sultry and there is its sidewalks and getting away and the only way to go to it. Fine. For each of the local city park you know -- it's very major major change like change. All of a sudden you are into acting and you get that big break with a portrait this year. -- how much effort will be an an but they kept it on for four years. Well you know they. MTA board should raise it. And down because of the violence and ill. And so. The filmmakers. Where. Not having. -- have. So. Many AM. You know for -- and it took about. 34 years before we get find someone whose district. And finally. Won a lot of hustle award that. But flexible -- like and now and then of course my career move. I you know at -- we can't wait. You know 41 pill one -- to come out and if -- Islamabad and I had already. Several we. But for Henry actually. Yeah. -- -- Opened in time days of thunder -- As well. I guess. That's just the opposite completely opposite. End of under. Where playground burned and I had -- orchard there are tiny little dependent metres. Vertical well. Very talented. Well I. Don't mean the people who were attracted to Henry -- -- would. You know would go. Under. Like the thing and. And and the and the people like the action actually and he will be eclectic under artwork into the injury so yeah. I don't know they -- in and me. In anyway. Your next role in guardians of the galaxy. I play. Character right and -- -- -- we're young colonel Gary Underwood. Are guardians. In the original. Comic book guardian. The same thing. And when we expected to CNET. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Having been to these Obama cons before what do you feel is the fascination people have. With this and and the enjoyment they get from meeting together. I'll bet that there is to fascination enjoyment. You get to meet your a year are. Your heroes your -- You get to meet the actors and scared you're the one that make you laugh. The ones that Q you respect tremendously and -- not only that we have you know the cup again -- are out. Come along -- quite to personnel you have. You have amaze amazing artist. That do a lot of the comic book. Drawing. And stuff like that it's more it's like it. Considered a pop culture. Experience whereby you can. They're there sure made matters they're. Seminars and learn. How to draw a little bit you can learn how to shut up a fight scene then. In and -- -- more or it's sort of you can learn it gaming technique. Serbs -- template and -- they have people like me com. And either we're promoting something that we just finished. Or were there just this -- to the fans and and that they can. Come and we sign autographs. And. We can't debate means and -- Do it but. It's. Dream will you are again wonderful to to even though you're walking through the French Quarter you are delight and to give us a call like this and just enjoy the city and come back even when there's not a comic con. Like you know. On the way it JK here. And I just kind of fell in love with it from from from. Is it -- I come down -- and -- Do you do you like to come to Mardi -- I don't like. He can be back for -- -- your costar -- -- in he's. Called grand Marshal for the union apparatus that's been written for which currently. In Damian that's when -- on Saturday afternoons that the league glitzy celebrity super crew. So confused he's gonna have -- -- have -- fine. Yeah absolutely. That ultimately. Norman. -- well again we thank you very much come back often. Thank you very much theaters you're thinking Michael have a great are assembled at the -- and you OK to. -- particular type of big deal but please don't let him. We'll be right back we're going to be talking with that you bark about four movies stay with us.