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2-7-14 2:20pm Angela and Ian talk movies

Feb 7, 2014|

Angela and Ian Hoch talk with Jude Borque about what movies to see this weekend.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We are talking about all the fun things happening here in the city and of course comic con is huge. It is huge and down. The number of people who were going to be there the stars that senator senator just really make it worth that the money walk and oh yeah I think if it's -- I think it's a great deal. You know when you see the list all the people there that you know I picked up my little Elvira Andy Katz camp he's -- It's so interesting -- and all these these faces and names that I knew growing up as a kid and now I have an opportunity like to meet them and -- it is it's not it's never too late. Now number two is never too late. For arm of the begun Jude sport -- -- Hey there -- real prepared to do good are you doing. I'm doing great political bureau pullout pride I wanted to run mountains on everybody comic con and contorted beautiful weather rules would you go in the company. Well in spear. Okay that's in we'll represented yet ultimately have that cardboard cutout of -- -- -- with. And I'll take it all photo ops in 99 dollars full image doctor. All right. Now -- We're thinking Olympics. We can't forget our movies. Well at the Olympics a lot of aren't there or couple on movies that are out there from. Suggestions and or one audience. I would start locally at the party and -- -- -- I treasure GM. At midnight virtually Midnight Cowboy. -- these government. People have to it would Nicosia. Remember that it was made in the late 1960s. And revolutionary. War Howell on the rule of the movie was. Band it's going to be real tree. And they're all. -- also -- -- Oscar nominated short film spoke animated and live action movie there. What a great opportunity for people to go and enjoy -- -- company. Yes we knew he would agree that's a wonderful -- she -- when exactly they're doing it. There as we speak. At least being wild. It's all this weekend. They're having they're alternating. Showing the live action in the in the next two. Rome is going to be the animated. Then and that's important because you can pick and choose. But why in the other theaters wide open this weekend our story movie if you like the little Maclaurin the horror -- -- the -- art happening that are there. No previews you know we use. And then we'll review -- to vampires it's everything you just -- that. Actually I have a feeling that there's reason they -- native -- public. Is it gonna have a markets so -- twilight fans he's got a on the podium there. Com. The argument there with so many great actors are you -- good start there George Clooney. -- were -- co wrote directed and produced. Eight course yet not being there and build our. -- -- -- -- I've seen all of the two options and there are really pumping it up and it's. You know it's a true story it's like threats but that -- certainly it was great that John Goodman came down here to the World War II museum. Is there gonna have a section on that. Ultimately follow. On those who -- heart rate you know it's it's a beautiful story -- yeah you're right they've got a ton of great actors. I think it's going to be a great movie. Which is different from a great field. Concluded that it's kind of looked at it like. Christian and really work habits but I'm not properties and it didn't -- Is they pulled it and they'd put it in the winter. This winter -- and now let's throw it out now. And I think because they'd just. It may be a marker two and so I think the important thing because it's. Great people but my expectations are not for to be over the -- though. It's just it's not going to be having not seen it I'm going to concede that oh yeah it's not about sex it's not about violence it's not about rock and roll. It is what it is and maybe they think they're just doesn't have mass appeal and nobody does it -- doesn't mean it would -- great group is it to goofy is -- -- -- is George -- not a very good -- protectorate to I don't know and in this -- -- I don't understand how this movie could have gone -- I mean -- I see bill Murray's name attached to something. That's that's to me more than that and George Clooney or anybody else has Bill Murray doesn't just pick up scripts willing and we mean really only does projects that you really cares about and beliefs and it I think he might have expected clunkers just shocking to me. But I don't think -- in the Clark I just think it's -- you know don't expect it to be a bill me now Olmert you know -- -- -- -- and -- the. OK so may -- may be clunker or not the right word to use -- their expectations or maybe not. Not correct for actually the product apparently you know people maybe think that it was going to be this big Oscar winning drama and it's just not. Back acting up -- it in the same the same thing though. There is a Afghan and Iraqi young -- that I where all com lone survivor. Thought it was the best movies ever experienced in the life. And because you know if you weren't here warm movie of course it doesn't have a gut reaction. And for somebody who's been there that was -- huge endorsement. So not to study film -- just state visceral. They mentioned there have been a lot of people will enjoyed that movie format that you have to be in the nude or a truly a warm. Another true story. The biggest and this week. -- predicted dark -- here. Then I think bill has out sold I think it's -- second period Kris -- Since then dangled -- kept track of intimate and claiming to -- Don't let them all. -- cup in 97. And able rating on rotten tomatoes. That people are tripping over the years. I think it's -- its -- -- -- it's funny you work for kids were adults. People quietly they did acting in the story read. And they just ran well and year the year fun. And I think a lot of people who bring their kids to see that -- the -- able. It's a surprise. And I think it could be a lot of fun. Yeah yeah I thought I saw the trailer the other day. And I couldn't even really quite tell if I was it was a in the right -- or not because I grew up with those are lovely goes just as much as any other technical and eighty's yet but it. He did it kind of style in the sense of humor that I gleaned just from that two and a half minute preview I honestly couldn't tell. It directly -- it this is a kids movie here or until moving and I guess that more power to them and that's. And indices I think it just sort of in a couple of everywhere and -- they wrote the movie. To have foreign. And and it works so well up to sort that from people they wanna see Oscar nominated movies. They wanted to be really good. Great actors and -- monuments men there the -- part between the Lego movie lone survivor. Is. The whole range is up there. Early let me one more time say your comment about the pertain to theater having. Be midnight cowboy and I merely means that its top three movies have ever seen in my life. And to make it Dustin Hoffman and John Benoit on the map nice -- just didn't Dustin Hoffman when the Academy Award for that. People were nominated. Start the year more like co workers during the biggest tragedy ever she says that the post to Gaza Peter O'Toole are believing Beckett was nominated that year. John Wayne in true grew one. And he's a wonderful actor. -- it was a night movie -- would you compare the united. That's an -- in which he -- -- John I remember when John went on that come to think of it and and it was really a tribute to his entire career. Yes yes if you want to. Look at the Q oh lead to a. All of that outlook. On Fridays and everyday. Until about one. We use dude two that's the plan thank you -- for everything about talking -- a -- a great one -- ultimately it's a long. Were -- after the newsroom for the latest from John James.