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2-7-14 3:10pm Angela: on the Philippines

Feb 7, 2014|

Angela talks about how New Orleanians can help storm survivors in the Philippines with Kelly Schulz and Brad Weaber of the New Orleans Convention & Visitors Bureau and Ella Aglipay Delio, who was born in the Philippines and now lives in New Orleans.

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Even though Friday is our funding were gonna talk about something very serious but something that you can help so I hope you stay with this. Over 6000 people were killed when category five typhoon hit the Philippines last November. Thousands are still unaccounted for and fifteen million people remain affected it is truly catastrophic. And it's something all of us can have great sympathy for. We understand loss we understand the chaos of recovery. We also understand the importance of caring hearts and helping hands. There is a wonderful fund raiser this weekend in New Orleans for those still struggling in the Philippines. And we're going to talk about that but first we're gonna meet a woman who was born and raised in the Philippines. And we'll talk with two members of the New Orleans convention and visitors center who literally just returned. From a week in the devastated area offering their help with recovery. -- -- Leo was born in the Philippines. Educated Harvard Business School and now makes her home in New Orleans. She is helping to put on Sundays on racer. Kelly -- vice president of New Orleans convention and visitors bureau. And Brad Weber executive vice president of the New Orleans convention and visitors bureau out of Washington DC. All here all to talk about what we can do as. As citizens who need to give back and that's really what it's about. And to learn more about. The chaos of what is going on there I'm gonna start first with let me start with you Alan I want you to tell us I -- you -- here in New Orleans now work here. And you do -- fortunately did not have any personal losses a family yes it is very fortunate yes. But tell us about your country. You know. My country acts and -- SE a lot of similarities between -- organs and my country I've lived and two other US apiece but when I ain't. Moved here musical. -- felt like -- You know that as you know the that it thesis topic -- countries -- lot off. There's a lot of warmth. -- not just in on the weather but in the people and they see that here in New Orleans as well the second thing is we're very resilient people. You know we're in just geographic indeed we are in. The earthquake belt and also nick in the -- -- the many I foods we we get around fourteen to 25 iphones a year soul but but -- people are used to. Disasters. On and every -- People recover people you know just -- lives rebuild their lives but in this case in the case of -- -- it was just off. And the people but in NCE that it's just been a bit of the harder than usual or are a lot harder than usual and actually they there was morning. If this morning but it was just the massive waves yes the storm -- the storm surge and and just like. I think. They didn't know until the last minutes of where it was and -- hit and then how -- it's going to be but there was warning off. Off a super typhoon happening. Where'd you go. Yes exactly where do you goal. You know even people who are in the second floor that. You know they weren't safe that the fifteen than you might build at a caddie but -- on fifteen feet at least there that fifteen foot waves coming in. On and on top of the areas that are affected or right beside the locker so as he said that. Where do you Google but there weren't a lot of people were evacuated despite that there were still a lot of people were killed and of course that when other people -- evacuate the came back their homes were under the nominees forgotten. Kelly for all the both thank you both Kelly and brand literally came back Monday you spent almost a week there. And if people are probably single why did they want the tourism group to go. Well Angela our invitation to the Philippines came through Brad Weber who works for the New Orleans CVB. In Washington DC where a lot of our customers are based. And New Orleans is becoming known around the world for its resilience after Katrina. And restoring its tourism community after Katrina when many people. You know doubted whether the city whatever come back we have taken it from those very dark days to one of the top destinations and the world. And the Philippine people are -- -- -- situation where many visitors around the world think their entire country is devastate. And certainly part of it is you know the 6000 lives lost -- it's really an unimaginable number. But they invited us to come to the Philippines and helped found. With the same thing that we did for New Orleans post-Katrina. -- overcome those misperceptions. How do you help the country in a different way. Through restoring their tourism industry and their economy and making sure that some of the lessons we learned. Post-Katrina about restoring terrorism can be applied to the Philippines. Bread what did you see when you were there. Well. -- lots of things you know our. Our our industry the tourism and outside industry is actually quite small where one of the largest drivers economy in the world and yet we reach across the globe to each other. And the first thing and I saw one. I country and they outlook now that plane window of pure beauty. Most lush greens. Beautiful island 7100 islands. The second thing as -- -- the most magical people ever met my allies -- greeted with open arms and the most incredible hospitality. But what I saw -- the country and multiple cities that are open and -- purpose. We saw modern cities we -- all cities that had virtually no damage at all. Did major turn -- Mary is packed convention areas were in case. And partially what we have seen is that there's in this perception and where the damage has occurred where. The actual activities take place not taking away of course from the losses happen and somebody -- -- island area. So you very similar issues that we face in orleans' web misperceptions. New Orleans being completely obliterated. But yet you know lobby areas for the convention's you know that we're not touched. So it is it's a country that -- minority purpose it's it's the nature. The views of the beauty of the country. Is as beautiful people. Boy that's a beautiful way of putting it and it's that balance that you have to do. The world wants to help those who truly are devastated. Not just from the horrific loss of life. But having to start over building. And starting their lives again to saying as weak as you -- -- said there's like going on there's business being done and this is how. They can help of those who have been suggesting. It's that back and forth. Unbelievable stay with this we're gonna continue our conversation about the Philippines right after this I'm Angela under the W well. Well it was just last November that category five typhoon. He hit the Philippines killing 6000 people and literally thousands are still unaccounted for. And there are the parallels between not what we went through what they are going through not only in trying to recover their lives and get their life going again. But in its specifically with our tourism. They need -- help to sell who did they call call the very. Great experts we have and we're thrilled Kelly Schulz and Brent Weber are here with us. And -- -- Who is from the Philippines but now living and balanced thing can't. -- with a wonderful husband. You did go back still moments later you go back to the Philippines to see what what did happen so -- -- that. Every year. To spend the holidays with my my family -- all of my family are in Manila analyst -- except for myself. Who lives in my plague and I went there and I told my husband we need to see we need to see sort of what's happened on the ground. And even before he. And went to the -- we ought to be sort of shows the area where we wanted to. Give the proceeds of our -- -- to be toast this Alan -- as bad shot. Which is in but my eyes and and they are a fishing out it's called Alaska the Philippines it's very abundant and seafood. But because of that storm they've lost most of their votes. It as as you noticed that the storm obesity that. That's either damage mr. -- or art just makes going to the Cecil so I'm just that the four communities that we thought to -- lost more than 200 people. It's. Still the goal of the fund raiser in the fund -- let me just say we're gonna say it throughout this broadcast. Is this Sunday at rock and bowl and it's called no -- loves the Philippines. And you'll gonna hear the lineup unbelievable. Music we're gonna -- but it is a fund raiser and did I hear correctly that for like every 600 dollars that's a vote. Yes every 600 dollars. We can give one bullet for three -- that's one thing that we learn and have gotten if we hadn't gone to the ground that we would have an actual that the one bullet easy book. The -- that has won what for a fisherman but they said TC fisherman and a workable that's three cavities that we can help by giving Wendell. That's an incredible thing that people think you know tens of thousands of dollars. 600 dollars per vote yes it will put three families back together yes -- and remember these people are doing business while they're trying to rebuild homes. Definitely and and in fact there was one fisherman told us. You know they -- living and spends most of them were living and that's what we visited. And that the that's we don't we're OK with -- and -- for now we need the -- first and then beacon build our homes. Earned the money first and then we can rebuild our homes and then their communities. So they're willing to live and that's for now but they just want to get that the work. It's. It's just something we can all participated and whether it's five dollars ten dollars all of a sudden -- that 600 dollars you've got to vote definitely doesn't -- Now I just wanted to reconnect. Kelly and brand going down there for a whole week. To help guide them through what we went through saying yes you have this. Hardly destroyed area and people fighting to come back and thank heaven for the love of people around the world trying to help. But you also have part of the country that is not affected. So you danger tourism. Exactly and that's the message that we took to them we shared with. There's specific examples of what we did post-Katrina. To reach out to tour operators travel agents convention planners. Visitors all over the world we shared stories of of how he handled marketing campaigns how we worked with the media. To say yes some terrible things happened in our city. But our city thrives on tourism and if you want to help us. You help us rebuild our terrorism community by getting the message that visitors are welcome to come back many parts of the city. Are OK for visitors and we want you to come back and spend your money in the city. Come back -- into into violence and that's gonna help our economy get back on track and every family. Get back on track is their pre built in so we shared those examples with the Filipino people and they were so gracious. And so welcoming. We. This is equivalent to meeting you know cabinet member in president Obama's administration system and gave us an hour of its time. Which was extraordinary he listened to us and he. And asked lots of great questions and and was so interested in what new Whalen did to get back on the map after Katrina and I think that they're really going to take. Our advice and hopefully put it into practice. And we certainly want to help use our voices. To tell the world the Philippines are open for business if you're planning to do business there is terrorist please continue to do that the people really need to. And they want you to come back and that's going to help them repeal much faster. Brad what would you say to someone who have we all heard this for far too long understand you'll still underwater. What are you saying to them how do you stop that conversation. It's great question and a ironically I just got a question about New Orleans about six months ago for a financial planner and so it it's still out there and it. You know it. We really. -- with a mission and it gets better we share a lot of information and and that really built up a lot of hope for that matter of fact most people that we malware afterwards they're very inspired. I actually come from the customer's side of the process for 28 years -- Russia upon her conventions and tourism space in New Orleans. And then moved over the bureau so I was delivering a perspective of the customer and one of the great takeaways we've given them and how to use the customer become their advocate and working with them on building a culture by -- report and counsel. Because. You know killing tax basis to weaken today as much as we want to say about. -- -- tourism and -- being robust and not have a payment but that's our role. When the customers throughout their speaking on behalf of New Orleans and or various cities and the Philippines. About for the voice is stronger and so we're going to be helping -- -- -- -- I'm going back to the Philippines and you're going to be you know speaker at one of their major meeting -- and convention. Conventions of amateurism. Leaders from around the country. Katrina I'll drive that message so. I'm using a lot of advocate -- from the cultural perspective. Also helping them with very very edgy and robots. Marketing campaigns similar to what we get right after Katrina in New Orleans. You know I just remember so well you know what we're gonna have to take a break -- -- a news but a lot of talk about. All of the people came into this town during conventions and helped and will that be replicated to stay with this but let's go to the newsroom now. And John -- talking about the enormous tragedy that hit the Philippines. And the help that's coming in now. From not only. Wonderful people like -- Dalia who is from the Philippines and is putting together fabulous fund raiser. This Sunday night. But also our tourism industry who was invited down over there to help guide them. Into how they can tell the world we have survived this tragedy we are working on rebuilding. The affected areas but in fact we are very much open for business. -- we laughed -- laughed -- I think one of the most moving things of our experience after Katrina. -- these tens of thousands of people who came to this town. In meetings for conventions and said I'll give you two days or three days in all of the young kids who came for spring break I'll spend my spring break all got homes. Back to you you couldn't you couldn't pay these people. It was such a beautiful thing and that lingers here I think that kind of just tremendous generosity apart. Not made a difference on the people of the city and I'm just hoping that the Philippines can also integrate that kind of anybody who's listening I have a week off I'd love to go down and help. Yes I -- with the fishermen are saying we need the votes but there are people who would be willing to help them rebuild their homes. Yes you know in New Orleans we experienced that in such an amazing way in. And we share that you know we talked about voluntarism. And we share that story with the people in the Philippines and you know we said it started as individuals. Church groups student groups and it really became larger than life and it's still happening we're still getting requests from conventions. You know for example the American Library Association was one of the first big conventions to return to New Orleans in 2006. They're voluntarism project was to partner with our libraries and to go in and help you know cleaning got the libraries. We've had medical conventions that have come in and their physicians have offered. You know medical services we've seen school teachers common volunteer in our schools. So many wonderful stories have have come about from voluntarism and it's you know it's so. Important to us and and to the Filipino people. But for the people who participate it's really life changing for them right to do you think that the Philippines and heard that and can try to structure something. I think that they can they were very open to it they're so much need they're somewhat so many parts of the country that. That people really do have an opportunity to go down there and -- -- even just you know it if you have an opportunity to go there as a tourist. That also helps them as well or -- in a position to bring a business meeting there preparing an event there. That also is going to be a tremendous help to their recovery and that's part of what we worked with them on because tourism was so much a part of the recovery of -- rounds this Katrina. So what are you telling them rant about how do you market to the world come to Manolo which was not affected and have your convention here or. Come and vacation. We we had an opportunity that you kind of Manila Sabato and also archive or countries or communities there's another major city. It's little things that we talked about our -- is it is -- and they need to be doing one of the things that was very clear a lot of is that lack of geography and like geography knowledge that most of us. You -- the -- Philippines and the disaster you thing. -- like national country has been effective when in reality. You know where the areas that would be like you know something happening in Chicago and people can -- and -- in oral. And so we're helping hands to create regional marketing. That make them make people more educated and more understanding of what that -- complexity of this this country as far as the land mass. I'm in addition and you just mentioned voluntarism. Corporate social responsibility become a critical. Aspect of all meetings and incentive for herbs and this is another marketing to a date in years one of the storm happened or not. To the -- going to be another -- up for them as well. For the creativity. In your industry is is fabulous and it really is fabulous. Nor is that we have to be if you look at every issue that happens in our world whether it's terrorist. No illnesses like ours. And you know stoppage of transportation and economic crisis. Our industry has directly in the polls I have every issue that happened in the world has so we have to be resilient. You don't have so true and we will never forget 9/11 but it changed everybody's world but clearly. I mean just to get back in defeat from that. And then for Katrina to -- for this to hit well and you know we talked to the Filipino people about experiencing multiple. Tragedies you know they've had in addition to these typhoons they've had earthquakes to deal with all very recently. And we shared with them our experience -- not only dealing with Katrina but also with. An economic crisis in the US and also BP oil spill so we have many many things in common with. They're situation with the misperceptions. And the multiple. Events that have affected the tourism in the perceptions. The Philippines are really the so much in common and we had we had great great. Conversations without -- every group that Brad and I presented to. We would share with them what -- is doing with this fund raiser and that they would immediately. Burst into applause. Many of them would start wiping away they're tears me to talk to them about what the people of New Orleans are doing at this fund raiser in raising money for the boats that really really. It it meant a lot to them and they're very very grateful. Let's talk about the fund raiser it's going to be Sunday night at rock and -- I've done get better than Rocketboom. And it's going to to it's going to be just a lot of fun Irma Thomas Bobby de beer myself Monica Hernandez and channel four world -- to be there. But listen to this entertainment lineup the -- town all stars. James Andrews in the Crescent City all stars. Boehner told brass band members of the New Orleans opera and -- -- the pussy footers and we'll have other surprise guest and our. That there's action he won that confirmed after we did the poster on its John -- growth. He's going to be there so it's going to be an amazing nine but birdied he think of the all the groups for giving their attitude that this. Benefit concert and fundraiser. And remember -- what does it cost 25 dollars advance tickets thirty dollars at the door. And this -- it from five to nine yes as students come in for half the prize. And this kids under twelve coming for free so we want to be a family affair so well it's five tonight so. You can come for even make an I an -- for two hours -- kids before bedtime. Now that that is a perfect thing and it is an easy way to help. And I just keep wanting to put everybody's mind. They're gonna replace these people's livelihoods this is about 600 dollar votes. And everybody chips in -- boat and everybody can -- Japan it's a lot of votes and this can turn the course. I'm not only the -- but at the community. It's a whole community on. When we went there. One of the community leaders said that he was even giving part of his own personal funds for the whole community he was government and -- percent that the event. There was not enough money the government to be able to help the community but he was using his own funds to. To help feed some of his community members of so definitely I think set of if we need give Babbitt the jobs. Of these people they will give up that the communities as well you know something -- -- sent a -- Ellis said in the commercial was. It is 7100. On -- I mean that we think about that. And yet they are coming together in this crisis which. It really brings out something special and human beings. -- the the Philippines being islands that we have you know different dialects are -- Regional issues and and misperceptions of each other but they think when this happened in the central Philippines. Everyone in the whole -- at -- -- together and just rushed to to give what just need -- to the central Philippines stay with the. We're gonna continue talking about a wonderful fund raiser Sunday night to help the Philippines right after this. Well we -- we have learned a lot about the beautiful Philippines and and I I loved what time you are saying that there is such a connection between the Philippines in New Orleans. In our in our culture in our. Our weather in our fishing. We are I mean the world is really very small. It is it is. And first and for some reason I think there was there -- others. A force that brought me here to New Orleans I never thought. That they would be in Europe Oregon's and that the only thing Pena but you guys let's test Preston and -- Russell. But now I know much more and they feel that this is Reidy a separate home to me. Well you have put together an incredible event -- want to tell everybody again it is this Sunday. At rocket doubled from five to nine. Unbelievable. Cast of musicians. We're going to be -- the bucked him all stars James Andrews and Crescent City all stars. Bone -- brass band members are -- opera pussy footers. And type up a growth and yes and -- gonna have of course wonderful food there and have raffle things in Africa in an option I ought to just an embankment and we -- begin bowler. If you -- all -- which had a biopsy for a favorite which Uggla that the Philippines so he's giving all of that yes my cash. -- you're gonna have wonderful votes but you know when you think about. What happened to our fisherman during the BP oil spill when you think about the boats that were lost to Katrina when you realized what it means to these people. But we can really do something. Definitely and as -- said that the are very grateful that the people in the Philippines don't -- The support that they have gotten foreground that they they're very thing fun we are thankful and I am faithful to your organs for. All of that you've done so far at the help this make this event. Happened and I hope that you -- to get the support that the Sunday you can also go to their website which is Nolan loves the Philippines. Dot com. -- loves Philippines dot com it's so easy. Or dot org both bark ordered by a lot and you can buy tickets there and you could donate any amount after that even after the event. For the vote. It's -- think about that just think about we know how bruised we were how emotional these people must be and anything we can do we need to do. And I think it is fabulous that Kelli and her co Hart went went there spent a week shared the wealth of knowledge the tragically we learned. You know the world. Came to our raids after Katrina and we remember that generosity and that kindness that we wanted to pay it forward. Hands to be able to help the people in the Philippines and we would never wish -- kind of disaster on anyone but it's such an honor to be able to to help them in some way with this information and I really can't say enough about the people there there isn't a beauty. And kindness and hospitality in the Philippines that is unlike anything. Brad and I've ever experienced any of archrivals in the world and I'm from New Orleans I think it's got some amazing hospitality down there so. They're so grateful for the help please go in and help them restore their community. I think you all thank you -- so much for being -- thank you both thank you all tonight Sunday night Iraq Campbell yes exactly and I'm going to be -- rocket out Iraq -- ball. Stay with us we'll be right back. If you wanna help it's Nolan loves the Philippines dot org thank you for listening to have a great weekend now let's go to the newsroom.