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02-07 7pm Fan and Pro, Comic Con Football

Feb 7, 2014|

Todd and T Bob pick a comic con fantasy football team.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Actually got me either of those guys you got to you Bobby -- job analysis into it and this afternoon activities they thought. -- -- -- This thing and we're just having some fun we're having fun element content out this topic is actually on the on the bounce around that they know that much. About complex and everybody knows the -- players -- the you're bad man to man what their cable where they would play. It out of football field and look you'll you've got. Every Friday for the rest of the year. Did talks Saints to complain about Mark -- To wonder whether or not Jimmy Graham is gonna sign. To trash Matt -- even though the man Ryan luckily Internet -- excellent. We already did that that are out command as the Matt Ryan Gifford got hired Matt Bryant trash talk allotted time and for the show. Yeah we're at a good time and -- -- it on upon. Right now on this Friday evening. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- wants talk about as well rock Ron. Ago that Ronnie still there. And hung up with that -- my wife's -- What I don't know. What you and it's just put in perspective we all -- has been on hold. Her and like now like all call back he has been on hold. For about -- twelve made it to this point I feel really bad now gone wrong call as acts are you can make my superior team. For the superhero power of patients. It because you definitely displayed here in this last last power. Some -- coming in any case -- wondering I comic con in town so we're just gonna have a fun we just said if you were putting together. A football team of super heroes who would be your quarterback on the east DC team and on the -- team a guy. And that's what got -- started and people started texting all kinds of other. Positions about it as well. Let's see here again at Texas this -- that make it only playing night games that's not. Might be right there so I. A lot of that and -- going to be probably take away your plane bully during the day AME dead man during the day kind of looks like. Somebody call on the news it is it's -- Lot madman during the day looks like Adam West in the -- exactly. Are let's go do Barry in Algiers a barrier on the BW. As I -- I know. The you have to look at this what about the play and eighty that would be able war. Or maybe it kick returner. Love -- -- love it Love Boat he would be he would be Percy Marvin would. -- -- -- And then also be objective from the pack at the -- -- Graham yet they don't give us sat. Out of. Yeah yeah now definite. The things definitely. Got some lineman and he belongs in the trenches I would I would agree with that. Are excellent bearing. Another attacks that coming -- -- that means it is the best show averages saying. Some other people are upset that were talking about this and a one at the stadium wanted to talk more about serious stuff and -- -- So someone else says each player Kendall should only use their powers twice per half. As a problem. Very intriguing now and again in just more of news I got a higher base atlantis' them and the occasional electric play that's tough. Another -- pats or no pads for this game. Look have you seen what these guys can take the majority of these guys the damage that you take I think he got a good notepad to get their pads and I'd like. What it's like telling a couple extra pillows on like a battleship it's not gonna do much as far as up protecting them further. Solis is not your view at this one professor -- is my head coach Jeff of them won Texas that civil maybe you might run into a little spy gate because you might read the other teams. Flawed with the Steelers and why I love. Jon Jones. As my DC quarterback now than telepathy. He makes a huge difference there -- he's he's not only in the receivers mind's telling him what hot routes. I did change to other -- eased in in the deep it is not EOs. He knows what the beast as Smart as -- these days yeah. Jon Jones the Sabres -- he knows what's going on in the -- said he's gonna have now unless did you get to the next couple line games were maybe -- east is. Purposely game opposite things. Debate the martian man hundred innings and maybe margin and it doesn't fully grasp the intricacies. Of the game -- it is the last of the martians. From well -- then then you definitely would want professor acts as the head coach of the marvel team does and could -- everybody from John Jones from the martian man -- FitzGerald so -- -- it's year. Point -- well go to well Peter on the North -- -- on WWL. I don't know what's up man. -- -- not a win tomorrow who are here and go back and play. God invisible in at center not -- invincibility but other power -- -- As I. That's. At left tackle but there's no matter who's going to get Arctic that our. -- Outlet era lied to. Continue the year I gonna stop you go out of the box O line yet supremely effective so far. Yeah well my secondary. At a political -- -- -- out there and eat. Should you play your quarterback. Can have no problem and -- Epstein fare well. I don't know it also go on July but it Olympic know what -- actually -- great Laker center. They are -- to be a cheerleader now and all of the -- Big bird and a that's the bottom are the knowledge is in his eye is so serious sort of like the female blob like -- -- -- -- well. It says a lot better. -- -- -- -- is very thin are normal yeah upload a taste that's. To be on July short -- right Peter. Yeah your your go to the females which love could they've been ignored -- in his arms and you -- these cute tiny little petite women to be on the O line and yet I think they would be supremely effective your choice. I'm -- -- Tuesday to replace replace lost 26018786. Exit 8908 -- Here's attacks. -- Aqua man can be the water boy. Or -- -- jail and stealing it is pretty incredible guys I still like the -- command as the Matt Ryan of this league's. If the if they use their -- more than twice a half the opposing coach and throw his. Kryptonite challenge flag I. He's human and out of the game that stadium just line -- it's -- seems solid play merry -- -- Steve Bob Hebert -- s.'s take a break and be right back it's WW well. -- -- Now. All my favorite was always blacks I -- I it's and it's. A quality about mayberry Todd and assistants elevenths of finding and yes we're gonna get. Mention it do via the Olympics is that the Olympics are not going too well now especially for the folks that are showing up. And the hotels no running water in some places the water not looking too good. They thought it an article I was clicking on now synergy I thought it was featuring the Russian beer and -- like August gimme nights get a talk about a celebration -- to maybe pick up the in the Olympics -- now. All it was doing was she always in the running water at their hotel that looked like Beers that's gonna put him respect he's done it border coming out. That me mistaken for beer at a glance you're doing it wrong that's not how waters goes to. Russia among them. Among the interesting thing was people were complaining that they had no water. Water wasn't there -- -- and you have Russian officials that says -- got yet we have. That's not true we actually have surveillance video of people taking showers wait -- yes. You have cameras in the heat -- he claims they have surveillance video of people maliciously. And on the shower Orton got the wall and walking out the room just because. They -- Russia that much so obviously this guy accidently touted himself. As far as you know the fact that Russia has security cameras in the bathrooms which. People cannot do drive -- the second after he said it you could tell the all the reported to kind of licking their chops. Wait and explore this issue further they basically -- policy in the old. The old like candy cane or whatever you wanna -- -- -- All right up to the side. Right music so 1870 -- execs and he -- threw it to you watched the Winter Olympics. Are you a fan of sport. Like -- general competition or European teams. Order individual sports is something we kind of bounced around a double coverage. I don't know what I am the guy I don't know fumble full fans workers. While we're talking about how skinny side of the Winter Olympics do out there is going to be exciting. And I got home. And -- like gotten gonna watchful metal alchemist or just get cable anniversary game I play bad legal legend is -- on on details against time. So it still. Sochi is still struggling to break in in my entertainment schedule but I want to the finals the metal start rule and I think the story lines -- develop it and. Obviously having a lot of people are interested in the hockey you can you gonna have the USA's gonna play -- hockey. It's always a big deal specially for the Russians this year being in Russia musical that race and then you're gonna. Have I don't think they say quite like that. And then. The individual sports I. I like the curling we always make fun of -- early early -- ala Carl as I always say curling is in the Olympics a candidate candidate is assured a medal. You know curling is interesting. And speed -- media. I was talking to some guys from Wisconsin average and medical weeks ago and big curler as a veteran you're telling me at -- with the curly. The winners actually have to pick up the equipment afterwards and clean up the ice. That's how Canadian. It forces you to be nice horses did it -- what are you can't even gloat. Over your defeated. Competitors you have to you have to because you like you have to clean up pretty really. I don't know if that's like an official Carolina rule. Art that was just his curling club but either way at the -- his speech to the general. Canadian -- the sport. Another -- -- -- talking about people still texting an 878 semi. About the superhero league if you were putting together an NFL league. Of superheroes in the marvel team ended in a DC team. Here's to ways I've gotten to -- to get Superman involved as we said that Superman would not be involved because he's basically. Superman and he did do every position and play everywhere. Someone says Superman. Could be the rest. He's fast enough to keep up with the action he can use X ray vision in the pile ups for fumbles and goal lines and -- that oh my god. And he's a boy scout he's not cheat anybody right Leo his moral code and hold it. Yeah actually all you probably he's Superman. Excellent job ever came up with that he really is he's your prototypical -- he's what you would want it today's NFL yeah. Somebody you can cover all the action someone else Texans this Superman can be Roger Goodell. I don't know -- Roger Goodell is much more malevolent mean Roger Goodell is more Alla like Lex -- is something to me he's a bill and no doubt. Another Texas I do not think I would watch the Summer Olympics but -- and I saw women's beach volleyball -- that. I'm a fan of when they do the hand signals behind their back. By their butts via yes that's what I'm a fan. Let's see here another Texan says is vulnerable to it gets talking about the the superhero football teams Cam Newton as the quarterback -- RD thinks he's one of the super for a it's a -- -- I think any normal human. That steps up in this house that Mike he crushed again here's somebody texting and for punish her as a cornerback as you're shut down corner which makes it in that he would kill whoever lined up across from -- He runs up with anybody with if you -- -- -- -- -- ability. Two bullets. Punish may be in a little bit from. Another Texan is. Juggernaut at running back no brainer German -- halfback literally unstoppable once again Baghdad's line that's one of those natural -- mum. Another Texas. Legal legends in superheroes on 870 awesome. -- I'm kind. Not a tech's best show ever think you guys haven't lots of fun. Someone else's. Wasn't he -- dead and in New Orleans Saints comic book in 1980 seven's that would be very interested if somebody did -- this thing down you know the -- -- somebody's got it scanned on line if you get. Seeing them my way I would love to see -- numbers I've seen any. There was an old Blake picture book then. The Saints were in that him in the Morten -- some the other guys but I don't know about a comic -- -- -- I'm well you would know you've probably got a new collections somewhere let's go to Tyrone and RB Tyrone you're on WW. And you -- you -- let us. Reluctantly. Did so reluctantly did that has won the but -- If you look at and something. That. Indicated to me. At what just happened to -- a couple things on Twitter about it's about watching it right now yeah. Yeah no opening ceremonies you you know you can or between. -- -- of -- yeah and with the not totally it's totally. And -- have depended on them teams in the league. That is that sociology at this point is it not like that seat that we've got back got associate Russian. -- redwood it's happened before we deviate beat -- wood Brothers -- -- Make sure that people out there and made until the week do you look around. You want -- -- let go to they've bought their weak spot. Everybody did this outpouring of good memories of -- problem at all and it was. But it was it is mostly just what you Eagles. This Winter Olympics is definitely turning out to be the most unintentionally. Hilarious Olympics that I mean I remember for sure. Well considering it has so many years so many years to get ready for this -- mean it is not like this is wasn't -- bit. About the -- Is this is not this is not like last week the Olympic committees and -- you're gonna hold the Olympics that's how does it seem like there's there's there's major shortage of pillows. And they're taking pillows from the regular people to get to the athlete in the know that they were leaving people read. -- it was like sorry unexpectedly. These Olympic actually showed up that we need more tell us what like what we. Years. -- enough and basically that the note that was left that's it. Coleman had bags and donate to your without the. So that's what it was all about human in an -- but I didn't know if you don't do it. At this sport and -- -- one of the biggest draws of watching the Winter Olympics right now. Is is seen -- what else is so -- -- grew up. Yeah exactly been upbeat outlook to this person has decent speed he can hold -- -- a lot of strong field and I'm like Marion. They they are they are -- but you know. In all fairness to the Russians posting problems at the the Salt Lake Olympics as well but nothing like this but all fairness to the Russians. Relief and have a lot of time to get ready for this I'm joking I'm like yeah. And I. I wrote that for all of it and -- T have a good men have a good week in my brother. Besides -- excellent rate 7660. Nines with him yet they. But this will be awarded the Olympics several years ago at least. 67 years. And the funny part is they probably. You know I would imagine there was a lot of corruption that winning the -- -- the Olympics and then it in the most eggs into one ever what sixty billion dollars. And they're estimating about a third of that. Got site adult occur -- so it's it's just so much money Vladimir Putin -- so rich all these. All these bad Olympics that's. I mean here we are making fun of him and easel Lafayette -- is -- -- is that cronies dismayed when he billion dollars. Who's the real jerk we are. Well here's the other thing and and I know people get upset about this then look at the Olympics. Their taking place in Russia and if you haven't looked at a globe the last time in in a few years. Because you know everyone's got the glue rulers and I have it really looked at include juniors -- -- that. -- on the other side of the planet okay so what you're seeing what it was like Mexico. What you're seeing is. -- And every year we go through this. Some people get upset when the news media tells you what happened before they get to see it that night. On NBC which has the Olympics and Internet -- the Internet there on the Internet so people get all upset when they get the results because. Let's face it when when I was a kid and alignments or when you were able I was a kid I mean. You only had the three networks and you know had an Internet and -- go ahead and you thought it was at odds go odd. Now that Kuerten has been revealed that it's like. Yes there is this thing called time and as the -- fans and changes there are different time zones so it's not. Exactly live when you watch and it's a yes they do know the result I remember years ago when I first started. In radio and here I'm I'm dating myself in between spit in the records and putting the violent. Used to have to rip and read from the teletype and they would give you the Olympic. Results during the days that has it would literally print out like you do literally -- don't pay for your -- that often you read you would get. All these paper you actually read physical it was actually paid -- actual paper yes they used to make that stuff how would officiate yell or -- and you would have you have stuff -- of that line around and you would know the Olympic results but. We were told. Not to give them. City do you feel like you had to Mike. Forbidden knowledge at that time did you feel like maybe you -- well Asia it's sort of this burning inside of a wanna know it's awful it's spoiled it for me yeah in the media and a unit because they're that I couldn't go I'd go home until -- -- -- Olympics as an Juan. You know Roger takes time to go -- and done now now Betts. With your boys but I -- -- You gotta leave just enough that you can't go a 100%. He's -- -- gambling opportunity. Has -- all the inside info you're like you were like fifth. When he gets a sports some not all almanac and into taking over the war essentially. Because of all the money he makes gambling. There's 6018786. -- eight nines -- awaits him recently Texas you guys will be jerks who Russians well OK let's. Oh where -- have a little -- but I've got out about time. Out so. Oh discuss further we are not. Are you like Russians much I mean look I don't -- it's like I'm pretty different about that but. You like best interest to you haven't Russia's reputation. That you feel the need to account there that's that that surprised well. Here's a deal that they got the Olympics they were they were given the bid in 2007. So they had seven years to get ready for the Olympics. And yet things are still and it is going to be the most expensive Olympics. Ever. Expected cost of around twelve billion figures ballooned to fifty billion so far. In the billion dollars and this is a result bad tap water not a pillows toilets and have signs. They tell you to put the toilet paper in the waste basket and don't flush it is too little break. I don't know about you -- -- in Hamburg dirty TP all of in my trash can in my bathroom that's a constant stench from you're going to be deal. Well all the sports facilities were completed in good time they were on that the journalists and others who arrived of family members and so forth associate this week. Found that some of the 40000 new hotel rooms were far from ready in a construction work was still hard at work on parts of the Olympic park. So it's been a little crazy. Over the years -- the exact wording and one of the signs in his suit you best. Police don't throw paper to -- nobody will repair it every dime hoped for understanding and a smiley face. That's. Excellent English there Russia Vietnam it is 6018786. Exit 890870. That's a numbers to call you wanna get in on the conversation still getting some text. About. But we were talking about what the superhero football league if you were putting together one of the teams and this all started with an innocent question isn't who would be the yeah -- and -- excellent video game idea people are saying that should be Maddon should do that today and people are also texting all the different positions that they would put other heroes in and get. We started just asking who would you put a quarterback. And I said would put back man. On the DC team and that glory hyper intelligent was 03 -- Captain America fruit for the marvel team. Here's a Texan a seven -- and I know it's not marvel or DC. But Roger Goodell could be played by Darth Vader. Dexter and that's pretty accurate but if Kate -- stars they leader who's the emperor. I don't know so I have always kind of thought of Belichick is Darth -- and -- DL as the emperor a little bit more lightly but I don't know I guess Belichick was an evil before. Goodell arrived on the scene -- not that your -- Another exact self again. Another text that says a Solomon grundy and three forward -- that just about to -- him they -- you DC and the rhino for short yardage goal line and from -- miscue behind -- and art and Andy jumble. You are killing me. You know who hasn't and nobody's brought up a any sort of electric. Based super years yet not a lot of looked -- him when I mean in my own potential there is being in shock here enemies kind of routine in place. Violent streak and do. Q do you does that -- lecture hours and now electoral count lecture I guess that's where the enemy. Like that you BC. Gallery let's over there Solomon grundy are really like him as a is once again. And then he sings that song as you have. The ball. -- All improved a is -- guy on Wednesday it was you on Thursday and there member -- there with. A. Another Texan a 787 he says the hotels talking about rusher were behind. Due to time it took to funnel the money to Russian illegal organization guess it's extra another text that says -- and construction obviously don't mix well. Someone else takes ideas take sides on -- 878 -- Jerry Jones is the emperor you're talking about the Coca-Cola park and the third yeah. Everybody loves that simple that's what they easily used to. Since he came to New Orleans is everybody -- take potshots at the Cowboys can we talk about anything and people make -- of the Cowboys. Another tax and and this we get a lot of text on this and and I think a week we talked about this off -- before we go to the break here. The the hero role that people are texting in the most possible positions. Is the flash yeah. Very versatile as a running back is the punt returner. Wide receiver so you know some Wednesday the of one over cornerback I mean. Yeah if you if you like -- -- What I mean what is Nike always pushing now like fast is fast or whatever kind of dumb -- line and it is. You know speed kills faster wrong speedster on whatever it's all the same things that we saw mean looking pretty urban. -- dead heat head fresh legs in the Super Bowl and it. Last play a lot of mean the flatly shutdown corner -- over the field. But if pom -- an opposing coach on going streak is rogues gallery reverse flashed some other sort of speech served Barber's TCU we're talking about quicksilver. He's one of the -- Unser says he got. I mean think about these heroes you don't wanna think about them in terms of had a match of its regular people you gotta think they're gonna have either their villains are similar because somebody else to kind of combat where their strengths. -- here says he Bob the electric heroes. Wouldn't be playing their preventing the black out for the hero but we'll -- right back it's WWL. -- -- -- I it. -- hard Green -- Now they heroes knows what's the scene songs -- I can show the green I don't agree more in my mind my dad always group huge green lantern then he now he kind of assumed they were the same things that he is talks in north and I don't like it at school -- yet though there there weren't peseta. Not at all not mean you know many people down now. Buick does a serviceable. Knowledge of green and -- wise Lackey was he here there's a bunch of -- used to be 36 -- One each sector of the Galaxy X 72 and there but he companies use that through the movie that was filmed here in New Orleans you would know. It was okay it was okay do you but come on c'mon. But diehard Atlanta and offers -- -- -- mile and a group would tolerate it which knows make a lot of really appears like a waiter you -- -- -- but. Felt this is it that you Ocalan. Yeah that's cool without Jordan and that movie he's like ten minutes training and gives up. I thought he was about to put in that age is with Kellogg I thought he was gonna have one of those epic training montage is where nobody except -- stupid human. And then he slowly earned their respect that I -- -- -- in odds on you know he's been admitted or the people are back to earth yet he still somehow better green lantern and sit Nestor and these other guys I got a problem -- thoughts. They did all that just ended up on the cutting room floor call time. Go to just movie he did mid city H Doug B you're on WWL. Well we'll put a bag on a hole there and try to get to him again league year. Let's see 26018786. Exit eight nines or somebody says. Why. Hello I would Superman as quarterback with a -- is running back that's unstoppable yet c'mon that's that's that's OP. -- another text the blob and -- his offensive lineman -- roller wide receiver for the marvel team. Head coach dead pool who else is crazier and more inventive ha ha ha -- been Sean Payton like the dead. It would be com. Do you Pete Carroll maybe a little bit more excitable actually dental Jim Harbaugh all over the place to Lackey does crazy animated black. -- add to see with Dick -- being crazy you would have definitely gets. First -- a tick yeah yeah -- kids it's guys too much of a wild card -- my team much like the Joker. I mean not -- is Joker not bringing much physically but. From I don't know what role he'd be suited for me and you can't trust him with -- anything. Another text the beast -- marbles quarterbacks series agility speed -- intelligence. That these days. Well suited to the game I'll put it I think he could go a lot of different ways I still like him as a linebacker. At the natural -- for him. Hold them down. Directed the let people know what's up. Yes I still I think the biggest deals like that warmest as that. Again a manager and onward state disarm. Start talking about it a moment or without Johnson in the beast is very intelligent posters here at John -- went -- like a lot -- -- scenario a -- -- plastic man as a safety earlier and that's kind of a classic here we have a testament to talk about Reed Richards but you -- like the ability to stretch last may be a focus. You know focus. Eagles seriously. Stop cracking jokes every second that big he has potential. Here's someone text it to the whole thing in case she one of the note about Solomon grundy -- Tebow off Solomon grundy born on a Monday. -- and on Tuesday -- the married on Wednesday took deal on Thursday grew worse on Friday died on Saturday buried on Sunday that was the end of Solomon -- yet. Also and in those someone knows the whole -- -- -- you do every takes that in. It's a fun song went. -- saying correctly I can't remember the tune but he gets stuck in your head. I've I played a lot of the injustice fighting game. And is Solomon grundy during one of his long combos actually sings in tires on to really. Another Texan dates have made Seve the win could be the head official he would not mean beautiful. Who England -- -- -- GG GG. England's leg big wood's latest deal he's been well again major arms dealer a big big -- running illegally illegal offshore gambling sites. Floyd Mayweather placed his -- with the Penguins. Another tax the perfect role for dead pool let him make the bad lip reading videos I. I think were really stumbling -- dead pools true niche where where he really it that he would badly pretty good. Another -- no you got that wrong the penguin as Matt Ryan he's not much of a Falcons. Or a -- of brave. But Oklahoma should double. 260187866. -- -- manager is Larry let's say let's kill we go to let's see chuck -- -- you there -- All right I. Can't remember this feel for what blow. More -- Like if it was for them. And Kuerten or especially being. Yeah I think I it's very good call now I don't know. Is Todd knows marvel universe better I mean what's over servers full hours. He got to prepare -- world to be taken over Michael he has the power cosmic he's actually very strong and Kim alternate things. He's a -- level. I got I was B yeah -- and -- to do all. You people are people these are stronger. More dynamic version to hurt you ought -- So did he could -- could be like I don't like her like for DC where you put in flash everywhere you could put silver -- pretty much yeah okay so easy yet dynamic like he said he can go anywhere. Yeah exactly and -- hope he has the ability to do it could change form that it would get Mercury type. Whatever he had going on here but he can travel goal for the old school. That you all the other team who can travel to other dimensions silver circle would be. You or your column today yeah. Think that he's got to speed you do you surf around the -- And did a hundred yards. They can beat the you speak to which we have to customize the field yet we're gonna have to expanded midget you have to change drastically. We're not -- keep a hundred but -- the -- -- Not. As good old -- at somebody who we've gotten a couple thoughts about. I haven't heard laid out as well you play. I judge thanks for collar -- -- point 26018786. Exit 89087. In. Another -- 87870. That's the wolverines never gets hurt can rip as a pass rusher or be receivers stands everything thrown to him. As I said earlier someone else takes that I would like him as a as a running back because. Durability -- -- ever get hurt. And get hurt and you know he's gonna fight easily -- it's funny don't you always hear he's guy's gonna fight and claw for that next yards well. Wolverine will literally fight and claw for the -- -- arts and eases. He's a small guy if you if you only know it from the movie with Hugh Jackman who is a large man in the comics Wolverine is about. Darren Sproles -- I mean he's very easily yes I think most guys. He's about 5% -- -- it -- yet exactly now they -- it's kind of -- him a little larger because of Hugh Jackman but. But yes so he would be that. Small speedy. -- -- It didn't get hurt you and that's despite did it take. All the damage just use it as fuel for the fire keep going that the -- not gonna quit on your team you know that. Love love love or wolverines agreement. I intangibles -- -- you're -- -- exactly we'll take a break vital break here rap at all unless somebody has to get with the quarterbacks GFT when he tries DeWitt outside or huddle our outside work so I finally. IRA which we're not talking off the field issues here. -- -- rabbit all of you two ready for skewed here on WWL. And welcome back to 60 on a 7866 at 890870. Argued Texas and -- serie seven all the -- above a -- Todd Manassas. Yes that is sports awkwardness and had a lot of fun today because. Comic con. It -- hey that's me comic con is. It's this is in town this weekend. And someone -- yes we're gonna rule will be a comic onward to attend that. So I just got talking about the the one question that started it was. If you were creating a football team of superheroes. Who would be the quarterback on each team which hero. And that has led everyone starting texting and calling in about different positions where they would put different heroes -- go to Jeffrey now -- that Jeffrey you're on WWL. I don't know -- what they did it the -- and caught by a marble -- that part but we figured. Doug regulatory. -- exact and while I'd do you -- you on the accuracy issues like. They are gonna place the ball perfectly where it needs be and they can do it while we've been maybe whatever while avoiding the rush you're probably -- some -- -- more accurate quarterback on the new -- do you worry a little bit though about what goes down and somebody gets their hands on the. Now we're. You know it and you can also if you wanted to do of villains team you could have bullseye. -- -- -- -- there -- major dead shot on the. CC I think I think guys like green -- hawk rebels I think they translate better to like baseball. A -- of them as excellent pitchers they have amazing they have incredible command of the -- -- like they did just. Place the ball where they want bull's eyes back story you're a pitcher really well there -- But that's why -- -- thing. Think a lot on my altered. Our losses are. If somebody we haven't even mentioned it colossus make an excellent. -- -- is clots is Russian -- yes he's probably -- you right now and trying to help so I don't know if he can make it over the. I'd every had -- thanks for college. On every Bubba fixer play along do 60876. And a bunch don't know win when you originally takes me hey can you help out tomorrow or like eight. Now he said do you wanna come on yeah ornate vials like. Well. But if you do out there out there I was I was gonna make -- they needed eight. So but this that I -- agent this is going to be in a time of all ended -- -- a great time I hope everybody else. -- fun as well along the way. Let's see someone asking if you go in the comic book and -- And would you dress -- who would it be. Elton who would I be if I just of the -- superhero yeah. Had a being -- -- we -- line eight I make interest of the hearted invite dubious super here. With a beard you could pull off Hercules if I could grow if I could grow really thick mustache and one might. My favorite quote unquote superhero comic book lately is -- these seeds -- invincible image title. And oh what's what's the name of their race I can't believe. I'm getting me confused than other races you view from DC that -- might what's the name of -- Anyway the super. The main superpower race in this invincible -- it. Every single one of the super -- all -- human powers but they all have incredible moustache that's like they're a racial traded -- -- these amazing mustaches. So if by a bull to my children died from built a -- if I could grow what they. Manly mustache that -- that would be my like dream consulate. -- -- That's another here we didn't think about an MR universe is Hercules he would probably -- what -- -- fall in -- unions -- -- right now that just like that in -- out of gods were -- and everything -- worries. On the Greek side but Bob Bob late and I wanted that one of the -- we talked about who. Redid all the -- men movie you're seeing now he broke those stories -- went way he brought him back into prominence right. I that's -- that's -- created -- up next we got the script he's going to be talking about the Eagles it was fifty years ago today that The Beatles arrived on American shores. Are you still a Beatles fan and all The Beatles still relevant. The -- today and were they responsible for the change in America -- thanks so much for joining me that you perhaps mete out very glad you asked him ill luck on thanks Jack Harris and -- who was running magic -- -- will see you guys later Bob -- have --