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02-08 12:10 pm The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris

Feb 8, 2014|

WWL's Mr. Food, Tom Fitzmorris discusses food, cooking, recipes, dining & restaurants with WWL callers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump of this is the poor boy voice though fewer local announcer Tom that's Morris. And here we are with the food show on the big 870 WWL. And WWL 15 point three FM and WWL dot com. And WWL. HD one which might be the best place of all to listen because the sound is so fabulous. If only we had someone. On the air. Who could take advantage of it. Well welcome to our show it's kind of a murky day around town a little on the chilly side there is hope though. My birthday was two days ago and what I've noticed is not that I have anything to do with -- of course but that once we're on the other side of my birthday. The continuous. Cold weather. Is usually. Just a -- over. Regularly you know a spate of it here in the -- for a couple of days. The little gold on the one day surrounded by moralists comfortable temperatures in the next thing you know it's spring. We have. I'm pretty sure a nice warm Mardi Gras this year because it's so late march 4. A month almost a little Paula -- a little less than a month I guess is we're in the short month to begin with. Well this is a program as the name alone suggests about eating and about everything that goes with -- so we can do. Everything from Colombo. To W news. Who a tortilla soup. The effect on an alliance Stucco and soups here or -- food is he -- is a super. But them when them when trying to tell you hear is that if the thing that has moved you the most in the last week in the you're eating -- you know you gotta eat. Was a hot dog. He really thought it was good. Call me and tell me about it now that may seem like a strange request because why would I want and would certainly why would thousands of people listening to the radio. One no we do have to answer the question you know -- window with the answer is. This is food city. And this is our life on the cover of a -- book I wrote few years ago missed the market remember exactly what it says. Grab a cup here. A Columbia on. The the title of the book is hungry talent culinary history of New Orleans and then at the very bottom this is to me the most the best line of middle. The city where food is almost everything. That's us all right that's a -- over. So if you had a good meal somewhere if you cooked up a good win. Or you. You're thinking about cooking up -- Goodman called me and tell me what it is where you -- Where the idea come from and we'd love to hear from you we really -- 260. 1872601870. You can call coastal free. That is 86689087. And effective crank this thing up I'll have to do it. During the break seafood watch actually work a might even be able to see the texts on this as you can text to. I think I can mature we'll see 260. When he -- our phone number. He was going on right now in terms of what's in season. The -- oysters are very good. As the only. Wait on the oyster business right now is that the oyster fisherman. But not all that notes. A bug going out when it's thirty something degrees out there. And in their boats and pulling up these ice cold oysters from the bottom it's not comfortable it's not fun. Hard work really news. But a lot of them do if they were to do so they would find that the oysters right now about as good as yet because we haven't had. Fantastic amounts of rain lately it's been pretty good but not that tremendously not enough to thin out -- -- -- the water. This is the time of year when oysters at fattest and and most muscular I know it seems funny. To refer to a and oysters being muscular but they do indeed have a muscle and it's pretty tough. It's that -- that that. On high rate in the middle of the oysters you know when I'm talking about the part that the oyster shocker cuts off he opens up the show when he takes his night and slips and underneath them. Cuts off the doctor moss knows what that is known -- and that's what keeps the oysters shut. And it's shell closed all the time until horseshoe -- Well there are good in media this time a year and to find time to eat oysters and that's in season. 260187. Me sick knee. Has boat safe thus the first phone call of the day on our little program Rooney. Are Sydney welcome to the food show. Some column on their orange trees in my backyard. That picked up from a local farmer's market and a few years back and it just loaded. -- people mortgages. -- out yet. He's feeling. In theory as a replacement for women like when -- pictures like. An early night especially on black and it. -- this thing out you might have -- and literally. Columns -- column Mondale oranges. And the Japanese orange. -- maturity it's actually yeah. A twenty foot tall -- Sure in the current quarter next to. See through the the culprits are you war. -- -- That's where the indiscriminate autos used to be. Exactly right right you're so. There's a huge trees should load with the -- at some all of them back yard small ones. I mean it is Cuban bought in the food borne fruit and they're actually. A year -- -- I meant but a lot people elements. I'm -- and make invited to. It's -- now an -- that is wanna meet and make quite. I think -- some -- have such a nice orange labor. Well you certainly could make him warmly it was going to be the first thing I was gonna tell you. What what you would be doing is adding a pretty good bit of sugar. And course with a more in the way you usually leave. Are a lot of the skins. In. Very -- an egg shells and very very and I'm very fragrant. You are welcome. That's medium that you win when you talk about a citrus. You're talking about something that has to completely separate. Flavor and -- characteristics it's the juice inside is one thing but the oil from the skin. And no matter how -- it is is always a certain amount of that. That's a different taste in a different Roma. And that's why a more -- it is interesting but the the good thing about it is that the skin is a little on the -- side so what you have is the -- offsetting the acid. And then the sugar. Balancing and out even more I think it probably get a pretty darn good dog more -- out of that you know an awesome thinking. Pepper jelly. Or -- Off or oranges your base. And then some hot peppers. Or maybe not so -- nothing nothing 22 -- Camby but. Give it a good hit -- -- heck you could just use Tabasco that element of it I think that would be really -- on -- -- Like a pork should. Or -- on a rack of lamb picture it's fantastic -- on now on -- on a duck -- dark evil. All my it would that idea so why he got them there is that the look at this I've never heard of column on. -- Interest they would thank you for sharing them with it's it's very bright. And see -- -- anybody else -- ever heard of that. 2601870. Dave I'm gonna go for doing the entire show without saying the wrong phone number once. You think you think I can do it. Yeah. 2601870. The reason it happens so much I'm always apologizing for it but there's a good reason for it on the other Irish food show. This is actually the other food show. Are my main food show is on from noon till three same time basically. But Monday through Friday on a different frequency thirteen fifty. Three WL as we call -- it's WW WL over the -- But do you listen it's the same thing is this and -- who just different callers different subjects come. And we'd love to talk with you there but anyway they have a different phone number and I'm so used to saying that -- after 25 years it's kind of stuck in my brain. And one of the thing when they ask you about. On my book publisher. And I'm lucky enough and this is really lucky believe me the -- a lot of people. Who would love to do this and I'm not sure I deserve it but anyway. My New York publisher. -- wrote me about two weeks ago and said what's going on we're I heard you're getting some of the polar. Vortex two we're in the middle of it up here in New York it's -- horrible. But we wanted to know if you had any more books. And -- I sent them a couple of ideas. And they didn't like either one. But they weren't mainly that they were books that had cooking involved in them boy and an eating too. But they weren't primarily that they were but others subjects. And I just thought. It would be a good idea since mostly whatever -- -- So they said -- and we we won another cookbook that's what -- got in the way of kind of a New Orleans, Louisiana coast southern sort of cookbook. And I've been thinking about it. And I have a bunch of ideas. But here we are you and I. And you cook -- you wouldn't be listening to show you like to eat anyway. Is your book a cookbook out here that you sort of have always wished. Existed. But it doesn't. I'm not sure even what I mean by that. But I'm thinking OK what gap has never been filled. By anybody before being interest in to -- 260. 2601 makes money will come back with more of the food show after first at least that's who but it by an upbeat bump bump. Hello it's the food show on. Thirteen known though the big 870 WW about what the phone number I didn't screw that up. Mark welcome to the food show. Don't. -- one. -- enter chill it to our -- and a replica got caught stereo just. If he. They are all right two restaurants both of which have opened during the last year or maybe a year and half. One of the might think is the best restaurant in the history of shell and of -- and saint Bernard parish entire. Mother when I think is the second best restaurant in the history of saint Bernard parish. The first win both of whom are very small. On it's called mean knees and EMT. It's on judge parades at the corner of Sri OTR I know it's that very well mark but you'll see it it's it's in that second curve as you know. It goes through that -- ask her there it's right around there. Anyway get a reservation. It's small you need one. Their full all the time. The shaft is just to risk that they do great oyster dishes like too good seafood it's a wonderful menu. And then just I think the delicious place worth the trip from any anywhere in the entire metro area. So I -- these. On the second one. Is kind of it's an interest in place as the building its in his kind of beat up and run -- old because it's right in the middle of the old part of Caribbean it's practically your quality is right across the street from the railroad tracks. And it on the scene -- -- saint -- so it's you know like right on the edge there between New Orleans NC Bernard it's called. Old Arab -- eats. And when you look at it from the outside. You're gonna shake your head and say no now and then you go inside and it's not a whole lot better in terms of environment in the air. But here we have another -- Who really can cook it's a short menu but absolutely. Great every time I've been the food has been fantastic it could be served in. A rest and charging fifteen dollars a -- but much much less than -- So those are my two hotspots in Saint Bernard at least as far as I'm. You know -- enjoy yourself. -- -- to its food show the old Arab eats with the second of those in me knees and he and he was the first one. And -- guy call me off the air and he wanted to know. He said he was having shrimp and militant violence I have no idea what he's doing with -- the ballots on his. Stuffing them my guests although not a bad idea would be to frying like I. And a half but like a third of the Mel. And use the the middle part for something -- that the kind of like a little -- And dust it with just like a little bit of flour. My wife and and fry it that serve some -- rumble on and on top. There's an appetizer but I have no idea what this guy is doing with that you want to know what would be good -- -- It's a rice it's a dirty rice would be really. Majority of your vegetable there are 26063. Little I blew it. -- There. Oil that's the way it goes. 260187. Is the phone number we would love to talk if you vote where you have -- eating lately. What's cooking. On your home -- What are you trying to cook. If you over recipe for something you wanna discuss why didn't work. One of the I mentioned earlier that my publishers is asking me for another cookbook. And I have one idea. Actually have several ideas that this when I'm gonna ruin this by. From doing this program for so long there are certain dishes I've noticed. That come up again and again and again and people always calling me and saying you know for her to give the -- be -- twenty or thirty times. But I never paid a lot of attention to it and Allen in the situation where I kinda wanna do so tell me how to do it again. And I can think like fifty dishes that that's true of but lately the one has been the is the story where and it's so simple. You open a little bit of butter on this hot skillet. And then you take your filet mignon or year whatever kind of -- doesn't even have to be beef it could be a pork -- it could be you know lamb or whatever. And you put it on there and you brown and on one suddenly turn over -- brown and on the other side in the little bit of butter. And then you take them out of Pena put him in -- in the refrigerator the the oven hot oven to finish cooking. And then while it's in the oven you. But EU it is basically it's dissolving all the juices and what's left of the butter and everything else. In some kind of liquid which can be almost anything and then you build this loss on this. And you will be astonished. By the goodness of the things you can come up with doing that you get restaurant quality issues a beautiful and absolutely gourmet level. Ford no more than you would have spent -- not even a whole lot hardly any more trouble than if you had just out of the way you've always done. I'm trying to do a whole book of those things. So a lot of got any ideas. But the get plenty but I'm always open for more done Ames is standing by. And when we say standing by any. He's waiting buying. You're listening to the food show in the big 870 WWL and WWO 105 point three FM this is Tom that's -- its great to be here. Talking about food and stuff and here is that Christie Christie welcome. Well you and I term I understand you're going to be handling next month the written word comprehension. And that we have a lot of fine let's not hear that line really stands out from me and -- hasn't been one that you recommend she. Okay Jon Mills right now. They. Hole -- I've heard. It done again apple late in making coaching convention opened -- About -- -- And it really. Great environments when it. And they are. -- -- -- -- -- Whether the they're good thing about that is that that means that they're cutting an awful -- to order which is a good thing. Who hadn't thought about that. Well that's the main forces who cares if you have a seven counts -- -- That. Well. It works and works perfectly we used to do that all the time. When we went out because our kids. Like that you know -- that we elect a little oil that was more like well it's by that point. And we pointed to splitting one but it's a good thing to do restaurants will likely -- Just told him I'll love it yeah. I can't get her that you have kinda -- or won't she. Could be I'll have to find out what this thing I'm supposed to do in in Hammond is when is it. It mired in. Seattle. And it everybody. Scanner and congress celebration of the written word. And it just get reader writer conference. -- -- -- So it looks and hopes. Her right there. Do you buy it's The Who chose Tom Fitzmorris here is might Mike welcome. -- -- But I heard he just -- talk about your new cookbook and had a couple quick ideas that to joke about it. Actually advocate particular related and one on the one. That it is an obvious when you put in -- right here you'd talk about all the time and people call and sandy. Morton didn't pay attention is the holiday recipes out of -- the -- Oh yeah that's for sure. Yeah absolutely. And you know I'm I'm I'm. Personally would like these areas do you do it had a skill recipes. We're down in -- have. And I'm -- I have a great rest jambalaya that'll serve. Or ten people but about the cook for 15100. People big backyard of that you know how -- do that had you manipulate the. Well it's it's it's funny it's one of those things that you really don't know until you test it and that. Of all the things that I do is one of my least well actually my least favorite does that wind of cooking and that's not that's always fun but. -- to take a recipe let's say that I get from a restaurant. I I never just put it out there because management's -- usually reform for a pretty good volumes. And you can't just divided by seven to bring it down to whatever it's supposed to be because it doesn't come out. We have to actually start over and figure out the whole thing again like you mentioned jambalaya. -- -- Euro in many cases anywhere you gonna start off with the stock of some kind you have a little bit of of salt in it for that purpose. But the salt amount would be the same whether you were doing two cups of jambalaya. Or. Order of several gallons a jumble -- you know the the percentage would we be. We would be about the same. -- you do that you just never know until you do that purchasing idea. I think that talking about it in general as it is it's pretty good there's a lot of like that and actually and it would make it war. Again 1012 people when I was gonna scale that up percent and I've been hard to know. Exactly what to do and and general principles but I think that'd be good and that and the question is how to cook large. Batches so -- I got a bunch of college kids come and in the few weeks ago. I wanna cook point five pounds making one for the to have for is going to be 225 -- of the -- Attracted -- -- -- -- you know how they put out of the book they line hole. You know. Probably cook -- and how they how they do. We do it under the broiler they do it in the of I do that all the time to we have. Let's see what was in his New -- it was it was during the holidays and had a bunch of people over and I did some places abortion. And for that you'd need. You can't just take raw bacon wrapped around -- -- unless you deep fried and you can but even them. Crazy by what you wanna sort of cook the weekend about half way. To Chris. For some because you know -- and it's still needs to be. And the best way to do that is to get a broiler pain and and just put the bacon on the Bruntlett in the -- and that's the slighted top than solid bottom. So -- excess or fat. Will drain now and won't you know. -- That's right and and it comes out perfect. The only thing it sometimes it's -- curling up a little too much but. You don't wanna cook it quite that much and you could just finish it off. On top of the stove. -- heated up or you know this is something that once you have bacon cooked about let's say. 75% of the way to perfect. You can put it in the microwave for about ten seconds in the warm up it'll actually come out with a little bubble but it won't. Like almost a full -- it gets but with. With -- note. Of cooking the bacon really any more than once so it's just right. I'm gonna try and well you're there you go I mean you're giving me some ideas for the first. -- -- and thank you haven't. You too. Appreciate hearing from -- the food show continues someone called and said alum London. Oranges are also called Chinese oranges or golden lions. What if it's a hybrid of some kind this is food show which is sponsored today. Buying analysts here -- poor boys. Brands horrible ways. He is an old fashioned. -- it is not all that old they opened in 1975. So coming up -- commotion coming up on forty years -- Well it's pretty long time for any kind of business they've had several owners over the years old Lola. My friend. Al horned rookie runs it now. He does. Of just a terrific job of keeping the old standards which come down to this I can sum it up in with one issue. The rose before -- over there the reason and it's so good. Is that they roast beef in house they make gravy from the dripping in all the stuff left over from the roasting process. And that will give you agree scoreboard. Though when the roast beef is its pre sliced pre everything in the -- becomes out of McCain and what do you think you can get. And they have a huge -- and any kind of poor boy you can imagine including a few that you probably never thought of before like have you ever had an Italian port. With the red green -- to the brown green and melted mozzarella cheese and meatballs sort Italian sausage who that scored. And they a plate specials. No everything from seafood to Italian to red beans to mean all the things that we eat in our neighborhood restaurants. The only thing different from the old time middle of town neighborhood cafe. Is that instead of being on the corner of the Backstreet Backstreet. It is in the strip mall and veterans highway. And what are you gonna do. -- for boys 3939 veterans highway open now till about 8 o'clock tonight. At the -- every day for lunch except on Sunday. And for an early dinner and all afternoon dinner for that matter on Wednesday through Saturday. PA RR a an apostrophe S your program is your godfather. We will come back with more of the food show in just a moment after first leave office. Bump -- up and on up up up up on three. But -- Leon. Hello hello it's the food show here is Chad Chad welcome. Good one -- Yeah it was meant passing through from Atlanta -- look into the show. The guy was a battle scaling up are still ago recipes. -- executive chip with the buried a corporation. But the way we do other than taxes. You don't actually scalable and bill maybe double put -- back because everything back to work hard to keep it consistent. -- true. But what I know how big is your batch. -- mean that usually reload it although there were certain support what it -- you know we're real well. All what we're doing banquets and at our -- more meals -- what -- and all that. Cooker for. -- -- reported for twelve the fear of being an idol. Execute targets of recruited -- -- -- -- -- prep work through how much everything I can't try and everything sane. What actually marketing has battled bubble -- -- scripted matches. At a time battle that accurate and everybody's happy with the quality of the group -- -- gone for all of Coca. The -- assuming you have all those opinions. -- there. I've seen so many restaurant recipes. All over the years that even you know if there me for eight or sixteen people still with the economy actively for school. It it's never the it one thing I find is really out of whack is the amount of on stock. That you add to what DH. To make a smaller quantity. Percentage is smaller than you would do for a bigger I don't know why that is it seems like it ought to be the other way around but I find that pretty consistent. And -- it to others as we've always. With the greens and vegetables meats eaten. Who -- have been easy to apply or. It's usually this -- in the Packwood that you've got a dual ratio if so where it took calmer. You know -- record. You know -- So at Seoul -- and you just need. The Kabul war you know typically the pale looked like it. It's a ratio would doubt about. Actual measurement but the fact that he's been not change so you have a couple of peppers for that portions and indeed you know force sixteen portion element that would. You know four -- -- you know. I don't think it's what -- sort. The liquid and -- and need to be to ratio. Yeah well it's it's a complicated thing -- one thing's for sure it doesn't get you. It doesn't exonerate you from testing everything I mean this is. I see a lot of recipes and a lot of columns in the lot of mostly local the men's national magazines have this down but. Local where it's clearly just a big recipe taken down and it doesn't work you've got to try it you sometimes it does but you you have to test everything. Read about -- the one thing -- remember from the senate they're trying really replaced everything. That she got to do that. Thanks for sharing that with this. Thanks here from -- it's that we chose -- more -- to beat you review talking about food restaurants and cooking and stuff. We have let's see in the 25. We're doing a dinner at apple mean this was one we had scheduled for a a couple of weeks ago that was the eve night of that awful sweep him. And frozen. Rain and all that that made him -- not that go driving anywhere. So we we postponement dinner. Until. The 25 that's a Tuesday night 75 dollars and includes tax -- points and everything. At apple lean which the mind. A way of thinking is one of the best new restaurants bistro restaurants anyway to open up in the last. Year it's on magazine street. 345 blocks. Uptown side of Napoleon avenue. Good looking place -- renovated. Cottage but they didn't in the very fanciful way with good lighting it's not real noisy in there. Could replace anyway if you like to join us we'd love to have you it gives me a chance to meet you finally does have been wanting to meet you for a long time. 260. 1872601870. We will come back with more of the food showing just a moment but first please this. Tune to and do do do do -- Hello hello. You're listening to the food show on the big 870 WWL WW of one of five point three FM. Here is David David welcome. I'd take him a call Tom appreciate. You. Obviously you can get fried shrimp than oil -- Why part duplication terms city. Can you make a recommendation on who serves as grilled trip. -- -- -- -- is something I never ever order. I can't I can't tell you exactly why that is is no particular reasons -- but. The two of them that come to mind. Both of these are of a public complicated issues but they're very good. At the new Desi Vegas steak house -- -- Lafayette square across the street from Gallagher hole. They have this they have an appetizer that he's made -- grilled shrimp called. Who -- shrimp. And this and that has -- three sauces squirted all over and it's just wonderful. It's might be the best dish in the house although the stakes kind of hard to beat that. The other place. In the upper line restaurant on -- lunch we just pretend you they have additional they're called cane river country shrimp. And the shrimp in that are grilled nice big trip. That a grilled and they. The top that off. With a sauce that's basically shrimp this reduced down and they quoted on top of a -- skate. And I'm I'm really nuts about shrimp countries particularly with the exception barbecue shrimp but that is one heck of finished that's a delicious thing. And and one more thing for you. Just about any place you go to has shrimp of any size if you really need pretty good site shrimp to grow properly. You say hey I just once grilled shrimp with a little a little bit of butter and rules keep great cajun seasoning over that's it they'll do it. Whether it's on the menu or not that's so easy to do it no chef would even hesitate to do -- that. -- -- -- thank you see the food show. Head Ted bone on. His Ted Ted welcome -- -- we only a few minutes or odds are now of waste. Hey -- accident at all. We don't had been ignited patch restaurant on magazines and I would call it which -- floor have been there. You will have to wait until after the news hang on a second we have the news coming up over most of -- frequency. Our hero on WWL radio New Orleans and WWL FM -- our New Orleans the news though aforementioned. -- comes -- from CBS the Columbia broadcasting system. At 1 o'clock stay tuned. Thank you.

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