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WWL>Topics>>02-08 1:10 pm The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris

02-08 1:10 pm The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris

Feb 8, 2014|

WWL's Mr. Food, Tom Fitzmorris discusses food, cooking, recipes, dining & restaurants with WWL callers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Chrome thirteen 150 kilo cycles. There I go I screwed it off right off the bat. Let's start over can start to music over. Okay -- and started over. Sure you can you can't start that music over. -- quality here we -- 870 kilo cycles medium wave. 5050. Quadrillion -- watts of power spreading itself over the land over the seize the by news. The lakes the streams the railroad tracks everywhere you go there we are. The big 870 WWL. New Orleans first radio station. And WWL. FM 105 point three New Orleans first FM frequency. Tom that's more us with the second course of the food showed New Orleans longest running. Talk show. Right now. And it's great to be here were you talking about nothing but food that's all we talk yours eating. Eating and drinking and restaurants cooking and -- all of that 260. 187. Is the number 2601870. A couple of people who called and it's one steel holding do not encouraged that. It's I can give you a lot more information if you stay on go on the here with me -- and you and I can this week have a conversation and it has few more specifically. Why you want to know what you -- you know but anyway someone said. Opinion on oil less Turkey Fryer. One that's my answer and and also confirmed that -- grosses the best cut. To make debris. Not necessarily. But if you were on on their -- with me we could work this out to 60. 1872601870. All right now we get right in the easy enough. Toll free 866889087. It's -- -- appears today. We are less now than a home a week away from Valentine's Day it is next. Friday. Six days from now. Gentlemen. If you have not acted upon office. No ye well. You're going to be in the deep do do as President Bush used to say. If you do not do something but Valentine's Day and it could be. Villages some of our moneys or are more forgiving than others. Some of them really don't care if you do with the tape before the day after. Frankly I think that's the way to go because the crowds on Valentine's Day itself especially because it's -- Friday. Are going to be tremendous the menus will change the prices may go up that's what you're gonna fine and here's something else. Over a month ago when I did my list of the 100 best. Valentine's -- restaurants. Commander's palace was already booked up completely. So that's what that would your face however I do have this list for you. Number one on the list is in fact commander's palace but you know and again and you can try I wouldn't. I wouldn't not try. Give that a strike is you never know sometimes their cancellations and you can get. But I have a hundred. Restaurants I have ranked in order I have them all rated. And all of them with links to full detailed reviews including -- whole menu and Medicaid most cases. And it's there and no menu dot com and up near the top of the page you'll see a menu of different things you can go to and one of them is Valentine's Day and you just click on that. And there you are here's the list. And then a few other notes about how to play Valentine's Day. So there it is the news this coming Friday sellers and once again remind you that this is not something to be trifle. Valentine's Day. In the hands. Of a certain kind of woman it can be deadly. 260. 187 curious Todd who we where. We were about to talk to at the end of the hour we just ran out of time Todd welcome -- -- Regular column will thank you for calling back and appreciate. So what's. What are we gonna get. Stretched on tonight. And into -- opinion okay. You know from the news from the name it's restaurant it's primarily about seafood. And and because of the guy who owns it it's Donald one of -- links properties he -- southwestern Louisiana guy. And he tends to have a cage and tell them a lot of what he does but he also was very -- -- doing X rated French cooking so you can get. Kind of like a blend between the two. The -- that everybody talks about his whole finish. As if this were the only place in town they get a whole finish which it is there. But they they're buying one there's no question but this they are buying very very nice finish and most of it if not all that is local. And and beautiful and some of the things that we adults use much which we did like red snapper -- -- -- you know really great local things like that. On the place itself is renovated factory used to -- coffee roasting -- for a hundred over a hundred years. Everything in there and years I could tell. Is either concrete or something a lot like concrete this may be the noisiest -- I've ever been. It's it's really really out there but that's that's clearly real complain about it the food is is very good. And the prices are right it's a peculiar menu you can help them rebuild the menu and figure out how you can play it because it's not really an appetizer entree dessert police in. Him the way they have the new setup. You could. Do better by. -- like a -- appetizer and then getting one on trade splitting it in and then you know keep moving on it's kind of setup that way which is very well liked it. That do a lot of people do too so you view. But it's. Well worth your time and he's won the use. More celebrated chefs in the eyes and you know always creative and always very high quality. Standards or is raw materials will be good evening except. Of the that your issue. I'd actually like it. Why. You haven't enjoyed it yeah give me a call afterwards and Kelly you welcome to the -- -- -- About it. You know about. All there. Yeah this is live lake some sort infra red thing I think is that. Yes. It does so hard and well for. You don't really shot. A long. About two hours. -- -- balancing -- her support there yeah. I do. Right poultry. They. -- there right there yeah they are committed or brought out. Business humans first. By the light. Air and it was great -- -- what -- debate. Well that's good that's what you're after I mean the big problem with Turkey. There's always been that it it tends to dry out usually it's people -- it too long. One thing you know what you need to know when you're doing a Turkey is that that little that little plastic thermometer that pops out when it's done. That pops out when it's about forty minutes over -- It's a. I don't know. News problem you know the rule the way immediately -- broke away. Or it goes into mr. -- -- track of. Yeah like a real temperature because coach what you want is and it's funny two together a Turkey just right. You want the -- to be about 165 and you want the five to be about 180 which is is might seem like a strange deal and when you're talking about one Turkey. But it is possible to do that you just have to set -- up the right way. But today. It -- sport negative. Good. I had -- board with the way you do -- for Christmas. Whoa -- there you go -- how many times have you used that since Thanksgiving since Christmas. That cuter yeah. Oh well my daughter don't eat Turkey. Yeah L -- and regret at their -- and that we experience. No that's. Always sounds like sounds like you funnier thing. Thanks a lot cartel. You know I don't -- -- -- Saturday because I never seemed to be where the machine news. Yet that you have to call me during the week different show different rules sorrow. It was actual court you know I'm -- It right. Very easy for. You remember you remember your old one. Yeah during the week and I'll give it to you if it's still around. All right. Where to go he just he just went all going somewhere here is shrink it says here -- welcome. Are you today. Agreed. All right man. A little little B close. I have got to find a restaurant. To take my girlfriend for -- Now the only kicker here is. It I think I -- hand. Too picky as woman in the world achieve the clothes into that we know you can do it all without being helpful. At area usually fried chicken in I mean that literally. Every -- we go to -- to it fried chicken salad or we cannot eat there. Well just -- in the restaurant has. I know that it might not be on the menu but -- it -- -- asked. And it's even better clubs in which I'm just looking broke late but as I mean I know that that's not really. Hard thing to do I'm looking for -- you exploit Applebee's and the the oriental chicken salad and got this little oriental style dressing to -- her mother makes a very good rendition of it. But it's. It. It's complicated because I mean I don't want I don't into the -- based at me personally if it got -- I mean -- don't let you know that you. You both have the same problem. But anyway. Have have you guys gone to Zia ever. I have been could -- -- com she does not like it very much and I think those -- mostly because. Well to be I guess it would be the Mediterranean could mean that they had there been it would. Like I mean I mean I'm in Greek in in in Lebanese types don't. It doesn't have any of that. There's none of this one dish on the whole menu that they of homeless that's it. You don't have to have what what I was just thinking of restaurants that have a chicken salad with fried chicken on it. And they do. And it's an Asian style dressing that they have it's sesame forget what they call. But it's definitely an Asian style dressing and it's really great my daughter gets in all the time she's you know. It has a lot of the same issues. That's just that's one that comes out of my mind. Quickly. Where -- and somebody whose taste as apple peace. Adam. A tell you what. I have a list of 100. Restaurants that are all going to be open on Thanksgiving and an idea what they're serving end. I have them in order of goodness and I have them connected with lengthy reviews of everywhere. Go to no menu dot com click on Thanksgiving. I'm sorry about things we talk about Turkey -- next Valentine's Day and that they're the list will be. But really you can get just about any -- to do it. You -- we what we're looking for a like a basic green salad with fried chicken. Chunks on that virtually any -- will do you go to gallop towards and they do that for. Yeah look the only restaurant we went to Vegas recently in the you know apparently believe in things like that and the only place we needed to do would be hard rock. And -- so no but art like appreciate your help. -- good luck -- should be food show. It's head is and we'll come back -- more the food show in a moment but first now. This but I'm Obama on. And enough. Hello there it's -- food show Dave just told me that next weekend in addition to having Valentine's Day involved. It is this some. Bet. The what does that days at basketball or baseball or what. Some law all star thing and a jig. And that is a boring bringing a lot of people to town and they're very Philip the restaurants. So. Even tougher all of restaurants heat that one happens. When when Valentine's Day falls on the Sunday there was one that really killed them a couple of years ago. Mardi Gras fell on. Valentine's Day or the day before him warm. Two days before but it was just murder. That's nobody goes on the morning that anyplace nice -- to 60. It's 2601 a seventy here is Robert. Robert welcome. I come. And started Charlie -- who -- is that I've heard via. No different owners completely -- they bought the new people bought the building the folks. What I know bottom is pretty good they have for a many many years -- arrest further -- Jefferson highway called VIP. Restaurant -- idea actually the village yen. And it's. They have taken over. They renovated a bit inside although not tremendously they -- Haven't been there -- it's who knew which just opened. It it it it's not frank writes -- it's not his menu it's nothing like that it's it is a seafood casual seafood rest ago. Yeah there you go that's the story Charlie's in our hand in case you catch that. Shortly seafood which is in and had our hands and it's. Since I've been born and back in 1951. Is when they opened. And they have mostly been there about the only restaurant in her hand for long periods of time. But they closed after Katrina very fairly emphatically and frank writes -- who grew up in the neighborhoods that you. That's crazy for that please suggest that there and the I'm gonna go do so he did it. And then the landlord and he had an issue and it did work out so that he departed company and franks and that's it for me I'm not doing this again. So it's not him at all doing it although it was real good while he was there. That's a Charlie's and -- 260. It's one -- -- -- almost 260187. In the food show today is sponsored by -- And you know what I'm gonna put off talking about them because they have Valentine's menu here than Warner. When you bought but I don't have it in for enemies and find it however over on the on the gizmo that brings up our. Text messages to we have here. Tom brought home some wild pheasants from South Dakota and he situations and how to prepare him. Yeah this is a bird. That is very good I -- and I think is delicious. But there's one problem. It's that it's even if you get -- for -- bird. Which will be tender and much younger probably because -- if you shoot a pheasant in the wild. It is. Like is not. To have been out there for a while and kind of tough because they fly around a lot. And kind of amazed that he got in South Dakota this time with the weather they're having him even go out. Get a pheasant anyway. Definitely. Brine this thing because it's all white meat. And the brining does what it needs and that is to get some moisture to to get into the meat and that will make the big difference I would roasted. And I would stuff that with something that has a pretty good bit fat -- -- war you could wrap something around it like. Pork belly or even full fledged -- Around it to you to put a little fat into it does it doesn't have a lot of fat it's a wild caught wild shot bird that's what -- -- So anyway there's is one answer to see what else. I've been asked but that's what's the name of the place him in the the lady was talking about. It's because his golden state house. -- what is your favorite cookbook. My favorite cookbook is my own cookbook but that's cheating for two reasons first of -- -- ego maniacal for me to say that I know. But also. The great thing about cooking is that when you do your own cooking you can cook everything exactly the way you like it. And that book is written. Really for me right now it's a lot of other people bought they have -- it. But really that cook book Michael book is a collection of the dishes that I like best. And done the way that I like them done so of course it's gonna be my favorite group but OK second of that. Is. I would say. Are probably. I'm Richard -- for a for a local -- Richard Collins. Richard and -- Collins New Orleans cookbook that is the name it it's in a paperback it is come out many times over the years it's pretty consistently out now. Richard -- was the city's first restaurant critic he was the underground -- this thing came up. In 1975. I remember correctly. And it's a terrific cook -- to this day it's a little dated now but that's happened here and then I have another couple of books that'll add to that but it's time for news and here is done -- and you can't stop him from -- Houston as a matter of fact a big push. Below it is the food show. On the gates have any WWL. And WOWOFM. 105 point three. The sports let's see. Let's talk to Chris Chris welcome to the food show. On June and it will be in the all. Caught in the war. Through our -- troops at. War. Okay well you know that the French quarters full restaurants and fortunately. A very large percentage of them of the most interesting ones. Are within a block of canal street so even if you were to goes to let's say -- Geovany. I and because I they have by I happen to know they have special menu for the theater. And you get I make a reservation they'll tell you what time they -- -- there's so you make sure to get there but what what you can do is. Let's finish -- news you walk less than a block like half a block. To the neutral ground on canal street get on the street corn -- right over there and you are in reverse. And then that you also have the the palace cafe is about like that mister b.'s. Dickie Brennan's steak house Dickie Brennan's suburban house that's the seafood equivalent of that. Heck you could even go to -- tours if you -- early enough. Regulatory stays open all afternoon so you can just go there but a lot of other choices. In that block between an Allen -- -- Well good thank you are you. There also restaurants and aren't anywhere near the theaters that are doing these specials. Like Ralph -- in the park you go. Globally for dinner. They valley park your car they have the limo that takes you to the theater they have a limo that picks you up from the theater brings you back to the rest but he -- -- ago. Great idea here is Al Al welcome. They W. I'm doing great and Andre. Caught the tail -- -- time decision. This week and -- Mexico. You're talking about a restaurant. Court in the midst thought maybe shouldn't. Him. Really don't know what that is so there are several restaurants. Will have meant the nothing really new so. That I can think of them around there. Well actually had a better or stronger to the net. Particular. We're in the best one is maxim goes next most Italian grill. Their and that there about two blocks away from the -- There's a little Italian restaurant called the Italian barrel it was a lot of fans but I'm not one problem. And then we'll see you on the other side -- on the esplanade side. There is a Mexican restaurant in the air but that's okay would be too tough and trying to remember the name of staff -- But I don't know I don't know what that could have been. Was probably a year or less this solution is adamant about it that. I -- also the immediate choice seafood twice you know I. The history weeks and it's it's actually been really don't. Well that's good good to hear as the guy -- run it have always run a pretty good restaurant up the street in river ridge so. They know what they're doing these -- -- hikers. Not tested almost -- read it and he -- crush huge Petri couple horses and their their pocket -- -- Pretty well. And it's good to do and that's a very good thing okay here. -- think you are calling on its that would show the top it's more us. 2606368. Through six so all they Erica did it again to 60187. 26018700386. X 89087. Did you cute cute cute cute cute songs come out over here at the -- watering it to hear that tomorrow's going to be nice day. -- in the -- of hold onto things for. Mine. Little my little marriage. In my birthday two days ago we went to. Gallagher is grill. On the north Sharon and in Covington. That's horrific state this guy is really really great state. Sirloin strip and a wonderful asparagus and crab meat soup. My girls in mind. -- wife and my daughter they they did state to it's not a state house exactly but it's. He tells me very large percentage of what he sells for -- -- or indeed stakes in what she sees somebody else getting what you want one -- it's sizzling and he -- he knows what he's doing pat Gallagher have been around a long time. But I screwed up something as I am I want to do. I have this little shtick that you're gonna find incredibly stupid but you have to be there to watch it to see. The way it plays. Inevitably. At some point during the -- Oh waiter or waitress will come to the table and says. Is there anything else I can get four. And I always look at them with the kind of an eager look in my -- and I say yes yes there news. I cried like. A pickup pet -- And then. Depending on -- what with the sense of humor of the waiter the waitresses. Only the get a laugh. Or very puzzle book or very worried look. But it always adds a little geology to the table although I might my wife and my daughter thank you so unbelievably embarrassingly stupid that. But but they're used to that because and I do that all the time anyway. So we're we're. Getting ready who to leave out that we had decided I don't think we can indeed it is yeah we did we a little we do little to. And the the waiter came over and said will there be anything else for user and they said. No. -- -- And he says no. Really there's nothing else you'd like -- And no no no not really I'm I think I'm done. And he said what about a pet puppy. And he had my wife and daughter had bought a little stuff money. That he was gonna handy at that moment and it would have been a wonderful thing if I only played my part right. That's how it always is isn't it. 2606368260. Menu. This is the food shall we have an. 25 that. At apple leaned on magazine street if you would like to join us have dinner with me I would look to have dinner review. Go to no menu dot com and click on each club you'll see it up near the top of the page. And on I think you'll like let's see I have something here. About what's going home and -- -- -- him. This never seems to be where -- need to remind. -- we ready for a break. OK let's take a break we'll come back after first please oh it's the food show on. The big gates at any WWL -- WW a little five point three FM. This is Tom Fitzmorris in here is Mike Mike welcome. Thank you thank you. They call it. To tell you I agree with your suggestion we are -- night -- for Valentine's actually that night after. Ballot box and we do. Yeah absolutely I'm not so wanted to comment on stake out at pica. We tried many of your recommendations. And one that we always enjoyed probably our paper that I don't really hear you comic too much about I'd like to get short. Feedback on. Look book on Fulton street which is about to relocate. All -- what that. We aren't votes aren't true. It's that's interesting it's it's a terrific place. And the reason it is is that they have all the regular cuts of beef. But they also have cuts of beef that you will not see anywhere else. And then they're they're just. A great place to go. And there are side dishes have very good a love that Goetschl plate where they have the the true reason though. And Gloria ruled the sweet breads and all that well it's a wonderful rest -- sure one of the better statehouses around and it's also kind of a bargain because. Those off cuts like the skirt steak which might or testing on their menu. You know that's not real expensive cut of beef but the way they do it comes out great I think. Well our reservations are. Or one week from today and you're making me hungry already -- Yeah but they're relocating to chop -- somewhere they say -- -- -- Oh pockmarked rock. You know to expand because the limited space yeah -- There are a small restaurant and it's a little out of the way it's the it's my place where you'd. You're likely to ever see it unless you're actually heading there. Keep up the good word enjoy the show thank you. My well if I ever start doing any good work occupant. All right thank you via its seafood show. On the gates WWW -- Irish who sponsored today by and one's in them looking at. This thing that they have a their web site. On. This. When synthesis of big big. Picture of a million roses and a very bread theory sex. Anyway here's the Valentine's Day menu with -- special menu it's going to be available. All day long. The only thing you'll be able to get on Valentine's Day is the twenty dollar and thirteen cent lunch. Sorry it went up twenty dollar and fourteen cent -- -- off that day on Friday because it's Friday and it's Valentine's Day you know. Sure you understand that. Choice of appetizers char broiled style oysters on the shell with season garlic herb butter and olive oil and little Romano cheese or if you are far. Strawberry salad this is -- -- legacies of various kinds strawberries shaved carrots cranberries wal mart's. That it she's strawberry vinaigrette. The soap. Creamy sweet potato business -- -- them with a little on do we sausage to -- smoker will do something. -- cream in it to sour cream at the end. Good choice to want trees one of them is the veal chop which is really beautiful piece of me. The twelve ounce -- -- They're doing it cognac sauce with garlic mashed potatoes on the side or puppy drama puppy drum is just -- not all that big drama its rates of black rob. But black drum fish can get pretty big in the bigger they get the worse they are the puppy drums or are there really nice when it's the little ones. And they serve it with the but -- dressing and crawfish -- now which is just solutions and then for desert. Have a choice of -- the -- Rangel last say with chocolate dipped strawberries. If you've never seen that before its interest in and make a little nest of them more ring that is cooked -- -- -- hard like cookies. Then they put that ice cream on top of that and then chocolates on us it means strawberries -- -- chocolate mousse with chocolate dipped strawberries they are too. And the price for the entire meal is 65 dollars. On Valentine's Day it'll be a lovely time and and ones. 713 Saint Louis read in the French Quarter and all the world there is only one and ones. We will come back with more the food show in a moment after first please this. But but -- but I buy them a nominee. Any -- that -- hello hello hello it's the food show thirteen 53 W well this -- -- -- It's great to be here -- I gave the wrong number -- number other. And the call letters to OK let's start over being. This is the a league of the golden throated voice that -- -- stroking on the gold here's the problem. Of your local announcer Tom that -- here we view on the negates ebony WWL in WW 105 point three FM. Our numbers 2601872601870. CI I'm not quite as stupid as that that makes me sound pretty pretty close but not quite. But my problem is they do this same exact show. Five days a week on thirteen fifty and I'm so accustomed to saying that after 25 years of doing it you're just gonna comes -- so. And that's why -- -- this but -- whose perfect. I -- yeah right 260. 187. Closed right now you get rolling and surprisingly enough -- hasn't happened all day today. -- so lovely day outside Valentine's Day is on its way might list of the 100 best restaurants for Valentine's Day can be found. At no menu dot com click on Valentine's Day you'll see it right at the top of the page. And you'll up will pop that list them constantly making lists like that about all kinds of things. I do at least one week. Today's top what this week's top twelve this was funny when. It was but beefed issues that are a little offbeat. Some of the more are very traditional but nobody makes him anymore give me an example that beats do tell me who makes -- to a new ones I can only think of one place. That doesn't regularly. -- ahead things like that in there I didn't have any stakes and inhibit media. Chinese dishes or barbecue or anything that's really obvious it's just an unusual offbeat beefed issues. And that was on the newsletter earlier this week if you would like to get a free subscription. To the newsletter. All you need to do -- go to new menu dot com click on welcome and from there it's obvious. And I'll never use your address for anything else other than this and you -- newsletter and I certainly won't give it to anybody else we keep a couple of key. It's not on somebody's website in the cloud. It's right sitting on one of my computers it isn't even connected to anything. Let's see there was somebody here and then they went away would happen they've gone okay well you know what we still do have over here somewhere can. Give myself over their fast enough. All were. Are our room. We're texts. That he would came up says here great at least -- in Gulfport Mississippi is captain -- seafood mr. have no idea. Here's someone. -- just sort of suddenly slip away there. Can we hear your root beer glaze recipe no. I don't mean to mean to be mean the thing with the root -- glaze for him. Is that it is. The -- itself has a lot of ingredients. And it's impossible to get them out on the radio because we could spend the rest of the show doing -- -- somebody's gonna miss the third ingredient somebody else will miss the fifteenth ingredient. Here's what you can do that's why the web is so good as a back up for radio. Go to no menu dot com and no enemy and you dot com. -- and recipes. There was a list of every recipe I have on the site all of them in my recipes that tested myself on noted that might be additional like do. Who can take credit. -- for a oysters Rockefeller -- but anyway. There's a whole list and just look it up root beer glazed ham that sit and you'll have then you will be able printed out and I think you'll like that. 260. 1870 and here is. On John welcome. John -- -- show -- -- Just pocket. And you. Do. Yeah. Please check -- people who are very. All right -- ever -- yet and I'm very turbulent years. Really good deal specials. Why you why they would get -- -- Finish on -- as soon. -- it is actual legal action. Like. You know and out -- and -- -- Carol. I. Broke out in joy. Okay that's perfect. I have -- over there -- right there in ages Iowa thank you the combat in a great name. We used to have a guy who work with us a long time ago he's passed -- weighs -- -- Bernie Lara. And he was crazy about that place. WWL. Radio New Orleans WWL FM -- New Orleans where the news is next of most of these same frequencies from CBS the Columbia broadcasting system that 2 o'clock stay -- thank you.

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