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WWL>Topics>>02-08 2:20 pm The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris

02-08 2:20 pm The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris

Feb 8, 2014|

WWL's Mr. Food, Tom Fitzmorris, talks food, recipes, cooking, restaurants, wine and dining with WWL callers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to the third course of the food show. Here on the -- 870 WWL and WWO 105 point three FM this is Tom Fitzmorris a yet. Passing is a cultured person. And every afternoon. A week coming to your life except on Sundays we talk about food. During most of the week it's on thirteen fifty our other station. On Saturdays when there's nothing going on and we're getting into that time of year. They allow me to come in and then have this delightful conversation about eating and drinking and restaurants and cooking. I would love to talk with you. 2601872601870. That is our number. We'd love to hear from you about wherever it is that you have been lately 260 when he sent me looking to. -- cute cute cute cute did you see. Cold weather -- there was still eating cold weather kind of things. It. There was a restaurant that I've been to a number of times in the last few weeks. On veterans highway while working -- the writing the review applies it to a restaurant called. Oh gosh now camping but. Something kitchen it's of -- on the -- -- anyway. It's because I'm trying to think of that so hard part. Well it doesn't matter. They had a couple of weeks ago went in there legacy that's it is soon as they stop thinking about it that the legacy kitchen. So on veterans highway it's where the Shoney's used to be right across the highway from door -- -- to really nice looking plays very comfortable nice service staff. And the first time I went ahead the best meal I've had. On their soup of the day was. Turtle soup which you don't find too often as soon. There's a soup of the day investments usually it's either on the menu or it's not but it will anyway they had it and it was very good. And they followed it with a dish that was a little too similar to turtle soup but I couldn't resist it was a a chilly. Made a chili con Carney with beans. So I know some people would say that putting -- and chilies is just horrible thing that you would never do. But. The chili with beans and duck -- had been made -- duck and I thought this is pretty great. And they thought this place is got a little bit more on the ball than I thought it did cause. The people who -- it also -- the New Orleans hamburger and seafood company Red Cross streets. But they were moving up to a conflict and another level of harassment they have hamburgers and have salads and anyway that was great so I went back again. About a week later. Now two weeks and I had another meal. That was not anywhere near -- it it was a it was did -- start off with. But caiso -- that a that was just OK. And and you know entry would lose one. Wanted to left quite old daughter I do remember it was a piece of fish with. I think -- was crab meat on and it was Susan do you basic New Orleans style piece of grilled broiled fish it was okay -- system. And I went there again yesterday and I had a dish that I have been resisting. Trying anywhere -- it sounds so. Either so gooders so dumb I can't make up my mind I think I'm gonna go -- -- Chicken and waffles fried chicken on waffles. Here's my theory about that. I think the only relief this is catching on across America by the way everywhere you go somebody -- chicken and waffles we have about maybe twenty or thirty places doing -- -- Wallace. You'll love fried chicken I love fried chicken. Good fried chicken can't be beat. It has been largely ruined by the fast food places because fried chicken used to be something that took a lot of care it took a lot of time you know he -- starting from. Raw chicken to fried chicken is like 25 minutes. And does so we all love fried chicken and I certainly do. And we all love waffles. And I do I make him at home pretty often waffle iron real good when its stood stood by me well and I. Have a great recipes for waffles. And I like waffles. But I don't like either one of them enough and I suspect that a lot of people like that. That I get them very often. In each of them the fried chicken and the waffles. Just needed a little push. From something. A little force behind him to make it become a great well very popular -- -- a lot of great pitch. And that is what has happened that's why we're seeing chicken and waffles you hear that the words and you say. Why you don't -- that's pretty good. It is not pretty good it's not good at all. And that's the -- -- talking. Maple syrup with pepper jelly stirred into it bacon bits in the waffled. Fried chicken infect the chicken was that they they do half they do -- chicken there if you want they have a couple of different ways you can get that. But this is basically chicken tenders. And fry it in the it was pretty good and the waffles were pretty good the two things together. I do would not get it at all does anyone understand why. You would ever want to have chicken and waffles. Somebody tell me that. EXEU witching we need to break OK we'll take a break come back with more of the food joint the first police threatened. To do to to duke duke duke duke -- pop up -- up. Hello hello it's the food show misses the big age seventy WW Alan WWO 105 point three FM and here is Rosemary hello. Are you I'm doing great you. I'm doing. Wonderful. -- -- I am kind from the biggest -- in Ireland and the cool lottery. That's true. Here -- -- myself right now. OK. Well then you need to go to a little place that we found called the wonderland -- thing. We're very familiar with that itself -- -- in Amanda's bill. And it's finish shopping center. Called magnolia is something I can't remember the -- -- not one that's made out -- red bricks. Yeah typical cable business there on the card that's the unity from the road. And it's about two doors down at the wonderland can't say it's open six days a week for lunch like -- -- remain -- And they have great -- -- great meatball sandwiches -- salads great dessert. Didn't -- you should check him out. And they're all a they're open from mud noon to three we did they don't do dinner. About 3 am sorry about eleven until three that they may expand their hours. -- I know they might be open until five or something and maybe open later on Saturday. Well that's what I would need to ever goes there. -- always on the air at that time but OK this sounds like it's in the place where. Barrels used to. It okay it's barrels was great. While it's good to hear I saw them in something and I added them to my restaurant list last week so I knew about it but it didn't know what they were doing now do. All right thank you think that their -- certainly -- it both times so good should check it out. I will -- thank you about. The food showed that man's appeal. Our program today's sponsored by her friends -- voice -- in Metairie. It's yeah how much I like transport voice. My wife and I are celebrating on. Tuesday. Our 25 anniversary. Pretty big deal. How were really big deal is gonna come about a month from now where taking a trip. To the place where we went on our honeymoon we have not been -- since we went to Belgium on our honeymoon just loved it. So that's our big big blow but we. We're going to have a little party. With our friends and relatives and some of the people who were in our wedding. As we often do. And here is a large part. Of what the food will be -- it's going to be very -- The tray of finger sandwiches. And a tray of many -- that news. From a ranch for voice and I can't know and believe me I wouldn't do that on my 25 anniversary of -- -- welcome. And not and I'm not talking about love the guys that own it or anything although I do. But I love the food that they do I really do they make those those little -- as we they're gone you know everybody there out then they're gone. And they do all kinds of stuff like that so if you have an event coming up and you need a little help with the food. They not only do the sandwiches and such but they also can put together some of their. Some of the platters that they do when a daily basis that would maybe put them come together enough agree. Feed for your special occasion. Brand for -- is at 3939 veterans and we just as Cleary and they are open every day except on a Sunday for lunch. And Wednesday through Saturday they stay open all afternoon in the go to about 8 o'clock thereabouts. For dinner at -- -- RR -- in apostrophe S poor boys. In -- You cute -- -- -- -- -- we finish our shore early today I'm sorry to say who do we go off that well -- 230 which happens of these. With the sports contests from time now let's who's here Scott O Steve is so go well -- pushed -- let's see what happens. Nothing except you know -- ago Scott welcome. -- -- I wouldn't be Cheryl we could cure go to -- and talk about me I'll -- which she. Yeah he told me about you and I could you do not yet I in our values are you very much -- yard. Oh good. It can not really good Iwamura and archer -- aren't there would be great deal. Well good I'm glad to hear that that's an unusual thing to do but wind. -- -- industry blocks from Charlie Hebrew Italian read a story here. And regulate it and yeah that's all stomping grounds you know and let it. You were three blocks from Charlie so you were right next the bus garage. You don't remember the bus garage the bus garage was right across the street from -- Norman. And -- All. Are created a -- Estrada. And -- -- and you don't remember the bus. Involved. You know okay it may oh yeah. This was between the O'Charley's in the bus and media and the people don't care enough -- thirty years a yeah well it's fifty years here so. What advice the agony of a -- -- -- -- glad to -- -- -- good here's David David welcome. They are real quick question. On Thursday about don't they beat the crowd and that meant. That being said one at the state it cause people vote could get immediate event that you soak time constraint. Because we have a band I think remote corner I think it's complete paper after -- yeah. Yeah -- an elite -- follow the -- yeah that's right by the Korea. It would be atmosphere wise and know why it's appropriate balance -- all. Absolutely it's a little restaurant and it's not what you could call fancy. But it's nice it's it's comfortable it's nice and wait let me let me check on this with some. Here. And -- -- and and you know focus when it comes to romance the only person who knows your wife right I mean you'd you know -- guys we. But it's a charming little place. If food is the issues absolutely -- And the gentleman on the phone who's thinking about going to the legal. For Valentine's Day a couple of days early with anything. He says she says he shoots in the barn that's -- where we are a all right well I just wanted to conform with the girl. Right out. And you'll love the Americans but dean is that the killer edge. That's the one OK I was looking at their menus and -- that would probably. Yeah really good food. It's the food show in here is Bob Bob welcome. But I don't want this thing is responding very slowly today here we go Bob. Yeah about. I'm Colin to go to -- loses tonight and I wanted to be anywhere. Home -- reside in the in the room in my -- water. Yeah I would start off with the biggest board of their home cured meats. That you can do with the number of people at your table. They are really superb though there are a lot of restrooms doing that these days but I've not had anybody do it as well as they are. So it's comes out on a big wooden board and you have all these different kinds of meats cheeses that they do make in house. On the menu is a little peculiar most of the dishes is a seemed to be less than an appetite and an entree size is an effect I think there's really only elect who. Entrees on the whole menu. And everything else is like small courses of pasta they make their own pizza obviously and competes. And then they have four you know bunch of other things sausages in the fish it's an interesting assortment of but have very unusual menu it's it's quite good though the the two people who own that. I think a very creative and very skilled so go the next time right -- -- all right thank you that's -- The guy who -- that. Is shift Ian should enable him. And his wife. And I don't have time to a struggle to grow and pull her name -- it'll come to be right after the week off the -- a great place they also own iris. In the French Quarter. Well that that does for us for today if he needs more information that you get ready for doing something on Valentine's Day which is this coming. Friday. Go to no menu dot com and click on Valentine's Day and you'll find. 100. Restaurants. In ranked order by -- rating. With full reviews. Would all you need to click on the in the name of place and you get the the whole review in the in the whole list is there. Have a good -- rescue weekend we'll talk to again whenever we do here on the big 870 WW WL radio in New Orleans. And WWL FM -- New Orleans. Where some kind of sports thing his next over most of these same frequencies. So yeah.

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