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Feb 10, 2014|

Dave talks about your favorite toys, dense fog, and What is Wrong with People?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Eleven minutes after 5 AM -- the early edition WW LR's news on this the tenth of February 2014. -- some monetary. It is what he would packer help me -- me. -- Now you can't. It is ethnic dance. Law everywhere I went this morning when I got off of the night tan at the -- street exit yeah. I never could see the -- nine who -- the exit was which is good -- -- that I was waiting and waiting even when I was right under it. The -- was to victory with the signs. So you better know where you're going this morning if you're driving -- guys you cannot -- exit signs at all and red lights. LT and to hear me out twenty feet away parliament -- them tickets are at least in in Metairie. And the into the yeah and I've seen in in years -- -- -- is pretty -- bad it. Nothing at all North Shore deuces bass and every war. West Bank. To be ready man I -- The Beatles. Special last night on the fiftieth anniversary. Or you're not gonna ruin it for him but unfortunately. I -- engagements over its and there are. On the PA ER it's right yeah I got it gave us and break it. 22 years to update. Anyway as a -- on. It's yeah I've got -- that street is still waiting for me when I get on today. Natalie you don't know how well that that's the thing is no spoiler alert we don't have an. It is lots of great artists singing lots of great Beatles songs some better than others some taken on too much liberty in my opinion with the songs and making them too much -- around. I enjoyed the artists that -- them like The Beatles yeah out yeah I know what you mean about that liberty. It's a little too far so -- And -- my favorite artists who's decided they gonna. -- little off script with Beatles announcement and pondering go performed its way it was worth the wait. At the end of the program. Late songs together the first time. On the same stage. At least until. -- and The Beatles broke up. Mean they were together for once on during the grammys the latest news and Beatles -- the first time that I know these were beatle songs beat -- yet -- entering and yet since The Beatles broke up. So we're talking thirty some odd years. I've performance. Would be enough to give you chills which has spent. There. You know that it's fifty years ago that The Beatles. Again together and played on the stage. In new York at the at the moment the first performance in the United States it's also fifty years ago. -- -- -- -- -- -- I saw something on the yeah world's first action action figure in 1960 full Hasbro yet as. He was he was introduced the New York State military. Now tonight get together at the New York State -- museum. Saturday felt awful -- fool's -- party her party -- jail yet if you -- So I'm thinking about my favorite -- it. I honestly. Never had a Shiite. And other action Star Wars action picture KJ arm gallons. -- superhero action figures why he was still I guess. Out there are in the market but I it is now my my -- idea ideas together at the heyday though if you will may have been a little pre. Your -- GI -- aren't you announced it. -- I don't know I'd never. Yeah yeah yeah he went for other action figure out artists you hear. That you're and that in. And little army man. Let them wrong -- are you out that little green arm or an ire of those judges. I GI -- -- to the idea as yeah yeah there was Seneca scuba addition or commando. You know. Yeah -- of the special deal on them I didn't just of this three year ago my girls and are reasonable exit yet and yet dealers under the Barbie party. You show up to -- hey. Sometimes it turned out well sometimes not. That it. Like in fifteen minutes of Harper's news hear them read about. AM -- and -- people -- about the fog please don't do your driving today please keep both eyes on what you can the of the road. And when you get we ago and then if you -- let me know what the fog was like that's great we hear from you please do not text and drive it's as ever but especially. In this great music on come on publicly one of my favorite toys on the island hear from -- 261 make them and he or text. 8787. And GI -- fiftieth birthday what was your favorite story. -- -- You really can't about a little fun with have been very honestly folks -- this dense fog in some spots that visibility is absolutely zero the replaces and Metairie where I couldn't do the red -- ahead of me. In getting off at the superdome exit -- -- -- street exit from my ten. I really could not read decide even when it was right in from enemy so please slowdown be careful. And watch out for the idiots on the road who -- around view. Who've decided it's not worth slowing down for the forecast for the rest of the day well things to change and that wonderful weekend weather gone. Fog around this morning that it is dense in spots and be careful for that Monday morning commute and heading home later today some showers will be mixing in at 50% chance for rain today with highs around 63. And that rain chance say increases to 70% overnight could even see some thunderstorms with closed down to 45. Keeping a 70% chance for rain on Tuesday for often on showers even a few thunderstorms highs tomorrow at fifty. In the rain wraps on Wednesday morning with highs at 51. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist Clark knocked out. Officially the airport visibility is 18 of miles so that's not very far at all folks it's foggy and 55 there with 100% humidity Windsor home by the fog settling in so much -- in 56 with a quarter mile visibility. At the National Weather Service office in Slidell some -- -- 87870 reserve Louisiana and some spots. Zero visibility. Some analysis dense fog and man check -- -- fifty fives and yet he's taken 55 to avoid the convoys that are southbound on the causeway the fog is dance there was also reports of dense fog on the twin -- so please be careful. Favorite toys is a -- one person says spiral graft. Couple people say stretch Armstrong Tonka truck to coming -- I'll tell his story about my Tonka trucks my mom's gonna hate to house. The gallery favorite toys to kids as we celebrate the fiftieth birthday of Shiite yeah hands down volt draws. Voltage drop. Yeah I was five -- lines that would come together for one cute robot that you put together -- -- there are a little parts of the bigger -- and it was fantastic later -- I -- that cartoon on TV to get later on the camera with a bunch of cars that did the same -- it -- -- -- the same lines were -- where was that when I was in the first grade I was president of the Lago club night and we made a evil -- like thing where everybody in the class had to make. One piece. Of a robot there were also small robots and put them -- -- you'd a just a Lego movie dissident Dan a lot of people dead and then and that principle like it's -- much you put it in the display case in the front of the school the proud of your work now the man I'm sure it's not there to -- that the sport's time here on WWL for that was a good morning Steve -- Well good morning and happy Monday everyone and ugly first have -- the pelicans against the Mets in Brooklyn. As New Orleans lost 93 to 81 the polls just scored 28 points yes let me repeat that just 28 points before half time. On the night New -- shot 36% from the floor and missed twelve free throws here's coach Marty Williams after the defeat. This so so first. We've scored 28 points to lacked discipline and number of civilian employees poorly for him. Opposing team best 22 turnovers and they also quote misread it was stupid because they're -- distinctly world. All American Michael Sam has come out and says that he is getting the defensive and says he came out to his teammates and coaches that Missouri back in August. -- participated in the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Alabama last month after leading the SEC with eleven halves sacks and nineteen tackles for loss. He's projected to be a mid round NFL draft him. Teen USA's medal count is currently four at the Sochi Olympic Games to gold and two broads the second goal for the US came in with a snowboarding. As -- Anderson when the woman slopes style just as fellow American. -- -- emperor did in the men's competition. Team USA won the bronze the first ever figure skating competition -- figure skating competition with Russia finishing first and candidates that you and Oklahoma star. Oklahoma State star Marcus Moore won't be allowed to play until February 22. He's been suspended three games by the big twelve for shoving a -- in the closing seconds of the cowboys' loss at Texas Tech on Saturday. Smart says he is sorry for the altercation. First off won't apologize to the fans. Whose name is -- for a one apologized to him and I don't apologize to my teammates my coaches staff pushed forward. My family Oklahoma State University. Today apple on sports talk this saints are reportedly more than twelve million dollars over the salary cap whose contracts will be restructured and who gets cut. Then at 6 o'clock catch the pelicans -- at the Toronto Raptors a 1053 WW LS -- At seven and talked LSU basketball coach Johnny Jones on the big 87 BA MW WL I'm Steve Geller and that your early morning look at sports. Five minutes after 5 AM the early edition of WWL for his name is Dave on Steve Geller with -- on your radio so here we have a player in the NFL draft coming out saying I'm gay. Do you think it impacts his draft status and all the book some teams say when he that in the locker room and -- guys admitted he's Garrity think it's. Where did damage or even end professional football this and we don't care. Who what he does with his own time in the bedroom he's a great player we want to market. How would definitely hope it's the latter Dave which you do have to be someone I guess concerned of the fact of how will this. Impact the locker room you know there's going to be a media circus surrounding it whoever what team does take him. And the fact of what it your your locker room that we has to be. Mature enough and have the veteran leadership in place to be able to handle this because. It's going to be. Not on the same level as the -- Tim Tebow escapades going around that. You have now the first ever gay player in the NFL open coming to your -- you openly gay player on every -- players. It's never right so I -- I can just a manager at every day every every -- in the locker room they're going to be asked about this so. OK so maybe they're not so concerned that the guy's gay as much as they are gone man. I don't know who wants the focus of every week of training camp and then three season comes up again that while we opened the season it up again all the questions are about the gay guys. Right but you know what I could see the -- picking a guy like this led the SEC with eleven halves -- can easily play outside linebacker and rob Ryan's system. People talking about point five minutes or sports we get to backing Allen talking about the make over year the pelicans and and while stuck about a 28 point first half performance by the pelicans -- York Steve Geller Bakken 25 minutes we're back after this review very foggy forecast -- Margaret text messages on here. Favorite childhood toys as GI -- Happy fiftieth -- Strange cause someone just activated 7870 said there's no fog on I 55 and Amy and someone else Texans and there's no fog from a loss -- bad matters but there's plenty of it right here. In the Metairie and New Orleans area and it's very dance. Highs today around 63. Don't expect these -- to go anywhere they're starting off that some fog this morning that an overcast skies this afternoon at a 50% chance for showers on the increase. And tonight cloudy and chilly lows around 45 the rain often on even some thunderstorms possible. And tomorrow we keep that rain chance at 70%. Highs around fifty before the rain finally wraps up Wednesday morning. But it's basically -- on Wednesday with highs of 51. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist Bob locked out. Visibility -- an eighth of a mile here according scanner where it's foggy and 55 foggy and 56 in Slidell one quarter of a mile visibility pleased where you find these death -- be very careful out there coming up. Classic great text messages about your favorite boys and after the news a lot of your favorite toy taxes are good ones. 37 minutes after 5 AM at the early edition WWL first is its February the tenth it's 2014 it's Monday detonated and you back to work back to school back to everything you up man glorious weekend when I mean just perfect. Six V news Sunday is blue skies fantastic amounts but it is gone replaced by the fog. And then the rain is coming with me about in just a moment ago. Lego David -- or correctly predicting that the Lego movie would opening number one I knew -- wouldn't let me down box office 3-D animated film had a better than expected opening took in more than 69 million dollars at the box -- a sequel already underway yet. Viewers April George Clooney's world Ortiz story monuments men opened in second with just 23 million dollars. And right along dropped at the weekend where it was a vampire thing right back in the -- He what you. Thought maybe you have the I thought you just had a -- to have a magical Internet right -- -- dues yeah I know ride along history frozen -- for the awkward moment -- charities. It brought in less than five and half million dollars I can -- is acting. A number seven with four point one million dollars OK so it's no twilight known -- and -- Well a couple hundred million pounds other than that yet exactly is nine. Favorite childhood toy we've been talking about it odd that. The GI Joseph was introduced read about the same time of the British invasion. As The Beatles were coming to America the plan Ed Sullivan Theater kids an effort GI -- yeah. At the same time I don't know why that's not but -- two things that happened about fifty years ago exactly years. I enjoyed The Beatles special last night loved it on TV. And another them with Watson on the comments on the lot of people were being very critical of it. Questioning on the performances. I loved it hoped that once you get to bring it up on the dvi yet albeit with Italians yet to do it is not a lot of people around talking -- so that you can concentrate plan and -- it was a conversation started in mind living just about the time. Paul wondering how little others had this thing at the close of the team via north again to everyone to soak soak it up and enjoy. So. Favorite -- as a time. Line. You mention in the army -- earlier and that would have to be yet because. And I can remember ordering away. By mail. To get the and that of course when they came they were very disappointing. But -- get him anyway and they would be like like revolutionary war. Yeah brits and yeah but it. Not on the -- they look like they were you know four inches tall and they were more -- -- the evidence that's -- you don't blow out boxes that you -- -- -- -- -- -- another -- -- setting -- big battles army by -- -- was number one -- -- -- as a little -- I'll never forget that we -- We will do what they were. Yeah I am anyway I -- around -- we'll. Event we able to know little egg -- people who and I tripe like. Did Dickens to not come over. And you couldn't these things they were had to wait in the bottom and it always pop back up they wobbled but they wouldn't fall down okay -- magistrates yeah I remember being like three years old playing with these things. Honestly think as the commercials that they want fallout might not come off the table now wouldn't fall down but in the bathtub now they would fall down his. Other things people are taxing a sedate them and it's at any steam and hot wheels tie between Star Wars figures in -- guy that likes -- -- applied Gloria Michael. Chatty Cathy doll says one woman. Easy bake ovens dozen others Steve is right about the lions electrons only the alliance with the best the other can compare the bionic man or how whales -- Ernie winning the -- GI Joe's by manic man Six Million Dollar Man rock them sock them robots creepy crawlers hot wheels ninja turtles and the list goes on -- -- -- Someone else agrees with that we bull -- -- Q -- that we all wobbled tree house I'll say -- some favorite toys. As we celebrate the fiftieth birthday of G. -- there aren't twenty minutes more birthdays Chris Miller joins the party. And from federal court and get ready for closing arguments and jury deliberations in the trial former New Orleans Mayor. Re -- I'm Dave on it's 542. -- Thank you Woody Woodpecker and the -- makes his gap socked in with fog at least right here in the nor on the veteran in the rain as governor mr. meteorologist Laura about. As we've got kind of a twofold problem -- got the fall for the morning commute and then the rain for the evening Yang that glorious weekend weather man. Now gone. It -- yet today at least it's a bit warm outside it's not too chilly Temps in the fifties but it is definitely humid it's foggy this morning. And heist later going to be in this sixties the foursome and showers and pop out. Again the tax on the river parishes and some of that went to the North -- -- there's no forget all but I'm Tanya would you get right here ask you start getting close to the lake in the cross -- the like -- you start getting -- -- and Larry that I mean there's some places where I really could not see the exit signs on the I ten had no idea which -- that was. Yup exactly -- be careful of course is -- calls late twin spans Crescent City connection those are going to be some of that pick his spots as you get over those waterways that just like you sadistic beating -- Our -- as the fog led up and what is the -- get here. -- officially the advisories through 9 AM the dense fog advisory but after that I still think there'll be some -- that kind of hanging out around the -- this morning and little by little access to become -- into the afternoon at some spotty showers mixing in today that 50% chance forced some light rain. And I it's about time we go home we got a good shot -- fifty could be touted the. Off and on showers the better chance we'll comment overnight tonight and and even that morning commute tomorrow looks fairly wet. I went as the rain move out. Finally by Wednesday morning threes they often on rain chances all the way through Wednesday morning but after that it's actually pretty dry for the rest of the work week and the weekend so. -- great start but put up with that now that we get to pay awfully. End of the week and weekend more rate went. Yeah up for your sweetie on Valentine's Day 64. And mostly stuck on Friday may be -- a picket makers something I don't know our own. That's and he can eat outside as -- dying or else risk -- for us and -- Sweetheart your balance. Right what was your favorite ways to keep talking about it. Years old for the idea that this got -- on the conversation I well I never did yet. -- -- my brother -- -- -- either but definitely in my house for me it was sport Barbie and hot than not the army lots of work that had a dream house. The whole never got its so funny I have all the clintons but it's just not so my life I didn't have any of the accessories like that Matt -- that call are in the you know the -- that had played out yet but I have highlands of clothes and I would style they're here and party here and really do anything I would spend hours styling near here. It would keep an island like he had to have like a little -- duffel bag. L statement that you read your brother to play -- -- remember outing at the -- also maybe have forced and like I don't -- up. Yeah I was probably not that I -- speaks mystery and we have a little brother he does a lot of things probably -- -- now looking back it's like -- -- -- barbies but I don't remember it. My toys and play GI Joseph with my girls and they played -- and it got ugly way and the idea when it is you know. You military but that that gentleman that go on dates -- To date every now -- I leave you with. Its people all. Authorities in Albuquerque say an ambulance worker was catching some sleep in the back of the ambulance at a hospital. When he wakes up to find someone else is driving the ambulance I know a man and a woman had ambulance -- him. -- sleep and -- possible at all. He gets out when it's closed down apparently had a red light opens the back doors and jumped -- the I want no part of events. If I would have been the hides the carjackers knew that he was in the back. And I had no word on if he even let them know he was there Afghans cannot doubt obviously he let the cops noted. And app and a price it's pretty embarrassing them called your boss to yeah I was a sleeve and non. Lethal. And you know market overnight. Albuquerque, New Mexico prime not a lot of work for the ambulance because -- do a B baby you are ready to kidnap your I don't know anyway so I forty high speed chase. They throw out the higher flattening spikes. And finally stopped them well. Think they're gonna go how hard they think there and again and am you'll have a conspicuous vehicle you -- -- have access so you go to the problem with people. File for stealing and ambulance Jack I think so the empty -- -- have a day or about outlet and direct subsidies for estimates accident 78 that it's as -- -- looked like Barbie. Even -- -- look at -- thanks for the text message we'll share more every text messages coming up sports with Steve Geller. -- getting a make over and the hornets need 110 is again the pelicans may need one after their performance that the New York will get that. After this. Hi this season several people of Texas saying Tonka truck for their favorite -- I had a bunch of Tonka trucks and I love the heck -- them especially the big dump truck we went on a camping trip once. And some kids came around on a scavenger on one of the things they needed to fine on the -- it was a toy truck to my mom. Let these kids that we did not know -- never seen before and she said here take my son's. -- could dump truck for the scavenger hunt just bring it back -- guess one. They never brought it. From my 35 birthday he bought me -- new Tonka dump truck was in the same as when I was like six I can put might be imminent ride around like Dallas like it was a scooter. When I was 35 -- war anymore more of your favorite toy tests coming up. -- Steve Geller hornets Steve what's gone out of. A world of sports to morning dating good morning everyone the pelicans didn't score their first points of the game until about five minutes it against the Mets. And dug themselves into a huge hole as they lost in Brooklyn 93 to 81 New Orleans managed to cut 826 point deficit all the way down to seven. But that would be as close as they would get. Coach Monty Williams on his team coming up short. Just couldn't capitalize with the home you're gonna miss shots where I can give that extra possessions on the road you've already fought to get back in the game. You spend all of that energy. Got to beat almost perfect to be able to get a veteran team marker. -- Missouri's Michael Sam has revealed that he's gay -- defensive and earned SEC defensive player of the year honors after recording eleven and a half sacks last season. -- is projected to be a mid round pick in this coming NFL draft. Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma -- the NFL network. At the locker room may not be as accepting of it openly gay player as many people think I don't want to just naturally assume like a world homophobic. That's really not the case I imagine if he's a guy next to me. -- aren't addressed and they can take your sorry the whole mind and decides he looks at how am -- supposed to respond. Team USA has won four medals so far in the Olympics to gold and two bronze. American Jamie Anderson won the women's slopes style on Sunday and a bronze was won in the first ever team figure skating competition. Bode Miller finished eight in the men's downhill after being favored to win gold. An Oklahoma State star Marcus -- been suspended three games by the big twelve. For shoving a -- in the closing seconds of the nineteenth ranked cowboys loss at Texas Tech on Saturday. Smart apologize for the fans. His family and to the team for his actions before Coach Travis Ford expressed support for the sophomore without dismissing the severity of the players' actions. The forum sports talk the saints are reportedly more than twelve million dollars over the salary cap. Whose contracts will be -- Ricans restructured. And who gets cut. Then at 6 o'clock catch the pelicans vs the Toronto Raptors 1053 WWL let them. At seven talked LSU basketball with coach Johnny Jones and big 870 WWL. I'm Steve -- match early morning look at sports. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Pierre the pelican. We have never talked about here the pelican humanize on the radio. Because it's frightening it is -- with -- -- one of the scariest mascots I've ever seen in the history of mascot ever that thing scares little children to the point where they scream and they may even wet themselves how scary here the pelican it. The pelicans have admitted that there's a problem with Pierre and -- to do something about it they said. The pelican as we know is constantly evolving. So they're supposed to debut a new look Pierre this all star weekend so it will be intriguing to see what they come up with a little more. A little less menacing figure I would hope them for a cartoon and a evil. I'm going to each booking Eliezer would devoured her -- well if there. Doing coming about it we can talk about it that the hit to the people like in fifteen minutes or sports on WW -- your favorite toys in your forecast after it. Laura about -- kind of foggy and rainy forecast. Mostly cloudy skies this Monday at 50% chance for showers by later today and temperatures will be mild it in the low sixties this afternoon. Then tonight cloudy and chilly what -- 70%. Chance for rain. Even a few thunderstorms possible with lows dipping down to about 45. And we stay chilly tomorrow high of fifty rain still off and on throughout the day report finally wrapped up Wednesday morning stay in Chile though on Wednesday with highs at 51. 55 across the region visibility is low as 18 of a mile. -- favorite toys as kids text messages -- electric and all I love my electric train Al -- the Tyco race cars those off. -- could be -- wind up motorcycle ran hot wheels. -- -- -- -- -- They -- more evil and evil -- cycle. Fishing pole and bicycle I Atari and Nintendo -- -- -- your cat. Hulk Hogan's wrestling -- -- the tinker toys smash up derby cars. And happy fiftieth birthday to the idea.

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