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WWL>Topics>>2-10 6:15am Tommy, Causeway update

2-10 6:15am Tommy, Causeway update

Feb 10, 2014|

Tommy talks to Carlton Dufrechou, the General Manager of the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway, about the conditions on the Causeway

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tommy Tucker 617 lead you -- -- go to move a big company coffee just now so it doesn't spill and I tumble little -- Jordan is in -- like -- Hazmat team clean and everything up with the oil mops and so forth that not a good start for us and I and I don't think it's a very good start for. The causeway Carlton duper show joins -- general manager Italy concentrating causeway -- Well what do you what do you did you not have yet Carlton -- I think I'm trying to keep track. These days. Ahead -- got winds and rain and then you got fallen. That interest thing whatever it's been. Or at the days of the of the New Year's or and you got clean up Lake Pontchartrain. But yet -- the bridges all adventure almost every -- it brought so what's gone on -- well right now. We early this morning her own on the bridge section are on the still ongoing. 35 miles an hour south on the concorde be going on shouldn't about an hour or fifteen minutes ago. Visibility on the bridge is down 500 Ichi air temperatures in the low fifties unfortunately lake temperature for their two it me all day. And the big challenge we have as a learner and what the church near the peak tomorrow so. And that's -- but just. Be patient there is no real pack a pretty -- bridge right now is -- spoke to and harsher supervisor few minutes ago. We do check Google every hour the US are -- right at 500 feet actually on a tight out there and messages just to get -- like on. Pay attention to the vehicle that you can be patient you know get work who should work right on time. I've always wondered. When you watch an alternate if you liked alternate mentioned in player in baseball football whatever they -- Whether you know under the meteorologist. We should get back to play and now and so -- and -- thing. I presume you guys like you're talking about the temperature check with meteorologist -- a plan and how long it would. Actually around it. Yet I would I don't know whether the transportation on the bridge you bet -- operator of their partner actually Kroger to outbreak register your eyes on the British girl on most police officers and -- Drivers. We were talking to weather service and they get well wait should look familiar with over the -- couple weeks of her and from mice. Sleep in the outlines all -- -- point. Well and if you would be -- about it a couple of companies just you know the good news strength getting closer each and every day. Yeah you can if you live on a North Shore or you gotta drive across Bridget Russia or you can pretty well. Count on this -- having ideas in the fall right in Xenia yep winner. It just seems like this year the world that there. The the magnitude of the -- church is more than count on the -- opposites. From what American weather service is maybe of the work went to a commitment at least twenty years maybe more. And collaborate Egyptian is the worst icing that the Bridget richter. It spent that you -- uninteresting. Almost forty million in the year. But I am I am optimistic that -- -- coming in those earning. So somebody's waiting in terms of delay in and they don't have to go anywhere right the second they were gonna get an early start they can wait. Do you have any idea when this would clear up the cause -- get back to normal. -- well this is some trumped up to achieve short rising. I would be hopeful on not. On Tuesday a big way by me right now if it but the -- you're alright folks don't have to get a quick. It would be better to take time. Thank you Carl and I appreciate you buddy take their -- back when the when cause we turns red lord he'll start. Up. Outdoor in my prime.

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