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2-10 6:45am Tommy, Nagin trial update

Feb 10, 2014|

Tommy talks to WWL-TV reporter David Hammer about the latest with the Ray Nagin trial

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Anyway my apologies -- different David hammer reporter for -- WL TV news and covering Ray Nagin in his difficulties. With the law about seven years now in the Jerry gets with her good morning David. You know what. I'm glad you know we're talking about six hours as a three time. To what happened on Friday and was gonna happen today's dollars Canadian trial. Well -- it was the last chance to connect with the jury and if you could get them to. Get off their spots so the speech that currency. Prosecution. It's such overwhelming amount in the case against them. And he needed to connect cliff at least one juror would be willing to hang history and they go to deliberations which should happen later today. It is going to be closing argument. In the morning and then that's going to be jury instructions on one count which should take a little while. And then the -- at some point the generation start their deliberations. But you know. Sorry it was really about him trying to go to Egypt and defensive which you could hear from certain perspective -- Consider cute -- you know he he he didn't ask for money from. Robbie Williams and Frankfurt delegate to. City contract -- -- that they -- orgy. First though with projects that help the city recover not too. Do anything about personal nature anything specific that helped them. You know committee chose Williams -- the contracts. It's. -- -- Investment in there. Great Carrot Top company not him or ask for -- for granted that money for the company not -- You know he's been staggeringly. In curious about who paid for various trips. Situation that he and his whole family time and never vote according to him -- figured out who paid for them. It turned out that two people doing business with the city where the -- March saint -- for trips to Hawaii Jamaican Chicago. George -- search and New York City and the list went on and on so she got to. Hope that someone has been -- About have been covering that it's for a long time. In. Rank pretty. You would have to believe and I read your story and a bit audio TV dot com over the weekend and it's a long story but it's worth going through. You would have to believe that. There was an incredible conspiracy. Against Ray Nagin or any even more unbelievable -- of coincidences wouldn't. To a certain extent that is -- of all they liked that marks and clearly he. 53 felony counts for -- And mayor Nagin former deputy great effort. He was also. You know not taking any claim for anything so. We didn't just like they were certain things. This tax evasion charges. They were -- Blocking out and trees on it. On this credit card receipt and get reimbursed. For Trixie and K. I don't think that was him wasn't Gordon is to -- and -- it. And the -- right cheek about this always audio. Like that it was his secretary here with these and and that's where -- was always somebody else it is always. Saying you know I didn't have made -- do it fits my secretary -- -- like city attorney blacked out calendar entries. That were suspicious -- CPA that the taxes and says that 60% of and it actually funny but that was for tax purposes. My ex or -- didn't comply with the -- Portland city and all on. -- before we let you go I think it's interesting that he says he doesn't have to convince everybody just one juror to. Haven't hung then I guess the government and maybe -- feet. Then would open himself to a plea agreement or maybe the government as -- and a couple of -- -- the plea agreement how likely is it do you think that he connected with one juror. Well he's certainly trying hard it is looking at making eye contact -- raising -- and smiling at different points and -- answer certain questions and actually look at that he'd get that speak to them. It was very political politician -- away. It's hard to sell exactly whether it would actually you know people -- and think about the racial break up. The jury the fact there's only one black member of the jury. And that. Person -- from saint. John parachute. And somebody. Who was in the -- so. I don't know that he's got. Any obvious avenue there that you know. David I appreciate your time I really do. You know probably.

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