WWL>Topics>>2-10 8:10am Tommy, openly gay NFL player?

2-10 8:10am Tommy, openly gay NFL player?

Feb 10, 2014|

Tommy takes your calls and talks to listeners about an openly gay NFL prospect

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And Michael opens big guys laughing. I guides his jacket. Yeah I needed because security for and vascular pattern hobby get a security you know we're tightening guy -- ship Rania White House -- from Reagan on -- through President Obama and President Reagan on through President Obama got a lot of shopping. You know I don't know and I know he can't talk about this on the every with the security features Ol or or precautions aren't there because. In on at -- and want to do much break in bad but well. You gotta make sure the food is safe when he turns in and at some point I don't know they just get -- at random or not then you have to make sure that. They chefs in no way sneak anything in that they can open -- -- draw harm any president in you don't know. Even on guy's been Morgan Dana -- sons and no reflection on chip running -- anybody this now autism and analyze and occasional -- it's an interesting is going let out and I you do and it -- in the old days McCain would have a taster. Who would come again but then I don't think I croak in this is the weight while I don't think croak was -- -- -- The royal -- the case -- gonna say his throat they say long live the king I don't think that BioWare -- is expired and a music well which runs we have another joke that we can't go into in the punch on his writing but listen this. A calm day but then you don't know the -- would have hidden the poison in the specific bite of sandwich so -- -- way about a hundred pounds maybe be good for me to be president got loose some weight is Libya today and take another bite. -- right now take a bite in this half. I know bite from the back end of that and they then have like a little yeah so large size of sandwich left -- That's still wonder -- he is -- deal were to continue our conversation about. Black History Month chicken watermelon and corn bread on the menu at Southern California northern California private school. And now to talk about this calm you heard is Steve Geller talk about it in the news and SEC defense of player Michael so I am a who's a defense of and that is projected to be a linebacker in the NFL. -- SEC player of the years ago has got to be pretty good from the zoo you can tackle and he's quick and he's got the size now he told. He told -- his teammates. That. He was openly and openly proud gay man last August nobody on the team cared in and the thing about this that I find interesting is when you listen to what Jonathan Vilma. Had to say about it. I think that he would not be accepted. As this as much as we think he would be accepted and I don't want to lose just naturally assume like oh we're homophobic. That's really not the case I imagine if he's a guy next to me. Cain aren't addressed and they did take a -- the whole nine and decided he looks at me of how -- supposed to respond. Well first of -- I think we -- get dressed from being naked. Just kidding but here's the thing this guy was gay before he acknowledged that he ones. Right yes. Soul. Didn't happen overnight while it. Imus you do this ought to point I'm making is that it's. Jonathan -- doesn't know with everybody he's played Al on at the University of Miami at. With the saints there and with the jets he got a note was you know oh god no. They were still -- even though they didn't announce at the end assailants I -- saw how would he know if nobody checked him out etc. Any did that didn't happen before then why would it change because the guy said he was gay because he was still day even though he didn't say. And is this a good thing. Being okay well in the league and -- pro football in general or is it. Should they do the don't ask don't seller whether I think he should be able to say whatever you want -- -- going to be interesting is of this of Texas guys dressed like you know anybody drafting I hope for whatever reason it's not the team upon which Richie -- needle lands he was a one net. Com. Was. Bullying allegedly the other player that can leave the text messages on there I think you plan -- Tell me. -- football player do you money on the saints in the SEC defensive player of the year in -- you queries Jersey. So -- text means -- -- it's all about distractions but would this be a distraction because again I'm confused because the guys. Was gay all the time even though he didn't say it's so if you worried about somebody checking out it would have been checking out anyway and what you think when we come back fifty. 2% by the way of saying yes they would blame on the -- the 48% saying no Tommy Tucker back in a flash but WW. Came to tell the world that oh believe -- -- man. That is Michael's Sam a defense of -- from is news the co SEC player of the year. And -- be eligible for the NFL draft this year expected to me in middle ground choice but. Not expected to continue playing defense of line he's projected as a linebacker in the NFL. And this is a big thing nobody's ever done this before in times of in terms of announcing their openly -- before the NFL draft. So Lou you tell me isn't it better Betty came out and told everybody or not and in terms of that by the way from ESP and the previous sound bite from Jonathan Vilma courtesy of the NFL network and Jonathan Vilma talking about. He would be. Nervous -- dressed next to the guy with a guy be checking him out and I guess the thing that logically is stuck in my head is he always was. -- So. Whoever if -- got a gay football player in the locker room. You still have to do that issue of them looking at you'll whatever whether you're com. They announce it or not now I guess you could say that they're gonna come on to -- I don't think and if you -- a bloody -- yet. I think they have this mentality among some straight people that every gay guy is gonna on gay woman is -- automatically attacked them. Or hit on them. But isn't any different really than if you married and a woman and a guy hit pneumonia largest sounded a club and and a guy hits on your -- or woman Noah or the other way around and I mean you just rejected right and knowing that such an insult but -- army. On Jimmy -- hang on one other quick thing is as far as the Secret Service and proud protecting presidents in the kitchen -- -- back -- apparently in this is interesting since LBJ they haven't had a food taster. That the Secret Service is actually in there with their eyes watch -- -- -- could be in prepared. And this I think is the ultimate irony you can't have any debt to work at the White House. That country is in the hole like you wouldn't believe but if you have any debt. Forget it you can't work there I guess that's to make -- less apt to be -- Jimmy -- good morning thank you for holding your on Devin WL. Good yield right. It. You know Darren. But it eagle in the summertime goodies in it and that -- alone time -- Mary snow warnings. Last couple weeks. And to my surprise when I was out there that way that we don't have them. A lot about what we got -- it was blatant and it was about like customs but that was gone astray. So it's interesting we were in nanny has guy Craig Robinson who was on the office any -- it was also and in movie this is the end he was in the at the time and had no idea who he was. Until after like a couple of weeks later and it's like one topic as for big stars of an exit and we tell me about big big gay football player. Do it depends on the perception of the players on the team just like. In the military you would want it in person and Bob Hope that this is -- content. Two production. Unfortunately. It has the but I was a bit within the team and that probably -- those cases because I don't really that is yet. BL I thought of two Jimmy is that if you look at Jonathan Vilma and he's thirty's some mind and and that in and of his career for the most part. And I think it it's changing with people that are younger and on and off 22 when he went 21 year old person would really have a problem with this. I'm just wondering if it's a function of age I don't know. But at. -- point of view. Themselves potentially -- it. You know may be. Thinking something on board it hurt themselves. -- -- -- Yeah. Which might tell you how important -- ones to him. That that he say it that needed money keep it hidden which may be speaks to gay people in general -- I'm glad -- at -- I'm tickled Jimmie. -- He can. Look -- and for one thing people say. At. A lot of pressure and. That's an interesting take Jimmy any other thing I thought I was I was watching is that I can imagine now. Every. Just because he's a football player that's gay every gay person. That's proud of that and and I'm glad for that is gonna put their hopes and dreams on his back like you're saying they can only imagine letters he's getting and the emails get and and I mean let's let's face of these African Americans Izzy Izzy representing African American people is he representing the union university in Missouri. Is he representing wherever he went to high school -- just the guy playing football. Write a book independents and hateful -- being filed with the people other than. It's just like give people what. I bottom line you'll -- name but those Steelers they. Do you do you want him on the saints -- not. -- But then again it depends on the subject of the players on the team with the divide it hurts -- team. I think that. That's -- thank you and let you took the time the colony only thing new areas. You -- that line between a disturbance in the locker room and a guy that can play and maybe the other players don't like and you can't let them dictate who's on the team. -- -- -- let me know what you think it -- six 18780386. -- 890 late seventy you can text me at 8787. About it. Rather hear from you'll take on the original Omnia -- the right now time for -- WL Traficant. We've got to my 1228. Tommy Tucker talking about the big defense -- linemen from the zoo. Am. -- I -- who came -- and he was gay he's eligible for the NFL draft in. When texas' is actually -- improve his position because teams and I'm gonna wanna appeared to be avoiding him just because he's gay. Get a couple of -- CO one emblem and on those speaks more. About meaning is is how would you feel showering with a woman watching you pretty much the same thing. Am not a freak or anything -- -- going -- that there really now I would be very comfortable with it browns who knows. Julian Hammond -- you're on WW well thanks for calling. In morning now. I don't -- comet that happening right there at the minute you remember the titans did. Really get it at issue -- there. Wouldn't. Any -- -- -- you know. Got -- paper chant something like. Black or white -- Judge -- lot of -- not what do you look I. -- you know ending up. The rest of their lives I want them to remember that night they played that titans. And another text here says they Tommy like Tillman never looked at another man's. Blank. That doesn't make you gay have you been a situation playing sports where. Our -- sports -- in an area where a lot of other nude people were round. -- worked out I go on the quite -- there is not in the locker room here. -- -- -- you created and that's the other thing too with. If they are gay whether they say they are are not. There's still gay and an outing and thank you for the column well let me tell you sort of morally it's ago. I swear to god this is a true story. A Texas would you be comfortable getting naked and showering in the locker room with a game -- would you do reasonably secure while make it. -- -- -- very well known health club working out in this had to be ten years ago and I'm getting dressed and howling off after taking a shower. And I look over my shoulder and hasn't sold that guy looking at me. As on -- -- here we go so -- turnaround and he does to think and it's an awkward moment and continue to tell laugh. Anger upon my underwear on and -- -- and the guys doing the same thing with a right -- -- thing in what is this old saw that guy doing what. What is the deal with Emmys chunky east chubby and I have no interest in this I swear to god I was look at in a full length mirror. I was a look at my self. That's why every time I looked he turned around it and the F do you work out is true story thank you for taking the time currently. And you feel so tight and your muscles are all. You know what every column makes startling Cabrera and I don't know rippling but you feel. You feel good deal out of saying you think that you are -- parade no one day you -- Arnold Schwarzenegger whomever. And then you look at the reality -- I swear to god that's a true story tuchman on 831 to finally get new zone that would go to visit. Continuing a conversation about. He's -- 21 names keep confusing and Michael's AM who. Defense -- ended Missouri co defensive player of the year any SEC is eligible for the NFL draft and -- -- is probably to play linebacker in the NFL he's come out and said that he's gain any one to be a proud gay man and a -- attacks come in and say Tommy why does he have to come out NC was gay seeking get the attention. Doesn't relate to football so why does he get that money get on the news. And you tell me EA if you don't some of the audience here -- 60187. Here until 38668890870. Does this teach you or make you realize how important it is for people that are gay not to have to hide with AR. Is easy as saying in a world where have been for this guy. Not to say anything and I guarantee you and Bobby Hebert will guarantee the same thing there are gay players in the NFL are now they just a -- word about. Yeah he said that he was afraid somebody was going a reporter or whatever would get the the story and and leaked it. And then he'd have to deal with -- from that angle so we wanted to beat him to the punch. On the other thing is. If any thing you know one inning nine a position where he can be blackmailed to are cheap points nose tackle and annihilating any -- -- happen in the NFL but. Is seen the meal build at least a guy has a high aid. The more confident you can be is the that nobody serving their own interest do you understand and they are rising and winning game. And other -- says that bomb. In the openly -- -- from Minnesota we -- not openly gay -- name was Chris Kluwe ENE sued the NFL because of some overtly homophobic. Comments that an assistant coach made that is still on the vikings stamped with a new coach Mike Zimmer is so there. Watch and see what happens there. From questions as a woman played football would they be required to address in the male locker room in the gay athletes should have segregated showers etc. It's as simple six. But is is gave the same as being a member of the opposite sex all I don't think it would bother me the way I mean it's a locker room and having played football you know just playground and high school about two guys walk around naked and did it. Becomes so common nobody looks at anybody it is remembered two days of medicine around naked just. Shoot the -- it was so hot it was time to get Tressel didn't go out keys or West Bank higher and got a W out the morning. -- -- -- That they're going to be not gonna I don't think these guys. Really good at the plate down football he can walk away with millions. Coming up. Ali got the -- Eliot L that the multi billion dollar -- in the -- got a bill that -- that bill drafting him. And they can accuse them being involved full volume in drafting because -- -- You know alert noble -- up it you know just like that walk that extra that Dominic question and it's not gonna do well. You know it and are you an example thinks they'll ramp. Ten and -- -- -- patent on the you'll be accused of being at home full. Yet yet I don't think -- here where you go on and I appreciate you taking the time Cokie I really deal I don't think. That is any bases because then any player that's cut could find something I'm sure that. Is different about him but I tell you what that does make me think about it is. If you do drafting me and you do cutting. Unless it's in you know any NFL everybody is talented in the difference between -- and and not. Hang in on the rosters this then -- may be again -- does it will be better than you is he's a very talented athletes. If at that point the media doesn't jump on incidentally is obviously -- drafted him as a publicity stunt. And they cutting because that it litigate player on the team or the other players that -- accepted when in fact. Images -- viability as those are the best athletes at least the best football athletes in the world. Come on back with more your calls at 260187. Neitzel 3866. 8890 late setting would really like you to answer. -- ready jaguar opinion poll with this guy can help the saints. Win games and get the Super Bowl. -- blame on the team and if he turns -- new. Machine an animal when it comes -- defense would you Wear his Jersey. -- give you a fake name if you just give us a call quarter till nine coming back under the W. Amber O'Leary rocking the house mrs. Jackson -- for the program using. It's. Fridays on that kills at least these days of play. If you keep IA is due Monday get -- get through Tuesday -- get through Wednesday and we keep going to Friday and then days -- in the weeks and months and years and before you know it. And we have another New Orleans a winner in our 1000 dollar national cash contest congratulations. To WW a listener Jolie Pargo. And it's in relation Don Pardo an -- but we wanna put money in your pockets to get four chances to win. A thousand dollars every week day you've already had -- and get another when just before the top of the hour news news at noon Mathis just listen in WW Al. -- -- the top of the hour news we dated at 8 AM mobile do it again at noon and 3 PM and 6 PM for that code word we give you. Any take dead code word and you enter it at WWL dot com slash cache or you can click on the contest link. We have for -- WWL dot com and it done matters here at your office computer. -- friend at home here on your tablet or you're Smartphone you can win as easily from anywhere anywhere and editor is easily from anywhere. Every weekday for -- listeners nationwide when a thousand dollars we just had another went from new Rawlins. So good luck and remember the times a listen right with a top of the hour news at 8 AM noon three and 6 PM. On WWL. A little bit of computer problems so I don't know who this is -- what it is that yet. Wanna talk about but you know that fooled Tom Fitzmorris can do it I guess I can do you Dylan. -- -- Said call you by name and I don't know what you're name is. Mikey there -- areas they might get there. -- tell you what I think it's going pretty well so far. So -- to do will take a break. Check to see if Mike is there and and try to keep this Incredibles snowball momentum that we have going right now rolling down the hill. 851 time related traffic. Got a micro Tommy Tucker -- 57 here -- plug Lynn Morgan talk about common core. Next dollars some stakes of the states rather rethink in this standards because it's gonna cost more than they Houghton. As your opinion change standing on the common core curriculum housing in effect private schools and bottom line is common -- good or bad for Louisiana children John. In a Wallace thank you sir for taking the time to call him. Problem. That both players and look like potential. I think it's got a great -- -- -- -- -- -- -- yup and it did it. I can't get up on the way you about it a lot. And it like that general that -- let. It carry -- well the way without prejudice. The -- that the world. -- -- that I'm not that they think that didn't opt out here and gay and wish I would screw. Top cap -- Anyway long two. And it's thought that there. But it is come out that on. Anyone -- And John you did you say you were gay. And you can't speak for everybody that's gay but for you. Do you understand. What why it was so important for him a letter -- yells no and not hide what he was and did you go through a period like that. Yourself. Yet that they -- -- gave it to him I grew pot of hope went to a longer. Generally. -- a lot. -- but in general they -- Because it would -- -- did it here -- Well by the church and -- But let me run at a time here's what I think I'm asking you why is it's so important so -- to come out and let people know who yard what you're all about it not hide it. I -- and I -- -- what a -- I'm not criticizing I'm curious. Well but the two. You don't there you go -- duty and it's spacious that would -- be dictated that you've seen that -- that you all are. That we got through that -- -- or your life it's not -- but you Google. You -- bottom line gun we gotta go you just get tired of sneaking around. Got to thank you sir appreciate all coming back -- coming toward.

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