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2-10 9:10am Tommy, Common Core costs

Feb 10, 2014|

Tommy talks to State Senator Conrad Appel about the costs of Common Core

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Go to senator Conrad -- right now state senator from district nine and a lot of as school this is around the country ours -- to delay the implementation as I understand of common core. And that's contents aside that's just the money argument and state senator Conrad Appel is proponent of this -- also talked of people that are -- opponents of it and as -- the audience also is it has geared my opinion on the -- changed at all and do you think like you know enough do you feel as though you know enough about it. Emeka. Legitimate. To form an educated opinion and what's going to be the effect on private schools of course -- Is common -- go to bed Louisiana children say -- editor pelt thanks -- -- the time witness mark. I'm well thank you you know we we've talked about these humanize him. Any audience several times already I've done a bunch of Reading on it and and no I try to separate the facts from the fiction. It when it comes education I think you do is try to trust the people that are in charge of it and and unless your professor teach yourself I -- -- you can really go through and and second guess anybody but. That's just my opinion tell me about common core NYU -- supporter of it. Well I think I think you get a little while ago in your opening remarks that. 45 states to adopt a common course so far in those states have dropped out. Couple are looking added a lot of its political. More than educational. Thumb Louisiana ranks fiftieth virtually in every measure we've had three major. Test results. Came out the last few months we've been at the bottom of the heap. Forever. So I mean we really don't have an alternative and and by the way comment quote adopted. Four years ago and Louisiana news. Put into place in Jefferson Parish about three years ago and it's only been in the last few months as -- beginning school this year. It has become a big hot topics before that he was just being ruled out like any other. Our normal changes we change standards every seven years in the state we buy new books every six years in the state. On a secure cycles so I mean it wasn't a big deal until it. Became politicized frankly over the summer the summer. Mom. For people would know -- they don't really know about it and aunts and manages drive and are helping him ever want about common -- I don't know why people get. So upset about it. How does the politicization. Of it began and what is it. Actually consists of how how far does he go back -- who was -- that determine what these nationwide standards are. Well I don't know I -- some political but it is that the basic premises was. About five years ago or so that the governors of the country got together and decided that the educational system was failing in interest completely. Not serving the people that -- to serve our. Educational outcomes verses of the world. Countries. It was so low. That they they got together and that we needed to do something different so we are basically the day and the executives which it is superintendents and people like that. -- the concept is developing these standards which are higher standards. And that different method of teaching. Then we ever had before. And that's what was adopted by a Louisiana and 44 other states. Now is at the same as core subjects when you're talking about. As at math science reading or is now if. Now there's only two subjects it in place right now English language arts in -- there's no. History does does civics there's no science involved in this system. So the only thing that they're talking about change in and I don't mean that to be editorial but. I thought it was where everything is completely changed their new standards in every subject but right now it's only math. And English correct. Now what are the plans in the future there plans change away American history is taught war or are. I I am not aware of any plans and others lead -- a different science curricula that's been to develop around the country. But Louisiana would have to look at and decide we want to adopt it or not and then put in place if we so choose sometime in the future. I know of no plans for history civics or anything like that. I you know line I think Catholic schools have adopted this size and my daughter -- karma and I trust them if I didn't trust -- -- and the -- -- alleges. Sent her over there rather so I just for. I don't know enough about it senators when I'm saying and then. And do you think an adult which in a bad spot politically here but people have formed such strong opinions do you think they really. Capable of Nolan enough about it to do that if you understand when our try to get it one of us in trouble here. I understand. I think you're -- -- -- first think the the Catholic schools I think all the Catholic diocese around the state of adopted common core man. Standards and believe actually implement the English standards. I don't know it's because I know in the beginning -- it was some. Concerned by about parents complete that I'm assuming mainly because it is understand what was going on. But you -- understand it. The whole country virtually his goal on purpose four for four years ago I mean the eight CT tests the SAT test the kids will take. If they -- want to college based on this almost in our publishing industry is converted. Two -- book publishing will be based upon common course standards so what. So it's not like we can just go it alone I mean we do it would cost -- tens of millions of dollars. In the and that could be thrown into a situation like taxes everybody points to Texas and says look they're going to let them. You realize last week Texas dropping algebra two standards from their. They -- state standards I mean what would we wanna go. And have a Utley -- politicize. Internally developed state standards. When and if we got a little rough which is start dropping elements are one. Let me let me read a text here says Tommy common -- is a joke it's just a way to try to put all the students on the same level. No one can excel no one can fail. If a student knows two plus two equals four than wind is he or she need to know why. Or how. Five different ways to figure it out two plus two equals -- if a student knows that they pass if not they don't give credit for being almost right so. Is it more about an awfully critical thinking applies to men out there they -- that test if you. I guess it led to Wear his number one house I have a degree in election engineer we did not learn anything others in critical thinking in engineering school. Period when you do -- on studying computer engineering. When you study that you do don't learn you just sit there and memorized peace you have to understand about things war. And the other thing is. -- -- -- from. Lola. So it's a much different critical thinking in they read when they're running the same level perhaps you're. That's absolutely wrong. The superintendent Weis has spent the last two years promoting the idea that we have to push kids more into AP courses. I'd -- courses. We have upgrade. Common CoreStates standard or a big one there is absolutely no reason that there shouldn't be any reason. Why school district shouldn't have higher level courses offered to these kids in the schools. Two to take them beyond the common course standards that they're just debate. So bottom line he Yuri. Opinion your your thought she believes that it helps Louisiana children. There's no doubt about it when your fiftieth in the country or 49 it would that we are. The Fordham foundation looked at the -- the curriculums. That have been developed in the standard really that have been developed in the states and determined that we year probably year or so behind where we should be. There is no doubt. That we have to go down this path if we decide to do -- to do is some books and suggested to go it alone. I can promise you Mississippi and Alabama who have not dropped the common course standards. Will passes by flash in we will be fiftieth in everything it's that 49. I and my money just be clear it's not gonna cost morning implemented you're saying it's gonna cost more if you don't implement it. -- cost substantially more because would have to go back and redo. Would have to create their own standards. Would have to retrain all the teachers. And then the outcomes would be pork verses. We we don't believe there's a substantial increase in cost. Other -- technology. We have about 80% -- school ready to do the testing which is computerized testing. If the schools are ready they can still use paper and pencil of those tests. But into the future this is this is a great opportunity for us. But as we got to push technology into the classroom Jefferson -- just undertook that. And they're going to be built up their technology based dramatically. And whether it was based -- -- not a mature. But I think that the main driver it was we gotta get technology in the classrooms so other than technology the cluster Kabul push. -- more -- here now while only to go -- -- talk to some people that that have feelings on this. Than what these students he credit for showing a method even if the answers wrong I'm presuming they don't give full credit but it just shows that. You're on the right Frankie just didn't get the correct answer. Those decisions of the teacher that has absolutely nothing to do -- common course standards. All curricula and teaching plans the ball. Purchases all of that system is done at the district level in the school level. So particular that you partial credit that's flying. When you go to take the national. Test. Detest the that's done at the end of the year the assessment test. -- computer processors we that you can get partial credit on that but nobody really knows -- as -- secret you noticing those steps yet anything to be. Runs out shortly anyone answer we'll let you know. Now I think has set up I think you've just got to understand where we are and we that we have to be if Louisiana is ever gonna break the cycle of poverty. We have to educate our folks and the only way you can do that is to be bold move forward you know can do about certain opinions I appreciate -- -- and have a good day thank you.

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