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WWL>Topics>>2-10 9:45am Tommy, Common Core complaints

2-10 9:45am Tommy, Common Core complaints

Feb 10, 2014|

Tommy talks to two parents about their objections to Common Core

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- Tommy Tucker continuing a conversation about coming court here on hold hang on as we'd like to hear from yet. Lisa McCarthy joins us right now mother with a children in Catholic school Wendy's about DA. Mom with kids in public schools in -- morning both you ladies. Thank you so much Tommy for having -- on today. I don't know who wants to go first as I obviously can't see either one of these I guess let's start with Lisa Lisa tell me. About your feelings on common core and I guess the fact that Catholic schools here have decided to adopt it. Without. To be honest I'd -- poll to let my child my two youngest children out of Catholic school and I am now home schooling. The simple reason as to why did that is because the -- Was driving -- greatly my husband fire that the EPA. And I just cannot. You know I cannot understand why they're dumbing down demand. At that level while -- at that thing on pictures and an -- that. I think the issue here is not. A standards the politicians wanna argue. That standard. We argued for and her iPad and the problem is when you start researching. Common courts have -- whole initiative is that. It typically is -- up a monopoly. On line. The hat that they that I have that standard. And the -- -- We we have any control in the end we -- Public schools must have any control. What we're teaching in the class tram. Because of the way that this is that. Might get a text here about bill and Melinda Gates and and they think it's all about the money that. Bombed the it's about. Millions of dollars gates foundation gives to company's is support common core standards children national PGA just to name a few and I. -- is the I think there's some kinda did -- range conspiracy there that aid politicians sellout for money or school districts sellout for money. Is some of Omar's not in a delaying the implementation of the standards. Because of cost not in Louisiana and I'm just. Curious as to do -- I hate to say conspiracy theory but. Welcome back well I need. All apparent. To decide for them now you need to start looking at how this initiative got started. Who -- finding it and make your own decisions on on what is happening here the -- that's the archbishop just recently came out. And make it strong pro life statement boycotting all business -- that did business with Planned Parenthood. And I don't know how much you know about delegates. But he did a significant amount at his charitable fund. I'm promoting worldwide population control. And giving millions of dollars to planned parent side. Did you call that has spent over a 107 million. On -- a eating and he would he would instrumental in creating any standard. And promoting and he's paying the chamber of commerce but looking at the money trail. And then how can we -- Catholics. Even. In any one -- the poll are hit again. There's a curriculum at all include any kind of pro abortion. Is -- But curriculum and that we are seeing it we are seeing. In fact it was on the weeping in the Department of Education web site a huge. -- then. On eugenics and population control but they took it down when parents start complaining said that -- that -- that infiltrate the. Academy thought let me move on a Wendy's have that you right now -- -- you name wrong. Let's leave the church out of it and talk about your concerns as a relates public school. Yeah and torture -- Currently her in that it seems like it started. Issue that at some early in the Clinton and feel like. We're not going here -- we're very concerned about especially. Cap school public school. -- -- -- -- -- -- and it said earlier I mean that maybe people who -- upset about it mean currently under staying in completely. Really -- that -- Just clear that up I didn't say that they were upset by it I just wonder if they had enough information to make an informed decision. Iraq and that it's here that are driving. Our current acting a legislator because there. And that -- our goal here a kind of restart and that's not how it's gonna -- that. -- seemed like when he actually the car that -- -- get back to the standard. The standard batter at the inner bark. But really there and explore the bigger picture comedy or -- into -- like. Huge problem that the money coming from. -- -- And there he is the richest -- in the United States -- It. So why and why why would -- necessarily be a bad thing in an end not ends trying to understand assignment trying to argue with -- if if do you think Bill Gates he either needs more money or once more money so that he's gonna. Instantly prostitute the entire educational system in the country. So that he can get even more money is that I'm just trying to understand the money out of here. And here. Parent and certainly other organizations that he can't get acting like he's. Trying to keep permit that agenda. But -- stellar -- happened would you not come home and tell a child. You know that's that's not the way we live our life and it's not know who we believe in could apparent not overcome whatever and we're not we're not saying that. How would be clear about this that debt that is the agenda here but if it war. You couldn't correct when you kids learned at school. Well in -- -- and you don't know -- a lot of parents don't know it's going on in their schools. And the other thing we're -- before it before I let you both -- and you know on that. In favor this are opposed to it's my theory is I've signed a school that I think I can trust and and I turn it over them while keeping an eye on it because. That's what they do but in terms of Tom parents being opposed to it. If 40% of parents wanted in 60% of the parents don't want it and either a public schools are symbols are with you went either want to release of for the Catholic school system. I mean is -- a majority over how the parents. Think anything should be taught is as the majority of rulers alum of the school board does or legislature when you think about that Wendy. Well without -- and that means me particularly cares -- port here after revelation. In 2013. Out of common core that team. Because -- that it was decided upon by art got better and eat your. All opinions are he had had 87%. And the keeper and that are one reason aren't out there make a map that may be even date collection. -- -- the scary -- -- -- obligate that there can be collected on our children that we're on a. Well it doesn't have changed to two thirds bad 13 Gooden in terms of data collection this is highly unscientific Lisa quickly before we run out of time. Tell me from me your thoughts on this. Well I absolutely agree with Wendy. And that that that's the problem with creating a monopoly on education. Is that parents don't have a -- even in the Catholic schools. Teachers won't have a we were told but it is that even at the state get out of the common core standards that the Catholic schools what they'll do it. I appreciate your time ladies and beat them back on women's right. And we're looking at the were really play. They're out on the court or February 20 and -- crops are auditorium there website quickly beaten guilty to get the -- -- a -- and a court or thank you so much Louisiana toward younger thank you ladies.

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