WWL>Topics>>2-10-14 10:10am Garland: on sex trafficking

2-10-14 10:10am Garland: on sex trafficking

Feb 10, 2014|

Garland talks about sex trafficking with Kara Van de Carr of Eden House and Clemmie, a former sex slave.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

All right welcome back to be your pink -- busy Dugard today it will soon. Where we're gonna talk about the seventy million shoppers have laws -- personal data and a number of the things personal admiration from. Target and in the market and we're gonna talk about the leaders in Sochi. Reducing news. Claiming that gore and their turn on the computer turn on your cell phone. Order a permission get stolen almost immediately because of -- and number of actors. Ever collected that we're gonna have guessed in the studio Mary Matalin and -- callable in person. They've written a book called. And ward twenty years three president's two daughters. 12 weeks ago and talk about the new book and I think you would you buy this book you're gonna Poland. -- -- you bought a new blog about -- we buy the book. You can wondered if you knew him at all there are some and probably interest in part of this book. This -- something aborted due for a long time. Sex -- tree. In read about all of you so you re doing show. Come across this time and time and time again. And let me read more in our program and a -- a couple of weeks. The crime of human trafficking remains poorly understood. With such trafficking. This particular due to a tendency towards sensationalism. Rather than strategic analysis of the -- functions. Like all forms of -- sex trafficking is a business. Understand business economic function in the crime can provide insight into moral panic to -- And had a -- do this show this week after last week doing Michelin did call the new Internet anonymous. Currency that does film actually blow revolutionized. -- you've -- order of the suits pales in school way. But it it -- -- the experts warn of and should keep in mind the court and you were virtually everything. And he says a good example is six slavery. Where women children will sell between 350000. Dollars apiece so this is a multi. Billion dollar business. We have to during unique gifts today. -- bond car boundary executive director -- -- Community activist former US diplomat the US embassy in Jamaica. In charge of riding the trafficking. In persons report Carol welcome should appreciate it. Yankees. And -- -- spiritually you -- to have with his clothing. Colombians in the program at Eden house. You've been a sex slave you've been through hold. Welcomed. Thinking. Here. -- I'm I'm gonna start with you. It's and everybody looks at that wonders news call call but for me -- -- and -- you're you're with -- -- alarm on the foreign all right and what that it is important to. Even this is a home here in no way islands for survivors of human trafficking and women letting prostitution. On we offer free of charge to our residents two years of housing. Medical care psychiatric care education. Job training. Nutritionists. To you know got everything our residents need to recover from having survived. A life in the sex trade. And don't really get their lives back and turn their lives in any direction. It is six right in lead you here. Absolutely it's extra this year into it and a pregnancy concede that sex trade. On the -- yes we take women from. On all of the world all of the country. On and women who are trapped many women in our traffic -- to work in the sex trade. From other places in the United States specifically to work here and were -- Aren't -- and take a little bit of an early break and conduct. And talk about Clooney couldn't agree or color ms. Clinton. Has been extraordinary. History. We'll talk about it take your call and call when you have questions Gibbs call 2601. And seven. Told for a anywhere in the country huge success X rated nine and zero pizza are welcome back Garland Robinette with the we're talking about something peculiar talked about very often because it is I think most people think of it certainly I used to -- the way. Sex solely. Sex trade. Was a -- is kind of Third World over dinner may be your little bit that. But no -- At all that was wrong it is here and it's you're a lot. And we have two people here -- do something about it. Terrible car it was felt rejected director of Eden house. Community activist former use diplomat -- embassy in Jamaica. And -- who's in charge writing. The trafficking. In persons report. And also. Called me three. Berea. Native of natural. -- If I understand you correctly. You were about sex -- More than hundred rafts. Before people can be any help. Even -- -- -- was killed in gang warfare and and so forth and so. Give us an idea of what happened and how did you give us an idea of truth he has. -- Basically. People only understand. You know at twelve years old you in India PT is an age is thinking about -- about becoming. Adapting from in neighborhoods so Alice does basically. I'll walk into the store you know my in my own the business in -- room. A big back copilot. And I just next me -- Com which -- let me just say once they -- me they came through the neighborhood vice like two weeks out today. His style pants and -- -- slight but I actually choose. What juries and and you accept it. So when she accepted he'll be put a -- day when you all I was twelve years old and when I was taken from my community. No one really not really paid any teaching that was missing in my parents -- no idea because mappings with alcoholics. So -- out from their house taken to a place. Where around and they paid me in a basement and and it makes me it was I'll -- 68 curls there. And I think the young is one and I keep saying fourteen. But we kind of look older Nam with what he's gonna in the he's been my eighth -- -- but they was all ratings of trinity and refusing. This resonates at Tennessee. And once I got parents out that they immediately. Austria may down from goals. Shot meal would jerks which -- found that was -- -- -- liquid cocaine. And -- merely stalling gang -- in -- is they -- Conning you out a educate you and his goals -- -- and William if they are both six. All gang -- you -- once that happens to you you pretty much man -- BQ you're doomed a new that you you know you just found that. You mentally myth that traumatize. What did -- do your story sounds like a story of no hope. You're in dude meets the you received. Nash billions of the year in 2000 eighths of a new name Soros justice -- won't bug you open society foundation. Receive the sake of American neighborhood year old war. Mother still stand boarding goes on and on -- You do. He'd veto to block it and only a little black -- In I had a baby in thirteen years ago and I know anything about pay. And and -- out -- -- the pregnancy. They are the temperature it is not really huge facility. Talent it's you'd think -- but how only you particularly -- -- -- and AB plus I had the baby. They -- -- -- geek com right back at you and alpha house trapped in today that lights out. Dolan and he buys a month and -- is out bright eyed and pleaded guilty to see you. And just went through this extract it painful old -- when he used. I am really don't understand how last year at that as -- and no mercy for obvious because I have read it wanted to hate the world. Web again. 42 years ago our risk Cuba -- -- -- of mad that. And that is how -- -- little exactly easy listening because all of the army. To go -- is even though when I guess they have been about. -- out of -- getaway. People always say why don't we chatting away why didn't we run a lot of retail somatic. In the unit probably solve. Little girls get raped over and over -- will be or even murdered in -- -- -- a solid data and TU native moderated the panel will salute the go to school and the what you model was. You'd trap but if you want to you'll always trauma and apart -- ANC's. When -- SLR Adams street with the lives the issue is. And she -- she was the man. And IDC any -- our. Predatory and where they -- mentally in that they don't have to be standing in front of us in an already told us the so -- courts amount you wanna -- each gonna give beat or is a little growth and again be what you. -- that the right now when I get rescued 42 years ago. -- amendment pro am. Math and was murdered eight months up and pro and I am right maybe two years and -- bailout of land how to. Leo hollow would he -- way. I do not live a life -- about 42. There is gonna take a long time enough deal what -- how to deal a life live arm. And now the marathon was -- that the only key and didn't get to raise them. I thought about all the abortions. -- and it's in holiday it is put up on us girls. Because we asked Leo will end so we we we are brutal and nobody -- them. And I was more that I'm proud to stand in my back and didn't act. Thank god am I didn't day -- -- do with them about it so locked up in the program I its streets. A reduction. One of my brain is who was rescued -- Regina -- and she started coming back tier of the whole strolled as -- college. To crack houses the homeless shelters. Where it was she think she might find me and he just get -- always know -- five months and months and months and just. Tell me about pro will column Agilent. God allows me she knows me in a -- and I know we'll because she without they'll -- And then out to -- -- comic coming in -- like there's little hope for me. I'm 42 -- on it -- 88 my body is -- not land is mentally disturbed. What he -- -- I can do it 42 years ago. And acting made out of 46 months later. -- deal out what is it for me to do and pass it how I know. Then capped it by negates some hail it don't kick it out in the and I doubt it. -- does that sounds like an extreme. Horror story. But it's not unique is. Well no I mean Crimea is unique in that she has taken what happened to her and turned it into. Next million a year and send me amazing wonderful things. On black. Now at the its interest in one of the things that really got me on the working on fighting the -- human trafficking here in the United States. If I was shocked to learn that the average age of entry into prostitution for an American girl is twelve to fourteen. And it's even younger for for a voice. Eleven to thirteen. Children. That is the average age of entry in a prostitution is children. I think ten year old son. The idea that he and being sold for Sachs. Is absolutely nauseating. When you went to Jamaica -- -- Dude dude you know. We're actually getting into it and it did we use -- Mort that. Well when I went to Jamaica regionally as a diplomat in his -- console and political advisor to the US ambassador in Jamaica. On I wasn't sure what would be in my portfolio. But -- trafficking in persons report was one of the things in my portfolio is there. So I'd be keen to work with the government of Jamaica to get them to strengthen their laws against human trafficking to enforce their last they have. They have a problem in Jamaica we if women being trafficked in from the Dominican Republic and also from Eastern Europe. And -- I like. Many Americans is thinking of human trafficking is an international problem something that happens and developing countries it happens in styling it happens in India it happens in Jamaica. I thought. Brit too good in the United States this to happen unless -- developed country. Well when I got back to you laugh and realize that not only does it happen and it's really children make it sucked into the sex trade. But the United States is actually one of the largest union countries for illegal human trafficking services. And one night AT&T have realized that I started working with state representative Neil Abramson to change the laws here in Louisiana. Particularly -- a lot to protect domestic minor sex trafficking survivors. And we've worked to strengthen laws here in Louisiana. And on. Neil and I have worked for the past six years to try to strengthen laws here. And actually this past fall and the fall before a group co chaired hip international. Ranked Louisiana and number one and number two in the strength of our -- to fight human trafficking. So it's exciting that we're making progress. On to my work on the anti human trafficking task force. He year in new warrants to US attorney's office. And as well as the into a human trafficking task force that was to the state attorney general's office in Baton Rouge it's just -- different to the US attorney's office in baton arranged. But my co-founder. On a woman named Kathryn green. Is former assistant state attorney general and former head of the Louisiana into human trafficking task force and she and I. On after working on changing the lives working on these on multi. On fast -- task forces. To help survivors. Who realized at that point there was no harm in Louisiana for survivors of human trafficking. And if there's nowhere to go to recover from the problem of human trafficking. Then you end up. Either in jail right back on the streets there's no way to break the cycle says Catherine and I on the death decided. Somebody needed to provide sizing for survivors. Says the two of us got together and and it -- has here in New Orleans and we were the first town. In Louisiana for -- women trying to leave prostitution are who have survived human trafficking. We're gonna continues right after news you can do a cure and we're we're talking about the such -- -- entry. That most of the justice -- and I think we always think it was Third World or over there. Three years and really all of you and -- -- is executive director you know welcome can talk about exactly what you. Another extraordinary lady -- this -- me. Who was a victim of saturated with the prime time 212 to did you reporting to. And then came out. Found the courage. To come out. Received all kind of -- and -- who -- you use live. Now she's involved in and even now extraordinary story will continue to tell -- when we come back. Don't put -- -- biggest celebrity when applied to read -- injure somebody out there of things for themselves life has been tough. They're a huge -- grew in your room packing your money you don't have one every two weeks. So you'd just done. -- I've come up to the -- -- familiar ring -- it. Suit notes sold in two more taken to sexually -- Initially twelve years ago. Didn't come about to issue Ortiz. In today. She is -- -- Oberto. And broke the rescue border of Nashville would choose to live the highest owner's name. -- billion of the years. During years later Soros justice for all about the open society foundation dude two were in the good work on violence prevention. She also receive the Bank of America neighbor -- And the mother still standing award given by bill would tell you mothers and -- organization. -- to have been featured in the Tennessean. Huffington posed to proceed today at times Picayune. Dozens of other media. I want to give back to the sex -- -- -- But what you say people like me. On a regular basis go including. You know if it's a horrid and things images that would -- up then. I mean you should be able to tell anybody that anything is possible. You know -- -- people around the time on the DC young girl that street don't think she wants to be there or she is for later. Or she -- take the easy way out my dream was become an army. Not being C extract return until -- junkie in -- to open that in my life. And you -- -- -- -- about the hundred a race. Palms. You know we say day. We used the -- -- go back important to -- now begin its taught in human Andy you'd get eighteen and started you know risk to -- GM dean. He thought gained 21 used on kids in case is going to prison. That is while we deal with the old 100 times -- -- calls the appeal arbitrator. On a predator is written out there. So it we go to jail in and week we are devastating we want -- my regional. That this man is doing is to -- he's not -- them in them and -- them hate me now. And no one -- -- you include two way back in there they Iranians -- your time right back out to the street at top right back out today. It'd be used is at a conference artist of the ball what elites here. And they don't you unique challenges anyways there's always is the -- people yeah I'll remember. They always called the price invest and -- a product a job. But the wind is like leave little girl's at that time we at cults let's hold prostitutes and so alone and if not they. As -- -- ran away -- we can do something -- the the main unions or old of the business partners. To come in to. Service some panic and some kind of fit -- I think that allowed in the whole new pitcher would be open up to idiots does want to base own. The listeners that you radiate the article -- is the global. You solve the Al -- you -- how many young girls and probably some ball is in and a sixteen of the that was rescued. That was to sixteen. I'm pretty sure it was more -- -- you know I -- -- just one inches tall I don't always stated -- Shane gain is old book. You know I don't have -- -- -- I think you can't -- me no one enough about it mentioning. And it's my job is my duty to speak out and speak up. Four of the six strap can victims and is also my job to TE LE everybody that if the ladies sit next to -- are. Had not opened his house up colony eaten. Pro why am. Is -- is like me -- winning now ahead of change she's already been able to get over eight women's. Out of -- in an -- the streets in in to a doodle four. And is -- will only way to give -- life on track. Kara. I ask -- -- court -- off the year but fully expect -- here. Where emerge oldest reading them and I hear bureau hear the answers we -- you've got reputations and we need more of the family structure we need religion to get involved and on and on. Good to me that that's all good ideas but it's 5101520. Years in turn that around very quickly. The the very simple answer would seem to be. Give the million. That are buying this product five years ten years in jail and don't should shut it down immediately ended thefts. A common sense of cool question that's correct. Then isn't it the fact that the powers that be don't want the shot. And I think that on. Part of what we're doing at this point and part of what -- has his mission and is to change the culture around the sex trade and change there well weeks act. Mean there are lot of behaviors. That had been except we have public figures in office here we had. Accepted into public office and yet who have been found purchasing facts and being a part of the demand side of this industry. And do we except that is that somehow okay that manner. Aren't allowed to be man and I -- is just okay and part of what it means to be a man. On I think that we need to start addressing that this problem of on the purchasing. Sachs has been around for HS. And that we need to look at what that means prostitution is an effect endless car. Women are controlled. By tends to decent drugs and alcohol. They have beaten the -- -- it is a theory violent industry they're losing their children did losing touch with their families. And I think recognize same and that prostitution is not a victimless crime. Will help people realize we need to change and make cultural shift about what kind of violence against women will accept. It's take a break here come active on the issue of fortunes tubes called two's -- general -- -- -- so -- We're talking about these slave trade the sex trade that is endemic here in the United States doubled up DO big celebrity immoral I'm -- Who uses sex slave -- then drew virtually her whole life -- twelve years old to report. Kidnapped. -- believed drugs. And outraged. Then and put -- -- She came out in Nashville. Escaped. Mated to a certain point where she's been. -- all kind of national and their reward you'd been around. National and international. And news media. Truly extraordinary individual. And whether it is caravan undergo -- also extraordinary -- she started he should formally. Us diplomat US embassy in Jamaica -- -- and trapped in communion persons report. Europe for four let's let's just say we have a young girl listening right. Who says you can cut it out. What hardly get cute and what do -- -- and Wednesday. Well you can get on there's lots of information at that -- has our website www. Eaton has final lap and I our eight. Dot or. We -- home here and up Channel Islands for survivors if human trafficking in women trying to leave the sex trade. What you find is on when you come -- and hands. As soon issue start we're not an emergency facility but once you're allowed into the two year program when you walk in the door unit given -- And you're told -- -- Your home for two years. Who gave you everything you need to recover. And we love and treasure our residents from the minute they walk -- regular. We are based on the principle that love is the strongest force for change in the course. And that through loving our women and respecting them treasure in them from the theory amendment -- block -- -- -- we can empower them. And given their resources. To go back. To that. Point -- the was snatched. In -- trade. Whatever age they were when they ended up on the street but living in our -- island life that is the sex trade. And read more of their life from that point forward we we are not. And religious program not faith based but that being said were based on the benedictine monk model for communal thing. -- -- -- nothing about it before starting this program. Partly based on a program -- -- from Nashville Tennessee content -- -- And the benedictine monk model for communal living. Is that if -- newest member of the community is the minister valued and in this treasured. And has their women seeking to recover and appreciate all of the camps they've been given. They continued their recovery through giving back to loving and treasure and continue -- -- and modeling recovery. For our new mistress. And that's why it's a special that we on the path -- -- -- -- -- graduated -- the Matt Dillon has programs she's been clean and Samper. For our fifteen years and she is down here in new -- -- To -- recovery. To inculcate the spirit. Of Islam. The spirit of acceptance from -- ties in to eat and how she is actually come into violence to I always joke with her. On to PR oldest mark -- model recovery and to be -- want to welcome our women with a hunk to be able to -- them. Your life may seem hopeless. Your situation may seem desperate but there is how. There is a way out and I can help. Columbia. Williams questioned it's not reckless. Rule pleaded to your history unity in this century. But for those they're -- right now through having very hard. Also -- in Austin jobs. Lost -- -- what ever. I don't think anybody could be in much worse situation than you pro group from wrong. Kidnapped all the streets -- twelve. Loaded up -- crooks who were you rejected. -- great repeatedly put back on the -- with him. And -- Britain. -- -- So he got killed in. Getting. And then you probably -- -- what does -- say that the people that should I just. A kid doing and don't. I see person. If you have any kind of day. It's -- real strong. To a lot of -- in the morning anything. Remember to eighteen year old this came -- over no -- what you say. It will be you know this -- raped and beat his -- that would -- in every single second. Of the day. You can have a hard day about losing huge to lose in the house and -- the -- -- That would eventually pays for being in an -- Dallas six trafficking. Seem like enamel paints even when you give risk cute. US steel mills told me any emotionally and spiritually. Broke. So only forty stolen given up and throwing hands open -- lifetimes. Situations. You'd think about all of the little -- amounted to treat its. And his client and late today the salon to coming at me. Lou -- does that -- bitch and moan and groan about -- thing or get ready to do and I'll think about it you -- and I'll be happy. They're real -- when you tremendously admire. Where you do and what you've done -- and you do. You know upset to supplement. My my wife has been heavily interest from which is doing everything -- told me do it just sewage foreigners. Thank you both for what you're doing and -- come true. Like to have -- a poll of port maybe a few months of things. Absolutely thank you so much for having our I have worked regular break coming to write that aren't covered -- very interesting book called love and -- twenty years three president in two daughters. And Louisiana home you might have heard of them are out when troops carbo here in the suited talk about the brand new book and I'm here to tell you. You will find this booked in -- come right back -- bill brigades celebrity immoral 53.