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2-10-14 11:10am Garland: with James Carville and Mary Matalin

Feb 10, 2014|

Garland talks with James Carville and Mary Matalin about their new book Love and War.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back everybody good the book is cola war twenty years three president's two daughters and 12 weeks ago. A couple of New Orleans and your mother heard Mary mat and -- carpal -- in the studio marriages and welcome thank you so look for the top. Happy new year happy. Happy everything's NC it's wonderful you brought it. I never really I'll let out a little. He would've would've picked up his book going to be. Blunt -- -- It's can be politics and I need reader for the show and find some of that and trusting that. -- lot of politics. And not because I know we love them but I can tell people this is a great book is the only do you make -- it make you laugh. And you'll learn things that you never learned and that's what -- looking for those looking for us to. The nobody else news and uploaded on page 55. -- You're praying -- Mattel. And an in -- eligible. -- -- And I cut my own hair -- -- highlight air for radio right. Your mother was there hair dressers and well in those days. Women. In it was that long ago women were now allowed to go to -- they could afford Q. And she wasn't even allowed to go to nursing schools the winner kids were in school she went to beauties gone it's terrible hairdresser with her -- into -- my hair orange in second grade blew up and -- grade nine dollars. Beauty school -- and do my own hair. And really run the business so thank you for saying that about the book we wrote a book together twenty years ago I seriously giving. Birth is not an epidural and I would never do it again but the book is not -- politics citizen was forced upon us. Buyer the event the last news but we both really want to. And the love letter to New Orleans and hope that comes. Or it absolutely does and negative interest before we get into the book itself during a personal question. Eight children in your. Article from two cumulative -- -- and one that has no experience aren't. -- -- go to say yes I'm the oldest of eight children. Lived on guerrilla. On the east bank of -- should. Like many families back in the fifties and sixties that was an -- big Catholic south Louisiana family is inevitable winter mothers that other members was -- in our children spoke about issues actually named after trying. Our poll below and she grew up and almost perished in she kept bringing his so -- -- in -- nine was nipped. And so everybody. -- and at peace and she was folk are. And you know there's an entity and I always thought that was really counter coup that my mother was named after a I hope -- bodies are 10% of depression people could eat it you know trying to they would run around and go from place to place and scrounge for food -- -- The group is or rotavirus wishing she was still alive because it was a Raleigh six that he went to college. Are all -- seven I was graduated. How do you dude -- uses. Seven children college back and -- -- you know gore and I got one going. And I'm thinking about going on grocery equivalent of the accord board's knowledge ownership and did costing. Erect a 150 dollars always -- it was closed -- -- -- matter what anything right now. Or it a born again in Jerusalem Apollo and that was brought on but you've got two doors ago balloon we know that she poker. In the appropriately book was what caught my views and just your daughters. Mary you have as soon. We're gonna selfish interest parents were drug happy young girls in the own -- is. One that was or. Toward pretty good but it was rough in between. You know. It and it wasn't just since our daughters the same age it wasn't just their aides they really. That was the only home they never known as wacky as it was. That was her home and we instantly I love New Orleans before -- James cardinals this was really. For both of us like coming home and we you for early friends and we mean great set of friends or alien. Kids that's a tough for ages you know -- is just too tough age fifth grade and eighth grade and a whole new culture and then they going to the -- year reason. Yes I am I I don't I don't. Know you know what I'm rarely masters James is in tears all the time I'm Michael. Yeah. Now there's no help for I just go -- take deal that Clinton likens the act you know we did did we moved here and in half without looking back down it. If it were worked out better than five worked out great I mean earnings -- but it was a risky thing to do and it was even riskier. And I thought of them in a city was not in 2008 or 2008 to some of 2008. It was a still a touch and go issue. And adoptive. Both fortunate and grateful way it turned out so well but it was a blow to gamble it was a gamble. Our lives take our first break we -- Mary Matalin during horrible lives in the student of the book is love and port twenty years three presents two daughters. One little Vizio home appears nada a political junkie. And -- -- to get the book because you're -- interest in politics you're missing out of this book is full of humor. Poll of life experiences. That should encourage you to overcome wars and it's great stay with others. Welcome back were they get about a book club on board twenty years three presidents two daughters when we -- him home. Mary Matalin James carve outs that appear in the interview with the did the regional and when it's -- people it's not the book you probably think that it and it's mitigate in pursuing. Mary goes to appease -- as there wouldn't be hearing trees and very early into the book -- says quote. It was not a long time ago but no appearance by. And it got you got to go home for the. I didn't we don't write together we write are the reason that fanatic and I literary conceit we learned a long time ago that we work differently. I write longhand I wrote most of that with friends of ours mechanics and he Beason. -- friends of all of our mutual friends in data Brazil and Italy they go play all day I write all day and he. Does his work a little differently and then some brilliant editors put it together but when we. Do appreciate does fish do you do yours and then send -- -- -- -- Now look how that so I guess I didn't get a good -- You know get put it that put it together and matched it up and in terms of where it kind of a rough thing by some knowledge economy back. But in a -- and I'm really glad that you pointing out is really not a political book it's a personal book it has some politics it is not a political book -- -- -- -- And it's much more about all loans and -- home. A family he sent to roots. You know that kind of thing is a book about -- It -- it's a promise of New Orleans and we've been crisscrossing the country in the book tour and all I prayed for was that people would. Keep it that sense of hope that -- our recovery are rebuilding. It means for so many for their own lives for their own cities in everywhere we went. Which we sell out crowds are proud to say they've first questions I asked her how did you guys do it New Orleans and we are rare we're really good prototype for the rest of the country. I'm a minute sound like group but burying you were. Virtually. -- or HW bush and tell them. And you were with Reagan. And Dick Cheney and -- you you virtually. Brought the presidency to Clinton and so forth and so on and the extraordinary thing you write in this book pulled one of them really caught my attention because I thought to myself. I hope my daughter gets good condition and is successful in life. Well would she said adding I'm personal assistant -- chief strategist for one president. To present a vice president or more equipment. One of them gets defeated and I'm broke. That surprised. I mean you were you were at the actual and as part of our government. And mean when it was over at least in the middle. You weren't exactly rich. That's how it doesn't work like that campaign has become kind in history. But in those days. We started we get married I was born again Mary here Hughes 49. We were were. None of us had a pain the bank he was -- for his -- he had an office his office by night he pulled out of Murphy bad. One -- we put historian and one time he was robbed in the persona thing is -- -- as violent maker's mark that the thief. Pardon me defecated on the floor elected notes that you -- at turn time. We not -- if you go from campaign to campaign. But once you have kids you really got you know you can think it's to -- plan for their futures Hampshire. Charlie with Nancy's -- to scare seniors do. We'll get a scholarship and sicker are let me say this about sacred aren't those girls many ads and now in college she said she's the only one and host grammar in the math basics and -- that the negative fine good education. You -- got to work on helping us. There. It's all the so focused with no help. Of have skewed view of -- very I had a rough about three quarters of the book that's occupying. The Genesis of what. Cintron back to New Orleans. -- and read about your daughter's doing wrote about it. That are in other you're losing brother you're losing mother. There were a whole bunch of things that that portion back here portion -- just think -- -- -- and yet. Did. And I think it was. You know and everybody has complicated reasons for me. It was of depression. You know after the engineer for August 2000. -- That was one thing. Secondly -- I've never -- considered myself. From the eyes tell people periodic blood bleeds red blood America that. My buddies brown caught cholera -- tax package just did it. And out married are always really loved it here in -- always. Talked about abortion follow. -- -- -- Like it had friends there -- things to do about it anti Washington guy unique thing but I've never off. Felt like that was really up -- wasn't -- I was in front of the Potomac was not mob. Just what would it. And we just. Decided -- -- on. Family reasons and complexity in a lot of things -- -- -- -- it probably went in the decision but once we thought thought about it talked about it came down and holiday 2007 and it's basically -- He you know look -- -- they were both kind of hyper he's way more diaper and I hope the part about his ADHD in there is helpful to people and then maybe who have husbands or children they used to. But Washington is -- one industry town one of things I want and in my sixties is. The glory of knowing sending -- like Nancy Redd who does jewelry or and all of the friends everybody does something different here and -- this is the last bastion of true. Eccentrics following their -- what that's paradise to me. Is it not. This -- Quite surprised. About being used or were huddled up. Start work. -- read -- -- I'd like. I -- -- -- You sort of were -- -- -- alert and I read. New years card in the and you went through. Its. Fingers to. His entry and 9/11. You room. Hadn't proved the bunkers with regards thing. And they tell us to. -- evacuate the way to see immediately slammed western province run for your life a plane is going to hit the building and couldn't really who's writing the script this is ridiculous and had a walk from like that high heels on but those -- just fills our jobs I find this the most exciting town the most exciting time and let them. Put who's gonna get to most people would. Paid to have your life experience. And since you've been you're you're like man children dislike you more wrecks and called bush. Five deliberations thereof. Why what went what drove you to come back here enlightened so much -- you got here. I think it was partly. The children it was james' family being here it was becoming. My older. Mother. IE Washington has changed I'm man attacking Washington but it was -- of family and increasingly transactional. And we had our -- interstellar calls friends. But then. Sort of missed silencing spiritual and their religious way but a spiritual validation of our movie was the day we moved our best friend. Tim Russert died we can harm. Like uncles and -- to his son and he was to. Our daughters and it just. It there was some some some kind subconscious thing that this is the right time and life to lead and -- The Tim Russert to -- the growth would be really. Who still does week. You know good -- dollar -- who are ruled -- drop are those who that we were Rottweiler got a phone call from ballot. And then or fat found -- just a number on without them true. And but yet -- jungle part of allowing us and I go to Nashville bitten in the back of the way. She didn't do to me probably you. A bad analogy but that's more like so much about the book -- heart wrenching things. Lot of history that. People that. Outside of Washington never -- never hear about it. But it's closely. Did I think was mentally. That you really -- crawl. Because you constantly. Constantly carried -- usually in the. Theme usually Nancy figured. I never -- your OB I get married 42 and -- didn't -- to have children. Cool and I -- accidentally break right to me that name who who gets accidentally pregnant. At forty -- she was in the -- -- I never putter and hence she never crop which subsequently. And mothers out there crawling. And builds up motors fine motor skills because they used their shoulder muscles so put your babies -- -- -- -- -- -- your -- is. -- -- this paragraph. In particular. Because. Does the -- tones that have been -- view. -- -- -- -- do. Including ego with it and you don't mind that people constantly broken. You're seeing -- I don't think I have any idea of the disabled for Bill Clinton was elected. What life would be like the day after. It was like anybody sat me down and said. Starting tomorrow you're going to be famous nobody prepares you for the transition. And I think you and Mary went to business. In actually doing we're really aware of your. That he McBride and then yeah we are at that chip paparazzi. Like every. Popped out of the ball I -- aren't -- trip it was horrible and you know wages skull and it was like one day. -- you know a guy from Booz -- and and forty -- use our party. 48. OK if you don't. It is so now what people edited in -- funny thing in. That was kind determination is that what you conference in America he can do it just be things you can't really do anything else in -- It was. Something that happened late in life. And I really. Wasn't that prepare for almost like I didn't sit down and think it nobody's. Eight years you can go take a affect the schools. And it. Does no such a break and a. Husband victims of not in the book and decide about this. He we know a lot of famous people on nine and we don't care that their famous but what ends up happening is they -- increasingly insular in isolated and they don't like to be bugged all the time and can I say how polite and off the southern thing in this snippy things. You're an extrovert the current have you ever seen in snippets somebody in his -- give it. All the time media on the other hand -- -- please no man I never -- but I -- I liked I'm an introvert he does it's never in twenty years is wearing an orange Barack. Oh and it got taste it and drops and flew out on top both. Gotten substantially. It would have been it would happen at 29 is close to 49 cool motivated vehicle must all right we can be -- Could take brig for the news the book is -- are twenty years three presidents two daughters when we you know home Merriman injury and horrible. I guarantee it's not the bookkeeping -- it is full of surprising thing. -- historic thing. -- think you certainly would like to know about. But he's got tears and cheers and end humor and Google of this book. Are welcome back we're thinking about. What I think went about books -- -- -- time. -- war twenty years three president's two daughters one week ago home married man and injuring Corvel -- in the studio. The authors -- -- one point Jews say that prudent. And clean and think it is going out there. Calls -- -- so what -- dude QB can use it to be. Has come and do it deliberately wrong you says. Keep his cool and freedom and James uses pot is -- -- -- He arrives in over using conditions like an exotic hothouse oriented. The abuse of visual medium populated by it's -- -- -- And Jane I'm pretty good rhetoric -- -- legend everything from ten to skeletal. They'll -- me go to him to UV but I boat you know I'll never be in the lead his league but I do it that are here now. Tell all the it's about the TV show was equal to. I hate TV that I had I had no money as you pointed out and James was famous and I was sitting sitting alone -- my apartment every night he was getting accolades from the likes of Kim passenger and everybody in every award known to mankind. I bit ultra -- mortgage and says she is so I have to do it through this is is literally Wayne's world on estrogen it was Jane. Wallace who was then some statements prepayments. And we just sit and talk about stuff but we were Smart and funny and the next thing you know we and it cult following from the suits got involved than they than they -- -- a -- real TV show -- do OJ analysts chemists are stories that you hate that claim they love you -- And I sites that I could do TV anymore but what is amazing to me. Is that what you just read good that he does so well I'm TV he's -- sees it she. He can barely sit in the chair and he's great on TV he's just great and you're just -- and told -- Which is that is. -- do you see -- again I don't know that acronym and the attention span of eight and Estonia hospitalized. Heart protection hyperactive and had a deficit and in the gift they didn't discover you have and to Berlin prize. Yeah we talked about it a book and in -- and Mary -- Just can't get in Phelan. Bad every bush by cushy place I -- Serena antigens and you know listen news. Mother used camera -- That sound like a post he just pop up follow. And I would have people put. Come back and say that -- panic I think if you root you were just by eating watching you got up that you walked around it at some mid sentence so we actually went. To some high powered. You know. Not less Washington. -- Ian went through a battery of questions and tests and interviews and everything house and at the conclusion he said he diagnosed me as -- this AD ADHD. And -- and a look at its medication you know we can scrap the -- you know Martin sometimes can do with this. And you know well we talked about it and decided. That that was who are was invited wanna be medicated to be somebody else and that I built a combo life for album. But structure in my office to deal with this. And I Merritt said well now that I have explanation. For -- of missing far to ask how I feel better about it too. They -- what prompted that that was in that Atlanta airport actor and don't forget this and it. Guy comes up to me and he had just closed and I'm so and so on on the dean of the department of psychiatry at Columbia presbyterian. Won -- plate and he said outlook -- make. Diagnose his own people by observation about it watching you for the last fifteen minutes and then there was a classic case of justice -- You're at fidelity did him in Britain nice about it you know. That -- aren't. It is not a disorder it is not a deficit is is different way to processing information. I don't know any -- in -- crucial it. If you workers' -- is. Mother dragged him to school. Are all of our all the people -- -- -- -- the most creative the most interesting all have crosses outside the box. Including our children and make it but you need to know it is because it for young people girls get. Turn inward in the -- self destructive boys are troublemakers. And it's troublesome in a marriage if you think. Years beat -- it's our do you have to communicated different way with these genius kind of. Our you know our. Owners are now freshmen that trade force -- the grads say part NATO or NATO partners are now right. You know she went through a battery -- -- -- you know roaming computer and -- -- -- -- and it's kind of world maybe she might go through two years ago if there's discussion we had to go to school way kids are -- special. Until she got to that. And she comes down here and I think since 1920 on haven't seen yes Arctic apartment by. Number so no one knows who it is. She was she graduated magna -- body and she is the first student over unanimously Wednesday yes. Joseph -- very count right tournament not the point is is that. -- -- Don't know I think it says he's got a kid at home he -- somebody at home you know. It's not everybody learns displaying -- Just because your child you don't aren't -- everybody else's kid -- You just have to have a strategy. To deal what dad and so we were able to stand daddy to school -- a couple of years. That develop a different strategy an -- out of that house may book a seat sent Stan you know -- Dog on. Something else about New Orleans to Vietnam one of the country's the world's premier. Medical. And tactical expert and these child. Processing issues in the national system and all of our schools there's -- big support -- all of our schools the teachers are prepared and honestly do work. One kid at a time another beautiful thing and earlier we do but anybody -- it count when you get a diagnosis. Just not it's got a type thing about our point we've been through this. And there's just it it takes some effort it takes some. Strategic thinking that there is no. No reason at that that your child can't X now stated a different kind of approach in our town very different. In alarmed very differently -- other people have a few patterns that are unique to someone my condition. RE a little -- to like like this in the book bloke who broke the problem is true that. A look at the occurrences that most of us would even know where to go and -- -- to understand what happens in those situations. But. Florida recount. Gore bush and rock. 9/11. He has almost didn't make it it's. More athletic. Fed -- you know well we weren't. Ever and will never done so. -- -- fantasize about it -- will leverage get divorced I mean we were -- one person. But. You who asked me strength on the list -- we do not fight over politics he's -- where I'm varieties and he's never going to be having changed Joe's line. But this recount thing was buried. Was bad enough that there was an hour's gonna cough from the cheneys to go on the White House Q2 two in five when he I was -- in my mind so we did that isn't. Tough time. Then nine then I was I wasn't gonna stay for that long but you know we had a little incidents I spent the next to -- an undisclosed secure location which is tough for him. And we fought over the only politically so we've really file over Iraq and that one day he said it takes to fight and I can't fight with the -- nomination poignant -- It are obvious natives here and operational briefing them on wire sexual orientation political philosophy -- much like -- -- I am by this time you know you. Did not open to. -- you know it is up to new and different -- I mean yeah. Knew that there. It it always admit I -- really unions -- and use the abuses in the book I must admit maybe it's the age. But a little bit more computer. I doubt if you have to read what -- He's reading that I really -- it out about -- people didn't subscribe to what I am is that describe myself as more social traditionalists are probably more economically doable. I don't know that there are UC. I would apart and I'll show up and brought them to her house so that. I would I would -- exactly. Let me take quick break here we're coming right back. Don't put a bill along rather there would we -- the country. Are a couple minutes left married. Jerusalem do and where you can be in the book and all. Staying Q sincere you obviously don't have ADHD. We're going to be doing our one and only New Orleans signing -- antlers to -- canal street. Peddlers Coleman and Tiffany and comes happen this -- I fell eleven chance for the fourth time reading that he's not least so much stuff from handlers who will be fine there tomorrow at eleven to one. Garland. I'm gonna go to new man and leaving you alone with him can you make sure that gets in the elevator impresses you fight for you from both I'm good -- review operate -- every day and night for him ceaselessly. And I. Tell people everything of red the pit wall and the ball audiences and all of your books golf so if you're can be an average people but it sure -- How. I -- so a lot of -- modify. That would would we got a couple minutes and then one of the -- quote them correctly. -- -- Tuesday. I think we made it supports. That'll give BP -- look at Super Bowl you go in charge of the whole thing. In the and I -- compliment don't come easy to use but do you have the feeling which came back. You have the to recognize ability at the worldwide reputation to do something. And -- it. And you would that at. As that of the things Carl cause and correlation. Okay and it and the classic example loses at the rooster gets up every morning at 430 -- on -- Into the event halftime -- and it's about the roots that got really can't anything do sentiment. It's true. That we moved here. And after we moved. To cities are getting odd that. Now that are caught and correlation that. I do deep recesses of my. Think that we did play some. It's bow not nearly as big -- -- with some people attribute to us. I do. If I'm very honest about -- often -- -- And show with you and you -- -- dear friend in the book -- part about celebrity deeply about now. I think the main thing we moved back at a time no one else really laws. -- signal that -- you're. You know vocal now it's it and it turned out it turned out. -- reading reading reading well. Without look back. -- steel costs. Struck by what do gamble. And -- -- acting out and put -- it down now black and it hit black -- Wow but you know cutting -- -- to an end and not -- change. In political leadership in traffic could be contributing factor successes. Is it really. You know if you go to Chicago you go to Detroit. Walk -- regret really matters to marry you go to Columbia which do you go to Venezuela which I am really matters prize. In. Because about you know it really matters who who -- -- Scott now you talk about somebody that made it sound different here to line. What the bottom -- news came back in you've been very accessible come and reviewed show and all of the charities involved and the book is love and war toward yours three president's two dollars one week you know Mary mountain -- caller our authors and where you gonna be -- settlers and. Asked -- eleven to one to Marta out of don't canal street. So good to see the announcement that that had good success to our canal street a lot better than it was two or four years ago and I -- are pretty true come to New York -- talking hours.