WWL>Topics>>2-10 4:10pm Sports Talk: out gay football players

2-10 4:10pm Sports Talk: out gay football players

Feb 10, 2014|

Deke and Bobby talk to Pete Scantlebury who covers the Missouri Tigers for powermizzou,com to talk about SEC Defensive Player of the year Michael Sam who recently came out.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back indicating -- Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia practice and Taft football season that we just. Got done with profiled by college -- Eats week we break down the LSU four bogeys on the big games throughout the conference Missouri was a part of a lot to be gained surprisingly this year a team that would not pre season ranked in the top point five. Well made a run the national championship it's on the SEC Jamie -- -- a week. Visit with throughout the season as Pete scandal bear -- Missouri tiger football and it's a power move zoo dot com beat thank you so much for the time. Did you know about this before he came out yesterday. Yeah I think most local media did you don't Michael -- what. Scary you know what I would say a lot like you went to -- -- in Columbia other people -- you I don't think anybody outside of the Columbia Missouri and actually confirmed for themselves but he was -- But it was pretty widely known on -- -- -- where it's actually. When he -- to make that announcement. Obviously -- come sequestered from the media this year. So nobody could -- aspect what you hope nobody would question that potentially. -- but yeah. I think it was pretty well known not a good student media but from Columbia but that call or were closely that they hadn't heard -- -- -- what pat Howard had taken locally from a guy who had a tremendous season I mean. When you think of a Missouri football in the Escude being in the co defence of India I would think one of the best defensive efforts in history. A Missouri tiger about it to have that type on -- but. Also did did the national media in -- mean have you seen the difference I hate to give people look at the soft it seemed like somebody would have. Asked about it yet like along those lines just it's all the bills are studs and apparently came from his past personally he has. Yeah you know I. I'm not teacher -- that you know -- he'd like. And -- -- you whatsoever on the court during an 88 basis but from reading the story out or start competent are looking like a girl -- I'm at the end there. You know. I think that. Sure I would didn't go more nationally because our league if you search or -- are obviously out shall be higher but even. Earlier this season due to search. On Google searches and get. So I mean it's not like that it was really -- I completely speaker stay under a lot of rumors but I don't think anybody I mean. Maybe it's stereotype I don't know I don't think anybody now actually was even looking or even had any idea like I you know. At UT defensive player year corporate partner tarts are only two on anybody's radar nationally. Until the very little. You know the draft process began obviously and LT. -- start talking to people and it was known by. Other key as well I'm -- aren't hurt them sing about. Other teams beat up Ian and I like him on the field and whether you're on it it still was there. But yeah I think that toward the end it was gonna get out anyway and that's kind of when the score so that national media lap. Now compete you know well. All NFL teams they kind of want it. Keep it steady and no distractions. And now what is your opinion you'd think now going forward average team does draft. Michael -- that. Oh will -- -- a scenario that some teams maybe don't -- Collapsed and even though maybe has that ability or won't reach forum as far as maybe him draft being drafted higher. Even though he has go workout because they don't want like maybe it Tim Tebow or meant -- -- kind of circus are do you think. That he eventually will be over and gullible when you look it. Would come about in the NFL and and the circus type atmosphere. Will what is what is your take on that and I get to you want came -- thinking I was tellem are part of the this is that the Miami Dolphins. Is that after what they've gone through any -- you don't win Martin. That there's no attitude and drew drafted Michael Sam after all what they went -- that distraction. I think it it depends on the team I'm no expert but you know reading the article yesterday it would. He's an honest scouts and people in that area and bulky stock in it doesn't on the that small scale. Now I used to think. That receptions. Has been. It's been pretty overwhelming part -- torture them. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Going in this short yardage but it has worked out -- for them. I think jacket -- some concern about just being a distraction at all about. A distraction that you would rated Q have you heard from -- former guys at the -- when the NFL. That's you know they've been at before which is it not that big deal about the circus yet that that's that's a very real thing but as they. In that -- sports article. They wanted to get it out the soonest possible because of the arm -- apples around 221. Averted. I'm in the Latin on the -- so be there won't be. As it is right now. On the net and you can't -- -- -- -- it would consider -- and we can't keep orally and yet it. And policies and the charters they're pretty excited about this teacher but he didn't spotlight to tee and force them. Different scenario obviously but -- her territory. Will go on I I think Michael Ian -- player he is very high voters he's. That lead I got that should play in the NFL. So I don't think he should have been you know -- in their pick and see what are at defensive this year. I'm cute but most productive but I think -- their bat and a big deal long years. You know. That's a bad do you have watching them out of -- sock I'm happy that era Miami of vote was it Keisel. From the Steelers -- long wolf you know it is lumberjack mainland nasty playable. I mean I mean as in complement Cole. And -- -- and I'm sure that Mike Copeland. -- -- and should get a shot in -- should be directed. A -- thing that potential third -- I get to cancel the keyboard but I don't see him go right even before. You know this announcement. Yes so. A number of teams who wanna man and he'll have a nice NFL career became play. The they'll get rid -- -- -- cut and -- to do whether he's Gator now. -- -- that Q I think it. You know he beat once he can't even think that beat -- so you know obviously. I'm in that happens. But I didn't. -- there. Our -- spot you know a lot more younger GM's you out there are some new contract and I don't think there's any doubt about that -- Indy. Think in the long run pretty -- first into distraction aspect of it. It might be a little bit overblown a -- I think you could end up being a huge PR doesn't hurt the to the -- for -- team. Out of Missouri -- -- -- Typical typical -- you know. Ever but he knows cheaper and under greater market I mean same to start -- -- -- -- that car are figuring out thirty I think average all the records services. By the big statement out east and getting some cute. Georgia offers out of state Georgia etiquette for different than Florida with the -- offer that day. So -- and they're trending upward as a program in on the recruiting her that well. Beat for those who wanna get -- -- Missouri and makes on him in the right direction. You can check out Oliver -- -- RBC dot com and all that stuff for their press conference today about Michael stand. And you can follow me on Twitter at -- Kimberly. Eight thanks so much as always -- what talk again soon.